RS: Chapter 189

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Chapter 189

A total of 18 sets of photos were announced to the whole network!

The An Li cast and crew amazed the world with a single brilliant feat! It had been more than a month since the movie was finalized. Director Xu was able to leisurely release these beautiful and gorgeous stills at the end of the year, attracting the attention of all netizens.

Among these 18 sets of stills, there were eight single person stills of the protagonists and ten drama stills.

Xiao Biqing was wearing a bluish green Qing Dynasty outfit, a valiant and formidable-looking woman who was a match for men. Her general appearance was elegant and she showed a heroic spirit. Fang Liangxiu was white from head to toe, a jeweled belt and looked handsome and extraordinary.

Apart from the male and female protagonist, the most noticeable person wasn’t the second male or second female lead. It was the young man in red clothes, indifferent and evil!

In this set of simple single-person makeup photos, he wore a bright red long clothing with a glamourous gemstone belt. His eyes were fierce and powerful, just like his narrow eyebrows. People couldn’t help feeling a chill as they looked at this youth, as if they could see the extreme danger behind him.

In the background of this makeup photo, the post-revision staff had added a big fire. Inside the fire was a terrible corpse. Therefore, when looking at this handsome and cold young man holding a bloody sword, a freezing cold pierced their bodies, making them subconsciously think—

[Killing Devil]

This was the case of the fixed makeup photos. There were many drama stills, the most attractive ones being Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu’s sword fights, as well as those with Ming Yu.

Ming Yu’s photos were all of him fighting with Xiao Biqing and Fang Langxiu. This was quite normal. After all, any discerning person would know that Ming Yu was definitely a big villain!

If he wasn’t a villain, why the body in the flames and the mountain of corpses.

But once people accepted this setting, they started thinking.

【 My family’s mushroom is always playing a villain. In the New Life MV, he was an anti-social psycho killer. Now he is a murderer 23333 But I don’t know why, I feel like he is so handsome ~\(≧▽≦)/~ lalala 】

【 QAQ I can see a long-haired mushroom again in my life, it is worth it! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is very suitable for long hair. Ah, so beautiful! There was a still picture before. It was Ming Xiaoyu sitting under the moon, his black hair draped behind him. Simply too beautiful!!  Compared with Ming Xiaoyu, I don’t think I’m a woman at all _(:з」∠)_】……

After the debut of the first stills, the most excited people were fans of Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu. Under the fans of these big actors, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were also excited. There were many big hands in the circle who didn’t directly pay directly for their food. There was a variety of long hair small mushroom fans who fed the hungry mushroom fans.

Now there were only two months left before the release of An Li. Director Xu’s marketing strategy was very effective. He warmed it up two months in advance to keep the topic fresh and to raise anticipation for the movie’s release. Secondly, he grasped the psychology of the audience. The hungry marketing meant only putting out stills, not feeding them yet.

Three days after the release of these photos, fans from all over the country and the world were looking forward to An Li.

A martial arts movie that had a two billion yuan investment, it was really big!

You know, most of the investment in movies these days were spent on hiring big name actors and post-production effects. In the hearts of the foreigners, weren’t martial arts movies just fighting? Where was the need for special effects? Then where was the two billion yuan spent?

Director Xu took this chance to say something.

First, Director Xu said that one-fifth of the two billion investment was spent on hiring actors. Everyone thought that yes, Xiao Biqing was a three-prize actress and Fang Liangxiu was also a king of movies, their values were high. This money was well spent.

Second, Director Xu said this was just a martial arts movie and they didn’t intend to head in the intention of cultivation od fantasy. But their movie had to look beautiful. Every frame was modified in order to ensure that the audience got the best visual experience!

After Director Xu’s words, the popularity of An Li reached a new peak in the world.

Xu Yizong’s words were credible and to unexpectedly do post-production on every frame, this sincerity was too great!

Thanks to this, fans all over the world were waiting for the premiere of An Li. The fans of Xiao Biqing, Fang Liangxiu and Ming YU said that regardless of the quality of the film, they would be watching three, four, five times!

In fact, the fact that An Li’s wave of propaganda could reach across the world had some relationship with Ming Yu. Ming Yu was the global spokesperson of Yizhi and now this movie had—

Three awards winning actress Xiao Biqing, youngest movie king Fang Liangxiu and the top supermodel Ming Yu.

These three people joined forces so An Li’s situation was understandable.

