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Chapter 188

November 2017, just three days after the 5,000 Years high-end show ended. The Yizhi PR department published an announcement in major media outlets in Huaxia. It was announced that starting from next month, the global spokesperson of Yizhi would be officially replaced.

The next day, Yizhi contacted the global media and announced the name of the new global spokesperson.

Once the name was seen, there was an uproar among countless fashion lovers all over the world before they accepted the result very calmly.

Although his new spokesperson’s qualifications couldn’t be compared to Du Ruo’s qualifications, they didn’t know why but they felt it was natural for Yizhi to choose this supermodel.

Ming Yu, this name wasn’t a stranger to the global fashion media.

Once this name first appeared in the world’s fashion circles, he was just a small second-tier model. He become the Huaxia spokesperson for the first-tier luxury brand Nidelan. Now he had become the global spokesperson for the world’s top luxury brand Yizhi.

The gap could no longer be described as a gap. This was simply the Mariana Trench!

Huaxia luxury brands always disliked finding foreign supermodels and stars to endorse them. After all, Huaxia people always paid attention to ‘fertilizer doesn’t flow to outsider land.’ Their supermodels might be willing to endorse foreign brands but for foreign supermodels to cross the border into Huaxia?

There were no open doors!

For example, the global spokesperson for Ji and Ya was Xi Ze and this hadn’t changed for many years. The spokesperson for Yizhi was Du Ruo and now it was Ming Yu.

All of them had exclusively Oriental faces. Don’t look at Japan and South Korea. There were only people from Huaxia!

Therefore, this 5,000 Years show already made people aware of something strange. In the high-end show, there were several models on the world supermodel rankings that were clearly higher than Ming Yu. How could they let Ming Yu act as the opening model?

In addition, there was something very strange about the poster for this Muse issue. Du Ruo was handing a piece of jade to Ming Yu. This was simply implying something!

As Xi Ze said, once the replacement spokesperson for Yizhi was exposed, the sales of Muse weren’t reduced. It broke the global sales record maintained by itself. In the end, there wasn’t enough stock and they had to start printing more.

Many fashion lovers were very curious. In this issue of Muse, did Du Ruo and MIng Yu disclose any inside information. For example, these two people were Yizhi’s global spokesperson. There were too many topics to talk about!

However, they were destined to be disappointed. Ming Xiaoyu didn’t reveal any private matters in the interview. Before the start of the high-end show, Ming Yu had signed a contract with the other person. Starting from December, he would officially become Yizhi’s global spokesperson.

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were very excited about signing this agreement. It was the global spokesperson for Yizhi! For Ming Yu, it was a gold medal token equivalent to taking the top 10 in the supermodel rankings! It was because Yizhi was a top luxury brand in the world.

But for Ming Yu, he finished signing the contract and looked at the Yizhi person responsible for a long time.

This behaviour for Yizhi was really very bold. They directly signed a 42nd ranked model as their global spokesperson. If Ming Yu couldn’t enter the top 10 within one year, then Yizhi would become the laughingstock of the fashion world.

But sometimes, it was through courage and the daring to break through that innovation could be made.

Yizhi might be founded earlier than Ji and Ya but it had been oppressed by Ji and Ya for decades. Even if it was a traditional brand, it needed to have fresh blood injected. Thus, Ming Yu didn’t know that he became Yizhi’s global spokesperson due to the new blood unwillingness to make concessions to the board of directors.

According to the original thoughts of the board of directors, they wanted to either renew the contract with Du Ruo or find another top model no less than Du Ruo. Now the innovation faction was placing hope on the super newcomer. If Ming Yu couldn’t get great achievements in one year, the innovation faction’s right to speak on the board would weaken.

Of course, these weren’t things for Ming Yu to worry about. The innovation faction also received rich results far beyond their expectations.

After a night of rest, Ming Xiaoyu regained his spirit and started to think about how he became more and more ridiculous towards this man.

It was absurd but in some respects, Ming Yu was quite  serious. Once Xi Ze called to say that he would be working overtime in Ji and Ya’s studio all night, Ming Yu swallowed down all his condemning words and finally told Xi Ze not to work too hard.

This made Xi Ze’s heart warm. He said that Ming Yu should have a good rest and not stay up too late working.

