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Chapter 161

It was really unexpected for Ming Xiaoyu to meet Elder Fei in Hong Kong.

Fei Zhennan’s position in the global photography world was self-evident. When Luo Wei said that he invited a master photographer, it definitely wasn’t a boast. The word ‘Fei Zhennan’ alone could attract many fashion lovers.

Ming Xiaoyu and Fei Zhennan had cooperated many times. The first time was when Elder Fei sneaked a photo of him in the big studio of Fashion Entertainment. Later, Ming Xiaoyu participated in Fei Sixin’s fashion show and Elder Fei took the photos. Later, Fei Sixin’s brand was released and Elder Fei served as camera director of the audience.

There was a tacit understanding between Ming Xiaoyu and Elder Fei due to so many cooperations.

The two hit it off and quickly decided the stle of the first wave of publicity posters. Then they let the stylist design the hair and makeup for Ming Xiaoyu.

These things had nothing to do with Luo Wei but he didn’t leave. He wanted to watch because he really valued his jewelry collection. He wanted to at least watch Ming Yu take some photos before leaving.

Luo Wei was 41 years old and had seen many world-class supermodels. Take the Polish supermodel Fukela Aidilai who was Dusha’s global spokesperson last year. He was ranked 74th on the supermodel rankings, had a height of 189cm and had the bright green eyes of the Polish.

Luo Wei also accompanied this world-class supermodel and saw all the publicity photos. In the photos released, the fans liked to say that Fukela had the face of an angel. Yet in Luo Wei’s eyes, he was really inferior to the youth right now.

Ming Yu’s face was very suitable for makeup and was also photogenic.

Before putting on makeup, Luo Wei felt that this youth was very good and very beautiful. Once the stylist touched up the shadows and highlighted certain areas, the three-dimensional facial features of the youth seemed more beautiful. The coutours were even deeper and the clear eyes seemed to reflect a quiet layer of light. As the youth raised his eyes, it was like a wave that made people can’t help but tremble.

Such a brilliant person really made Luo Wei determined to choose Ming Yu as the global spokesperson to this collection of jewelry.

Once Luo Wei watched Ming YU change clothes and go outside with other people to start the lighting and take photos, his determination changed to confidence! Looking at the bright-eyed youth in the bright sunshine and listened to the praises of Master Fei, Luo Wei accompanied them for a while day! He never thought about leaving at all!

He was about to witness the birth of the posters for the jewelry he designed this time!

In this young man, he seemed to see the radiance of his own jewelry!

While Ming Xiaoyu was in Hong Kong for the photo shoot, the September issue of Suyi was officially released.

As a top magazine, Suyi was released first in Huaxia before being released globally the next day.

As early as half a month ago, Suyi published some relevant photos of this issue on their official website. At the time, it attracted the praise of countless fans. Now that fans saw the magazine in its entirety, they were wide-eyed and couldn’t describe the s*xy photo on the cover!

Since Ming Yu’s debut, every photo he took was extremely graceful and luxurious.

Whether it was long-haired or short-haired mushroom, Ming Xiaoyu in red or Ming Xiaoyu in silver. This type of elegant temperament made Ming Xiaoyu’s fans think that their Small Mushroom belonged to the cold and gorgeous prince type.

Now their perceptions completely reversed with this cover of Suyi.

Against the background of jungle trees, a handsome youth was squinting and looking at the world outside with dangerous eyes.  The left side of his face had traces of blood and his whole body was like a cheetah about to erupt, full of strength and wildness.

His upper body was covered by a tight black vest. The tight vest outlined the youth’s layers of muscles. Sweat flowed down from the tall collarbone to the chest, leaving the rest to imagination.

This photo was so s*xy and charming, the only words that could describe it were ‘wild charm!’

Short and disheveled black hair! Slender, straight legs!

The youth held a dagger with his thin fingers, the slightly raised hand bones looking weak and fragile. But the icy light of the dagger and the tense appearance that was ready to move let everyone know that they shouldn’t underestimate this youth.

He was dangerous.

He looked at them mercilessly like they were prey.

In his eyes, everyone was just an ordinary hare. On this barren flat prairie, the people were his food and he was their natural enemy! Once his gaze was on someone, he would crouch behind grass and stare at them quietly.

Minutes passed by!

As if there was a clock, the ‘tick tock’ sounds were heard in the hearts of every reader.

