RS: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

His reaction to the people blocking him was different.

When Cheng Su stopped him, the smiling Ming Yu became polite to the point of alienation, silently leaving after a few sentences. When stopped by this classy lady, Ming Yu stopped and didn’t think about leaving quickly.

You see, the gap between people was that big.

Of course, Ming Yu didn’t stop for the woman because of her beautiful and elegant appearance. Ming Yu heard the words ‘Fei Sixin’ and several images and information crossed his head. He immediately understood who this woman was.

After a little negotiation, the four people left the parking lot and went to a cafe not far from the venue to negotiate Fei Sixin’s proposal.

“I was really amazed when my father showed me your photo last month.” Fei Sixin was an active and enthusiastic person. She seemed to act as the ‘host’ as the waiter brought coffee. She took the initiative to hand out sugar packets to them and then spoke. “Ming Yu, your image is very consistent with my designs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your photo.”

Fei Sixin and Luo Ru was sitting on one side, while Ming Yu and Zhao Rui sat on the other side.

Ming Yu was putting sugar into his coffee. At Fei Sixin’s words, he subconsciously looked up to see the other person staring at him with shining eyes.

Ming Yu, “…”

For each designer, the model who could show off their design most vividly was their angel. At this moment, in Fei Sixin’s eyes, this handsome youth was like a 1000-watt lightbulb and he exuded a dazzling aura!

Ming Yu gently coughed before smiling calmly. “Thank you for your compliment, Miss Fei. In fact, it is because your design is so clever and beautiful and Master Fei’s photographer techniques are superb. That is how the photo turned out so well.”

After all, it was just a photo of Ming Yu and the one who took the photo was Master Fei. The level of a top photographer was really unmatched. They had their own ideas about light and shapes. Master Fei was able to make reasonable use of the lightning to take a vividly gorgeous photo.

Fei Sixin waved her hands at his words, “Just call me Sixin, Min Yu. You don’t have to be so modest. Even my father, that prideful person, has acknowledged your photos and he thinks that you are very strong. I was really surprised when I saw you at the Pei Feng fashion show. The level of your walk is amazing! At that time, I felt that the problem plaguing me for months could finally be solved!”

Ming Yu slightly narrowed his eyes at this remark and he felt enlightened. Zhao Rui and Luo Ru glanced at each other with surprise, as if they didn’t quite understand Fei Sixin’s meaning.

They just listened as Fei Si Xin continued speaking. “The first set of clothing you wore for Pei Feng was made out of leather. To be honest, in recent years, Pei Feng’s style has been inclined to be more youthful, while leather is old and mature. It is hard for young models to take control of this leather jacket. But your performance was really good. Your runway control ranks at the top of the few models I’ve seen.”

These words really contained too much praise. Fei Sixin seemed to want to say something else, but Zhao Rui immediately interrupted. “Miss Fei, thank you for your compliment.”

Fei Sixin no longer spoke on this topic. She smiled and said, “In fact, the last set of clothing with the jacket really touched me. I really like the feeling that you gave off when wearing that jacket. You are still young and your facial features haven’t fully developed. However, your aura on the catwalk is very strong. I like the mature feeling that shines through your youth and I feel like it is very similar with my inspiration.”

After saying this, even the simple Zhao Rui could understand Fei Sixin’s meaning.

His hands lightly grasped the white porcelain coffee cup on the table as Ming Yu raised his eyes and laughed lightly. “Can I call you… Sister Xin?”

Fei Sixin was 23 years old this yaer. There was absolutely no problem with Ming Yu called her ‘Sister Xin.’

Fei Sixin immediately nodded. “Yes, but Ming Yu, you don’t have to use honorifics with me. I am only five years older than you.”

Ming Yu didn’t argue about this issue. He just bluntly asked, “Well, Sister Xin. I think I understand what you mean. You feel that I am very much in line with your designs… is it the fashion collection from the ‘18 years old’ column?”

Fei Sixin replied, “Yes, it is that collection. However, after using a few photos of you as inspiration, I made a few improvements.”

Ming Yu was slightly stunned after hearing this. ‘She is a very talented designer,’ flew through his mind. Then he straightforwardly said, “So after the improvements, you are hoping that I will take a few more shots for you. Or do you want me to participate in the fashion show?”

Zhao Rui and even Luo Ru were stunned by Ming Yu’s words.

