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Chapter 231 – Extra Story One (1)

Since becoming Ji and Ya’s global spokesperson, Ming Yu’s popularity and value soared.

The World Supermodels Organization didn’t announce the specific scores of each supermodel but global fashion lovers knew that Ming Yu’s score was definitely much higher than other supermodels around the world.

He was the only king in the modelling circle after Xi Ze. It could be said that Ming Yu’s achievements gradually surpassed Xi Ze.

As a designer and supermodel, Xi Ze was definitely the best. But when it came to just a supermodel, Ming Yu was a figure that overturned Xi Ze’s legendary history.

The end of an era was destined to open another era.

Many fashion media called this Ming Yu era of the supermodel world:

『 The Golden Age 』.

They had never seen such an era of glory, they had never seen such a brilliant and beautiful era.

Before Ming Yu formally signed the contract with Ji and Ya, it was rare for them to have menswear shows. Now in the past four high-end shows, two of them were menswear! The outstanding quality of the high-end menswear show allowed Ji and Ya to break through previous limitations and truly become a unique and comprehensive luxury brand in the world.

The men’s clothing was excellent and the women’s clothing was also excellent.

At the beginning of 2020, Ming Yu hadn’t walked in a womenswear high-end Ji and Ya show since the Light of the Muse show. When Xi Ze opened the veil and revealed Ming Yu’s identity, don’t talk about the audience present. The fans watching the video afterwards sucked in a breath and were so shocked they couldn’t speak at all.

It was one thing to know that Ming Xiaoyu looked good. It was another thing to see him look so beautiful and dignified!

The makeup for male and female supermodels were basically different. The female supermodel makeup had a special name in the beauty industry called ‘supermodel makeup.’ This showed how important the makeup of a female supermodel was.

The fans who saw this video screamed that Ming Xiaoyu must participate in another female show afterwards!

【 Although Adenes is more female than Ming Xiaoyu ← Wait, Adenes is now a female model. But that isn’t the important thing. I think that Ming Xiaoyu’s female makeup doesn’t lose to Adenes. It is so beautiful!! 】

【 I also want mushroom to walk in female shows QAQ! 】

【 Womenswear and menswear shows! Small Mushroom lick lick lick! 】

【 Crazy… I am very curious. Small Mushroom’s temper is quite good and he treats fans particularly well, but it it clear that Small Mushroom’s temperament is quite unruly. In the end, how did God Xi convince him to wear a wedding dress and walk in the JI and Ya women’s show? Since then, mushroom hasn’t appeared in a female show in a year. I think there is definitely a reason for this! 】……

Once someone raised this question, another person naturally gave an answer.

Most people said that there was precedent for a male model to appear in female shows, putting aside Adenes. Even Luo Cheng walked in one when he first debuted. Was this a big deal? Small Mushroom was dedicated!

However, some fans saw through to the essence and noticed something was wrong.

Three days later!

In the humanities area of Ming Yu’s Muse fan forum, many people spoke the same language.

[Three things before the Light of the Muse high-end show] [Wearing a wedding dress? Okay!]

[Three things after the end of the high-end show]

[New marriage night~!]

[Baby, let’s appear in a female show again]


Since the announcement of the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze, this area of the fan forum was completely occupied by the ‘mushroom husbands’ CP. Every day, there were new images, CP videos and CP original music released. Many people appeared and it was really blossoming.

Fans did this but it was far less than the two parties involved!

For example, one time Ming Xiaoyu attended an awards ceremony as a special guest where Xi Ze became jealous.

【 Xi Ze: I miss you @Ming Yu 】

Did Xi Ze eat vinegar because of the award ceremony? It was impossible!

It was because 10 minutes ago, Xiao Biqing posted a photo of her and Ming Xiaoyu on her Weibo while also writing: 【 Ahhh, I haven’t see my small mushroom for a long time. He has grown more juicy! I can pinch Small Mushroom’s face, I can touch Small Mushroom’s hand, I can also pat Small Mushroom’s hair! Are you jealous that you’re not here~ @ Xi Ze [/Image] 】

Well, this was why he was jealous.

Xi Ze was fond of jealousy but Ming Xiaoyu also loved jealousy!

For example, during one Ji and Ya high-end show, Xi Ze and the finale model Cecilia appeared again to thank the audience. The distance between the two of them was a bit close. Well, their arms didn’t even touch but Cecilia said something that unexpectedly caused Xi Ze to smile.

Thud! The vinegar jar was turned over!

【 Ming Yu: Go back and kneel on the washboard at night @Xi Ze 】

People didn’t understand the meaning of this Weibo but when Cecilia saw it, she suddenly understood! The world’s first ranked supermodel immediately screamed excitedly while posting on her Twitter: 【 Ming Xiaoyu ate my vinegar? Ming Xiaoyu seems to be eating my vinegar! Ahhhhh, the mushroom husbands are really great! 】

…Please, if she was going to be the third party then she could at least act reasonably so that Small Mushroom’s vinegar was well-founded ORZ. In any case, these were the main supporting roles in Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s stories:

Xiao Biqing: Xi Ze’s rival, talks about Ming Xiaoyu all day long.

Cecilia: Ming Xiaoyu’s rival, once liked Xi Ze and has been converted to a CP fan.

Luo Cheng: Watching the lively people haha.

Adenes: An inexplicable person who wants to be Xi Ze’s uncle.

