RS: Chapter 144

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Chapter 144

A long time ago, Ming Xiaoyu envisioned the legendary ‘bully seizing the good girl’ process.

In his mind, he was the cool and arrogant person bullying the cute, timid and pitiful Mr. Xi. It would be both fun and satisfying.

The process this time was quite different from what he imagined but it also had a unique feeling. It was as if there were many small ants gently biting at his heart lightly, making him unable to extricate himself. It was too easy to be provoked by this man.

However, there are some things that must be made clear.

For example…

“I am on top this time Mr Xi. You can’t go back on it.”

Principles were broken so easily. You see, Ming Xiaoyu always stressed that “I am the bully, you are the good girl.” However, once Mr. Xi preempted the role, Ming Xiaoyu unexpected acquiesced. A tacit agreement! He acquiesced!

After all, it was quite a feeling~

Xi Ze’s deep and quiet eyes flashed in the dim light. His lips curved and he started to grumble. “A month ago, at the An Li wrap up, you used your hand and touched Xiao Biqing’s forehead. Three days ago, after the Sixin fashion show, you let Fei Sixin hold you for three minutes, Today, you and Luo Cheng sneaked around…”

“Wait! I was just talking to Luo Cheng about the RAmer Charity Gala! That little boy, what could I possibly do with him?”

At first, Ming Xiaoyu just looked on disdainfully as this shameless man used an old trick to avoid the problem. However, Ming Yu wasn’t convinced when Xi Ze spoke about Luo Cheng!

For what reason? Weren’t he and Luo Cheng both receivers? What was going to happen?

—This was Ming Yu’s unconscious explanation. He didn’t realize that he had already positioned himself as the shou _(:з」∠)_

Xi Ze naturally found this loophole that Ming Yu didn’t notice. Therefore, he laughed loudly before frowning. “You have done many things that make me sad but if you must be one top, it isn’t impossible. However…”

Ming Xiaoyu raised his eyebrows. “What is it?”

The cold and elegant face reveals a faint smile. Xi Ze’s lips curved as he said, “While you were filming, I made you a special outfit. If you are willing to wear it for me…” Xi Ze pretended to make a ‘pressing one’s luck’ expression. “As long as you wear it, I will let bygones be bygones. You will be on top tonight.”

Xiaoyu was surprised and immediately found a trace of something wrong. “You really just want me to wear an outfit?”

Wearing an outfit was nothing!

A beautiful outfit, don’t just ask him to wear it. If it was really beautiful, he would be willing to spend a lot of money to buy it. Look at the suit designed by Sixin. Ming Yu spent almost 100,000 buying it and this was half the price.

Xi Ze solemnly nodded. “Yes, as long as you wear this outfit.”

He said so but once Ming Xiaoyu saw the outfit, his face darkened. He said nothing and turned away. He had just taken a step when the man suddenly grabbed his wrist and pulled the youth into his arms.

“Aren’t you going to put it on for me?”

The young man’s face was covered with dark lines. Ming Yu asked, “You want me to wear women’s clothing?”

Ming Xiaoyu’s voice was full of violent criticism but Xi Ze nodded seriously.

He didn’t wait for Ming Yu to criticize him. He spoke with great seriousness, “As a good supermodel, you should try many different styles. He Chaoman has shot a set of men’s photos that will be released soon. Adriennes Clark has even walked in high end women’s fashion shows and won the applause of the audience. If you want to get everyone’s approval, you have to go out of your own way to control every style and truly become a qualified supermodel.”

Xi Ze’s words were very solemn and reasonable. However, Ming Xiaoyu chuckled and asked him, “Mr. Xi, why don’t you try wearing the dress? You are the world’s top supermodel. You should set an example!”

If this was someone else, they would’ve lost and could only retreat. Unfortunately, Ming Xiaoyu was facing Xi Ze!

Xi Ze sighed without hesitation and said with great regret, “Although I’m not officially retired, I haven’t walked in any show for a year. I’m not a qualified model.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…I really want to hit you.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure?”

Ming XIaoyu sneered. “I will hit you!”

