RS: Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

As soon as the fashion show was over, Lu Yue summoned the courage to ask for a signature from Xi Ze. As the latter gazed at her with astonished eyes, Lu Yue happily received an autograph from God Xi. Then she took a photo of him, sent it to his Weibo before releasing a long message.

【Lu Yue luluyue: #Xi Ze Ming Yu# Tonight I attended @Fe Sixin fashion show, absolutely beautiful! I took a lot of awesome photos. Before the official photos are released, I want to show my treasure [/smirk] [/smirk] PS: I saw God Xi at the show and got his signature, here is a picture to prove it. But tonight’s biggest star is Ming Xiaoyu! It is one month late but I officially became Ming Xiaoyu fan! 】

Lu Yue sent out this message, but also attached a photo of Xi Ze’s autograph. The penmanship was steady, yet vigorous and powerful. The simple ‘Xi Ze’ flowed in a pleasing manner.

Xi Ze’s signature had always been very beautiful and was famous among the fans. Few people could get his autograph, but his signature had been seen by all fans and was very special.

—This signature was definitely not a fake!

At this point, Lu Yue’s popularity wasn’t small and she attached ‘Xi Ze’s signature.’ This microblog message made several rounds and the #Xi Ze Ming Yu# topic heated up.

【 God Xi went to see Xiaoyu’s fashion show? This is great!!!  My Ming Xiaoyu was the star! 】

【 Wait a minute, then today is Ming Xiaoyu’s fashion show? How did I not know that Ming Yu was participating in Fei Sixin’s fashion show?  I remember that a few days ago, Master Fei said that the chief model of this fashion show is a newcomer… Handsome male god, Ming Xiaoyu lickkkk!!! 】

【 So originally Master Fei was talking about Ming Xiaoyu… if he knew then he should’ve said the truth right away!!! 】……

Such topics circulated on the Internet, and on Ming Yu’s official fan forum, there were many people who excitedly delivered the message that ‘Ming Xiaoyu participated in Fei Sixin’s fashion show.’

The official forum only became brisk in the last couple of months. Every model under Muse had their own account and fan forum. Generally speaking, everyone only needed one forum to manage their fans properly. However, those like He Chaoman, Luo Cheng and Xi Ze obviously had many branched off forums.

The current manager of Ming Yu’s fan forum was Luo Ru. Zhao Rui handed her the job last month, and she was doing a great job. She selected a few experienced fans to serve as moderators, deputy moderators and intern moderators, as well as organizing well separated areas for fans to discuss.

A warm family-like environment was more conductive for the cohesion of fans.

Currently, the discussion on Ming Yu’s fan forum was in full swing. Many people in their hearts had already identified that Ming Xiaoyu was the newcomer that Master Fei talked about. However, they didn’t dare say such words in case sunspots grabbed onto them.

On the other side, after the fashion show ended, Ming Yu took off his make-up before going to the celebration party.

Zhao Rui watched the celebration scene. After pondering for a while, he said, “We have to find you a dedicated private make-up artist, Ming Yu. You don’t need a special make-up team, or have two or three make-up artists like Cheng Su. But a private make-up artist is still very necessary.”

Luo Ru heard this and interrupted from the side, “Yes Brother Zhao. Ming Yu has received an endorsement and is negotiating for a MV filming. It would be troublesome if their make-up artist isn’t suitable for him.”

Zhao Ru thought for a moment before replying, “Then I will go to the company tomorrow to find A’Wei. She is responsible for the company’s styling matters and I have known her for many years, so she should be able to give us some advice.”

Ming Yu was rubbing his eyes with his fingers when he heard these words. He stopped the movements of his hand and raised it. “Brother Zhao, don’t you need to go to CX Entertainment tomorrow to talk about the MV cooperation? The job of finding a private make-up artist should be handed over to Sister Luo. She will do a good job.”

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu with surprise. He wanted to say something, but subconsciously stopped after seeing Ming Yu’s expression.  Zhao Rui turned to Luo Ru was if he perceived something. “Little Luo, this matter is very important. Are you sure?”

