RS: Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

The spacious and bright training room, where the east and west walls were entirely a mirror. Everyone was facing the north-south direction, with Brother Yuan, A’Zhao and the other two seated under the stage.

This stage was actually only a slightly elevated platform. Ming Yu was sitting in a chair in a relaxed manner, while Lu Zhenxi sat opposite him.

At this point, both students were fully prepared.

A dazzling white light shone on the youth’s delicate face, making him look more outstanding. Brother Yuan saw this and was actually looking forward to it. He was full of expectations towards what this youth could show!

So, in a rare manner for him, Brother Yuan stood up and said personally, “Ming Yu is playing the actress, it seems like his skills are very high. Both of you are already debuted models, but you have to cooperate well. Okay, let’s go!”

Once Brother Yuan stopped speaking, Lu Zhenxi started to act. He smiled tenderly towards Ming Yu and lovingly said, “My dear, this restaurant’s steak is very good. You like to eat steak, so I will let you try their classic steak.”

As he spoke, Lu Zhenxi raised his hand like he was calling a waiter.

Lu Zhenxi’s acting was considered normal in this class. From the original four students, A’Zhao and A’Xue acted very well, causing Brother Yuan to feel appreciation. Meanwhile Old Chen and Lu Zhenxi were only so-so.

Lu Zhenxi performed this section with no difficult, making Brother Yuan nod with satisfaction.

Then Brother Yuan, A’Zhao, A’Xue and Old Chen looked at Ming Yu. They were wondering what type of surprise this boy could show them!

At this moment, Ming Yu calmly looked at Lu Zhenxi and his lips gently curved, revealing a bright smile.

For a moment, Brother Yuan and the others were shocked.

Ming Yu’s good looks could be counted among the best of the whole fashion industry. Now that he was smiling, he was like a brilliant spring flower. Don’t even talk about the female role. Brother Yuan would believe it if Ming Yu was actually a female!

The smiling teenager asked in a curious manner, “Steak? You want to eat steak?”

Brother Yuan, “…”

A’Zhao, “…”

A’Xue, “…”

Old Chen, “…”

The nearest, most damaged Lu Zhenxi, “…”

Wait a minute!

Ming Yu’s smile and the way he said his lines weren’t the problem. They just felt like this boy wasn’t looking at his lover!

Even if the lover betrayed him and he knew it, this wasn’t right!

It felt like…

He was looking at a hot dish! Delicious sweet and sour!

Lu Zhenxi was still acting, so he was only sluggish for a few moments before hurriedly saying, “Yes Dear, don’t you want to eat beef…the…amount…?”

Lu Zhenxi’s words slowly trailed off at Ming Yu’s cold eyes. At this moment, Lu Zhenxi felt like he was a dish. If Ming Yu liked sweet and sour, he was sweet and sour. If Ming Yu liked braised, then he was braised. He was shark’s fin if Ming Yu liked shark’s fin, and he was pig…

Bah! Who was a pig?

As if he wasn’t aware of the other person’s thoughts, Ming Yu was trying to figure out ‘how a woman betrayed by her lover would hide her anger, but it isn’t completely able to be hidden.’ He carefully thought for a moment before his eyes narrowed, sending icy knives straight towards Lu Zhenxi.

Lu Zhenxi, “…”

What was this murderous air? He was supposed to splash water, not murder the boyfriend!!

Ming Yu didn’t pay attention to Lu Zhenxi’s shaking as he sneered and asked, “Steak? Who did you eat steak with yesterday? Did you think I wouldn’t see it?” Ming Yu’s eyes narrowed dangerously, looking Lu Zhenxi up and down.

The eyes were cold and ruthless, as if looking at something dead. The arrogant and bloody air caused Lu Zhenxi to involuntarily shake.

How was this looking at the lover who betrayed you? This was the executioner watching the pork on the chopping block!!!

Ming Yu sneered while holding the cup and snapped, “Who is that woman? You were with that woman!” Ming Yu prepared to throw the water as he spoke, “You dare to cheat, you dare to find another person, you…”

“I quit!!!”

The moment the water was thrown, Lu Zhenxi suddenly yelled and stood up, making everyone startled. But the spilled water couldn’t be recovered, so everyone could only watch as the water poured straight towards Lu Zhenxi’s… crotch. The white pants became wet, causing a urine effect.

“Pfft…” A’Xue couldn’t help laughing loudly.

Old Chen’s shoulder shook but he humanely turned around to hide his laughter.

Lu Zhenxi, “!!!!”