In front of him, there was no thought of resistance at all. They could only think of running away, running away and running away! But there were also readers who had different ideas, such as:

【 Ahhhhh!!!  So handsome! I didn’t expect that one day my mushroom would be handsome enough to leave the galaxy! 】

【 Seeing Small Mushroom so wild and handsome, I’m not accustomed to it. It is gratifying that my mushroom has finally grown up… 】

【 Hey, I am pregnant! How can he be so handsome! How can he be so handsome! My husband is too handsome! Who is pregnant, get√ 】

【 23333 Who is pregnant? Too funny! 】

【 This type of handsomeness is just a foul! No, I have to buy another Suyi! Lick lick lick, frame it at home, every day 100 times XDDDDD 】……

In addition to these fans, there were those who couldn’t use words to describe this type of handsomeness and could only use screams to express their excitement. At this time, there were some big fans who couldn’t sit still.

【 Seeking the video! Seeking the video! Tidbits of the photo shoot! My kirin arm is already moving! I want to edit the video of Ming Xiaoyu’s self-attack video ahhh! 】  

【 What a surprise!!! Self-attack is too sensational! After people reminded me this morning, I discovered that Ming Xiaoyu is simply full with the aura of ‘attack’. Self-attack √  This afternoon I drew a picture of Wild Mushroom x Red Mushroom! Open your mouth and eat! 】

【 I will eat it!!  Seeking the video +1!  I am unable to hold back the power in my body!! 】……

Many of the photos and videos of Ming Xiaoyu in the past had been full of the ‘attack’ atmosphere, but it was a bit worse compared to this wild style. If they had to use a word to describe this Ming Xiaoyu, then it was:


Yes, it was neither ‘handsome’ or ‘cool’. It was ‘rough.’

The type of roughness seen when roaming the wilderness and was the nature of a beast!

This alternative cold feeling was like a big fire that ignited all the flames. Some people started to even call Small Mushroom who suddenly emitted infinite male hormones:  【 Ahhhh Mushroom! A walking humanoid aphrodisiac! 】

Suyi had only been on sale for 24 hours and it already sold 100,000 copies! For Suyi, it was their second best sales in 2017!

You should know that the best sales of Suyi was the first issue of 2017. Suyi invited the top supermodel Du Ruo, who was ranked third in the world at the time, and shot a s*xy and glamorous set of photos. It got a record 150,000 sales on the first day.

This time, a newcomer who hadn’t even made it onto the supermodel rankings caused such a high number of sales for Suyi. This was amazing. All the editors of Suyi had dinner on the same day to celebrate the surge in sales!

The editors didn’t think that on the second day, the sales volume didn’t decrease!

The next day, Huaxia’s sales exceeded 180,000! Global sales reached 150,000!

The third day, Huaxia’s sales were 100,000! Global sales were an astonishing 200,000!

This was simply a life innovation record!

While the magazine was marvelling, Ming Xiaoyu’s brainless tyrant fan showed off her power on the third day after Suyi’s release.

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: Recently, I was quite busy. I didn’t even notice that Small Mushroom’s cover of Suyi was actually released! The cover is so handsome! So handsome, there will be no friends! My mushroom is really handsome! [/Photo] [/Photo] [/Picture] 】

In the three photos uploaded on Weibo, the Suyi magazines were all over the place!

The thick stacks consisted of 20 issues were everywhere. People counted the numbers with a bit of patience and found there were 1,000 magazines!

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao, why did you buy so many? Well, Small Mushroom is my wife! 】

【 Tell us, do you want to pick up Small Mushroom? Say it! How many magazines have you licked? 】

【 QAQ I also want to buy 1,000 mushrooms! I will lick 999 and look at the last one!!!  The wicked rich, I’m envious and hate them! 】……

Once Xiao Biqing published the same photos in Muse’s fan forum, she saw interesting comments from the fans.

In the past, Xiao Biqing’s fans also spent a lot of money buying her movie tickets. The rich tyrants even bought thousands of DVDs to support her DVD sales. This type of fans did their best for their idols. Before that, Xiao Biqing also thought, ‘If you secretly bought it then why bother posting it on the Internet for others to see?’

Today, Xiao Biqing understood the mood of these fans.

She felt happy and proud when she showed her liking of a person to other fans.

I just like mushroom~ I want to lick 999 and look at one ~\(≧▽≦)/~ Lala, I want to use mushroom’s magazines to bathe in! I want to support Small Mushroom!!!

It was really cool to say this. 23333333

At this time, Xiao Biqing saw the feelings of the other mushroom fans and felt that her liking had been recognized by others. However, just 30 minutes later! Xiao Biqing suddenly saw a strange comment.

【 My god!! I just saw a local fan who is even more of a tyrant than Goddess Xiao Xiao!!!  It is so terrible that it is impossible to describe. Go and see it yourself! The link is here →@Zyu 】

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