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Chapter 235 – Extra Story Two (2)

Ming Yu, this name was like fire and was imprinted on Xi Ze’s heart.

No language could describe his shock. In a world that was completely unfamiliar, in a world that he already identified as a dream, there was suddenly the most important and familiar person in his life. This feeling was really difficult to describe.

Xi Ze thought that he loved his mushroom so much he even thought about him in the dream.

However, he saw the young man again in countless news stories.

Xi Ze didn’t know when their first real encounter was. The time flow in this world was very strange and he didn’t know how to find this youth. Therefore, he was amazed when he saw the young man in the crowd.

At this time, Ming Yu was only 16 or 17 years old.

It was the same age as when they first met, but Ming Yu gave off a different feeling.

He had a bright enthusiastic feeling, like the sun. This youth’s energy was very prosperous and he didn’t know how to control it. Whether it was a photo shoot of runway, light emerged from his whole body.

This was a good thing for a model but it would be better if he was more mature.

Since their first meeting, Xi Ze followed this young man.

He was vaguely aware that something was wrong with this world but he didn’t know what the reason was.

In the dream, Xi Ze followed Ming Yu through many corners of the world. He watched the young man walk in a variety of shows and become a famous supermodel in China. He also watched this youth struggle in the strong European and American fashion circles. Due to the West’s unique aesthetics and the lacking protection of his country, the young man was unable to step forward.

He watched the youth gradually control the bright sun and become more mature. He saw the excitement the first time Ming Yu endorsed a big global name, as well as his grief and anger caused by racist Western models.

This person was 70~80% similar to his beloved, but he wasn’t as dazzling as his lover. He was like a jade being polished but he was already shining with radiance. Xi Ze chose to believe that one day, this young man would become his lover that everyone looked up to.

As Xi Ze expected, he saw this young man reach a turning point in his life when he was 20 years old. His career turned around and he experienced earth-shaking changes. He slowly appeared on the catwalks of the world’s major shows and endorsed a top global luxury brand.

Xi Ze knew what a valuable achievement this was for an Oriental model.

However, Xi Ze knew that if this was his Ming Yu, the youth wouldn’t be satisfied and stop here.

As Xi Ze guessed, Ming Yu wasn’t satisfied with such excellent results. He was like a thirsty sponge that frantically absorbed moisture after touching the sea.

He was becoming more excellent and more beautiful. Once this youth gradually grew to match Xi Ze’s memories, Xi Ze fell silent.

Xi Ze was clever, careful and observant.

He shouldn’t do this but driven by intense curiosity, he secretly looked at this youth’s body. At first glance, Xi Ze knew that this wasn’t his Ming Yu. Ming Yu had a small black mole on his right shoulder. This Ming Yu didn’t have the same body.

But he also knew that this youth had really terrible cooking, he knew that this youth’s handwriting was really unbearable to look at apart from the characters ‘Ming Yu.’ This familiar dog writing was deeply engraved on Xi Ze’s heart, letting him start believing in other truths.

Was this world really just a dream?

If this was just a dream, why was it so realistic? Would he have such a specific dream?

At the age of 22, Ming Yu became the world’s number one supermodel. Others only saw the bright and beautiful young man but Xi Ze saw the hidden sweat and hard work.

Talented people might walk faster than others but this didn’t mean that talented people didn’t need to work hard. One of the scariest things in the world was a person who was more talented than you and who worked harder than you. Ming Yu was one of these people.

In this distinctly strong Western world, a Chinese person became the world’s number one supermodel.

The difficulty could only be imagined.

Ordinary people couldn’t imagine Ming Yu’s efforts. While many supermodels struggled, this bright jade was polished and showed his unique light to the world.

However, at this time, Ming Yu fell.

At the age of 23, he was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration.

It was a disaster. In half a year, Ming Yu’s acquaintances started to grieve God’s injustice. He had just become one of the most dazzling people in the world, his peak years were just starting. Why did he have to encounter such a thing?

Ming Yu’s illness came suddenly and the outbreak was quite serious.

In half a year, his legs lost their function until he was confined to bed at 10 months. His ears gradually became unable to hear and his eyes lost their vision, making him blind after 1.5 years.

This supermodel, who once showed himself under the flashlights of the world stage, had now completely left the world.

He often got tinnitus and he couldn’t see. Other than his fingers and mouth, he couldn’t move. He was only 24 years old and this nightmare came quickly and seriously.

Fans all over the world wept for him.

Ming Yu wasn’t short on money. Whether it was the savings he accumulated over the years or the money raised by fans and friends, he had enough to invite the world’s best doctors for his treatment.

But no amount of money and love could withstand this terrible disease. At this moment, even the world’s number one supermodel was just an ordinary person. He lay in bed in silence all day, his vision dark and tinnitus roaring in his ears.

He could occasionally hear the voices of his friends but more often, it was just tinnitus.

