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Chapter 164

This sentence, it was a stone that stirred thousands of waves!

The war between fans reached Weibo’s hot searches and even became today’s headlines. Now Zyu’s words made things even more out of control. Everyone was so scared they fell out of their chairs.

At this moment, Ming Xiaoyu was shooting the last set of posters in Hong Kong. He learned from Luo Ru about the big fight between the two fans. Ming Xiaoyu never expected to make headlines because of a war between his fans.

He carefully looked at the war between the two fans. When he saw the dress and Zyu’s words about ‘getting your signature’, Ming Xiaoyu frowned and called Mr. Nelson, the head of Nidelan in Huaxia.

Originally, Mr. Nelson didn’t want to tell Ming Yu who bought these outfits. Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t a shameless person. He didn’t abuse private rights in order to get what he wanted. But this time, after Mr. Nelson refused, Ming Xiaoyu asked directly, “Mr. Nelson, does the lady who ordered these outfits have the surname of Xiao?”

Mr. Xiao couldn’t help asking, “How did you know?”

Ming Xiaoyu let out a long sigh and said, “It is Xiao Biqing.

This sentence was a positive sentence, not a question.

Ming Xiaoyu had noticed since the first appearance of Xiao Xiao Yu Yu.

Ming Yu had tens of millions of fans. Of course he couldn’t remember everyone. But some of the more prominent people were kept in his heart. For example, there was once a fan who worked hard and used his posters to embroider a handkerchief. Yes, it wasn’t cross-stitch, it was embroidery. Ming Xiaoyu was moved and remembered the name of this talented fan.

As for this Xiao Xiao Yu Yu, she might not show any talents but this type of spending was difficult for Ming Xiaoyu to ignore. Now that this happened, the first name that emerged in Ming Xiaoyu’s mind was:

『 Xiao Biqing. 』

There were four reasons for this. First, Xiao Xiao Yu Yu said that she could get Ming Yu’s signature.

Second, Xiao Xiao Yu Yu bought so many outfits from Nidelan that she obviously needed to often attend dinners.

Third, Zyu threatened to get Xiao Xiao Yu Yu’s signature.

Fourth, Xiao Xiao Yu Yu once accidentally showed her hand in a photo.

As a model, Ming Xiaoyu was really concerned about beautiful things. As these fans said, Xiao Xiao Yu Yu really had beautiful hands. When Ming Xiao joined the An Li crew, the first thing he noticed about Xiao Biqing was her hands, not her face.

The impression that those hands left Ming Xiaoyu was very deep. Now all the clues were added together and he got the result immediately.

Ming Xiaoyu called Xiao Biqing. On the phone, the winner of Huaxia’s three main awards spoke with a trembling voice, sounding panicked. Ming Xiaoyu was very calm, so that Xiao Biqing wouldn’t be anxious. She resolutely refused to admit her identity, pretending not to know Zyu.

A star being a fan of a model, this type of thing was still very common. But Xiao Biqing was too high-profile. This incident might cause people to mistakenly think there was a special relationship between her and Ming Yu. Neither of them wanted to use this incident to cause speculation and intended to conceal this matter.

Next, Ming Yu decided to let Luo Ru help him post a message on the Muse fan forum and Weibo. In the post, Ming Xiaoyu said he was grateful to the fans for their support. But he hoped that everyone could support him while ensuring that their lives were stable and happy.

At the same time, he also held a ‘give a small mushroom’ event.

All fans could participate in this event which allowed them to freely express their love for Ming Xiaoyu. The type of expressing love could be like Zyu and Xiao Xiao Xiao Yu Yu, or they could make a video to express their love. They could also draw a picture of Ming Yu, a line drawing in traditional ink and brush, a block print…

Anyway, the method was uncertain and could be anything.

Ming Yu emphasized this point: Buying more won’t necessarily get you first place. He would personally look at the hearts of every fan and finally select 10 fans. He would give them his own signature and handmade mushroom bracelets by Dusha.

There was still the question of who Zyu was, if he could get Xiao Xiao Yu Yu and Ming Yu’s signature. Most Ming Xiaoyu fans were actively involved in the ‘give you a small mushroom’ activity.

You know, this activity was only one day! In particular, many fans wanted to make videos so they couldn’t waste time on these two silly fans.

Thus, the busy fan war suddenly became deserted. Some people were still obsessed with the Xiao Xiao Yu Yu. But the general trend was that no one paid attention to this matter.

