RS: Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Pei Feng’s theme for this quarter was ‘Grey Blue Underground River.’

In the centre of this spacious and large venue, there was a П shaped stage. Unlike the single ‘T’ shape catwalk of the last century, this inverted ‘Π’ shape allowed the guests to become more familiar with the clothing and models, as well as giving them a better visual experience.

Dark grey chairs were placed on both sides of the stage, presumably to reflect the theme. Pei Feng’s officials were determined to create a transparent space below the stage which a river flowed through. Thus, when the models were walking, the dark river would flow quietly beneath their feet.

Before the fashion show started, people in the venue started talking about the interior design.

“Old Zu, look at this. Doesn’t the dry branches represent the depression of autumn?”

“Well, Pei Feng always throws money at their fashion show. The layout is very carefully considered. These withered branches reflect the bleak autumn, but also shows the theme of grey-blue. Very clever!”

“I think this dark river design is the most unique. Do you remember the last year’s show in Milan, the runway that Ica carried out…”


Such conversations were common in the venue. Most of the guests present were industry-renowned designers, photographers, big-name models, editors, reporters and photographers of major magazines.

After all, Pei Feng was a big second-tier domestic brand. This fashion show attracted a lot of media attention. For example, the editor-in-chief of Lanka, Yang Kangzheng personally arrived in order to write an article.

Lanka was a veteran first-tier Huaxia magazine. Logically speaking, its editor-in-chief shouldn’t be personally going to Pei Feng’s fashion show and even writing a special report about it. However, Yang Kangzheng was here.

Yang Kangzheng sat in the middle of the first row of the first T runway. He was playing with the SLR camera in his hand to prepare for the photos he would take.

Yang Kangzheng was able to sit in the first row of the second-tier Pei Feng, but his photographer wasn’t qualified. Therefore, Yang Kangzheng intended to personally take photos of the models.

Once colleagues found that Yang Kangzheng was in his seat, they all came to greet him. They didn’t say in, but Yang Kangzheng could see doubts in their eyes. Since when was Yang Kangzheng relegated to a second-tier fashion show?

Yang Kangzheng was really suffering in his heart!

As the editor-in-chief of Lanka, it stood to reason that he should be one of the big names in the fashion industry right?

Certainly not!

In recent years, Lanka’s sales were really mediocre. Don’t even talk about the other first-tier magazines of Huaxia. Their sales were about to drop below Meditation Road and Xiu Feng, two relatively good second-tier magazines.

This year, the board of directors decided there had to be a big turning point to change this bad situation. Therefore, during this period, Yang Kangzheng personally participated in the press interviews and photo shoots of many magazines. Now he directly came to Pei Feng’s fashion show!

Yang Kangzheng want to wear a mask on his face and write ‘I am not Yang Kangzheng. You have mistaken me for someone else…’

The confused eyes of his peers stayed on him until five minutes before the fashion show was going to start, then they gradually subsided. Yang Kangzheng was relieved. There wasn’t much time left, so this group of gossipy old people couldn’t see him as a joke anymore!

Come to think of it, Yang Kangzheng was surprised to find that there were actually two empty seats!

…This wasn’t right? Since they accepted Pei Feng’s invitation, shouldn’t they be present?

The confused Yang Kangzheng then found a hand touching the chair. He looked at the appearance of the two men who just arrived and his eyes widened. It was with horror and an expression that couldn’t be described—

Xi Ze!!

Oh, and his agent Ding Bo.

But the important thing was, Xi Ze!!!

Yang Kangzheng was here due to extenuating circumstances, but why was Xi Ze present?

This person had been too busy with all the advertisements recently, and wasn’t the new supermodel rankings to be released next month?

Then why was he here?

Yang Kangzheng was thinking too much, while the dark light swallowed his confusion, as the venue plunged into darkness. There was the faint sound of water rippling, then this subsided and soothing music was heard.

All of a sudden! The lights on the runway lit up!

At this point, it was the official state of Pei Feng’s Autumn 2016 ‘Grey Blue Underground River’ fashion show!

Yang Kangzheng craned his neck to try and see Xi Ze sitting opposite him. However, it was so dark that he could only see the handsome outline, not his expression. Yang Kangzheng wanted to do something more, but he was surprised to find that Xi Ze was looking at him, followed by a faint smile.

Seeing this, Yang Kangzheng immediately nodded in response.

