RS: Chapter 173

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Chapter 173

For the three day publicity campaign, Feilu arrived for Ming Xiaoyu to go from S City to the shopping malls of three provincial cities in the south.

The Feilu series of watches were expensive and most fans participating in the event couldn’t buy them. But sometimes, this type of promotion had more than just direct monetary benefits. There was the benefit of promoting the brand.

Ming Yu’s popularity was greatly reflected in the posters on the Feilu counter.

The youth wore silver glasses on the poster and didn’t have the slightest atmosphere of youth. The narrow and fierce eyes behind the lens seemed to see through you, shooting straight to your heart.

In his previous Nidelan endorsement, Ming Yu showed four different images. But the styling generally still had a youthful aesthetic. Now in the Feilu photo endorsements, Ming Yu completely showed off the charms of a man.

He was obviously only 18 years old, but when the youth squinted at you with a light gaze, you would involuntarily treat him as a high-ranking gold collar worker. He should live in the top floor of a high-rise building, wearing a delicate ironed suit. He had a cold and noble temperament, but a soft heart.

Last but not least for Ming Xiaoyu’s fans. In this set of photos, there was one where Ming Yu was unbuttoning his shirt and smiling at the camera. This smile really destroyed the previous serious and cold image!

Do you know what the temptation of abstinence was?

Do you know what it meant to hold a pipa (Chinese lute) while covering half the face?

(TL: seems to be a saying about shyness. Based off a poem where people heard the sound of the lute. They followed the sound and urged the woman playing to join them. They called many times before she finally joined them. But she still hid half her face behind the lute)

“When I saw the photos, I thought that Mushroom had completely changed styles and wanted to develop in a mature and stable direction. But after seeing the last poster, I immediately had an epiphany! Seeing Mushroom have this type of abstinence charm appearance, this is obviously still our Mushroom!”

The three day event allowed Ming Yu to have closer contact with many fans. He took photos with these days and signed their souvenirs. This work caused Ming Xiaoyu to be so tired that his wrists ached, but he continued to work without complaining.

There was also a small incidence. On the third day, Ming Xiaoyu went to G City for publicity and actually met a fan wearing a Dusha mushroom bracelet! This was a young female fan who specially took the high-speed train from the nearby Z City to G City in order to see Ming Yu and ask for his signature.

Yes, this fan was one of the 10 fans who won in the ‘Give you a small mushroom’ event a few days ago.

“Ahhhhh Ming Xiaoyu, I really like you! I particularly like the cover you shot for Suyi. It is so beautiful! It is good that you like the cartoon I drew for you. Can I keep drawing cartoons for you?”

Upon hearing these words, some images passed through Ming Xiaoyu’s mind. He chuckled and nodded. “Yes, your drawing skills are really good. I welcome you to keep drawing for me.”

The youth’s gentle smile caused the female fan to become excited and her cheeks flushed. Once she was further away, she could only say “Ahhhhh!” to express her excitement. As she walked, she muttered, “Mushroom allows me to draw for him! He allowed me to draw! This is great! I will go back today and draw ~\ (≧▽≦)/~.

Do you know why this fan was so excited?

…It was because she was a CP fan!

Although there were only 10 cartoons uploaded in this event, Ming Yu didn’t reject her creation. What did this mean? This meant that her Small Mushroom also supported her drawing the Xi Ze x Ming Yu CP!!!

All of a sudden, her motivation was burning.

As a big hand in the CP circles, there weren’t more than a dozen or 20 artists worthy of having Ming Xiaoyu say, “You draw very well!” Ahhhh!!!

In fact, this fan didn’t know but Ming Yu was originally hesitant to select her work as a winner.  It was true that her drawing technique was very great. Since she became a Ming Xiaoyu supporter, she was the biggest in the drawing circle. She had millions of Weibo fans (she was a professional drawer).

The quality of work was definitely above all fans, but the content…

Ming Xiaoyu shook her head. “No, there will be suspicion about the CP. Forget it.”

On the side, the gentleman who ate vinegar. “Hehe, the video of you and that guy surnamed Wu can stay but you will delete this cartoon?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…He is called Wu Yuzhen…”

Mr. Xi raised his eyebrows. “He is surnamed Wu.”

Ming Xiaoyu who was at a loss, “…”

As a result of the strong protests of a tyrant, the video of the ‘Wu Ming CP’ was kicked out of the winners list and the cartoon of the ‘Waiting for you CP’ was preserved.

The incident deeply warned all fans—

『 Stand up for the CP! It is important! 』

After the last meeting in G City, the Feilu side was very happy and treated Ming Yu to a dinner to thank him for his cooperation. The next day, Ming Yu and Luo Ru flew to London, leaving Zhao Rui behind in the capital to discuss with Dusha about the follow up endorsement.

