RS: Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Under the bright and dazzling light, the delicate and handsome youth’s eyes slightly drooped as he looked indifferently at the man not far away. The night wind whistled through the window, breaking the quiet inside the room.

Many models like to hang huge posters or photos of themselves on the walls at home, some even arranging a whole wall with their photos. If a model didn’t appreciate their own beauty, how could they allow others to enjoy it?

But Ming Yu was an exception.

Instead of hanging up his posters or photos anywhere in the house, he was sitting in front of a lacquered wooden door waiting for the man opposite him to finish drawing.

The colour of the door was a little dark, contrasting further with the pale and handsome youth. Ming Yu didn’t have a lot of colours. His skin was very white and his lip colour was a little pink, with a bright red colour blooming on his lower lip. His beauty was hazy, like a fairy.

The man focused his eyes on the youth’s collarbone before looking at that beautiful neck line.

A graceful posture and white skin. The youth seemed to have nothing in his eyes, like the temperament of an ice cave.

Xi Ze’s speed was very fast. He was a design master, so his drawing skills were at the level of a superhuman. He sketched out the youth’s outline with a few strokes, then filled in the details with a calm composure.

For exactly 15 minutes, Ming Yu calmly sat there without any signs of hurry.

He waited until Xi Ze’s last stroke was completed, then took a deep breath and walked forward, speaking with a smile. “You draw quickly. I thought it would take at least half an hour.”

Ming Yu sat on the sofa, intending to see the outcome. Naturally, he didn’t doubt Xi Ze’s skills. Drawing was a basic skill that all designers had to master. But when Ming Yu saw Xi Ze’s drawing, he was surprised and couldn’t speak.

On the clean and flat canvas, a handsome and indifferent teenager was calmly looking at the world outside the canvas.

Xi Ze’s drawing wasn’t entirely realistic, but whether it was the slender fingers or beautifully shaped eyes, Ming Yu vividly felt that this was definitely him!

Xi Ze used his keen vision and skilled drawing ability to give this picture a type of magical mood. For example, Ming Yu wasn’t sitting on a stool, but actually sitting on top of a throne in a snow castle, arrogantly looking down at the humans like they were ants.

In fact, since being made to change clothes, Ming Yu guessed that Xi Ze was probably aware of the theme of his photoshoot today after seeing Ming Yu’s hair. However, Ming Yu never imagined that Xi Ze could copy the style of his two days of shooting so specifically!

Ming Yu stared at the canvas for a long time before involuntarily reaching out to the only touch of red. But his hand had just reached out when he suddenly felt something warm on his lips.

Ming Yu stiffened at the action and turned with a surprised expression. The solemn looking man gently wiped at the blood on Ming Yu’s lower lip.

The distance was so close that Ming Yu could clearly felt the heat of the other person’s exhaled breath. Meanwhile, the finger gently rubbing over his sensitive lips made him feel absentminded, as the hot temperature followed every movement of the finger.

In 15 minutes, Ming Yu had bitten his lips three times. It was because this type of injury was easy. In order to meet the requirements of Xi Ze, Ming Yu didn’t mind biting it a few more times.

Now, his lower lip was slightly inflamed and a beautiful red.

Xi Ze wiped the blood that was about to drive and raised an eyebrow. “It is swollen.”

Ming Yu smiled when he heard these words and said, “It is nothing. It will be fine tomorrow.”

Xi Ze’s lips thinned and he seemed to want to say something. But when he carelessly looked down, he became speechless.

Xi Ze, “…”

Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t know that because of their closeness, Xi Ze got a glimpse of two red points when he casually looked down. Even Xi Ze couldn’t help being distracted, despite this beautiful face.

God Xi wasn’t Liu Xiahui. Ming Xiaoyu was so close and his lips were swelled like he had just been ravaged. There was no way Xi Ze could be a perfect gentleman!

In particular, the white shirt had two buttons open, revealing the sexy clavicle and tempting red dots, making him feel much more chaotic.

Xi Ze was a serious person, so he moved his eyes away like he didn’t see anything. But the more he wanted to forget the scene of the youth’s inflamed lips, exposed clavicle and two red dots, the more they rewound and replayed in his mind.

Xi Ze, “…”

Well, blame your neckline for being too open.

Ming Xiaoyu: Who told me to unbutton it? (/=_=)/~┴┴!!

Ming Yu wasn’t aware of the man’s dirty thoughts and sighed with relief after this picture was done.

Now that the favour was fulfilled, he felt really light and debt-free. No more worrying about braised lion’s head, boiled meat, crystal shrimp, sweet and sour pork…

After drawing the picture, Ming Yu returned to his room and put on his original clothes. There was indoor heating and the room wasn’t cold, but Ming Yu felt strange to be wearing a translucent white shirt and skinny jeans…

Especially when this man was looking at his chest with strange eyes!!!

Ming Xiaoyu wondered, ‘Is there a situation ?_?

