RS: Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 Uncensored

The next morning, Mr. Hungry Ghost took advantage of making breakfast and entered his owner’s door. Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t protest when he saw the delicious food. Luo Ru hadn’t arrived yet so he hurriedly ate the porridge and small dishes.

At this time, Xi Ze scooped porridge for him and pretended to casually ask, “Dear, the food pigs eat is called pig food. What about something a pig cooks. What is it called?”

Ming Yu’s attention was attracted by the ‘Dear.’ He was shaking and subconsciously replied, “Can pigs do such a thing? Then it is definitely pig food, hahah.”

Xi Ze let out a meaningfully “Oh” at the words and didn’t respond.

Once Luo Ru was downstairs and Ming Yu was leaving, Xi Ze walked out with him and said, “In fact, I think someone who eats pig food is probably…a pig as well?”

Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes narrowed and he couldn’t respond for a short time.

Once the elevator stopped on the first floor, Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes widened and he grinded his teeth together. “Xi Ze, you bastard!  You are the pig!! Your whole family are pigs!!!”

Xiaoyu, if you say that Mr. Xi’s family are pigs and you are the owner…what are you? Cough. ^_^

Thanks to a certain person with the surname of Xi, Ming Xiaoyu’s face was dark on the way to Suyi’s headquarters as he sat in the back seat texting. Luo Ru looked thoughtfully at Ming Yu’s appearance and sighed helplessly. “Xiaoyu, your skin is really getting better.”

Ming Yu felt awkward.

He just listened as Luo Ru said, “Once you go Suyi today, the stylists will praise your skin.”

Ming Yu smiled slightly as he slowly entered his working mode. “It is probably because I am young. Sister Luo, your skin is also good.”

Luo Ru lightly nodded and didn’t speak again.

The two of them quickly arrived at Suyi headquarters. As Luo Ru parked the car, Ming Xiaoyu was still texting. He couldn’t help laughing a few times, causing Luo Ru to involuntarily look back at him.

Luo Ru sighed sadly. What was that saying?

A woman in love was a fool. You see, people in love were actually really silly!

Xiaoyu ah, you really don’t know…you are becoming more and more guilty╮(╯_╰)╭
But it turned out that Luo Ru’s worries were superfluous. Once Ming Yu put down his phone and headed into work, a powerful aura spread out silently, making it impossible for people to not notice the youth’s beautiful appearance.

It was only when this youth was truly unprepared that she discovered that he was becoming more and more enchanting every day.

Luo Ru guessed that if it wasn’t for this amazing appearance and temperament, how could he become Xi Ze’s muse?

After Ming Xiaoyu shot the photos for Suyi, the video of Sixin’s fashion show finished its editing and was officially released.

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Shantae Roper

can someone tell me the password cause i recently start reading this story


Password is literally right there in the question. What is Ming Yu’s nickname?
Anyone who reads the story will know because it is mentioned countless times. I don’t allow the actual password to be posted because you know, I want some proof that you are actually reading the story and its not that hard…

Shantae Roper

i did see the question lol i need my glasses

Aria Sky

I’m lost, isn’t his nickname little mushroom? I can’t seem to find the correct answer for the password though

Cristina Santos

I dont understand.. mushroom has no s in the begining and either way it doesnt work… what am i missing?

Cristina Santos

Sorry…. im dumb today 🙁


Little has a synonym. Just find a word with the same meaning as little. It’s really easy to figure out. It was always mentioned in the chapters.

Sara Ismael

There is a different word with the same meaning as little. And if you carefully read the chapters you will find the password. It was even in the comment section in the previous chapters.


Hot chapter.


Thank you


thanks for the update~~
recently the updates are more frequent, hope it’s not too much load on you


Thanks for the update ♡♡♡ Love our little mashroom x mister Xi Ze time.

i didnt expected the uncensored part to be THAT HOT, -fans self- my nose feels hot for some reason