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Chapter 108

In the spacious and bright meeting room of Muse Magazine, more than 20 editors sat in their respective sections. At the head of the table was a mature man around 30 years old. He didn’t speak as he listened to the people arguing.

“This picture is really great. But how can it be used as the inner seal simply because of Ren Huaqing’s recommendation? The inner seal of Muse has always been a supermodel or international star. Ming Yu is simply not qualified.”

“Hewlett Hill also strongly recommended these sets of photos. He made it clear that he hoped we wouldn’t use these photos only in the topic section. His recommendation was that it be the cover.”

“Edith’s requirements for their cover models aren’t high. However, that is the United States. We are Huaxia. I’m just just talking about us. Just like at Suyi downstairs. They had been established for over 100 years and haven’t used a first-tier model as their cover or inner seal. Why should we make an exception?”


The June issue of Muse Magazine was to be released next week. This Monday’s editorial meeting was controversial. It started at 9 in the morning and it was now close to 11 o’clock.

First of all, they discussed the cover issue. The opinions about this weren’t very big. They had already invited a supermodel for the cover and it was just a matter of choosing which photo to use. As for the inner seal, they originally planned to follow the customary convention.

If there wasn’t a person specially invited, the inner seal and the cover should be the same model.

However, this time there were some disagreements. Needless to say, the subject of this disagreement was the recommendation to use Ming Yu as the cover person.

Since Muse Magazine had been founded in 1966, it developed rapidly in the fashion circle along with the towering tree that was the Muse Modelling Agency. Muse was the youngest of the world’s top five magazines but its influence was no less than the other four.

The cover of the top five magazines could only be supermodels, and they had to be supermodels on the world rankings list.

In addition, the inner seal of Muse were always supermodels. But general supermodels might not be able to appear on the inner seal.

It had been a month since the World Supermodels Organization published their supermodels list. There was a total of 370 supermodels in the world and the list would be updated again next month. In the current published list, Ming Yu’s name wasn’t present. Even assuming that his name would appear on the next supermodels list, it didn’t affect the fact that he was only a first-tier model.

He might have outstanding strength, but he was only a first-tier model before he got on the supermodels list.

Therefore, there was a heated debate about this issue.

All the editors admitted that Ming Yu’s photos were very good, even better than their cover. However, the conservative editors couldn’t get over the fact that Ming Yu was just a first-tier model, no matter how good he was. How could he appear on the inner seal?

For the editors who liked reform, Ren Huaqing and Hewlett Hill had given such a high rating. At the same time, they all agreed that these photos were very good. Why couldn’t they just abandon the old ideas and accept this?

In order to solve this problem, the group of editors who had laughed together in the past now spent a long time arguing. These people were all editors of Muse and could be at least a deputy editor at any other second-tier magazine. But once these elites argued, not even 10,000 elephants could pull them back.

By the time it neared 12 o’clock and lunch time, the man sitting at the head of the table coughed, attracting the attention of people in the room.

After waiting until everyone was silent, the man smiled and asked, “Are you hungry?”

As soon as the words were spoken, the entire room remained quiet and no one made a sound.

The man sighed before smiling. “Since I’m not hungry, let’s continue talking. Ming Yu was my recommendation this time. Therefore, I am responsible for everything.”

The man looked down the table and saw that no one objected. Then he calmly opened his mouth and continued, “I believe in the eyes of Hewlett Hill and I believe in my own vision. The top magazines have never had a first-tier model as the inner seal. Then why can’t Muse do it? From the very beginning, whether it was Edith, Elektra or Suyi, they have always considered Muse to be lacking their centuries old heritage and believe that we aren’t good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.”

“…Our sales are better than Suyi…” One editor finally couldn’t help whispering.

The man smiled and nodded. “Yes, our sales are better than Suyi because we dare to innovate. There is no need to argue anymore. I am going to use Ming Yu’s photos as the inner seal.”

Once the words were spoken, the conservative editors became agitated again. They looked at each other before finally sending a representative to expression their opinion. “Chief Editor Song, we shouldn’t be too aggressive. I think this behaviour is a bit rash…”

The editor had just finished speaking when Song Chuci’s dangerous gaze swept over him. It was a cold and indifferent expression, with a touch of a faint smile. However, this smile didn’t reach his deep eyes. The editor saw it and sat rigidly back in his seat.

Song Chuci saw this and sighed. “In any case, you have to remember that Muse developed well because we are called Muse. Ming Yu is a newcomer to Muse and the top executives are very optimistic about him. We must keep a distance from Muse Agency but we will always be Muse’s magazine.”

Song Chuci’s face eased a little bit as he smiled. “Do you remember this?”

The editors at the table bowed their heads and whispered, “I remember.”

At this point, the problem that the editors discussed all morning was resolved by Song Chuci. Everyone left the meeting room, leaving Song Chuci alone in the spacious and quiet room. He pilled off the silver glasses and pressed a hand to his sore temple.

After a moment, he made a phone call, receiving a calm, “What’s up, did something happen?”
Song Chuci smiled at the phone and said, “Your muse, he is going to be on the inner seal of the next issue.”

There was a pause before Xi Ze whispered, “What did you do?”]

Song Chuci shook his head. “It is your muse’s own strength. I just pushed a little bit. They were arguing for too long. I couldn’t bother listening anymore and decided to speak out.”

“It has been hard on you.”

“I don’t dare to receive your thanks, Mr. Xi.”

There was a brief moment of silence from Xi Ze. A moment later, he said, “I helped bring a person back to Huaxia. He should return to the capital in a few days.”

The gently and handsome Song Chuci’s eyes widened at the words. After a long time, he shivered and showed a dangerous smile. Then he whispered, “Thank you for the help, Xi Ze.”

They exchanged a few more words but didn’t have much to say and hung up.

On the top floor of the Muse building, Xi Ze picked up a brush again and drew on the paper, as if nothing had happened. Right in front of him, Ding Bo looked stunned as he stammered out, “The phone call just now…was it Song Chuci?”

Xi Ze didn’t raise his head. “Yes.”

“He called you. Is it related to Ming Yu?”

Ding Bo had learned inside information from as early as the third day after Xi Ze and Ming Yu got together. The two people didn’t hide their relationship and Ding Bo wouldn’t use this news to threaten Xi Ze. Therefore, nobody cared.

In reply to Ding Bo’s question, Xi Ze didn’t conceal it and just hummed in agreement.

Ding Bo’s brain started turning rapidly. Then he exclaimed, “You actually used your private power to make Ming Yu the cover of Muse? This method of showing love, it is too exaggerated!”

Xi Ze finally put down his brush and raised an eyebrow, “Do you think I am that type of person?”

Ding Bo made an expression that said, ‘I won’t speak. You can tell by my expression.’

Xi Ze smiled and said, “If I was such a person, he would be here in this studio today. Instead of staying with me in the capital, he has run to S City. It is for an endorsement with something called ‘Feilu.’

Ding Bo, “……(/=_=)/~┴┴”

This was Huaxia’s first-tier luxury brand, ‘Feilu!’

What is with your opinion of Huaxia’s first-tier luxury brand?

The world’s top watch brand, you actually dare to have an opinion?

Your face is this =________________________________= big!!!

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