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t aware of what Xi Ze was looking at? That must be it! Ming Xiaoyu didn’t have a dirty mind like Xi Ze, so of course he didn’t understand what this guy was looking at!

…Anyway, it was better to put on the woolen sweater or this man might give him the creeps.

Poor Ming Xiaoyu, he was completely unaware that certain parts had been seen by the man. After the picture was drawn, Ming Xiaoyu poured Xi Ze a cup of hot tea and he stayed for half an hour before leaving.

Ming Xiaoyu turned on the computer after Xi Ze left and started looking at past videos of the reality show he was going to participate in. He didn’t expect that after the man came home, the first thing he did wasn’t to change his clothes and shoes, or to go to the bathroom to wash up. Rather, he immediately ran to his studio and started drawing!

This picture… geez, it wasn’t as pure as the previous one.

The picture was from the same angle and even the model’s position didn’t change, just… the white shirt was completely gone! It disappeared into thin air!!

The youth’s skinny waist, muscles and… the two dots were completely intact in this picture.

If MIng Xiaoyu saw this picture, he would be screaming, “Why did you even draw the small mole on my right chest?”

…Yes, God Xi’s memory was really good. ╮(╯_╰)╭
After the picture was drawn, he looked at the youth in it. His gaze moved from the delicate eyebrows to the slender white neck, then it slipped all the way to the youth’s bare chest. Then he sighed softly.

What a pity, he only saw this much…

Ming Xiaoyu, you didn’t guess wrong!

This man really wanted to draw that type of picture!!

The next few days, as long as Xi Ze had time, he was at the Muse apartments helping Ming Yu with his handwriting. In order to teach by hand, shaking hands was required first? Then a hug?

Oh, you say that you need to hold?

Xi Ze said, “I need to hold.”

For example, he would do a half hug from the rear, then hold Ming Yu’s hand and write out a stroke.

Was this a hug?

Ming Yu didn’t care about the other’s ambiguous actions. You could even say that he had some understanding of the behaviour and didn’t want to stop it, but he also didn’t intend to go one step further.

It was unknown what Ming Xiaoyu was thinking recently, but he wore high collared clothes every time. Don’t mention the cough cough, Xi Ze couldn’t even see the beautiful clavicle!

Xi Ze, “…”

After a week of practicing his handwriting with Xi Ze, MIng Yu had to leave for the reality show recording. Due to weather problems in the capital, Ming Yu left the capital by plane one day in advance. In the afternoon, he arrived at a famous tourist island, ready to start the three day recording.

The island was far from the mainland and was really beautiful. There was a blue sky and a slight sea breeze blowing, giving off a salty sensation. The small sea waves crashed, causing white foam.

Ming Yu arrived one day early so he was the only guest. That night, he went to the beach with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru in order to feel the natural scenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ming Yu leaned down to pick up a crab. He just intended to tell Luo Ru to ‘Let’s go back and eat crabs’ when his phone suddenly rang.

Ming Yu looked at the name flashing on his screen with a little surprise, then pressed the answer key. Ming Yu said “Hello.”

After a moment, Xi Ze replied, “Aren’t you home tonight?”

Ming Yu heard this and suddenly understood. Xi Ze came over in order to teach him handwriting!

Xi Ze had been doing this often in the past few days, and they often ate dinner together. Ming Xiaoyu’s cooking was simple and eating it was no problem.

Ming Yu smiled and explained, “I have left Huaxia today for the reality show.”

“Weren’t you flying tomorrow?” Xi Ze’s surprised voice was heard from the phone.

Ming Yu heard it and raised an eyebrow. “You checked my itinerary?”

Xi Ze, “…”

He wasn’t too annoyed as Ming Yu kept leaning over to search for crabs. “I’m guessing you know my schedule for the next three months right? Xi Ze, this is an outrageous abuse of my right to privacy. What if I report this?  This time, I got the evidence.”

Xi Ze laughed softly and said, “It looks like I need to bribe you. Unless I want you to divulge my shameless act of abusing your privacy.”

Ming Yu made a noncommittal ‘hrmm’ sound.

After a moment, Xi Ze’s low and magnetic voice was heard from the phone. “What if I bribe you by telling you the guests invited to this reality show?”

Ming Yu was a little interested hearing this. In order to maintain the sense of mystery, the show didn’t tell Ming Yu what type of people would participate. However, he guessed that this time models were invited, in order to make it a model’s episode.

Ming Yu thought for a moment before replying, “You say it and I will listen.”

“In addition to the four regular guests, there are four special guests. The other three, you know all of them.”

Ming Yu felt a strange premonition in his heart.

Xi Ze calmly spoke, “One of Du Ruo from Lanka Modelling Agency, the second one of Liu Qian, who worked with you on Character previously. And the last one…”

Xi Ze paused before finally sighing. “Someone you used to like—”

“Cheng Su.”

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