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Chapter 150

At this moment, Mudley and Andrew had only walked a dozen steps. The distance to the entrance of the art gallery was more than 10 metres.

Mudley had heard of Andrew’s name and knew that this playboy was a famous dandy in the American fashion industry. Apart from his appearance, there were really no advantages. The fact that he became a supermodel had a great deal to do with his mother.

Even so, Ming Yu was really nothing compared to Andrew.

At least Andrew had an amazing background that would help him keep climbing.

Thus, Mudley deliberately slowed down in order to talk to Andrew before entering the venue. But as she as chatting with Andrew, she suddenly heard a cry of surprise behind her! Some reporters caught their breaths and there were endless sighs.

Mudley were shocked and turned back to look. She saw the two men who came together and felt like she had been struck by thunder. Her whole body was stunned and her wide eyes stayed completely in place.

She saw a handsome man standing next to a handsome youth.

He used hairspray to settle his hair in front of his forehead towards the back of the head, revealing a full and smooth forehead. Without the face covered by hair, his beauty was dazzling like a god. There was no one in this industry who didn’t know the owner of this face.

Just like a Huaxia drama, there was the saying: Only Xi Ze in the fashion industry wouldn’t be regarded as a waiter.

And now! The man walked very quietly beside the youth, leaning down from time to time to whisper something in his ear. Despite not doing it deliberately, a noble and elegant temperament spread around the two people. Under the illumination of the lights, they seemed to be radiant.

The click click of the shutters never stopped as the two people walked.

As mentioned before, the red carpet basically ended at the signature wall and the reporters wouldn’t take more photos. After all, there were new people on the red carpet waiting to take photos. However, there were exceptions to everything.

As long as it was Xi Ze, no matter where he appeared, he must be the focus of the audience!

The camera would follow him from the moment he got off his vehicle to the front door of the venue!

Now there was a delicate and beautiful youth next to Xi Ze. Thus, they would become the focus of the audience and would be praised by everyone!

In addition, everyone found that despite standing next to Xi Ze, the youth wasn’t the slightest bit inferior!

Xi Ze was wearing a black high-end outfit while Ming Yu was dressed in white. Xi Ze’s left ear had a dazzling red stud while Ming Yu’s right ear had an elegant black stud.

Once the two men walked together, they seemed to really be walking in a fashion show. The fierce atmosphere of the top supermodels instantly captured everyone present.

Don’t mention those entertainment reporters who didn’t know much about the fashion industry. Even the fashion magazine reporters and new supermodel Andrew Wallen couldn’t help being shocked by the momentum of these two people! He instantly lost the ability to resist!

Xi Ze alone was enough for everyone to speak praise.

At the same time, there was the youth who was no less than Xi Ze beside him. Then a reporter realized, “Wait a minute? The atmosphere wasn’t so fierce and cold when Ming Yu and Mudley walked together? I felt that the atmosphere between him and Mudley was very harmonious!”

Another reporter scoffed, “It is obvious that the supermodel deliberately lowered his aura for Mudley. Who would’ve thought that Mudley unexpectedly abandoned him and climbed onto the ‘high branch’ of Andrew Wallen.”

Mudley was really embarrassed by this sarcastic remark.

She found Andrew Wallen first but the next second, Ming Yu actually found Xi Ze!

If Andrew Wallen was a ‘high branch’, what about Xi Ze?

In front of Xi Ze, Andrew Wallen was simply dust on the ground. There was no comparison at all!

While walking past Mudley, Ming Yu first took half a step. Then he stopped and looked at his stunned female companion.

At this moment, don’t talk about Mudley. Even Andrew was stunned and didn’t know what happened. His gaze swept over Ming Yu and Xi Ze before he looked away bitterly.

Under the countless flashes, the handsome and elegant youth slightly curved his lips and spoke softly, “Sorry Mudley. I happened to meet my old friend Xi Ze. Now the red carpet is finished so I am going ahead with Xi Ze. I am sitting at the same table as him, making it more convenient.”

From the first word to the last word!

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t change even a punctuation mark as he returned the actress’ original self-righteous words!

