RS: Chapter 197

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Chapter 197

A beautiful and generous appearance, curved body and s*xy and bright red lips.

When Ming Yu turned to see this woman, he was surprised for a moment before remembering her name. He smiled and said, “Hello, Li Yuerong.

They were simple words without anything superfluous. Ming Yu’s attitude caused Li Yuerong to be stricken for a moment. She reluctantly smiled and said, “This time I got an invitation. I didn’t expect to see you here. The remember the last time I saw you one or two years ago. You really have changed a lot.”

Ming Yu asked, “Is that so?”

The youth’s polite but somewhat aloof attitude caused Li Yuerong to feel disturbed. But she gathered up her courage, “It is like this. Ming Yu, we had a little friendship before. Recently, Nidelan has developed a new collection of skincare products and I am one of several first-tier models competing to be the spokesperson. You have previously endorsed the Nidelan Smoke fragrances. Therefore, I would like to ask you to give me the contact details of the person in charge of Nidelan. I really appreciate your kindness. If you can help me, I think…”

“Miss Li, I remember that we don’t seem to know each other very well. It seems like… we only crossed paths once?”

The youth’s indifference caused Li Yuerong to be stunned. She saw Ming Yu’s lips curve upwards in a pure and harmless smile, but his light-coloured eyes were cold and icy.

“It seems that I went to the company two years ago and you met Brother Zhao and I?” Ming Yu paused as he recalled it. “At that time, you didn’t speak t me. You just said hello to Brother Zhao.”

Ming Yu gave a low smile. “The colour of your lipstick at that time was quite good.”

Directly opening this topic didn’t give her room to take one more step. Ming Yu’s extremely cold attitude caused Li Yuerong’s expression to change and she stomped away, not even saying a word of goodbye to Ming Yu.

—She was too angry.

After all, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t give a senior any face and directly sent her away with the simple words of ‘not very familiar.’

Ming Yu looked at Li Yuerong’s back and slowly shook his head, chuckling.

In fact, even if Ming Xiaoyu’s memory was very good and he was motivated to learn all the models in Muse, he still wouldn’t remember Li Yuerong’s name.

However, this Li Yuerong was the first female model of Muse that Ming Yu had seen when he first entered this world. The female model was only a second-tier model at the time but she was very arrogant. Her attitude towards Zhao Rui and Ming Yu was very disdainfully, leaving a slight impression on Ming Yu.

In the past year, Li Yuerong became a bit more popular through advertisements and entered the ranks of the first-tier models. She was a Muse model and in Muse, any first-tier model could get an invitation to the party (yes, this was a bright back door). Therefore, Ming Yu wasn’t very surprised that she would appear here.

Ming Xiaoyu had encountered many people after become famous.

Some were small models that the former owner of the body had a bit of understanding with. Some were peers that Ming Yu had met in the fashion shows. These people hoped that Ming Yu could help them by saying a few words for them. Maybe they would be able to get better resources.

The higher a person went, the more things they had to face.

Ming Xiaoyu was never a saint. Despite these people promising him some compensation, he seldom agreed. These people had a one-sided relationship with him. In this cruel industry, if they wanted to climb up then they should climb up at will.

Ming Yu also didn’t like to have a clique so he was more disdainful towards this type of thing.

After Li Yuerong left, the award for Best New Model of the Year arrived. The two winners were recently famous male and female new models. It was impossible for Ming Yu to win because he had actually debuted for five years.

At the end of the evening, Ming Yu looked around and found Xi Ze talking to some design masters. Xi Ze seemed to want to come to him but couldn’t get away. Xu Rongrong and Luo Cheng were chatting happily to the designers on the Rosalind side.

As for He Chaoman?

He didn’t know what corner she ran off to but she was probably eating something ?_?

This situation left no pressure on Ming Yu so he went straight to another area and found a tall man standing in the crowd.

Ming Yu held a glass of wine as he said with a smile, “Cheng Su, it has been a long time.’

Cheng Su was shocked by the words and he turned around in a stiff manner. His face was dark and he refused to speak.

Ming Yu was still smiling calmly. “Why, do you not know me?”

These strange words caused Cheng Su to look Ming Yu up and down suspiciously. Ming Yu was smiling and really seemed to be greeting him. Cheng Su replied with some suspicion, “I know you. How can I not know you? The newest Yizhi spokesperson, Ming Yu!”

His voice was so loud that a few people around them looked over with surprise.

In the face of such ironic words, Ming Yu smiled helplessly. “Why don’t you seem very impressed?”

Cheng Su had been gritting his teeth the moment he saw this youth.

25 million!

This was his savings for many years! He even borrowed money from someone else!

It was all due to that damn Jiang Kaiyang! When he recalled it now, Cheng Su was so angry that he could vomit blood!

Cheng Su sneered, “Yes, who wouldn’t dare remember you? You are Ming Yu, 16th on the world supermodel rankings. The next Xi Ze, the newcomer beyond Luo Cheng, the top star that is expected to break the blockade on the top 10. Isn’t all of this you?”

Ming Yu had never heard these names but felt they were very interesting. Thus, his smile became more brilliant.