It was October in London. The warm and humid sea breeze blew from the Atlantic Ocean, bringing a damp atmosphere to this ancient city. Whether it was winter or summer, spring or autumn, the weather in London was always quick to change. When Ming Yu’s plane landed, dense masses were already forming in the sky, causing people to feel shocked.

“I didn’t feel that the weather in London was so fickle the last time I came, Xiaoyu, fortunately we brought more clothes.”

“Yes, we shouldn’t catch a cold. But Luo Ru, if you have the spirit to go to the night market, I will have no energy to accompany you. It is raining too much. I don’t know when it will stop.”

After the two of them spoke for a bit, the Ruth Mary employee arrived at the airport and took them to the prepared hotel. The other person politely said that he would come to the hotel on time tomorrow to pick up Ming Yu. He didn’t say anything else and drove away.

The other person’s courteous but alienated attitude caused Luo Ru to be stunned for a while. She hadn’t regained her spirit when she heard the youth’s voice in her ears. “Sister, Luo, Ruth Mary is one of the world’s top luxury brands. There are dozens of models participating in the high-end show,. They aren’t likely to give all of the models special treatment.’

Luo Ru naturally understood Ming Yu’s words. It was just that she temporarily couldn’t respond to quite a ‘rational’ action.

After that, the two people took their luggage and went straight to the booked hotel room. While walking, Luo Ru said, “In fact, Ruth Mary’s invitation is very surprising. Xiaoyu, you are currently but haven’t yet reached the world’s supermodels ranking. It is brave for Ruth Mary to invite you this season’s high-end show.”

Ming Yu smiled and looked at Luo Ru, indication for her to continue.

Luo Ru said, “Ruth Mary might not have the same position as Ji and Ya or Rosalind in the industry, but it is among the world’s top 14 high-end studios. It is also ranked in the middle. In the past, they really invited people not on the supermodel rankings. You are the first one XIaoyu. This is definitely an supreme honor and an affirmation of your strength.”

Ming Yu had arrived at the door of his room. He gently shook his head and smiled. “Sister Luo, I might be the first to make Ruth Mary make an exception. However, after me, there should be other people who receive such honors. There is no precedent. Once there is a precedent, it is hard to say things about the future.”

Ming Yu touched his lips as he said this. His expression didn’t seem angry but it wasn’t too happy. Instead, there was a feeling of helplessness that caused Luo Ru to feel puzzled.

Once the two of them separated, Ming Yu entered his room. He was now close to Luo so he didn’t like Luo Ru helping him organize his room and luggage. He felt there was no need to make Luo Ru do this small things. In addition, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t like for others to invade his privacy.

As for Ming Xiaoyu’s expression when he was talking about ‘precedent’?

It was definitely because of a certain shameless man!

Ming Xiaoyu long understood that as long as he opened his mouth, the man would ignore precedent without caring about the consequences!

It was a pity that a long time ago, he was still naive and allowed that man to set a precedent in bed. Since then…

Don’t mention it, this was just sprinkling salt on Small Mushroom’s wound!

After a small conversation with a man that night, Ming Yu slept early in order to prepare for the next day of rehearsals.

The next morning, the employee of Ruth Mary arrived at the hotel on time and led Ming Yu and Luo Ru to a grand show hall.

The streamlined hemispherical show hall was like a beautiful gem situation on the banks of Thames River. Yesterday’s storm seemed like it never existed. The morning sky of London was a bright blue and sunlight shone on the sparkling water. It reflected off the glass wall of the glittering hall, sparkling with a glamorous brilliance.

The staff member responsible for receiving Ming Yu was Mr. Will, a member of Ruth Mary’s PR department. He was very diligent in escorting the two people to the entrance of the hall, explaining, “Today will be for your styling and the choice of outfits. Tomorrow, we have invited the world’s top photographers to take hard photos of everyone to prepare for the day after tomorrow.”

Ming Xiaoyu was well aware of these things from when Zhao Rui was negotiating with Ruth Mary. However, Mr. Will explained in detail again and it was his work needs. In order to respect the mentality of others, Ming Xiaoyu politely listened as the three people slowly approached the entrance.

However, they were just five metres from the door when Mr. Will’s footsteps stopped.

Ming Yu followed his direction and saw a luxurious Lamborghini arrogantly parked in front of the gate of the hall, the motor sound making people feel uncomfortable.

Mr. Will snorted a bit before continuing to lead Ming Yu through the door. However, as they entered through the door, Ming Xiaoyu turned and looked at the car. Once he saw who came down from the car, his eyes slightly widened and he whispered, “It turned out to be him…”

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