At the same time, there was a saying that was become more and more popular: 【 This Zyu didn’t let Goddess Xiao Xiao step down. Deliberately saying such a sentence indicates that he had the ability to let Goddess Xiao Xiao write her name, it wasn’t a big deal. 】 Under such circumstances, the two parties involved no longer spoke. This meant the fans no longer paid attention to this matter. After all, compared to the mushroom fan war, Small Mushroom was naturally more important!

Small Mushroom was great!

He often sent signatures to fans and interacted with fans. It was really hard to see the heart of every fan. Ming Xiaoyu’s work was so busy and now he had to do this extra thing. With this in mind, the fans worked hard on expressing their hearts.

They didn’t know it but Xiao Biqing didn’t speak anymore because Ming Yu deliberately told her not to. As for why Zyu didn’t speak? It was because Ming Xiaoyu personally found Zyu and sent the other person a private message.

【 Ming Yu: Excuse me, are you Zyu? 】

【 Zyu:I am. 】

【 Ming Yu:^_^ It is like this. I am worried that if you enter this event, the other fans will have no way to compare with you. If you do not mind, can you give me your address directly? I will mail you the signature and gift. 】

Zyu was silent for a long time. Just as Ming Xiaoyu was about to ask again, he saw that the other person had replied.

【 Zyu: This activity is for XBQ? 】

Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes narrowed. Then he suddenly realized that XBQ was Xiao Biqing!

Really! This Zyu unexpectedly knew Xiao Biqing’s identity.

How much energy did this man have to boast that he could get both Ming Yu and Xiao Biqing’s signature?

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t ask. He had guessed Xiao Biqing’s identity but after thinking for a long time, he really didn’t know who Zyu could be. In the end, he could only think that this Zyu was a master or high level person in the fashion or entertainment industry.

Don’t blame Small Mushroom for not thinking that this person who spent money was actually his own wife! Think about it, could you imagine your husband/wife sitting in front of a computer and suddenly appearing as your fan?

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t expect Xi Ze to be his own fan!

He was in a relationship with Xi Ze so how could Xi Ze be his fan? There was a big difference!

After thinking for a moment, Ming Xiaoyu replied: 【 Yes, it isn’t good to expose Xiao Biqing’s identity. Therefore, if Mr. Z doesn’t mind, I will send you the activity rewards directly. 】

【 Zyu:Don’t use honorifics with me in the future. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(⊙口⊙)?!

【 Zyu:You don’t need to send anything to me. If there is a chance in the future, I hope you can give it to me in person. 】

Ming Xiaoyu: …Who was this person?

In any case, Ming Xiaoyu had already discussed it with Zyu. The other person wouldn’t participate in this event and wouldn’t expose Xiao Biqing’s identity. The price was that Xiao Biqing would no longer compete with the other party for the position of leader fan. At the same time, if there was a chance to communicate in the future, Ming Xiaoyu would no longer use honorifics with the other person.

Etc etc.  What was this talking without honorifics? (/= _ =)/~┴┴ It wasn’t a condition at all, okay?

In any case, this event was ended in a satisfactory manner. After handling this incident, Ming Xiaoyu once again took part in the last set of photos and the posters for Dusha were finished. At this point, he just needed to finish filming the TV advertisements in two days and this stage of his work would be finished.

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t know that when he asked for help for another person, a man was filled with vinegar and his handsome brows wrinkled. A fierce aura was scattered, causing Ding Bo to shudder.

Ding Bo muttered, “…It isn’t October yet. Why is it so cold?”

Xi Ze, “?_?”

When Ming Yu returned to Huaxia, he must be stuffed with vinegar in order to calm down Xi Ze’s grief and indignation at not receiving the mushroom bracelet and signature!

—Wait Mr. Z, who refused to be named! Who was it that said ‘Don’t, send, it, to, me?” What was this man with no face? Why was he so capricious? Didn’t he know his Small Mushroom?

Once his wife found about about his behaviour, the family’s rules would be used and he would die… Cough, delete the above, otherwise you won’t be able to survive. Do you want to die?

The last three days of September passed in this atmosphere.

At this moment, in the World Supermodels Organization’s meeting hall in Milan, Italy, a familiar argument was being heard. Many members of the organization were expressing their opinions and arguing.

This meeting went from morning to afternoon. Even at night, there was no conclusion.

Fashion lovers all over the world didn’t know that despite the supermodel rankings being delayed, a final list still wasn’t determined at the end of September. Unexpectedly, these members argued for more than half a month because of one youth!!

No one was willing to back down.

The ranking had to be well calculated, making the world’s supermodel rankings one month late.

The next day, the World Supermodels Organization published an announcement on their website.

【 The third annual 2017 world’s supermodel rankings have been delayed one month. 】

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