After saying all this, the youth laughed and didn’t care about Mudley’s expression. Instead, he turned directly to Xi Ze and walked into the art gallery. He quickly disappeared through the spacious and magnificent entrance.

Behind him, Mudley was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to bury herself in and never appear here again.

Those words were what she previously said to Ming Yu.

Now Ming Yu returned her words to her.

The so-called karma came really quickly. Mudley regretted until her intestines were green.

Ming Yu wasn’t a clay figurine that she could play with.

The car she disliked was something she couldn’t borrow herself, she couldn’t compare herself to the male partner she disliked and she didn’t want his reputation. But who was actually borrowing whose fame?

Now her face was slapped in front of reporters from all over the world. She should know that good and evil were reported. Now that she was hit in the face, she wouldn’t be able to climb out of the shadows. This was her karma.

After entering the venue, Ming Yu forgot all about Mudley and what happened just now.

This type of snobbish villain wasn’t worthy of his attention. It would just waste his brain cells and ruin his mood. Ming Yu thought so but Xi Ze was different. “She deliberately dumped you and grabbed that man to be her male partner?”

Ming Yu was slightly surprised by the words and then smiled. “You don’t know who the man is?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Who is he?”

Ming Xiaoyu spread open his hands and said, “He is Andrew Wallen. His mother Lisa Wallen is the chief designer of Karma. He and I boarded the world’s supermodel list together.” There was a pause and then Ming Yu looked at Xi Ze suspiciously. “You really don’t know?”

The party hadn’t officially started yet when they entered the venue. The hall of the art gallery was filled with gorgeous guests. They were scattered around in small circles, talking and laughing together.

Naturally, some people wanted to talk to them. After all, people like Xi Ze usually entered the venue when the party started. Today, they could talk to him. A really good opportunity had fallen from the sky.

But Xi Ze only said two words to the entertainment industry stars, fashion models, designers and other directors who accosted him. After realizing they wouldn’t be having an in-depth conversation, the people left.

Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed at the youth’s words. “Why should I know him? I only know his mother, Lisa Wallen.”

The handsome young man didn’t believe these words and looked the man up and down. Then he smirked and said, “Anyway, I heard from Luo Ru that Andrew is very anti-Huaxia. I don’t like him very much.”

Xi Ze said, “Then let him die.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

Xi Ze’s lips curved. “I’m joking.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Hehe, this joke isn’t funny at all.”

In any case, there were no reporters taking photos inside the venue so Ming Yu and Xi Ze didn’t maintain a reasonable distance. They directly entered the party hall, found their seats and sat down.

Xi Ze had specially requested this from Raymond, chief designer of Rosalind. Raymond thought it was to gather all the models of Muse together, giving Ming Yu and Xi Ze the chance to sit together.

As Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze walked into the venue, they didn’t know that all of Huaxia and even the world was boiling from the photos of the charity party!

For the time being, let’s not talk about other people. Let’s put the camera on the Ji and Ya studio in the capital of Huaxia. The top design masters and senior tailors were like dried fish as they looked at each other with wide open mouths.

After another 10 minutes, someone asked cautiously. “…The outfit Ming Yu is wearing is the one I embroidered?”

“I feel that the craftsmanship of the jewels inlaid in the neckline is very similar…”

“The tailoring of the waist seems to have been decided by me and Xi Ze after a long discussion…”

“Why are you still hesitating? That black diamond! the black diamond on Ming Yu’s ear! Isn’t that a rare treasure from a small collection? Xi Ze wore the shabbier red diamond while giving the black diamond to his wife!”

“…Wait a minute. Uncle Ding, Uncle Chen, Uncle Li, how can you accept it so easily? Mr. Xi is gay…”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the little blonde girl. They had a startled expression as they asked, “Alice! Did you spend six days making an outfit and not even realize it was for a man?”

Alice was stunned. “…Right, that’s right! It is men’s clothing! Ahhh! Mr. Xi really likes men? (⊙口⊙) !!!”

Everyone: …This child can’t be saved. ( ̄口 ̄||)

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