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Chapter 103

Huaxia had four first-tier magazines and eight second-tier magazines. Looking at the number of magazines in the world, this proportion was unique and indicated how prosperous Huaxia’s fashion industry was.

Were there really no magazines better than the first-tier magazines?

No, there were five top magazines in the world. They were the United States’ ‘Edith,’ Frances ‘Elektra’, Italy’s ‘Bartlett’ and Huaxia’s ‘Suyi’ and ‘Muse.’

Among them, ‘Suyi’ was taken from a poem from the Book of Songs and it focused on female fashion. It would introduce female fashion collections and invite female models to shoot. Due to its name, Muse reminded people of the Muse Modelling Agency.

This wasn’t wrong. Muse was a magazine owned by the Muse Modelling Agency. Therefore, Ming Xiaoyu was absolutely correct when he said that Xi Ze had shared in Muse. Xi Ze saying that he would give Ming Yu a ‘better one’ was absolute nonsense.

That night, a strong and calm man was sent back to his room on the top floor. Ming Xiaoyu helplessly gave the other person a gentle good night kiss, saying with a laugh, “Isn’t this your own magazine? Why do you look like you’re in such a bad mood?”

Xi Ze accepted the good night kiss and his expression finally returned to normal. He didn’t directly answer Ming Yu’s question. Instead, he carefully looked at the youth and asked, “Did Muse take the initiative to come to you or was it a job that the company gave you?”

Ming Yu’s lips curved at the question and he replied in a calm tone, “Muse came to me.”

The tone of the youth was calm and cool, with no excitement or joy. It was as if he was talking about a trivial matter. However, the people in the fashion industry knew that top magazines taking the initiative to come to you was a proof of a model’s strength, even a type of glory.

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t sad or happy, there were no changes in his expression. Looking at his appearance, the handsome man raised an eyebrow as his thin lips slightly curved. “It really reminds me of a sentence.”

Ming Yu was curious. “What?”

Xi Ze stared meaningfully at Ming Xiaoyu and exclaimed, “My family’s mushroom has grown up and is raised to be…”

An elbow made this ungrateful man completely shut up. Ming Xiaouu sneered and shut the door in Xi Ze’s face.

What did he mean by ‘grow up?’

Was there next sentence going to be ‘raised to be by Xi Ze’s side?’

Dream on!

The next day, Ming Xiaoyu got up and received Xi Ze’s text message, stating that Xi Ze was leaving first and to wait for evening. Ming Yu couldn’t help laughing at the message and replied: 【 Yes, I’ll authorize you to go first. 】 Ming Xiaoyu’s preparations were ongoing when Xi Ze replied: 【 Yes, the small mushroom that I love. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(/=_=)/~┴┴”

Have you ever seen a punching bag so big?

In any case, today’s appointment was with Muse, one of the world’s top five magazines. Therefore, Ming Xiaoyu paid special attention to his appearance. His hair had just been cut and wasn’t that long. He clipped his hair to one side with a few hidden clips, exposing his right ear.

This time, Ming Yu put on an earring that he hardly ever wore.

The original owner had pierced ears. Based on Ming Xiaoyu’s memories, the pierced hole was required for a certain job. After becoming a supermodel, Ming Yu rarely wore earrings. Still, earrings were a type of decoration. If used well, they could highlight his unique and elegant temperament.

Luo Ru was waiting downstairs for Ming Yu. The first thing she saw was the red diamond stud earring in the youth’s right ear. The blood-red colour was bright and made the youth’s white skin clearer. The face of the original Ming Yu had gender neutral and exquisite facial features. With this earring, he looked even more beautiful. His temperament was like a young noble.

After getting into the car, Luo Ru handed the breakfast to Ming Xiaoyu and said emotionally, “I was worried that you wouldn’t be prepared enough when going to Muse today. It seems I was thinking too much. Xiaoyu, you really deserve to be in this industry. Your eyes are good and you dress well.”

Today, Ming Yu was wearing a simple and bright yellow jumper that was eye-catching. There was a sapphire blue pattern at the front and it was paired with light blue skinny jeans, highlighting the beautiful curves of his legs. Combined with the red ear stud that decorated the ear lobe, the youth really gave off a breath of fresh air. Luo Ru couldn’t help thinking in her heart, ‘Really young and willful. Is this what the ancients call ‘a youth dressed in fine clothing on a horse?’

