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Chapter 124

In a well-made movie, what was the average number of NGs?

Other directors might be different but Xu Yizhong knew that his requirements for each shot were quite high. For the movies he shot in the past, it averaged 3 to 8 NGs per scene.

In a movie made by Xu Yizhong, the most chances he gave was to a movie actress who NGed 35 times. The actress was so angry she almost wanted to leave, but finally met Director Xu’s requirements on the 38th shot.

It might’ve been 26 NGs but it was a very difficult psychological drama. Even for a movie emperor, it was hard to show ‘eyes that want to cry, but there are no tears in the eyes full of grief and silence.’ Ming Xiaoyu’s scene this time had a much lower difficulty but Director Xu was quite calm.

It was only 16 NGs. This wasn’t even in the top 10 of Director Xu’s record. Even the first 20 was enough.

In addition, Director Xu discovered that MIng Yu’s state was becoming better and better. As the 17th shot started, he thought there might be a maximum of two or three more times before this scene could achieve his desired effect and pass.

In this scene, Jiang Kaiyang’s scenes weren’t heavy. It was Ming Yu’s scene that was hard. He needed to hang from a wire and fight Jiang Kaiyang in the air. Both of them were hanging, but almost immediately, he would sweep his sword over Jiang Kaiyang’s neck and make him land on the ground.

An Li had specifically invited a famous martial arts teacher to give guidance for its fight scenes. When Ming Xiaoyu was on the ground, he trained in these movements and was very skilled.

Thus, at this moment, the two men were once again hoisted by the wires and slowly rose in the air.

The youth’s long hair was red and there was a tinge of blood on his cheeks, like a flower blooming on the handsome face. His eyes were extremely cold, like deep ice. He was obviously looking at you, but the youth completely didn’t notice you because you weren’t qualified to enter his eyes!

As soon as he saw this, Director Xu excitedly hit his thigh. This was the right feeling!

Then it was time to watch the fight.

It was as if the past 16 defeats were turned into experience for this moment. Ming Yu slowly narrowed his eyes, lifted the long sword in his head and raised his feet on the beam. He flew swiftly and elegantly towards Jiang Kaiyang.

Between the thunder and lightining, there was the sound of a collision. Once the two people separated again, Jiang Kaiyang looked with horror at the youth on the opposite side of the second floor, his fingers trembling.

Director Xu saw this and thought that Jiang Kaiyang’s skills had already reached this point. Not bad!

Director Xu didn’t know that at the moment of the fight, Jiang Kaiyang seemed to see a figure covered in blood, stepping on bones as he climbed up from hell. The youth’s eyes should be gentle but the moment Jiang Kaiyang faced them, a cold chill stabbed inside him and an uncontrollable fear emerged in his heart.

This man could really kill him!

Now Ming Xiaoyu discovered how to play a cruel and terrible devil.

Sometimes it only took a moment to open up. Fang Liangxiu’s unintentional words had woken up Ming Yu. Fang Liangxiu said, “In fact, you should forget the experience of the character you want to play. You just have to act. Express the emotions of the scene. Your role isn’t the same as mine or Xiao Biqing. It isn’t a complicated role. You just need to do this and you will succeed.”

Thus, at this time, MIng Yu completely disregarded what type of person Bai Xiu was.

He only knew that he was a devil who didn’t blink when killing.

In his eyes, Jiang Kaiyang was no different from a corpse.

Just like the line said, this person was a humble bit of dust. It was the blessing of ten lifetimes that Bai Xiu would fight with him! Dying by Bai Xiu’s sword, this person should be grateful!

At this moment, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t treat Jiang Kaiyang as a person. He was releasing a cold and ruthless aura. He was walking a fashion show and the fashion show required him to perform. The theme was:


You see, he could also do a good job! At the very least, Jiang Kaiyang was completely brought into the scene by him. Jiang Kaiyang subconsciously felt fear and his hands started shaking.

In the second fight, Ming Yu didn’t hesitate to fly again. But this time, Jiang Kaiyang didn’t know if it was from the fear or the trembling but he unexpectedly hesitated for a second. Once he moved again, Ming Yu opened his eyes and Jiang Kaiyang was too scared to know how to react!

The timing of Jiang Kaiyang’s movements were too clever!