He Chaoman: …Well, was there a need to mention her identity? There was no need to spread salt on little aunt’s wounds!

Ming Xiaoyu’s fans knew that their mushroom came to the forum to see them and also looked at their Weibo messages, but they absolutely didn’t think that Ming Yu would look in the fan section of the forum.

The section that Ming Xiaoyu liked most were the fan videos.

Ming Xiaoyu really had a lot of skilled masters when it came to videos. In the past few years, Ming Yu didn’t really set foot in the entertainment industry but he shot a lot of advertisements, a MV and two movies. These resources were enough to be used by a large number of people.

There was the white clothing mushroom group, the killer mushroom group, the Xi Ze picked up mushroom group… there really was everything.

Ming Yu was still very dissatisfied with these names. For example, why was Xi Ze picking him instead of him picking Xi Ze?

But these videos were still quite comfortable to watch, especially when he saw the masters put the videos from different time periods together. He finally came to the conclusion that his acting was constantly improving. Ming Yu really felt that his effort through the years was worth it.

It was all thanks to Fang Liangxiu.

If it wasn’t for his advice, Ming Yu would probably still be in a muddled state.

After watching the video, Ming Xiaoyu looked at other works from the fans. Once he finished, he went back to the forum section. Then he saw the popular ‘Light of the Muse Wedding Dress!’

Ming Xiaoyu, “…^_^####”

He saw that in these stories, Ming Yu was tossed by Xi Ze until he finally agreed to wear a wedding dress. Ming Yu had long been accustomed to the lower limit of his fans and didn’t feel surprised when he saw this.  At most, his expression darkened.

In fact, the fans’ guesses were all wrong.

In the beginning, the reason why Ming Yu promised to wear this wedding dress was because his supermodel professional standards urged him to participate in this fashion show.

“The Light of the Muse.”

This was a fashion show specifically designed for him by Xi Ze.

Xi Ze had made a simple version of all the clothes the audience had seen. In other words, the specifications and requirements weren’t as high as the high-end clothing but there was no difference in visual effects. These outfits were all placed in the dressing room of a two-person villa and occupied two full rows of hangers.

After three years of love, Xi Ze and Ming Yu each paid half to buy a villa.

Originally, Xi Ze had several apartments and villas in the capital and they just needed to pick a place to move into. However, Ming Xiaoyu was very dissatisfied and didn’t want to be supported by this man! It was absolutely forbidden!

Under such circumstances, Ming Xiaoyu’s fifth house rule was born.

『 At home, Xi Ze is Ming Yu and Ming Yu is still Ming Yu! 』

After writing this house rule, Xi Ze took a black pen and added: 『 Ming Yu is Xi Ze. 』

Ming Xiaoyu hurriedly added: 『 But Xi Ze is more Ming Yu. 』

When he thought about it, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t but feel that this man was really childish and smart in some ways. He was childish because he cared about these little things but he was smart enough to lie to Ming Xiaoyu and even added these type of disgusting words to the rules.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t think too much as he continued to read. However, he saw a pierce that someone wrote about Xi Ze and Cecilia’s cooperation. Ming Xiaoyu became jealous and then…

There was a similar plot in the past but this time the author of the post actually had Cecilia and Xi Ze walk holding hands in the fashion show in order to demonstrate Ming Yu’s jealousy.

Ming Xiaoyu, ‘…How dare Cecilia walk hand in hand with Xi Ze during the show?

Cecilia who was lying innocently on the other side of the ocean: As a CP fan, I’m not guilty _ (: З”∠) _

He jealousy waited for Xi Ze to return and face this youth’s stinky face. Xi Ze discovered that Ming Yu was jealous but he deliberately didn’t break it, letting Ming Yu tell him about the story.

Xi Ze opened the URL and thought, ‘Hey, this is quite good.’

Cough, the focus was wrong.

After seeing Cecilia and some of her intimate acts, he nodded and cooked a meal of his small mushroom. Filled with lust, the two people started a shameful and shy dinner.

But when Xi Ze held his mushroom to go to the bedroom, Ming Xiaoyu snorted and sneered. “You have to explain on Weibo that I am your first love!”

Xi Ze heard the words and his brow wrinkled. “…Having a first love when I am 25 years old, isn’t that too late?”

Ming Yu glared. “Say it!”

Xi Ze smiled and nodded. “Yes, I will say it now.”

Xi Ze kissed his mushroom’s forehead before picking up a phone on the table. His hand naturally touched the table and he didn’t hesitate to pick up one of the two phones, unlocking it with his fingerprint. He didn’t wait even a moment as he pressed the Weibo app icon and directly went to the writing page.

Three minutes later, Xi Ze threw his phone to the side and went to the bedroom carrying his wife.

Behind them, the phone screen showed that this Weibo message had been posted:

【 Zyu: @Ming Yu, you are my first love, my only love since I was born to when I was 25 years old. By the way, you are so cute when jealous. Eat more vinegar and I’ll kiss you later. 】(TL: 25 years is probably referring to when he first met Ming Yu and fell in love.)

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『 At home, Xi Ze is Ming Yu and Ming Yu is still Ming Yu! 』

After writing this house rule, Xi Ze took a black pen and added: 『 Ming Yu is Xi Ze. 』

Ming Xiaoyu hurriedly added: 『 But Xi Ze is more Ming Yu. 』 – Cuteeeeee house rule!!!!!

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