As June approached, the weather gradually became hot, especially at noon. The heat from the sun roasted the earth, making it hard for people to endure. Ming Xiaoyu wore these clothes and didn’t feel hot. The bright yellow colour gave people a refreshing feeling of coolness.

“Sister, Luo, you are praising me too much. I have to be careful not to blush.”

Luo Ru laughed at the words. “I hope you will blush. You are always so calm whenever I see you, never showing surprise. It makes me feel unworthy. When I was your age, I was always criticized by the teacher of Muse’s agent training department.”

The two people chattered as Luo Ru drove. Then she mentioned, “I don’t know if you saw Trump Challenge. As you know, there is unified live broadcast tonight throughout the whole country. Therefore, the program was aired one day in advance. The response is even bigger than I thought. Your name and Du Ruo’s name is on the top 3 of Weibo. Oh yes, your CP is also very hot.”

Ming Xiaoyu heard Lou Ru’s words and hurriedly pulled out his phone to look it up.

Sure enough, the current Weibo hot search was Du Ruo and his name was second. Ming Xiaoyu looked down and was impressed to see that his and Du Ruo’s CP was 13th place.

However, Ming Yu looked again and didn’t find Cheng Su’s name. He was surprised for a moment and carefully thought about it. Then he asked, “Sister Luo, did Zeng Shu deliberately suppress news about Cheng Su?”

Luo Ru was slightly surprised before nodding. “Yes, I sent a text to Director Shen to ask him this question this morning. He told me that Zeng Shu really suppressed any hot news about Cheng Su.” But how did Xiaoyu now that?

Luo Ru didn’t ask. She just thought that Xi Ze had told Ming Yu about this matter.

However, Luo Ru guessed wrong.

Ming Xiaoyu knew that Cheng Su’s explosive points in this program weren’t as much as his and Du Ruo’s, but there shouldn’t be any problem making the top 10 of the popular search. After all, Cheng Su had many embarrassing incidents in the program. But not one shadow of Cheng Su could be seen. Only one thing could explain this. Someone was suppressing him.

Who would suppress Cheng Su?

To be honest, Ming Xiaoyu’s first thought was Xi Ze.

Ming Xiaoyu had firsthand experience with how narrowed-minded this man was.

However, he rejected it when he thought of this name. Xi Ze wouldn’t conceal it and do such a thing in private.

Therefore, Ming Yu’s next thought after Xi Ze was Zeng Shu.

As Cheng Su’s agent, why would Zeng Shu take the initiative to suppress him? Wasn’t this bullying his own model?

It was wrong.

Zeng Shu was really suffering!

He worked hard to give a model under him an opportunity in a hot variety show. Yet Cheng Su couldn’t get a good grasp of it and even piled up a huge number of black spots. This gave Zeng Shu a headache!

A person should make explosive points on a program, not black spots!

Since the program staff refused to delete Cheng Su’s black spots, Zeng Shu could only use all his effort to suppress Cheng Su and prevent fans from noticing his existence in the program.

How could Zeng Shu not be bitter? He was a bitter gourd!

Ming Xiaoyu thought about the calm and capable agent and couldn’t help laughing. He could imagine the bitter treatment that Cheng Su would face for a while. Then he thought about Cheng Su being hit in the bu*t by Luo Cheng…

Well,, Ming Xiaoyu was suddenly in a good mood ^_^.

With this ‘since you aren’t happy, I am happy’ mood, Ming Xiaoyu smiled and looked at the posts in his fan forum. He didn’t reply but he looked as much as possible. Sometimes, he would engrave the words of the fans in his heart and sometimes he would laugh at their humour.

As the car parked in front of Muse magazine, Ming Xiaoyu had been amused by the fans’ series of mushroom jokes. But as soon as he got out of the car, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly lost his smile and moved calmly.

Luo Ru thought, “…Xiaoyu, you are too good. Are you a real person ?_?

Who did Ming Xiaoyu learn these skills from? What was their nature?

In the bright sunshine, a tall and upright young man stepped forward and walked calmly into the Muse magazine building. Not long after entering the door, a small editor waiting in the lobby quickly greeted them and took them upstairs.

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