But to Cheng Su, it was like Ming Yu was ridiculing him! He was laughing at Cheng Su for trying for some many years, using painstaking effort to climb to this position, only to still be inferior to Ming Yu!

Cheng Su’s mind instantly replayed Zeng Shu’s words from yesterday.

“At your current level, you might be able to get to the bottom of the world supermodel rankings two or three cycles later. This result is good. Keep working hard.” Zeng Shu’s demeanor was very casual when he said this.

Cheng Su gritted his teeth. “Brother Zeng, how can this result be considered good. Ming Yu is ranked 16th…”

Zeng Shu looked at him with surprise. “Why are you still thinking about Ming Yu? He is a completely different person from you, don’t you already know this?”

Zeng Shu’s natural look of surprise replayed in Cheng Su’s mind. There were many people among the Muse staff, like Shen Xiang, Linda and other editors of the magazine. They all thought—

『 How can you compare to Ming Yu? 』

What? Why couldn’t he compare to Ming Yu? Was he less than Ming Yu?

The resentment in his heart accumulated. Cheng Su gritted his teeth and tried to force himself not to care about the youth opposite him. However, he suddenly saw a large smile on Ming Yu’s delicate and beautiful face. “Then Cheng Su, do you think you will remember the name ‘Ming Yu’ for the rest of your life?”

Cheng Su subconsciously replied, “I will never forget you in my life!”

These words were similar to a love confession but Cheng Su’s expression was terrible and strange.

Ming Yu didn’t care. He just gazed meaningfully at Cheng Su before laughing. “Then his wish has been reached. After tonight, I will no longer have anything to do with you. The future things have nothing to do with him. When entering the venue, no one was allowed to bring any recording equipment. Then you can listen to me now—”

“From now on, you can’t move from this place. Even if you try your best, I will completely block you!”

As he left the venue, Cheng Su still had a dull expression and didn’t know what was going on.

Obviously, he hated Ming Yu and was disgusted with Ming Yu. How did Ming Yu suddenly want to block him?

Everything changed too fast and Cheng Su couldn’t react.

The youth said “Long time no see” only to say “Completely block you” the next second!

It wasn’t right! Even if Ming Yu wanted to block him, it wasn’t impossible. Ming Yu was just a supermodel. How could he block Cheng Su from being a supermodel? Who did he think he was? A year ago, he was just a small model who wasn’t even at the first-tier!

However, a week later, Cheng Su started to truly understand the meaning of the phrase ‘completely blocked.’

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4 years ago

“As for He Chaoman?
He didn’t know what corner she ran off to but she was probably eating something ?_?”
He Chaoman is so relatable.

That ending tho, the former owner of the body got his wish fufilled~ hehe

Iriana Romani
Iriana Romani
4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter ❤

4 years ago

And so, Cheng Su get slapped with a taste of revenge by our small mushroom. *claps loudly*
Thanks for the chapter!

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! You know, if Cheng Su had just kept his head down and diligently worked at raising his rank, Ming Yu probably would have left him some face. But his plotting finally caught up with him. As they say, karma is a bitch.

4 years ago

A milisecond moment of silent for CS. Hahaha

4 years ago

So, this is for the old host of his body.
Thaqnk you!

4 years ago

At the end of last chapter I thought it was CS that came to meet him. Even though it was not him, it was an equally bad egg. CS your life is oveeeeeerrrrrr

4 years ago

Oh my… the author truly can tricked me. First, i thought it was chengsu who approached mingyu. Then, mingyu himself approached chengsu! And honestly i forgot with “the original” mingyu wish lol.

Thank you for your hardwork!

4 years ago

The bug has been squashed!!! Lets hope its not an cockroach though

4 years ago

Lol so the owner of the voice is just a tiny tiny cannon fodder back in the early days, the one went crazy to her manager as how can a boy have prettier skin than her 😅
And so curious how Mingyu completely blocked Cheng Su.. So proud of MingYu fulfilling his promise to the original owner of the body 👍

2 years ago
Reply to  nanairohana

When was that? I mean where li girl appeared??

2 years ago
Reply to  Mikarifu

She appeared maybe around chapter 2-10. She only appeared once and before she is unnamed if I am not mistaken. Mingyu had just reborn into Huaxia world and haven’t studied the history of supermodel so he didn’t know who is who. He just remembered her rude behaviour. It is the first time he went to Muse company if I am not mistaken. At the lift (he and Brother Zhao going out and the girl and her manager going in), the girl only greeted Brother Zhao (sarcastically since at that time Brother Zhao just lost Cheng Su as one of his talent) while Mingyu was treated completely like air by her (only in the lift later she complained to her manager/agent of how can a boy had skin much prettier than her). Lol now that Mingyu had become successful, she act all familiar.

4 years ago

Revenge on behalf of the poor original soul…
Thank you Translator-sama for the updates 💕💕💕💕

เปย์นิยาย จนไตจะขาดแล้วเอ๊ย (@sokeaku007)

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i just want an au where the original ming yu is happy and well ☹️

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His wish was finally achieved (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)
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