What he didn’t know was that after hanging up, the smile on the youth’s face disappeared. At the same time, the distressed emotion slowly disappeared from his eyes. Ming Yu bit his lips and narrowed his eyes as he thought for a long time. Finally, he made a phone call. “Sister Luo? There is something I want to ask you to do…”

“It isn’t about a job so don’t tell Brother Zhao. He doesn’t know what is going on… Can you check if in the capital, there is a bookstore that often wholesales a large number of Muse magazines or other magazines… At least 1,000 or more copies. If you find out, see if you can determine who the buyer is. I’m not in a hurry.”

After hanging up the phone, Ming Yu calmly got out of bed and started preparing his breakfast. At noon, he looked for a lot of delicious meals and personally sent them to the Ji and Ya high-end studio. He asked the staff members to eat a good meal and flattered them.

When sending the food, Ming Yu used the name of Xi Ze. Therefore, these staff members were a bit confused but didn’t think too much. Some staff members would raise their eyebrows and smile, but they didn’t say anything.

Once he met Xi Ze, Ming Yu gave him a bowl of soup and scolded him. “You said you are so busy. How could you do that type of thing? Fortunately, those drawings weren’t damaged or you might be even busier.”

Mr. Xi was treated so well, this was simply a pie falling from the sky!

His family’s mushroom was unexpectedly gentle enough to bring him soup and was also distressed about his overtime! This considerate and wise appearance made Xi Ze a bit suspicious. But then Ming Yu said, “My holiday will end tomorrow and I won’t have time to see you,” diverting his attention.

The two people spoke for a while in the private studio. Then Ming Yu no longer bothered Xi Ze’s work and left.

The next day, Ming Yu finished his holiday and returned to Muse. He learnt from Zhao Rui that he had become the global spokesperson for Yizhi and how much influence it had in the global fashion industry.

At this moment, the announcement of the world supermodel rankings was less than one month away.

The last issue of the world supermodel rankings was delayed for one month but that didn’t mean there would be delays in each subsequent period. Thus, there was only one month left and millions of fans around the world were waiting for—

[How high can Ming Yu climb?”

The first time he entered the rankings, he achieved the terrible place of 42nd. This was one ranking higher than Luo Cheng!

Luo Cheng debuted in a high-end fashion show by relying on his ‘back door’ while Ming Xiaoyu was part of the ‘strength’ faction that advanced step by step. Many people thought that Ming Xiaoyu could surpass Luo Cheng’s record in a short time.

On the Internet, a variety of ranking predictions emerged. The vast majority of people guessed between 20 to 30. There were some sunspots who spoke sarcastically or lit incense to Buddha that perhaps his ranking would drop instead of rising.

Only a small number of people felt that Ming Yu could advance in to the top 10 this time, breaking the blockade of the top 10 for the first time in the past three years!

Speaking of which, there was a really interesting thing.

Since Luo Cheng rushed into the top 10 of the rankings three years ago and finally stayed steady around the 5th rank, there had been no significant changes in the top 10 of the male and female supermodel rankings. At first, everyone thought it was just a coincidence. But as time went on, the fashion lovers’ faces became odd when no new supermodel entered the top 10 for three years.

【 After Luo Cheng entered the top 10, there has been no one new… 】

【 This is just a coincidence. Luo Cheng is the last rising star in recent years… 】

When Luo Cheng heard these remarks, he was so angry that his nose was crooked. What did the fashion industry having no outstanding newcomers have to do with him? There were some superstitious people who said that ‘Luo Cheng has taken away all newcomers for the next 10 years!”

Damn it! What about Qi Yun who had been fourth for three years! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻!!!

One night, when Ming Xiaoyu was reading some fan comments about him entering the top 10, Xi Ze shook his head and said, “You are late entering the top 10. If you were my private model, you would’ve already reached this level or even higher.”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered. “In any case, my current performance has nothing to do with you. Just wait for me to pull your down from first place and let everyone in the world see. They will completely forget Luo Cheng. You will be the one who was robbed by a newcomer!”

Xi Ze’s reply to Ming Xiaoyu was a gentle kiss. The two people soon forgot about the poor wronged Luo Cheng and started to do shameful things. The next day, once the two of them woke up from their sleep—

Huaxia’s annual martial arts blockbuster An Li finally released its first round of makeup stills!

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