As soon as he spoke, the youth punched Xi Ze in the chest. He couldn’t hit the face. If this face was ruined, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t cry even if he wanted to. Xi Ze enjoyed the youth’s light fists and asked, “Will you wear it now?”

Ming Xiaoyu snorted and didn’t answer.

Xi Ze earnestly nodded. “Then I will help you change your clothes.”

“Hey, I haven’t agreed yet!”

Xi Ze laughed. “I know, you have agreed.”

The tone was calm without a trace of hesitation. Ming Xiaoyu stared at this man’s handsome face for a long time before finally sighing deeply. “I am really caught in your hands.”

Xi Ze leaned down to take off the youth’s boots and whispered softly, “But I am also caught in your hands.”

He didn’t suppress his voice, allowing Ming Yu to hear it. This made the youth’s original aggrieved mood feel a lot better. Next, Xi Ze carefully took off Ming Yu’s clothes and helped him wear this complex and cumbersome outfit.

The designer moved flexibly around the youth.

In five minutes, a tall and unrecognizable beauty appeared in the spacious and quiet cloakroom.

Under the bright and dazzling lights, the silver-white dress sparkled in the crystal-clear light. The silver silk buried in each line by the needle was like a gemstone, making this dress as dazzling as the galazy.

The clothes were beautiful and the person who wore them was even better.

The young man’s waist was slender and the lines were smooth and beautiful. The skirt fell down from his waist in a beatiful arc. The skirt opened at a slit from the thigh and a long graceful leg was revealed.

There wasn’t any of the strong muscles of a Western male supermodel. Ming Yu’s legs were long and tender, the muscles laying quietly under the delicate skin. It shone like white jade. Against the backdrop of a long strip of reddish gems at the split ends, it looked even more red and glamourous, white ad clear.

Once he saw this dress, Ming Yu couldn’t help sighing.

He knew this dress. It was the long dress that He Chaoman wore as the finale in Ji and Ya’s last high-end fashion show. Knowing it was beautiful was one thing. It was another thing to see it after wearing it.

The man’s thin fingers wandered between the youth’s long hair. His hair wasn’t as short was it was a few months ago, but it wasn’t long enough. However, Xi Ze had a special way of taking care of it that added a dazzling beauty.

The young man stared at himself in the mirror that spanned the whole wall and couldn’t regain himself for a long time.

Xi Ze also looked at the youth in the long dress. He was so beautiful that gender could be ignored. Xi Ze’s hot eyes lingered on the high collarbone, the fragile bones and the beautiful curve of the waist. Finally, his hand couldn’t help touching the youth’s waist from the rear.

Xi Ze whispered, “Only you can wear it so beautifully.”

Ming Yu looked at his strange and beautiful self in the mirror and smiled helplessly. “Your little aunt would be very angry if she heard this.”

Xi Ze gently shook his head. “She also knows that she can never wear this dress better than you. It is because I made this dress for you. Like the high-cut suit, they go together.”

Xi Ze paused for a moment after saying this and sighed with great regret. “If only you still have silver hair, you would be even more beautiful than you are now.”

Wasn’t he beautiful now? No, he was already beautiful.

In Xi Ze’s heart, his muse was the most beautiful person in the world. No matter hor narcissistic he was, he felt that he was far less than this youth.

Ming Yu’s height wasn’t short but he didn’t look tall standing in front of Xi Ze. Thus, wearing this beautiful long dress, he looked more feminine.

Of course, this type of beauty wasn’t purely feminine. There was a type of strong and unique male beauty that couldn’t be ignored. It was mixed with the soft beauty to form a unique and charming neutral style.

A ray of light shone in the youth’s eyes.

He leaned back in the man’s arms, enjoying the hot temperature.

In the mirror, they looked like a couple. The black suit and white shirt lined up without any abrupt places, a natural harmony.

The long skirt with the naked back meant the youth’s thin and white back directly touched the man’s chest. The two people’s heartbearts became rapid from this simple embrace and it gradually became no longer simple.

Finally, Ming Yu couldn’t help half turning around, gently kissing the man’s lips. Then the kiss went out of control.

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