He was no longer given an opportunity to express anything as the sound of shoes was heard from the innermost part of the stage, attracting all eyes there. Yang Kangzheng instantly turned to look at the opening model, raising his SLR to take a photo.

Have you ever seen the world’s most overbearing beauty?

If you haven’t seen it, it was a great pity!

On this bright and shining stage, where all the lights were focused on them, each model walked gracefully on the long and narrow T stage. Their prideful stance revealed their beauty to everyone present.

On the runway, they were the most well-deserved Venus.

No one could look away from that convergence of light. They were infected by the dazzling gestures and eventually surrendered!

The opening model of this season’s fashion show was the first-tier actress, Zhao Liwen. She wore a long linen-coloured dress with grey-blue silk thread woven through it in an ethnic style, giving off a strong national wind!

After Zhao Liwen, tall and beautiful female models steadily walked down the long T stage.

The gentle music became the models’ foil, their tall and beautiful posture attracted the attention of the audience. Lights kept flashing as photos were taken of their beautiful and elegant gestures.

After the first round of female models, it was time for the male models to debut. This fashion show might have a fairly sophisticated design and the clothing was very good, but for Yang Kangzheng, it was average when compared to all the fashion shows he saw this year.

Who is Yang Kangzheng?

Editor-in-chief of a Huaxia first-tier magazine!

Pei Feng attempted new ideas in recent years, but it didn’t enter his eyes. The clothes were really food and the models were also okay. However, there was no fresh impact on the eye, so it could barely be considered an excellent fashion show.

Many people thought that in a fashion show, the only protagonist was the clothes. The models could only be considered a supporting role.

Of course, this didn’t mean that everything came from the clothes. A powerful supermodel could demonstrate their unique aura while displaying the clothes, making even ordinary clothing look outstanding.

What type of supermodel you ask?

Yang Kangzheng was sitting across from him!

Yang Kangzheng raised his SLR and took a picture, but his heart was feeling, ‘I must meet that man!’

The idea hadn’t disappeared from his brain when Yang Kangzheng suddenly heard a photographer next to him whispering, “Hey, this model isn’t bad. The leather jacket is…”

Yang Kangzheng unconsciously turned to look at the model when he heard this, only to suddenly stop!

In the last century, there was a saying that models didn’t need to look too superior. They were just the foil of the clothes, and they needed to not be noticed before the clothes. People who looked beautiful definitely weren’t good models.

The ‘clothes are the leader’ theory was gradually replaced by another voice in this century: Clothes and models were always complementary. Models that showed off the beauty of the clothes were good models and shouldn’t be suppressed by anyone.

Yang Kangzheng was always a fan of the latter saying, and he was now even more convinced.

Yes! Models and clothes were complementary!

Don’t believe him? Then look at the boy in front of him!

The enchanting and seductive smoky make-up didn’t show a single trace of femininity. Rather, it demonstrated an alternative neutral beauty. He wore a dark-grey leather jacket with a slightly long hem that covered his hips, but couldn’t hide his slender legs.

Inside was a dark blue thin shirt. The youth’s slightly lifted collarbone shone in the light, making him seem vulnerable and fragile. His slightly longer black hair was swept to the side with hairspray, exposing the right side of his delicate face. Under the right eye, a black mole was dazzling under the glaring lights.

If his appearance made the guests unable to ignore the boy, then they really paid attention to his calm and imperious momentum.

The teenager walked quietly and steadily on the glass, but every calm step made people feel a tightness in their hearts.

Yang Kangzheng had been to numerous fashion shows and saw many models with good looks, but he never saw a model with such an aura at a second-tier fashion show!

Yang Kangzheng could report the top 100 male and female supermodels on the rankings right now. However, he had never seen this young man and didn’t even know his name!

Was this a good model?

He must be!

For the first time in this fashion show, Yang Kangzheng noticed the clothing. The cool and handsome leather style made Yang Kangzheng stare for a long time, while the silver chain placed on the trouser leg broke a few convex designs.

The model in these clothes…

No! He increased the beauty of the clothing by a factor of 10!

Yang Kangzheng immediately raised his SLR and kept shooting. It seemed like the audience had the same idea as him as the sound of clicking filled the venue.

After the boy disappeared around the corner to the other side of the catwalk, Yang Kangzheng couldn’t help looking at his back several times, even ignoring Cheng Su who appeared next.

At this point, the first round of the fashion show was temporarily over. But it wasn’t finished yet, next—

It was the second round!

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