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Chapter 147

The RAmer Charity Gala could be considered the biggest party in the fashion industry.

The party was usually held in the middle or end of each year. Every time, the organizer was bound to be a world-famous top luxury brand. At the same time, it invited famous supermodels, designers, entertainment stars, directors and major giants from other industries to the party.

At this party, you might see the world’s most famous top models. You might also see sports champions who just won the Olympic gold medal. You might see the world’s most beautiful actress or meet prestigious ladies.

Not every industry’s top figures and celebrities could get an invitation from the RAmer Charity Gala. But as long as they received an invitation, they were sure to be leaders of their industry.

Therefore, Ming Yu was somewhat surprised when he received this invitation. You know, the invitation list for the RAmer Charity Gala was decided in the first half of the year. He suddenly received an invitation one month before the party?

However, Luo Cheng answered this question. “Ming Yu, your invitation was set up as an invisible invitation in the first half of the year. As long as you became a supermodel before the party, this invitation would be delivered to you. If you didn’t, this invitation would be void.”

Please note that an invitation letter could be sold for a huge 100,000 yuan on the outside and it couldn’t be easily bought. Ming Yu didn’t expect that Rosalind would be so optimistic about him, directly giving him an invitation for no reason.

However, Xi Ze wasn’t surprised. “I have a good relationship with Rosalind’s chief designer, Raymond.”

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow at these words. “What do you mean? He saw your face and gave me an invitation letter?”

Xi Ze looked the youth up and down then smiled. “Do you have no confidence in yourself?”

Ming Xiaoyu retorted, “I have no confidence in your evil intentions.”

Xi Ze sighed and said like he was wronged. “He doesn’t know my relationship with you. Raymond is a very sinister person. Cecilia is a good seed that he dug up. He probably values your potential very much. If I’m not wrong, he will take the initiative to talk to you at this dinner.”

Cecilia Cote, the world’s number one female supermodel.

This angel supermodel was only 20 years old but she had become the dream goddess of countless people around the world. Cecilia’s qualifications were indeed very good. But some of her dazzling achievements were related to Rosalind’s chief designer Raymond, who she had a connection with.

Ming Xiaoyu was curious when he heard this. “Mr. Raymond has Cecilia Cote. What about you?”

The implication was that the world’s top designers would raise excellent models. Often, these models would be their favourites and often model for them.

However, Xi Ze was a top master of the same level and didn’t seem to have a favourite model.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t expect this handsome and indifferent man to look at him with a sad look before sighing. “In November of last year, I wanted to raise a small model into the sky. But the model disliked me and refused me harshly.”

Small model Ming Yu, “^_^ #”

Xi Ze didn’t stop sighing. “Raymond has Cecilia, Essarica has Adenes and I have nothing. Aren’t I pitiful?”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered at him and said, “Why do you need someone else? Mr. Xi, aren’t you enough?”

Xi Ze immediately held the youth’s hand. “I don’t want anyone else. I want you.”

This type of sweet talk was very useful. By the time the plane landed, Ming Xiaoyu was no longer so angry. The two people continued talking and laughing. Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, who slept all the way, were surprised at the sight. They could only look at each other helplessly.

After resting in the United States for two days, the annual RAmer Charity Gala was finally about to begin.

Since this was called a charity party, it must be held for a charity. Every year, the guests and investors who attended this charity evening would donate a huge amount of money to repair several famous art museums around the world.

This year’s RAmer Charity Gala was hosted by the top luxury brand, Rosalind. Perhaps because this year the brand hired a supermodel from Huaxia, Luo Cheng as the global spokesperson. The theme of this charity party was—

『 Huaxia: Millennium Feng Shui, Bright Treasures. 』

Don’t underestimate this theme. Every year, the RAmer Charity Gala would announce the theme of the party at the same time of the invitations. It was because they needed to let the attendees know what type of clothes they needed to wear and the type of makeup to be shown at the party.

Yes, the party theme was the clothing theme for every guest present.

Some guests with numerous high-end clothing didn’t have to worry about this problem because they had too many outfits. Even if the theme was too remote, they could find an outfit that suited it. But for some guests, they would need to borrow an outfit and or contact the studio to customize their outfit.

This wasn’t an ordinary charity party. It was a feast of fashion and jewelry.

Originally after accepting the invitation, Ming Yu planned to wear the outfit designed by Fei Sixin to the party.

