RS: Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Nidelan headquarters was a two-storey red brick building. It was located in the quaint Old London and was pure and simple. Mr. Gary directly led Ming Yu’s group into the small building and headed straight to Nidelan’s dedicated photo studio. They soon arrived at a spacious and bright studio.

The difference between big brand studios and magazine studios wasn’t small. Ming Yu looked around and could see at least seven or eight different sets that were being shot at the same time. The sound of the shutters clicking echoed in the studio and many staff members were rushing around, busy with their own work.

Mr. Gary walked with Ming Yu’s group and said, “The photo shoots are divided into two groups. Mr. Ming just arrived and I was afraid you would still have jet lag, so I arranged for your session to be tomorrow.” He paused and said, “This time, we are very happy that you are able to come. Your four advertisements were very good. It was the best promotional video we have seen this year.”

Ming Yu heard this and suddenly had a thought. He smiled and asked, “Mr. Gary, are you a member of the promotional department for Nidelan?”

Mr. Gary nodded and explained, “I am the assistant director in charge of promotions.”


Allowing Nidelan’s assistant director of promotions to be Ming Yu’s assistant and show him around. This indicated how much Nidelan valued him. Ming Yu’s lips slightly curved and his pace became more relaxed.

Once their group left the studio, there was a lot of discussion about them.

“That youth was really nice; did you see him? He looks like an East Asian model?”

“I’ve never seen him before. But there are so many models in the world. How can I see each one?”

“Haha, indeed. Still, his temperament was really good. He only wore a thin jacket but his body was very good.


Yes, Ming Xiaoyu’s fame in Huaxia was very good. Unfortunately, he hadn’t done any work outside of Huaxia yet. The most well-known should be the Nidelan perfume endorsement. Unfortunately, this endorsement was only for Huaxia and didn’t make much of a splash in foreign countries.

Huaxia’s fashion industry development was very prosperous, making the eyes of the world focus on them. However, it was too prosperous and there were too many models at Ming Xiaoyu’s level, making him hard to be discovered.

It was like a tall 186cm person suddenly emerging in a group of 160cm dwarves.

But what if everyone’s average height was 180cm and the person was 186cm. Would that make the person stand out?

Oh right, 186cm wasn’t a stab at Xiaoyu’s height. Ming Xiaoyu had measured his body’s data a few days ago and his height was 187cm. Of course, this was according to Zhao Rui’s original words. But Ming Xiaoyu said, “186.8 is rounded up to 187. If we round up again…um, it is 190cm.”

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, “…”

Why don’t you directly round up to Heaven?!!! (/=_=)/~┴┴

Returning to the main point. Participating in the Nidelan May fashion show, this was Ming Xiaoyu’s first step abroad. And this first step was really too high. Among the 54 models invited this year, 10 of them were supermodels. There were even top supermodels like Xu Rongrong.

However, there were only two models for the opening and finale. One was Xu Rongrong and the other was Ming Yu.

Xu Rongrong was the world’s 17th ranked female supermodel. In Huaxia, she was also among the top five of female supermodels. She was currently a global spokesperson for a first-tier luxury brand and only endorsed sub-products for two other first-tier luxury brands. Xu Rongrong acting as the finale model of this fashion show, no one would dare object. If she didn’t have the ability, who did?

But the opening model, a position that wasn’t inferior to the finale model, was Ming Yu.

Of course, even if other people objected and felt it was unfair, they couldn’t say it in person. The models who came to participate in this fashion show had all reached a certain position in the industry. Unless they reached it through luck or their background, they wouldn’t have reached this position by being stupid.

These things were just shallow marks in Ming Xiaoyu’s heart and he didn’t think about them for more than a few seconds.

If someone wanted to block him, there would naturally be solutions.

The four people walked for a while and soon arrived at the dressing room behind the studio. Ming Yu could see a tall and gentle figure in the distance. Once the other person came into view, they smiled at Ming Xiaoyu and nodded. Then they stretched out their right hand and said, “Are you Ming Yu? Hello, I am Tan Yunqing.”

Question: What did it feel like suddenly hearing a familiar accent in a foreign country?

Answer: It feels a bit emotional— from Ming Xiaoyu.

Ming Yu politely shook the other person’s hand and said with a small, Hello, Master Tan.”

