RS: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The Huaxia of this world attached great importance to civil copyrights awareness and cracked down on pirates. The fashion industry was based on culture and creativity, so there were photos published on official websites, official blogs and other official places, giving readers access to HD images.

Everyone consciously upheld the copyrights, creating a good social atmosphere.

The snapshots from insiders like Sister Lin were an exception. This behaviour was tacitly agreed upon for many years, despite some of them being non-HD images, because this was to increase popularity.

Sister Lin was 35 years old this year and a first-tier make up artist of Fashion Entertainment for more than 10 years. She could be considered one of the predecessors in this circle. Her microblog had more than 300,000 fans and she often published some news, interesting tidbits and photos of herself with various models, celebrities, designers, stylists, etc.

Sister Lin released a total of nine photos tonight. Her fans treated it as normal. She always released a few snapshots after an issue of a magazine was published.

These nine pictures naturally included the cover of this issue of Fashion Magazine, the first-tier female model Du Zhen. There was also the model Silica Mock, as well as other attractive men and women.

Once Sister Lin released the photos, her fans became very excited. The reason was because Fashion Entertainment’s make-up artist, Lin Qi was an honorary member of the Outward Appearance Association!

If the photos were released by Lin Qi, the quality must be very high, enough to wash out their eyes!

Look at the first one: Popular female model Du Zhen! A quality beauty! Long legs that seemed to go on forever!

Look at the second one: Silica Mock! A decadent and beautiful man! Look at those blue eyes!

Look at the third one…

They saw up to the eighth photo and the fans were full of expectations. However, they were startled when they saw the person in the photo. They looked carefully, but there were many fans who couldn’t help moving their faces closer to their phones or computer screen. It was to get a clearer look at the teenager in the non-HD photo. Very clear!

If Lin Qi was an honorary member, her fans were members of the Outward Appearance Association.

This rebellious and provocative temperament, the slightly raised wanton smile, the photo of the person wearing a black suit looked very good. The blue scarf around his neck made people feel like the whole photo was lit up.

【 Love to Eat Catfish: Who is this handsome 8th man? Who is this handsome 8th man!!! 】

【 No No No Don’t Want to Laugh: I also want to know who he is ahhhhh! So handsome. Nice temperament! It is a pity that his face isn’t very clear!】

【 Alexander: Sister Lin said that this was published in yesterday’s magazine? Then why can’t I find this person? 】……

After this reminded, many fans hurriedly bought the latest issue of Fashion Entertainment and looked through the pages. They didn’t even bother with the 9th guy Sister Lin published as they wanted to find this handsome person!

『 The mysterious man. 』

This was enough to ignite public curiosity. If they were able to find Ming Yu’s photo in the magazine, it wouldn’t have caused such a big storm. However, they didn’t know who this man was and couldn’t find his photo in Fashion Entertainment, creating a slightly competitive tension.

Whoever found the man first would win!

The power of netizens was endless. Ming Yu took 10 minutes to find his own image in the magazine, but not even 5 minutes later, someone commented. 【 I found him! It is the ‘18-year-old’ column in this issue! The bottom left corner of the last page, that two-inch photo! Hahaha! 】

Two-inch photo…



Two inches! What magazine would place a two-inch photo of a model?

The fans felt dissatisfaction towards Fashion Entertainment as they used various magnifying glasses to look at the small ‘two-inch photo.’ The more they looked, the more pleasing he was to the eye. Compared to Zhu Wei who occupied half a page, this unknown model obviously had a better temperament!

【 Draban: A two-inch photo? What is Fashion Entertainment doing this time? Why make the photo so small? 】

【 Cat with One Folded Ear: This man looks good. The photo might be a little small but his temperament is excellent! 】

【 She Declares: This issue of Fashion Entertainment, the column shows the work of new designer, Fei Sixin. The theme is also ‘18 years old’ so it is clearly recommending a youthful series of clothing. This model’s clothing is dark and he looks very mature, but in fact, he is like a young man at the crossroad of life, anxious to express himself. The photo is great and the model is great! I give it 99 points. The last remaining point is withheld due to my pride. 】

【 Old Zu Said She Likes Me: I kneel to your analysis! I just want to know why his photo is so small? And… who is he? 】……

【 A Pure and Kind Person: Based on his appearance, he is Muse’s Ming Yu. There is no need to thank me. I am a pure and honest person. 】……

【 Sweet Grapefruit Tea: Ming Yu? It does seem true. I saw him a few years ago in Meditation Road. The facial features have matured but it really seems to be him! I am going to eat medicine. His temperament is so good that I want to cover myself with a sack! 】

More people started paying attention to the name ‘Ming Yu.’ A lot of them went straight to Muse’s website to search for Ming Yu’s details. The more they learned, they more amazed they were.

