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Chapter 87

In the middle of April when Ming Yu was filming the TV advertisements for Nidelan, the popular young singer Bai Jiayan announced on his Weibo that the MV for his new album’s title song would be released at the end of the month.

The song was called ‘New Life’. The lyrics and melody were similar to Bai Jiayan’s usual dark style, without much breakthrough. However, the MV caused a crazy discussion in reality and on the Internet.

In the bustling areas of major cities in the country, CX Entertainment didn’t spare any expense in paying for clips of the MV to be shown on the large LED screens.

This type of brainwashing publicity method appeared many times in Huaxia and could be roughly divided into two types.

The first was a thorough low-quality viral brainwashing. A representative of this was the famous, ‘This year don’t receive gifts, only receive gold’ where an unknown old couple kept flashing on the screen.

The second type was brainwashing while attracting others with super high-quality works. This would truly spread a propaganda that was on the level of a phenomenon. Bai Jiayan’s ‘New Life’ MV belonged to this latter category.

“What a big surprise!!!  What role is Ming XIaoyu playing? What was that at the end?!!  Blood! There was blood on my Ming Xiaoyu’s face! No, I won’t lick it…”

“Oh my god, I always thought that Small Mushroom was a warm man when looking at the Shuyue Lemonade ads. What is with this dark young man? …Eh? In fact, it feels quite comfortable when I think about it?”


These words were head in the squares, subways and shopping malls of major cities across the country. Althuogh many people didn’t know that the pale and handsome youth in the MV was Ming Yu, they were attracted by the superb video, the excellent production and the beauty of the protagonists!

On the Internet, the response to ‘New Life’ was even greater!

【 Why is my husband suddenly so thin and white?  No, I will feed five pounds of meat to my husband! 】

【 Ahhh, Small Mushroom looks so pitiful in the MV. Why is there blood?  The eyes of Small Mushroom as so pitiful and beautiful. His lips are also good…ah…why is the screen of my phone a bit wet? 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is acting as a murderer? Don’t lie to me. How can there be such a handsome killer? 】……

The MV trailer had just been released. Five minutes later, Ming Yu actively linked it on his Weibo while on a break from filming the ad. He then interacted with the actress of the MV, Zhu Kejia, before ending his break and continuing with the filming.

Since the first morning, Ming Yu had only NGed two times. After shooting all the scenes for the first ad, Tan Jingming’s mouth dropped open and he never complained again.

However, Director Xu didn’t once pay attention to Tan Jingming. He only communicated with Tan Jingming if it was necessary for the work. Otherwise, Tan Jingming was treated as an invisible person who didn’t exist.

In this respect, Tan Jingming seemed aware of the unusual atmosphere.

To Xu Yizong, Tan Jingming wasn’t even qualified as an assistant director. Yet Tan Jingming dared argue with him on the first day. Director Xu already removed this person from his heart. If Tan Jingming’s mother wasn’t Tan Yunqing, Director Xu probably would’ve kicked him out of the crew already, letting him know the fate of ‘those who argue with the director.’

This time, Ming Yu just watched and didn’t say anything.

The relationship between him and Tan Jingming wasn’t very good. They knew each other but weren’t friends. He didn’t care about Tan Jingming’s rash actions according to his own principle. Ming Yu didn’t think about helping him out with Director Xu.

A similar situation had happened before. Luo Ru thought that Ming Yu had gone to Xi Ze to help Lu Zhenxi, asking Xi Ze not to make things difficult for him.

At the time, Luo Ru might be clever but she had only just entered the industry. She was both calm and naive. Now, Luo Ru didn’t mention a single word about Tan Jingming. She just helped Ming Yu prepare for the next days of filming.

Zhao Rui also seemed to perceive the situation between Tan Jingming and Director Xu. He wanted to say something but was forced to retreat in front of Ming Yu’s indifferent eyes.

Yes, it wasn’t Ming Yu or anyone’s duty to help Tan Jingming. Moreover, Ming Yu really believed that Tan Jingming needed to learn a lesson.

Nidelan’s ‘Smoke’ series had four types of perfumes, so there were four advertisements. In the past five days, most of Ming Yu’s scenes had been shot, leaving only the last ‘Pure White Smoke’ ad.

Director Xu was very satisfied with the last few shots and allowed everyone to take a break. As long as the final shot in the afternoon was done well, it would be possible to wrap it up.

Sister Zheng applied powder to help Ming Yu with his makeup while he was resting. Meanwhile, Ming Yu looked at his fan forum to see what was happening recently.

The 10 fans from Ming Xiaoyu’s birthday lottery had been selected. But when Luo Ru handed the list to Ming Xiaoyu, he didn’t directly find posters to sign them. He thought of a good idea—

“Sister Luo, should I wait for the New Life album to go on sale, then buy some albums and send them along with my signed poster?”

Luo Ru heard this and immediately nodded. “Yes, this will help promote ‘New Life’ and it is also very good to your fans.”

It was time for the last few shots of the ‘Pure White Smoke’ ad to be taken in the afternoon. Ming Yu got in position and waited for the director’s shooting instructions. At Director Xu’s whisper, Ming Yu closed his eyes and once he opened them again, his facial expression was completely different.

Ming Yu was currently wearing a white leather coat. There weren’t too many decorative patterns on it. Only a thin gold-coloured neck buckle was around his neck to accent it with a unique colour.