But just as everyone was licking the stills and strongly demanding that Director Xu release a propaganda teaser, a person who had disappeared for a long time suddenly popped up and registered a Weibo side account.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: I have been gone for more than half a year. In the past six months, I have seen many people who once liked me turn black. How much they once liked me is now how much they hate me. But I know that I deserve all of this. Now the An Li stills have come out. When I saw those stills, I started thinking about that period of time. Blessings @An Li crew. Hoping for a big box office explosion! 】 Jiang Kaiyang was banned by his company and his Weibo was already cancelled. They said that Jiang Kaiyang felt guilty towards his fans and called it. Now he opened a side account and the netizens started to wonder: was this really Jiang Kaiyang?

Jiang Kaiyang quickly posted a few selfies to prove his identity.

In these photos, Jiang Kaiyang’s complexion was very poor and his face was also very gaunt. HIs whole body was thin and looked very uncomfortable, like it had problems.

It had been half a year since things happened. Many fans who once liked him lost most of their resentment. They just calmly told him to rest his body, that his body was most important. (After all,  the reason for Jiang Kaiyang’s blocking was that Jiang Kaiyang was ill)

But when Jiang Kaiyang’s Weibo came out, people started to mock him.

【 Appearing when the An Li stills are released, does he want a share? 】

After the big wave of sunspots, there were many fans of the new second male lead who were also quite annoyed. They said: 【 It was you who caused the problem so that our male god replaced you as the second male lead. I hope that you don’t lead a fire to our home.

】 Of course, there weren’t many people who argued for Jiang Kaiyang. After all, he was the first to use his fans. Who would want to speak for him now? What if it was another way for Jiang Kaiyang to stab them with the knife?

No one expected that Jiang Kaiyang would take the initiative to speak for himself.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: I never said that I wanted to take back the character. Don’t misunderstand. But I have to tell you honestly that in the past six months, I have been feeling very bad. The reason why I made an error at that time was because I was dragged down by 16 NG. This resulted in a trance where an error inadvertently occurred. I have admitted to this mistake but don’t scold me on this matter! 】

These words suddenly started a storm!

He was dragged down by 16 NGs…

This was definitely Ming Yu who was acting against Jiang Kaiyang!

What was going on? Jiang Kaiyang said he made a mistake because Ming Yu’s acting was too bad?

However, this didn’t spread too far. Even if Ming Yu’s bad acting caused Jiang Kaiyang’s mistake, it was a fact that Jiang Kaiyang used his fans! That was the truth!

Moreover, Ming Yu’s current fame couldn’t be affected by Jiang Kaiyang. After all, Ming Yu’s main job was a model, not an actor. An Li was the only movie role he had so it was understandable if his acting wasn’t good.

However, Jiang Kaiyang made another public statement.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: Enough! I’ve had enough! I was really wrong. I used you and was really wrong! But do you really think that @Ming Yu is a good person? Do you think he’s really clean? His background is very big and I can’t afford to go against it! I still can’t afford it and am hiding! Please give me some quiet! 】

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4 years ago

Thank you for the update and your hard work and your hard work 😊. That’s why the great god Xi said you should kill them fully so they can’t come back for revenge. This dude needs to stay dead.

4 years ago

Lol Cheng Su is coaching him and he is walking into the fire with his eyes wide open. I guess Xi Ze wasn’t terrifying enough the first time. Well time to get buried for the rest of your life. See Xi Ze was right don’t show mercy.

4 years ago

He’s such an ass. And doesn’t he fear Ming Xiaoyu’s backround? He’s digging his own grave.
Thank you!

4 years ago

Tch. if you can’t afford it then why are you coming out? 😒
Looks like his IQ finally went down the gutter after being pushed to a dead-end

4 years ago

The foul wind has come.
Someone didn’t learn huh. Seems like god Xi needs to give another private guidance

4 years ago

You said “in hiding” so why the sudden Weibo activity and at such a “great” moment???!!??
Aiii… Brain got an extra hole eh?!??

Thank you Translator-sama for the updates 💕💕💕

4 years ago

Wow. This surname Jiang really doesn’t learn, huh.

4 years ago

Thank you very much.

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Alyssa 🍀 (@operativealyssa)

Bastard! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

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… *sigh*

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Ahhh he should’ve stayed down.

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here we go again, folks

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〚 In the background of this makeup photo, the post-revision staff had added a big fire. Inside the fire was a terrible corpse. 〛

I suddenly felt blue. And the fact they think he’s the villain here, hits hard. I have a soft spot for this type of characters. Misunderstood and wronged. And you’ll see what they really are in the end but it’s already too late. Then as someone who watched the movie and terribly accused and said bad things to him makes me feel so bad. Ah… the feels hit like bitch.

2 years ago
Reply to  ahriagaesushi

Wow this Jiang guy is so shameless. I remembered, there was also a character who was named Jiang that’s like this. He always has a way to make me mad. Rip Jiang x2

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Never never learn

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