Ming Xiaoyu, “╮(╯_╰)╭”

All of a sudden, blood rushed to Lu Zhenxi’s face as he stared at his crotch. He trembled slightly with shame, then he angrily banged on the table and cried out, “Ming Yu! You did it on purpose! You spilled water on my pants on purpose!”

Ming Yu slightly frowned. “I wanted to splash water on your face, per the script. You were the one who stood up, making me pour it on your crotch.” Ming Yu paused, speaking to the crowd, “A’Xue, do you have tissues? Lu Zhenxi doesn’t look elegant, so he needs to clean up.”

The already laughing A’Xue replied, “Pfft, cough…I have some.’

Ming Yu received the tissues and tried to help Lu Zhenxi clean himself. However, he just raised a hand and didn’t move. The position… cough. He looked up at Lu Zhenxi and suggested, “Why don’t you wipe it yourself?”

Lu Zhenxi, ““(╬▔皿▔)!!  Ming Yu! You must’ve done it on purpose!” The angrily trembling Lu Zhenxi turned to Brother Yuan and shouted, “Brother Yuan, you saw it! He acted like he wanted to kill me! He wasn’t looking at me like a person! It is completely different from our script. How could he do this?”

Ming Yu blinked with surprise at these words. “I didn’t act according to the script?” Ming Yu looked at Brother Yuan and sincerely said, “I studied the script more than 10 times and carefully figured out the character’s psychological state.”

Brother Yuan, A’Zhao, A’Xue and Old Chen, “…”

He tried to figure out the character’s mental state, and yet…

Looking at the angry and ashamed Lu Zhenxi, Brother Yuan had to speak up, otherwise the atmosphere might become worse.

Thus, Brother Yuan stood up and said, “Lu Zhenxi, this is really your fault. You are performing, how can you say that you will quit? A’Zhao just had two glasses of water splashed on him. It isn’t a big deal, so don’t think about it to much. Ming Yu spilling it on your… well, the position was a coincidence.”

Lu Zhenxi had to swallow his resentment after Brother Yuan’s words.

The anger over his crotch situation slowly faded, leaving Lu Zhenxi calm and not as rattled.

Lu Zhenxi wiped at his pants with the tissues for a long time before looking at Brother Yuan and saying calmly, “Brother Yuan, Ming Yu’s acting is really too bad. You saw it. I have no way to act opposite that.”

Ming Yu frowned at suddenly being accused of acting poorly, but he didn’t say anything.

Brother Yuan knew that Lu Zhenxi was right. He turned his head to speak to Ming Yu. “Ming Yu, your acting… there seems to be a problem. Your eyes were wrong when looking at Lu Zhenxi, the smile was wrong, and the tone of words was a little stiff. I want to ask; did you really study the script more than 10 times?”

Ming Yu sighed at the words aad replied, “Yes Brother Yuan. I think I studied it at least 12, 13 times.”

Brother Yuan’s expression became strange at this and he coughed. “Based on your performance, I probably have to give you special teachings.” He glanced over at Lu Zhenxi and continued, “You too, Lu Zhenxi. Ming Yu is new and his acting is poor. Your cooperation with him wasn’t good. You should learn to control your temper.”

A touch of disdain flashed in Lu Zhenxi as he nodded. “Yes, Brother Yuan. I will be understanding of people with poor acting skills.”

Ming Yu who had poor acting skills, “^_^#”

Despite this ‘humiliation’, the young man was still smiling gently, not showing any sadness. Ming Yu might have such a clear appearance, but A’Zhao and the others looked at him with complicated expressions.

Brother Yuan clapped his hands and the two people quickly descended from the stage. A’Zhao looked at Lu Zhenxi, who couldn’t hide his triumphant smile, and couldn’t help crying out, “Brother Yuan, this matter can’t be entirely blamed on Ming Yu! In the rehearsals just now, Old Lu didn’t pay attention at all, leaving MIng Yu to read the script alone! For a full 30 minutes, I saw them only talking once. After that, Old Lu was playing with his phone while Ming Yu carefully studied the script!”

Ming Yu glanced up at these words, his lips curving as he looked at the upright A’Zhao.

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5 years ago

LOL LZ’s reaction serves you right for being a douche bag. Thanks.

4 years ago

Aaaah, his bad acting lol. He can show really intense emotions, but they’re absolutely not the right ones, huh 😂

4 years ago

HIs acting is not bad… if the role is Homicidal Maniac. 😉.
Thank you.

4 years ago

so he’s actually good at acting, just not good at grasping the characters. typically when you think of a “bad” actor, you think of someone who can’t act convincingly, but his murderous stares clearly convinced that asshole (i forgot his name) >:)

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