This ‘Millennium Feng Shui’ seemed a bit strange and some people couldn’t guess what it meant. But the theme of Huaxia and Bright Treasures was completely covered by Fei Sixin’s outfit.

There were strings of crystal clear diamonds on the outfit, like it was born for this party.

However, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t end up bring the outfit. When he was packing his luggage, he took the outfit out of his cloakroom and intended to let Luo Ru take it away the next day. She would prepare it to be taken to the United States.

But when he took it out, his idle neighbour Xi Ze saw it!

The neighbour asked with dissatisfaction. “Are you going to wear this outfit?”

Ming Xiaoyu replied naturally. “Yes, this outfit is very beautiful and also very suitable for the theme.” The most important thing was that he three high-end outfits in total. One was the outfit Xi Ze previously gave me, one he bought later and the last one was…

The words were too awkward to say. Ming Xiaoyu was deeply saddened and didn’t say it.

Bu Xi Ze looked very dissatisfied. “How can you wear a woman’s clothing in front of my face to go to the party?”

Xi Ze was also attending the party so he didn’t say anything wrong.

However, the young man raised his eyebrows disdainfully at the words and asked. “What is ‘wearing an outfit by a woman’? There will be no problem if I wear an outfit made by a male designer? Hey, you are still s*xist Mr. Xi.”

Xi Ze’s mouth slightly twitched. “…”

It was impossible for Xi Ze to be like this. He definitely didn’t discriminate by gender. Even if it was an outfit by a male designer, it couldn’t be worn!

His own lover, his muse was attending the same party and he was wearing clothes designed by others!

Was this appropriate?

How could this be?

This was simply hitting him in the face!

It wasn’t allowed! Absolutely not!

But even if Mr. Xi didn’t allow it, there would only be a week or so left before the party started. In the face of Ming Xiaoyu’s ‘I will ignore you’, Mr. Xi solemnly brought together all the designers and tailors of Ji and Ya and held a meeting.

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t know about this meeting. He only knew that six days later, he received an exquisite high-end outfit.

“How could you make an outfit so soon? It is impossible. It was only six days!”

Xi Ze calmly shook his head and said, “In front of me, there is nothing impossible in the world. But you wearing another person’s outfit while attending the same party as me, that is the last thing I want to see.”

Ming Xiaoyu looked the man up and down with suspicion. But Xi Ze just stood there and acted casually, as if it was just a trivial matter.

In the end, Ming Yu didn’t receive an explanation. He only thought that Xi Ze had been hiding an outfit since long ago.

He certainly didn’t think that in the past six days, all the best designers and tailors of Ji and Ya experienced six days of darkness.

The value of this outfit was around one million yuan. The materials were one thing but the work was even more exquisite. The time limit was quite short but these masters didn’t cut corners. They solemnly carried out each process to ensure that the outfit was seamless.

There was no reason for it. It was just that their admirable chief designer spoke in a pleading tone they had never seen before. He said quite seriously:

『 Elder Chen, Elder Li, Alice, Ding Shu, Emile… I have been with Ji and Ya for more than 10 years and you also watched me grow up. Tell me, how can I watch my lover wear someone else’s outfit and walk on the red carpet of the RAmer party? 』

『 This will be the ultimate event of my life! 』

—What was Xi Ze saying?

—An ultimate event? It was just an outfit!

Although both the author and readers thought so (?), Elder Chen, Elder Li and the other designers and tailors didn’t think so.

The RAmer Charity Gala was the top feast of the fashion world! If the lover of a top design master wore an outfit designed by someone else at such a party, it would definitely shame Xi Ze. It would definitely shame Ji and Ya!

What was a week?

It was a day! They also had to make an outfit…well, it wouldn’t come out in a day.

If Rosalind was really so crazy as to send an invitation letter the day before, they would lose their face in front of Xi Ze. Anyway, no one knew who his lover was… wait a minute? They didn’t kow who Xi Ze’s lover was!

The moment they saw the person wearing this outfit, they would know who Xi Ze’s lover was. The group of masters were seriously excited and spent six days in the studio making the outfit with Xi Ze.

On September 15th, 2017, the eyes of the world were placed on New York, USA.

Everyone was looking forward to the appearance of famous celebrities in this fashion feast.

Of course, they didn’t know that in the famous Ji and Ya studio, all the masters were waiting to know: In the end, who is Xi Ze’s lover? o(*≧▽≦)ツ~!

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