Appearing on the cover of Meditation Road and on the pages of Lanka!

But once again, how could Ming Yu’s photo be so small? And it was placed in such a remote corner?

Slowly, some people started to question Fashion Entertainment’s typesetting issue. Lin Qi’s microblog might only have 300,000 followers, but different images of Ming Yu appeared on the microblogs of other insiders. The fans behind this magazine were a great force. Many people took notice of the ‘typesetting event’, even if it didn’t cause a sensation.

However, just as the tide of discussion was beginning, some strange voices emerged—

【 Chestnut Control: Fashion Entertainment’s typesetting has always been good. It is fashionable, but maybe the model didn’t look good? 】

【 Lavender Sadness: The photo is so small, how can you see his temperament… 】

【 Old Joke: I think he looks good, but at the standards of other people 】……

These types of words gradually occupied the mainstream topic. The netizens originally gathered there to speak for Ming Yu could only be regarded as passersby. Once so many ‘truth parties’ suddenly appeared, they didn’t argue much with public view.

Zhao Rui saw that the direction of the public opinion had suddenly been deflected and couldn’t say anything. Ming Yu spoke indifferently, “Brother Zhao, don’t be in a rush.”

The youth’s voice seemed to have a type of magic power, causing the impatient Zhao Rui to stabilize. After another two hours, it was already late at night but more objecting voices appeared in an endless stream. Some of them even wrote offensive things.

Zhao Rui understood by this time. “Someone bought a navy?”

It was 10 p.m. but Zhao Rui and Ming Yu still hadn’t left Muse. The bright lights illuminated their small lounge. The teenager sitting on the sofa rubbed his temples and nodded. “Yes, someone must’ve bought a navy.”

Zhao Rui frowned as he thought for a moment, before asking, “Is it Zhu Wei?”

Ming Yu looked at his agent and nodded. “Maybe it is him.”

There was no agreement or denial. Even if it was highly likely for Zhu Wei to be behind this, Ming Yu didn’t blame it all on Zhu Wei.

Zhao Rui couldn’t stay still after seeing that some official media sites had already expressed their views on this ‘typsetting event.’ “We must intervene in this matter. The company hasn’t attached much importance to you, so the PR department won’t take the initiative to pay attention to your news. I have to take the initiative to find the PR department and make it so that they can’t ignore this!”

Zhao Rui tried to head downstairs to talk to the PR department.

But Ming Yu directly stopped him. “Brother Zhao, wait a second okay?”

Zhao Rui’s heart was jumping anxiously. But when he looked at Ming Yu’s confidence smile, it felt like a balloon was punctured and all the gas from his body was released. Zhao Rui sat back on the sofa as he snapped out, “Okay, I will listen to you for a bit. Okay!”

Ming Yu smiled and poured a cup of tea for Zhao Rui as an apology.

Zhao Rui naturally couldn’t understand why Ming Yu was still so patient when he was having dirty water splashed on him!

Didn’t his model see what those people were saying? It was disgusting and nasty! He was embarrassed to see some words!

He became more and more angry as he thought about it. After another half an hour, Zhao Rui started directly swearing at a few microblogs, his anger igniting again. He stood up and looked at Ming Yu. “This time you won’t stop me. I must go to the PR department and stop the words of these people! I might not have a good position right now and people look down on me, but you are my model. The model I signed! Aren’t you angry about a navy being bought?”

As he spoke, Zhao Rui walked away. But he only took a few steps before feeling himself being pulled back. Zhao Rui urgently turned back and cried out, “Ming Yu, don’t stop me! Our company’s models should never be bullied, even if you are in a low position!”

The bright light shone on the handsome face as Ming Yu raised an eyebrow and lightly said, “Brother Zhao, I’m not going to stop you. But when you go to the PR department… what are you going to say?”

Zhao Rui was surprised and reflexively replied, “What else can I say? I will directly tell them to investigate and then make the appropriate PR response.”

However, Ming Yu gently shook his head with a light laugh. “No, Brother Zhao, you should say…”

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6 years ago

ZR just so good towards his client… Thanks.

6 years ago

“as they used various magnifying glasses to look at the small ‘two-inch photo.’”

I died at that 😂😂😂