RS: Chapter 179

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Chapter 179

In the aspect of spoiling her child, Mrs. Wallen was simply a mess. But as Karma’s chief designer, she still had some means with other design masters, as long as it wasn’t related to her son.

Thus, the next day when Ruth Mary’s fashion show was beginning, a strange rumour spread across Europe’s fashion industry—

“I heard that this time Ruth Mary invited a new supermodel to walk in the show. It seems to be an inside thing. The supermodel walked through the back door and relied on an unknown relationship to get a chance.”

“A new supermodel who just entered the list? There are five of them! Ruth Mary is a men’s show. Is it Andrew Wallen? His mother Lisa Wallen has a good relationship with the chief designer of Ruth Mary. They are like brother and sister. Did Andrew walk through the back door?”

“It’s not Andrew! It is the new Huaxia supermodel, Ming Yu. The popular one who recently got the ‘Men’s Best Dressed Award’ at the RAmer Charity Gala!”

“Ah! It is him! I was wondering why he got on the supermodels list so quickly. I thought he climbed up step by step. In fact, he had a back door.”


It was unknown where the rumours started but they spread to the studios of various fashion brands. Some of them were third and fourth tier brands with no influence, some were fairly good second-tier brands and there were even a lot of popular first-tier brands.

Once several small tabloids in France and the United Kingdom published several reports about the Ruth Mary fashion show, this statement became more prevalent and escaped the fashion industry. It was passed around and even fashion lovers learned the news that was ‘said to be true.’

【 No way? Huaxia’s Ming Yu came through the back door? I always thought he was a clean newcomer. 】

【 I was wondering why Ming Yu could get on the supermodels list and get the invitation letter for the RAmer Charity Gala. It really is a back door! 】

【 Ming Yu’s fans are too arrogant. Last time, they ran to our social networking sites to fight with us. How do our celebrities and models seem now? This Ming Yu isn’t very good! 】……

Once the traditional media joined, this unproven information was regarded as the ‘truth’ and was highly credible. The small media insinuated, “With Ming Yu’s present status, he shouldn’t be a model in Ruth Mary’s high-end fashion show!”

This type of thing couldn’t be confirmed or denied. It was just a hypothesis put forward to make people think.

Ming Xiaoyu was about to start participating in the fashion show when he discovered these inexplicable rumours. But the urgent task was to complete Ruth Mary’s fashion show. Therefore, Ming Yu gave some orders to Luo Ru and hurried to dress for the show.

Over the 30 minutes of the fashion show, the excellent performances of the supermodels made the atmosphere very lively. A total of three applauses were heard from the audience. One was for the opening model, the world’s 13th ranked model. Another was for the finale model, the world’s 9th ranked model. Finally, the last one was given to Ming Yu.

The youth was wearing a white long jacket, the white showing off the delicate skin of the youth. There was also the black leather boots and dark grey pattern on the white. Every step was very confident and calm, as if he was an elegant gentleman from the Middle Ages.

This outfit was very common in the fashion show and there was nothing particularly outstanding about it. But once a certain man took the lead to clap, the wave of applause gradually spread.

If the applause for the opening model and the finale model was due to their clothes, this applause was entirely dedicated to Ming Yu.

It was because the way he walked made the jacket with no special features attract the attention of many people. It made them pay attention to the design inspiration revealed in the clothes.

Models and clothes were always complementary.

An ordinary model could reduce their sense of presence and let the audience only gaze at the clothes. An extraordinary model could use their own sense of presence to make people stare at this outfit!

Such models were really few. Even on the world supermodel rankings, few supermodels could do this.  So for most designers, they didn’t put too much faith in the models and believed in their own strength.

This time, one of the world’s top design masters was applauding a model.

When Xi Ze clapped, the first one to be surprised was the design master sitting next to him. This design master had some friendship with Xi Ze and had a bit of understanding about him.. It was due to this understanding that the design master’s eyes widened when he heard Xi Ze clapping. Xi Ze was actually clapping for a model?

You know, Xi Ze wasn’t just a design master. He was also the world’s number one supermodel!

Xi Ze unexpectedly took the initiative to lead everyone in the applause. What did this mean? It showed that Xi Ze was very positive about Ming Yu’s strength and thought he deserved this applause!

Xi Ze’s vision couldn’t be doubted. Thus, when Ming Yu next appeared, the design master observed him for a long time.

He found that this youth was really different from other supermodels and didn’t completely hide behind his clothes. The design master sighed and thought to himself. ‘This strength is enough to make any design master marvel.  No wonder Xi Ze would clap for him!’

—Master, you are really thinking too much! Ming Xiaoyu could trot on the stage and drink a bit and Mr. Xi would still clap appreciatively!

What was that saying? This is my wife, I am justified in clapping!

Of course, Ming Xiaoyu’s performance was very worthy of Xi Ze’s applause.

After the high-end fashion show was over, many designers, models and photographers were talking as they left.

“I think that Ming Yu is very strong. Even if he came in through the back door, he did his job very well.”

“Yes, in the fashion show just now, I think that Ming Yu’s performance is better than Kojima. If he replaced Kojima as the finale model, maybe there would be better results.”


Strength was the first comeback to the inexplicable rumours.

Ming Xiaoyu might’ve been in a hurry and didn’t understand where these rumours came from, he believed that once the audience saw his performance, they would never think he was ‘a model who walked in through the back door.’

But against external forces, this absolute strength was also vulnerable!

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t think that his rush caused him to underestimate the enemy, making his first strategy fail!

After the high-end show, many people praised the fashion show on their social networks. A few design masters praised the outstanding models like MingYu and Kojima.


After a quiet night, the next morning contained more strange rumours.

The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy…

A number of newspapers in Western countries published news about Ruth Mary’s high-end show. They praised it with great words. At the same time, something strange was being hinted at with these words.

Voice of America: The supermodels on the world supermodel rankings have the strength to match their rankings Whether it is the 9th ranked Kojima or the 13th ranked Meyer Casey. Their performance was so outstanding that people have to sigh!

New York Daily Mail: The audience clapped three times. Once was for the famous Japanese supermodel Kojima and once was for the famous male model Meyer Casey of Italy. They joined hands with Ruth Mary, the exquisite clothing and superb performance making them recognized by the audience!


These newspapers and magazines were just a few small-scale newspapers but they were all regular media. When these newspapers and magazines uniformly reported on the Ruth Mary October high-end show, many fans were happy. At the same time, they discovered the strange remarks.

【 The supermodels on the world supermodel rankings… but I remember that there was a model in the fashion show not on the rankings? Haha, I won’t say who this person is but I don’t know how they were mixed in. 】

【 Kojima and Meyer Casey in the same show. I don’t know what blessing this is! Is it a blessing called the back door? 】

【 Among the famous supermodels on the rankings, the little Huaxia model is really too miserable! 】……

Most of these comments were published on the social media and forums of the West. They weren’t discovered by the Chinese fans for some time. But once these fans discovered it, they were immediately angry and wanted to find the social media accounts of the masters who praised Ming Yu the night before. They would prepare screenshots for these ignorant people. There were so many masters praising Ming Yu!

But once they came to the social media accounts, they were shocked to find that—

All the words praising Ming Xiaoyu were deleted!

It really wasn’t a mistake. They were all deleted!!!

The passionate fans were in a frenzy. At this time, on a famous American talk show, a handsome blond man made a very confidence statement—

“I think that in the upcoming world supermodel rankings, I will be the only new supermodel in my line to break through successfully! My name will really be written on the world supermodel rankings!”

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