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Chapter 123

As the second male in An Li, Jiang Kaiyang played Yin Yi, the leader of the Wulin League.

He became friendly with the two leads in the ‘Liaowu’ mystery case. After learning that the heroine had a deep-seated hated enemy, he admired this chivalrous woman and went with them to the Fire Palace.

According to the plot, Ming Xiaoyu’s Bai Xiu only appeared in the heroine’s nightmares and hallucinations. Even if he was related to the male protagonist, he shouldn’t have any relationship with the second male.   However, in order to add more scenes for Jiang Kaiyang without undermining the plot, Jiang Kaiyang became part of the heroine’s nightmare.

In this nightmare, she dreamed that all of her group was stabbed by Bai Xiu’s sword, with no chance of survival. Among them, the one killed most miserably by Bai Xiu was the second male lead.  It was too miserable!

Director Xu and the screenwriter were very much in favour of this type of additional scene. It gave everyone an extra scene while also highlighted the heroine’s fear towards Bai Xiu. It was good! Amazing! Then add it!

Perhaps you might ask how stupid Jiang Kaiyang was to allow this type of scene.

Then you don’t understand! Wasn’t this violent and exciting shot very shocking? Doesn’t it make the scalp tingle?

Suppose you left the theatre. Then someone next to you asked, “What do you think of Jiang Kiayang, who plays Yin Yi?”
You might not realize who this Jiang Kaiyang was. Then the next second, someone else would add, “That’s it! The ma whose head was cut off by a sword!”

It was simple, clear and especially symbolic.

Jiang Kaiyang’s acting skill was naturally not in doubt. After several scenes were added, the entire cast knew there was someone behind it but no one said ‘no.’  Even Xiao Biqing just smiled and walked over to Ming Xiaoyu. “Ming Xiaoyu, Jiang Kaiyang has done good with this, giving you another scene.”

Ming Xiaoyu wanted to cry without tears. “…I really want to thank him, Sister Xiao.”

Jiang Kaiyang had no problems acting and Ming Xiaoyu’s acting, well…it was questionable. However, the most problematic part was the wires!

Ming Yu previous had some hanging scenes, but there weren’t many and the movements were simple. As long as he controlled the balance of his body, there was no big problem. Of course, balance control was compulsory for Ming Xiaoyu. Small Mushroom’s catwalk was always a straight line!

However, the scene added this time wasn’t just a wire scene, but a wire scene that involved fighting.

Thus, Ming Xiaoyu deliberately practiced in the three days before he had to film this scene. His acting might not be good but he could temporarily act it out. Perhaps he might not NG more than a dozen times…

At the same time, thousands of kilometres away in the capital, the second high-end fashion show of Ji and Ya in 2017 successfully ended, receiving warm applause.

This fashion show was still focused on women’s clothing. The complex and diverse laces, the unique and elegant East Asian ethnic style totems and the same crystal gemstone jewelry made up the ‘Brilliant Secret Words’ of this Ji and Ya fashion show.

Xi Ze’s design style was as beautiful as ever, the simple, straight lines and charming curves making the model and clothing fit together perfectly. It formed an attractive and charming sight.

At the end of the fashion show, Xi Ze walked out with He Chaoman.

The young aunt was wearing a silver-white beautiful dress, the tight-fitting design showing a charming body. But the side of the skirt had a dark brown strip, which was a long belt inlaid with deep rubies that constantly swayed with He Chaoman’s movements.

As they received the applause of the audience, He Chaoman whispered, “I like this dress. Xi Ze, I will buy it.”

He Chaoman was just saying this casually. Whether it was her identity as an aunt or as an ordinary consumer, there was no problem with her buying this dress. After all, there were few people who could afford to buy such an expensive dress. Yes, the price of this dress was at least one million yuan.

However, He Chaoman was forced to feel surprise this time. Xi Ze waved to give thanks to the guests. Then he smiled and spoke in a low voice, “I can’t promise you that this time. I have decided to alter the size of this dress. I will find a chance for my lover to wear it.”

A crack showed on the iceberg face of He Chaoman. “…”

After a moment, she asked in an uncertain tone, “I remember…your lover, he seems to be Ming Yu?” She paused and couldn’t help adding. “He seems to be a male, a physical male.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Yes, I know he is a man. But he is more beautiful than you.”

He Chaoman, “…Hehe.”

Saying that someone else was more beautiful in front of a woman, Mr. Xi., do you know what you are saying?

Fortunately, the person in front of him was his little aunt and only interested in games. Otherwise, he would be looking up at the feet of the other person and maybe even begging for mercy.