According to Luo Ru’s thoughts, it was clear that Fei Sixin came to talk to Ming Yu about cooperating. As for the cooperation, she imagined that it would be some photos. After all, Ming Yu was only 17 years old this year. He was still young and lacked experience with catwalks. A photoshoot was the only reason a design would come to talk to him about cooperating.

Wasn’t it impossible for her to specifically ask Ming Yu to become the chief model?

Fei Sixin was also amazed for a while, before she nodded. “Yes Ming Yu, I want to invite you to be my fashion show’s chief model.”

“Cough cough…”

The female assistant wearing silver glasses had just taken a sip of coffee, causing her to choke with a red face. It lasted until Zhao Rui handed her a cup of boiled water and Luo Ru took a few sips, taking little gasps for air.

…It really was the chief model?

Fei Sixin spoke emotionally. “I have hesitated for a few months, I didn’t dare hold a fashion show. But after seeing your performance today, I felt like I was seeing hope and became really confident. Ming Yu, you are the person I am looking for, the one who will be able to express my inspiration. I hope you will consider my request and become the chief model of my fashion show.”

Luo Ru, “…”

Zhao Rui, “…”

Even Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Yu smiled helplessly and couldn’t help asking, “Sister Xin, you know that I am just an ordinary second or third-tier model from Muse?”

Fei Sixin waved her hand lightly. “Then I am also a new fashion designer who has never held a fashion show.”

But this new designer had already published her works in Fashion Entertainment!

Now that Fei Sixin made such a sincere request, Ming Yu readily agreed to the other’s offer. As if she was impatient, Fei Sixin hurried to find her lawyer so that Ming Yu could sign the contract on the spot.

Before signing, Ming Yu kindly reminded her again, “Sister Xin, my reputation is really not high. It is far less than Cheng Su, Zhai Liwen and other first-tier models. You have to think clearly. This is the chief model, it is really impor…tant.”

Ming Yu’s words were drowned out by the look in Fei Sixin’s eyes that said ‘Sign it. I have considered clearly.’
After Fei Sixin and Zhao Rui also signed their names, Fei Sixin took away the contract, not giving Ming Yu a chance to feel regret.

This action was really consistent with Fei Sixin’s 23 years of age, causing Ming Yu to feel dumbfounded.

However, as they prepared to separate, the ‘young and energetic’ female designer solemnly shook hands with him. She said, “Ming Yu, you might think that appointing a new person as my chief model is very risky, but I have always believed in my own vision. Your shallow qualifications don’t mean that your strength is poor. You are the chief model that I want. I chose you because you can express the feeling that I want. It isn’t a mistake.”

Under the bright sunset, Fei Sixin strode out of the cafe, leaving Ming Yu to look after her. The young female designer wore a leather coat that suited her style. It was upright and elegant. Her appearance might be regarded as an ordinary beauty, but she left a deep impression on Ming Yu.

Ming Yu smiled wryly and left the cafe with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, heading towards the parking lot.

…So, who got the benefits in the end?

Perhaps this was a matter of mutual benefits, a win-win situation. The female designer saw a tiger in a pig and let him sign the contract.

Ming Yu shook the thoughts away and started discussing with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru about the talk show he would appear on next week.

The sun slowly sank towards the horizon, witnessing the day’s departure, while everything was quiet. Nothing seemed to have changed, but once the sun rose again, the number of visits to Pei Feng’s official website would create a new record in 2016!

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Sora Tsukiko
Sora Tsukiko
5 years ago

Being the chief model and being a muse for a designer is totally different right?

Aria Anathema
Aria Anathema
5 years ago
Reply to  Sora Tsukiko

Yea, chief model is like cheng su just now, the opening/ending model (basically the ‘highlight’)

5 years ago

Thanks for this chapter.

5 years ago

aaaah i love the characters in this novel. so many times now i’ve laughed out loud over how cute they are i.e this designer, when mentally willing our MC to sign the contract. the characters are just so quirky and fun.
so far, even the villains have variety; some being stupid with no redemption like the pig, others who learn to not mess with the wolf aka the small model, and now the 2-faced chengsu.
the author is pretty good.
thanks for translating!

5 years ago

ML’s rival spotted!!!
Fei gotta steal Yu Yu!!! Hahaha

3 years ago
Reply to  Vannie

I now have a crush on this2 women

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