Originally, he should’ve collided with Ming Xiaoyu and Ming Xiaoyu would skillfully pretend to stab Jiang Kaiyang in the chest. Then once the two of them were separated, Ming Xiaoyu would turn around and behead him.

However, Jiang Kaiyang’s actions were abnormal, leading him and Ming Yu to clearly stagger in the air. At the same time, due to the lack of impact behind their collision and Jiang Kaiyang’s mistake increasing the nature of the action, Ming Xiaoyu saw that Jiang Kaiyang actually hit the wall!

Jiang Kaiyang was obviously very skilled with the wire. They were so surprised when he suddenly bumped into the wall that there was no way to react!

Bang. The whole crew was shocked.

Director Xu was the first to give a command. “Props group! Quickly lower the wire! Hurry!”

The props group didn’t have time to move when they saw Jiang Kaiyang swinging again.

This was completely unscientific! He had hit the wall so how could he swing again?

The people at the bottom didn’t see it. Ming Yu and the cameramen were probably the only ones who knew then when Jiang Kaiyang was about to hit the wall, he reflexively lifted his leg. Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know what happened to the leg. After that, Jiang Kaiyang’s leg seemed to be bent in a strange posture, as if it couldn’t be moved.

But thanks to the recoil of the move, Jiang Kaiyang swung in the air again.

Who would dare lower the wires now? What if Jiang Kaiyang accidentally bumped into something or hit his head? Who would be responsible?

The people underneath started to panic. It hadn’t been a long time. In fact, only five seconds had passed since Jiang Kaiyang hit the wall. Everyone was in a hurry only to see Ming Yu suddenly advance and grab Jiang Kaiyang’s body.

The next second, there was another bang sound!

The two men smashed into the wall on Ming Yu’s side and never bounced off.

The reason why Jiang Kaiyang bounced back was because he wanted to use his legs to protect himself. But this time, Ming Xiaoyu completely held Jiang Kaiyang and used his body to crash into the wall. At the same time, he kept holding the shaking Jiang Kaiyang.

The whole crew was silent for a moment after hearing this sound.

Director Xu immediately shouted. “The people upstairs, find out what is going on? Call 120, call 120!”

Once Xi Ze entered the job site, he saw a strange situation.

Today An Li was mainly filming in a small ‘回’ style building. This teahouse-like place was the preferred venue for many martial arts movie, especially jianghu movies (

It stood to reason that no matter what room or floor was being filmed, there would certainly be staff on the empty first floor.

However, Xi Ze and Ding Bo didn’t find anyone on the first floor when they entered. All the props, cloths and tables were left there. Even the expensive cameras were abandoned. There was no one around to look after them.

Xi Ze couldn’t help his eyes darkening. There was a bad feeling in his heart.

Ding Bo looked at it with interest and smiled. “This An Li is really rich. I remember that this machine cost millions of yuan right? Geez, just leaving it around without being afraid of thieves… What is the matter Xi Ze?”

The grave and stern man was frowning as he looked around. He didn’t answer Ding Bo but took a step in the direction of the backyard.

Ding Bo naturally detected that something was wrong. He grunted and walked behind Xi Ze with a serious expression. Once inside, the two men looked up and found a crowd on the second floor corridor.

On the second floor, there were loud shouts.

“Wait, wait, Jiang Kaiyang’s leg seems to be broken! Take off his wire first and be careful not to touch his thigh when doing so.”

“His leg is already broken. Quickly take it off. There is blood on the wall!”

“What place was hit, the head?  Is it the head?”

“There is blood in the position of the head. Yes, hurry up!”


Xi Ze paled once he heard this and immediately went upstairs. By the time he got upstairs, the crew had finished everything and were carrying two people in his direction.

The crew members stopped for a moment when they saw Xi Ze but the current situation didn’t allow them to think about why Xi Ze came here. They hurriedly opened the way, intending to send the people downstairs.

Fang Liangxiu’s sharp eyes quickly discovered Xi Ze. He quickly ran over and said, “Ming Yu has lost consciousness!”

Xi Ze shivered all over and no longer paid attention to Fang Liangxiu. He walked over to the staff carrying the two people.

The first person he didn’t know!

The second person…

Xi Ze’s dark eyes widened. To the staff’s surprised, he suddenly picked up the young man and carried him. Director Xu cried out, “Wait a minute, where are you going?” The tall figure of the man rushed away from everyone and soon disappeared from the small building.

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