This neck ring had become very popular in recent years. It made long necks appear more elegant and beautiful. This time, the stylist felt that Ming Yu’s neck and collarbone was so beautiful that this styling was designed for him. It was extremely satisfactory.

In the pure white room, a youth walked from the other side of the room towards a display stand in the centre. The white made the youth’s skin become more transparent. His demeanor was indifferent as he walked up to the display stand and reached out. However, he was suddenly stopped by another hand.

Ming Yu turned his head and saw a glamourous woman in a black dress who smiled proudly as she slightly looked up at him.

Nidelan spent a lot of money on these advertisements. They invited four different female models to appear in the four advertisements with Ming Yu. One of the female models was from France and another from Huaxia. The model who filmed the ‘Green and Orange Smoke’ the day before yesterday was from the United States. Today, it was a Japanese model.

There were few famous female models in Japan. Height was one of the important reasons why they found it difficult to break through. This female model wasn’t very tall, but she had the cleanest temperament among the models Ming Yu saw in the past few days.

Indifferent, barren and very detached.

The young woman grabbed Ming Yu’s wrist. But immediately afterwards, Ming Yu moved and pulled the female model into his arms. The female model reacted with surprise and Ming Yu’s fingers passed through her hair.

The action was ambiguous while Ming Yu’s expression was still very indifferent and cold. In a later edit, the female model’s black dress would slowly turn white. But this was something for the director to worry about. At this moment, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly lowered his head and whispered something to the female model.

Director Xu jerked and sat up straight. What was this situation? Improvisation?

After Ming Yu finished speaking, the female model pushed him away. Ming Yu smiled indifferently at the female model, raised his hand to take the ‘White Smoke’ from the glass cabinet and disappeared from the white room.


After the filming of this scene, Ming Yu and the female model walked over to the director, intending to see how the scene was shot.

On the other side, Director Xu was silently looked at the scene playing on the small video. Then he suddenly asked Ming Yu, “Were you whispering something into her ear, Ming Yu?”

Ming Yu replied with a small smile. “Yes, Director Xu. I thought that it might be better if there was a transition in expression.”

Director Xu turned his head and asked calmly, “What did you say?”

Ming Yu smiled with embarrassment. “It isn’t very important.”

Director Xu saw the rare awkward appearance of the youth and joked, “That girl pushed you away. You must’ve said something secretly in her ears. What did you say to flirt with her?”

Director Xu’s stiff face was softer as he said this. Ming Yu narrowed his eyes and realized that Director Xu was probably very happy with the previous shot.

Ming Yu smiled silently and didn’t speak. On the other hand, Director Yu spoke in English directly to Lisa, the female model. “Did he say something disrespectful to you?”

Ming Xiaoyu was indignant on the side. “Director Xu, I am not such a person!”

Director Xu’s mood was good as he ignored Ming Xiaoyu and continued to look at Lisa.

The young girl stared at Director Xu, shyly glanced at Ming Yu and then said softly, “Mr. Ming Yu just told me to push him away and take a step back…”

Director Xu, “……(/=_=)/~┴┴”

A really straightforward man!

Ming Xiaoyu, “╮(╯_╰)╭”

I said I wasn’t such a person~

The last day of filming ended with this smooth atmosphere. Ming Yu’s final scene wasn’t deleted. Rather, Director Xu praised him a little bit and sent him away with a sentence, “You have a devious side. I will reluctantly accept it.”

For the cold Director Xu, Ming Xu smiled and accepted the praise… well, praise was still praise.

Everyone had been working together for a week. So after the final shot was over, everyone went to a nearby hotel to celebrate. At the dinner, Director Xu drank a few glasses of wine with his cold appearance and everyone else slowly drank.

Halfway through, Tan Jingming grabbed a glass of win to give Director Xu a toast. The smile on Director Xu’s face abruptly disappeared. He received the toast in a lukewarm manner and didn’t say anything to Tan Jingming.

Tan Jingming returned to his seat with some disappointment, while Ming Yu held his glass and stared thoughtfully at Tan Jingming. He waited for Tan Jingming to drink two glasses of white wine before finally sighing and moving beside Tan Jingming.

“Brother Tan, I offer you a toast.”

Tan Jingming accepted Ming Yu’s toast.

After all, Tan Jingming and Ming Yu had known each other for a long time. He drank a little but, pulled Miing Yu to a corner of the table and spoke ruefully. “I know that I was too reckless on the first day. However, Director Xu isn’t giving me an opportunity to admit my mistake. He seems to hate the sight of me. Actually, I really didn’t mean…”

“Ah Ming Xiaoyu, how could you say that I am stupid?”

“It would be great if I could be smarter…”


Tan Jingming lamented while drinking.

Ming Yu listened to his low words. Then after a while, Ming Yu reached out and handed him a fourth glass of wine.

Ming Yu faced Tan Jingming’s surprised eyes and said, “Brother Tan, since you want to drink, why don’t you go to Director Xu and make amends with wine? Director Xu isn’t a person who will deliberately make things difficult for his juniors. You just have to admit your mistake and realize that it isn’t Tan Jingming who offended Director Xu, but a cameraman who offended the director. I believe that as long as you explain this to Director Xu, he won’t keep blaming you.”

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