“Please call me Aunt Tan.” Tan Yunqing looked Ming Yu up and down before introducing the person next to her. “This is Mr. Clive, who is in charge of the Nidelan fashion show. This is Renata, the person in charge of the models…”

Ming Yu politely greeted everyone. The Nidelan executives left first, leaving behind Ms. Renata and Tan Yunqing in front of Ming Yu.

Two elegant ladies staring at you with a smile, what did that feel like?

The calm Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help feeling like there was something wrong.

Renata took a close look at Ming Xiaoyu and said, “Your current hairstyle is very close to ours and there is no need to change too much. This time, you came from Huaxia and probably didn’t bring your personal stylist and makeup artist. Don’t worry, our boys and girls are very good. Later, let them try the makeup on you. If possible, we will start shooting tomorrow.”

Ming Yu nodded and replied in fluent English. “Yes, thank you Ms. Renata.”

Renata was startled at hearing this. “Oh, I forgot you were from Huaxia.  Your English is very good. In fact, my Chinese also isn’t bad. Listen to this: I, call, Rena…”

Tan Yunqing gave a low laugh and interrupted. “Renata, didn’t you say that you wanted to pick clothes for Ming Yu when he came?”

Renata nodded. “Yes, then I will go and pick out a few clothes with Mr. Ming’s assistant.”

As she spoke, Renata walked to the door and Luo Ru immediately followed. There was only Ming Yu, Zhao Rui and Tang Yunqing left in the room.

Ming Yu seemed to perceive something. He turned his head and said to Zhao Rui, “Brother Zhao, I just remembered that Mr. Gary mentioned a problem with contacting him tomorrow. Can you go and ask now?”

Zhao Rui nodded and left after a few words to Ming Yu.

Once there was no one else in the room, Tan Yunqing’s original gently smile slowly faded away. The world’s top photographer looked at the youth with a penetrating expression that held a bit of aggression and oppression.

However, the youth wasn’t uneasy under this gaze. There was just a calm smile on his face.

Tan Yunqing watched him for a few minutes before suddenly chuckling. “Yes, you can have such a heart and mind at a young age. Really good. It is better than my good for nothing kid.”

Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t be arrogant when he heard this. “I am worse than Brother Tan.”

Tan Yunqing shook her head. “I am not the type of mother who will baby her son. He has a lot of deficiencies. You don’t have to cover for him. Ming Yu, I am a fair person. Last time you helped teach my kid a lesson. This time, I have repaid the favour.”

Ming Yu heard these words and suddenly made a guess in his heart.

Tan Yunqing’s vision was penetrating. She saw it and smiled. “You guessed right. Nidelan invited you to attend the May fashion show, but they didn’t intend to make you the opening model at first.”

A wise person spoke, they should be listened to. Tan Yunqing only said these words but Ming Yu understood. The reason he could get such a good opportunity, defeating nine supermodels to become Nidelan’s opening model was due to this woman in front of him.

According to common sense, people should be grateful to Tan Yunqing and expression their gratitude. But Ming Yu wasn’t exactly like that. His expression was calm as he softly said, “Thank you for your recommendation, Aunt Tan.”

His gestures weren’t overbearing or impertinent. With a simple sentence, he expressed his gratitude. However, the ‘Aunt Tan’ made it more personal.

Tan Yunqing couldn’t help looking at the youth with appreciation.

But Tan Yunqing didn’t take all the credit. “If you didn’t have the appropriate strength, Nidelan wouldn’t have listened to me. I only gave you the opportunity. The real hero is still you. Xiaoyu, tomorrow you and Xu Rongrong will be photographed by me. I am looking forward to working with you.”

Ming Yu gently nodded. “It is my honour, Aunt Tan.”

The negotiations between the two people happened in just a matter of minutes. Once Luo Ru and Zhao Rui came back, they were surprised to find that Tan Yunqing’s attitude towards Ming Yu was more gracious, as if she was talking to a younger generation that she was fond of.

The look in Zhao Rui’s eyes said: →_→ Ming Xiaoyu’s female skills have evolved to this point?

The look in Luo Ru’s eyes said: Is this related to Tan Jingming?

You see, this was the difference between a silly and sweet person and a serious person!

The next day, Ming Xiaoyu’s makeup was done and he was waiting for Tan Yunqing when he encountered Xu Rongrong.

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