Once they returned backstage, He Chaoman couldn’t help asking, “Xi Ze, will Ming Yu really wear this dress?”

The handsome and indifferent man slightly bowed his head and asked, “My dear little aunt, when have you ever seen me not achieve what I said?’

He Chaoman said disdainfully, “You are a really bad person. Don’t call me aunt, I’m getting goosebumps. Now I feel a bit of sympathy for MIng Yu. He must be unlucky for several lifetimes to meet such a person. Geez, I can already foresee your shameless methods.”

Xi Ze smiled indifferently. “It was a blessing of a few lifetimes that I found my muse.”

Ming Xiaoyu who knew about this matter a long time later, “….?_?”

Oh, so you are oppressing your Muse Mr. Xi?!

For the time being, this dress wasn’t revealed and it is unknown if Small Mushroom really wore the dress or not~

Now that Ming Xiaoyu was suspended by wires, he felt that it really wasn’t wise to enter the entertainment industry.

Do you know what if felt like to make a difficult move while hanging on wires?

It was like making a man wear a pair of 12cm heels and then forcing him to do a Samba dance!

Ming Xiaoyu might’ve mastered the main points of air rotation in a few days. However, he was also tired and covered in sweat every day. Luo Ru was endlessly distressed as she saw him.

But in this regard, Ming Yu didn’t complain. Luo Ru always said that, “Ming Xiaoyu, you aren’t entering the entertainment industry. You don’t have to pressure yourself so hard.” Ming Yu’s reply was, “Sister Luo, since I took this well, I will try to act well and get as few NGs as possible.”

There was one thing that Luo Ru didn’t know. Ming Xiaoyu underwent three days of special training and could only move to this extent. If it was three days ago, he would’ve NGed this scene many times.

Ming Yu didn’t really care about Jiang Kaiyang’s face and mood, but he didn’t want to shed all pretense of cordiality with the other person. Ming Yu could already imagine how much hatred Jiang Kaiyang would feel if there were continuous NGs.

But Ming Xiaoyu was Ming Xiaoyu. Even if he worked hard for three days, the important thing wasn’t his wire skills but his acting! In the eyes of Jiang Kaiyang, it was no different from a pool of mud.

Once they started shooting the scene, no matter how hard Ming Yu tried, he still did a poor job. Putting aside Director Xu, Jiang Kaiyang was irritated and frowned. He looked very unhappy.

The first NG, Jiang Kaiyang could still smile and talk with his assistant.

The fourth NG, Jiang Kaiyang no longer smiled.

On the eight NG, Jiang Kaiyang couldn’t say anything.

Once it reached the 16th NG…

Jiang Kaiyang’s face was extremely gloomy. During the break time, he silently drank water. After drinking the water, he threw the water bottle into his assistant’s arms, causing the assistant to shake with fright. Jiang Kaiyang didn’t do anything else. He kept licking his lips and looking at Ming Yu who was talking to Xiao Biqing and Director Xu.

If some people were born to make you uncomfortable, then the person that Jiang Kaiyang disliked was Ming Yu.

In fact, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know it but Jiang Kaiyang had a reason for not liking him. Jiang Kaiyang filmed a TV series in the first half of the year. He had a good relationship with the third male of that series and kept in contact after it was done.

Jiang Kaiyang first heard the name ‘Ming Yu’ from the third male lead. Then he casually checked the information of this person on the Internet while talking to his friend. He looked down on this new model whose popularity was soaring.

By the way, the name of the third male lead was Lu Zhenxi.

At first, he was disgusted by this person. Once Jiang Kaiyang made contact with Ming Yu, there was no need to say anything else. Ming Xiaoyu’s height! That figure! It made Jiang Kaiyang feel jealous and envious.

Jiang Kaiyang really, really cared about his height…

Instead of walking honestly in fashion shows as a model, Ming Yu walked through the back door into acting? His acting was terrible and his personality was bad. He was always playing tricks (this was mentioned by Lu Zhenxi). He was the type of dirty person that muddied up this industry!

During the 10 minutes rest, Xiao Biqing tried to help Ming Xiaoyu find the feeling. Fang Liangxiu also came over after his break in order to help Ming Yu find the emotions. The two people might’ve been initially entrusted by others to take care of Ming Yu. However, they both thought that this young boy was smart and generous, not narrow-minded when he was close to someone. He was a worthy friend.

Therefore, they sincerely guided Ming Xiaoyu.

Then the 17th shot officially started.

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4 years ago

Oh dear….hopefully this time little mushroom nailed the scene. Thanks for this chapter.

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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
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