The tinnitus was very annoying but when the tinnitus disappeared one day, the young man who had been strong for 20 months finally collapsed and cried.

His world was completely silent.

The infinite darkness was a cage that bound him. There was no light, no sound and his body couldn’t move. Only his mouth could make noises but he didn’t know what to say or who was listening.

Was someone here when he talked?

What did he say when he spoke?

After completely losing his hearing, it was only a matter of time until he lost his speech.

A young person of only 24 years didn’t have the ability to communicate with others. He was like the living dead with an angelic face. The pale and beautiful face seemed to have incited God’s jealousy as he could only sadly lie in a hospital bed, feeling bitter every second.

Xi Ze watched, never getting involved.

He watched Ming Yu after he became completely deaf, crying as if he would collapse the next second. He saw Ming Yu struggling to speak, gradually speaking an unknown language.

Xi Ze didn’t cry, he just kept watching.

He watched the young man begin a long silence after feeling despair, and then going on a hunger strike. He also saw that after three days of a hunger strike, the young man regained his enthusiasm and continued to live earnestly.

For today’s Ming Yu, living was torture.

The thing he needed most was death. He needed freedom but he overcame his weakness and desire to escape, instead living in this dark life.

No one could understand his world because he couldn’t do anything apart from breathing. His throat was out of control and he couldn’t speak. His ears were out of control and he couldn’t hear. His eyes lost its function and couldn’t see.

However, he was still alive, smiling while living in an endless darkness.

Once his strength reached a certain point, it became an ode to life.

『 The world kisses me with pain but I sing a song. 』

After this youth began a great change, Xi Ze started shedding tears.

In Xi Ze’s life, he had seldom cried. He hadn’t shed any tears since he was young.

When Ming Yu got sick and smiled in front of others while crying privately at night, Xi Ze didn’t cry. When Ming Yu gradually lost his body’s functions, Xi Ze didn’t cry. When Ming Yu completely lost the ability to communicate with the outside world and collapsed, Xi Ze didn’t cry.

But now that the young man chose to live alone in the darkness, Xi Ze finally cried.

He was crying with his lover.

Yes! This was his lover!

At the end of everything, Xi Ze finally decided that this person was his lover.

The body might not be the same and the appearance was difference, but this tenacity and optimism, the beautiful smile and curve of the eyes, they were all his lover!

Why did Ming Yu have to live so seriously when the world was treating him like this?

What did he pay and what did the world give in return?

Why do he want to live so seriously? Death was the only relief!

How could he be so beautiful and so tenacious?

It wasn’t just appearance or temperament, it was his most beautiful soul.

Together, this was the Ming Yu he loved most, the love he was willing to die for.

Xi Ze’s tears couldn’t be seen by Ming Yu and his embrace couldn’t be felt by Ming Yu. Ming Yu could only feel the breeze blowing through the window and the breath of spring.

While Ming Yu was optimistic, Xi Ze had collapsed.

He couldn’t tolerate his lover being so cruelly tortured that he could smile in this silent darkness. Why was he so cheerful? Why did he have to be hurt like this?

The 25 year old Ming Yu came to an abrupt end on a bright and warm spring morning.

In these days, Xi Ze had been curled up beside the young man on the bed, afraid to look at his lover. He didn’t have to eat or drink. He never showed any changes in the past few years watching this world. But once Ming Yu lost his world, he started to collapse.

Xi Ze didn’t notice Ming Yu’s abrupt departure until the ECG monitor suddenly sounded an alarm. the startled Xi Ze look up and stared sluggishly at the straight line for a long time.

Doctors and nurses rushed into the ward, followed by Ming Yu’s friends.

Everyone was ready for this day but once it really came, they cried desperately.

Ming Yu was an orphan without any parents. Once he was sick, he signed to donate his body’s organs. This disease was atrophy of the cerebellum, causing him to gradually lost control over every part of his body, eventually losing control of his heart and breathing, causing him to die.

But during this process, his ability to think never stopped. He could only watch as his body gradually weakened and he collapsed step by step. This was the cruelest part of the disease.

Once a white cloth covered Ming Yu’s face, Xi Ze couldn’t help kissing the lips.

Xi Ze was startled when he actually touched the lips, but it was only a shallow kiss and he could no longer touch his lover.

There was a trace of temperature on his lips, as if his lover had never left.

Xi Ze wept bitterly again, unable to control himself. HE guarded the young man’s body as he stayed in hospital all night. Finally, he watch Ming Yu’s friends send him into the fire, the body burning.

Even after being gone for two years, once Ming Yu really passed away, fans around the world cried for him and media magazines mourned him. His funeral was very simple, only a few friends bowing in front of his tombstone.

On that tombstone, they left a photo of Ming Yu.

『 Life is like the glory of summer flowers, death is like the beauty of autumn leaves. 』

25 years was a short time. Xi Ze leaned on his lover’s tombstone and kept silent for a year.

One year later, this dream shattered and everything returned to a beautiful world.

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