An assistant like Luo Ru should only be responsible for Ming Yu’s trivial details. An important task like looking for a make-up artist shouldn’t be handed over to her. However, since Ming Yu suggested ‘leaving things to Luo Ru’, Zhao Rui agreed. In the past six months, Zhao Rui recognized Ming Yu’s views more and more. In addition, he found that the assistant Shen XIang arranged for Ming Yu was quite powerful.

Luo Ru was surprised for a moment. She looked back and forth between Ming Yu and Zhao Rui. Finally, the capable woman pushed her glasses up and nodded. “Yes Brother Zhao. I won’t let you down.”

Thus, the ‘search for a private make-up artist’ temporarily came to an end. The Ming Yu trio left the venue to attend the celebration.

Not every fashion show had a celebration afterwards. For example, Ming Yu last participated in the Pei Feng autumn show and all their models (including chief model Cheng Su) just left directly. But this was Fei Sixin’s first fashion show. Old Fei was also very supportive of a celebration to enjoy this perfect first time.

The atmosphere of the place was very active, when many of Old Fei’s friends present as support. There were magazine editors, designers and photography masters, so this entire celebration took a steep leap forward. It was a shining chance for the new models to come forward and chat with the masters.

This time, Ming Yu didn’t have to do anything. Fei Sixin took the initiative to introduce him to a lot of people in the industry. According to Fei Sixin, her intentions were very simple. “Little Yu, you know Sister Xin’s strength. If we have another chance to cooperate, you can’t refuse me!”

But the look in other people’s eyes… was a big weird.

Sister Xin, Sister Xin. In 17 days, Fei Sixin would turn 24 years old.

This could be considered a sister?

She also called herself a ‘sister’ in front of Ming Yu.

The 17 year old Ming Yu was only six years younger than Fei Sixin. As the saying goes, a female being three years older than her boyfriend would be rich. Then being six years older… let’s just say she would be twice as rich!

Fei Sixin helped Ming Yu be introducing him everywhere. She even acted close by putting an arm around Ming Yu’s shoulder, wasn’t this interesting?

Only Ming Yu knew that this seemingly sober designer was drunk and he had to lend his body as support so that she wouldn’t fall.

After the dumbfounded Ming Yu brought Fei Sixin to a corner of the place, he left her with her father and reluctantly left. Before Ming Yu left, the drunk Fei Sixin spoke some significant words. “Little Yu! Don’t forget, we will continue to cooperate! Understand?”

Hearing these words, Ming Yu quickly turned around and gently agreed. “Yes Sister Xin. As long as you need it and I am free, I will continue to work with you. Okay?”

Fei Sixin gained peace of mind after hearing this and nodded, leaning her head on her father’s shoulder and falling asleep.

After leaving the celebration venue, Ming Yu wondered, ‘Are there still designers in this world seeking to cooperate with models?’

With Ming Yu’s eyes, he clearly knew that Fei Sixin’s future was absolutely limitless. She had a very high degree of insight and sensitivity. Her feminine but not weak perspective brought out some of the unique charms of men and she was inspired by alternative designs. Sooner or later, Fei Sixin would became a first-class men’s designer.

In the face of such a design master, even the world’s top supermodel couldn’t refuse.

But at this time, Ming Yu never imagined that in the coming days, this seemingly casual verbal promise caused him to eat vinegar, making his lose his first counterattack against that cold and handsome man.

It was late so Zhao Rui escorted Ming Yu to the apartment building, telling him to remember to get up early tomorrow. Then Zhao Rui drove away.

The red taillights of the car gradually disappeared around the corner of the neighbourhood. Ming Yu wasn’t someone who feared the cold, but the December night wind of Beijing blew against his empty neck. He felt a trace of cold, so he moved quickly in the direction of his apartment.

After swiping the card through the first access point, Ming Yu smiled as the interior heating made him feel warmer. He was just about to access the second floor. However, his finger had just touched the card when a deep voice was heard behind him, asking in a tentative manner, “Ming Yu?”

Ming Yu’s body abruptly stiffened and he turned his head to look.

Under the bright lights of the apartment building, a tall man in a black coat was looking down at him. Light shone above his head, giving his handsome face a more three dimensional feeling. Xi Ze laughed and said, “What a good coincidence, meeting you here.”

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