RS: Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

When Shen Xiang kicked open the door, Xi Ze had his head bowed over potted plants. The pair of slender and thin hands— Hands! Destroy! He seemed like he was tenderly kneading the leaves, but he was destroying them.

The handsome and noble man standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows, looking calm while playing with delicate plants.

Logically, this should be a beautiful picture. However, at this moment, Shen Xiang only wanted to send the evil person in front of him into the 18 layers of hell, never seeing him again.

His mind was furious, so the normally always calm Director Shen of the PR department didn’t notice the tread on the door he kicked. Shen Xiang, who was upset by the Internet and various media outlets, moved to the table and sternly asked, “Do you know how much impact your casual words caused?”

Shen Xiang didn’t wait for the man to replied as he immediately blamed him. “Your words caused Ming Yu to get more attention than I expected. This means that I have to reconsider his status. I have to pay attention to him to see what level he should be put in! His future is full of uncertainly, but thanks to you, I have to spend at least a week paying attention to him!”

The silent office answered him.

Shen Xiang wasn’t aware of this yet and continued complaining. “You should know that everything you write on your websites becomes an instant success! You should at least tell me before writing something, let me be your staff. What do you mean by ‘I will be waiting for you?’ Isn’t it too ambiguous? Do you want to make your fans imagine things? Isn’t this a mess? You should tell me before writing something!”

After a moment.

Shen Xiang, “…”

Another minute.

Shen Xiang, “…Xi Ze?”

Three minutes later.

Shen Xiang, “_(:з」∠)_ Xi Ze…”

Another five minutes…

Shen Xiang, “QAQ Xi Ze, Xi Ze? Hey, Xi Ze?”

After leaving the director of the PR department out to dry for a full 10 minutes, the cold and indifferent man put down his hands that had been ‘lovingly’ touching the leaves. He turned to look at the sofa where his long-time agent was sitting and asked, “Ding Bo, did you hear someone talking?”

The suddenly named Ding Bo thought for a moment and decided to raise his hand. “Yes, I heard it. Shen Xiang, isn’t that kid right in front of you?”

Unexpectedly, Xi Ze whispered in a confused manner, “Then why did I only hear my door being kicked open?”

Ding Bo, “Pfft.”

Shen Xiang, “…”

Once Shen Xiang repeated promised to ensure that the footprint and cracks on the mahogany door would be cleaned and repaired, Xi Ze suddenly found this person. He looked at Shen Xiang with extreme astonishment and asked, “Mr. Shen, when did you come?”

Mr. Shen whose whole body was shaking, “…”

In the beautiful glow of the sunset, the man tidied up his sleeves and seriously listened to Shen Xiang. When he heard that the other person was ‘concerned that he couldn’t determine Ming Yu’s level, Xi Ze raised his head and asked, “You have to divide everyone into a level in order to manage them?”

Shen Xian was surprised for a moment when he heard this, before saying, “It is convenient for management. Muse has a total of more than 100 models. The PR department might have many people, but it will take too much labour and resources to watch everyone.”

Xi Ze carefully thought for a long time before whispering, “This thing should be changed.”

Shen Xiang, “?”

Xi Ze replied to the puzzled Shen Xiang. “Since you have to divide the models in accordance to level and Ming Yu’s level can’t be judged, then… he is at the highest level.”

Shen Xiang, “(⊙口⊙)!!!”

Ding Bo drinking water, “Cough cough cough…”

Acting as if he didn’t notice his agent and the director of Muse’s Pr department’s aghast eyes, Xi Ze raised his right index finger to his lower lip, speaking as if he was embarrassed, “Temporarily set it to the highest level.”

Shen Xiang, “!!!!”

What do you mean by temporary?

It seems like you are still very dissatisfied with the highest level!

Come out, say what you aren’t satisfied with! I will let you know who is at the highest level!!!

(/“≡ _ ≡)/~┴┴

Of course, these words could only be contained in Shen Xiang’s stomach. A complicated expression appeared on his face as he asked Xi Ze, “Why does Ming Yu have to be at the highest level? Right now, in Muse, only you are at the highest level. Even Luo Cheng and He Chaoman aren’t included. Ming Yu’s recent momentum might be good, but it isn’t at the highest level yet.”

In fact, I don’t think he will reach the peak…

Shen Xiang silently added in his heart.

After hearing his words, Xi Ze turned to look at him with surprise. “Didn’t I tell you that he fits the image in my heart?”

“Really?” There was a long pause before Shen Xiang nodded. “Yes, you said he was similar, but you weren’t sure yet…”

The thin lips slightly curved up as Xi Ze showed a calm and indifferent smile. He replied in a flat tone. “Oh, now I am sure that sooner or later, he will become my person.” Xi Ze saw Shen Xiang’s expression and added, “Well, my model.”

Shen Xiang, “…”

What was with the addition? His thoughts didn’t even go that way!!!

Xi Ze, “Oh right, the Weibo message I just posted? Don’t thank me. I just helped you maintain the hot topic. Of course, if you must thank me, I don’t mind. You can discuss it with Ding Bo.”

Ding Bo promptly raised his hand, “I’m here, I’m here. I was just doing a big of negotiation with the British media!”

Shen Xiang’s expression: I’m so tired ( ̄口 ̄)”.

At this point, the long tail of the sunset was just about to fall beneath the horizon, so the man walked to his dressing room and put on a slim black coat. The solemn black lining made the face that ‘killed fan girls and dominated the first supermodel position’ look even more beautiful and expensive. In particular, it seemed to be plated with a layer of platinum when the light shone on it.

Since they were leaving, the three people left the room together.

Shen Xiang’s heart was ashes as he reached the door, but he intended to go downstairs and process everything. However, he had only taken a few steps when he suddenly heard a low and magnetic voice from behind him. “This door… ah, is it made in Italy?”

The agent, who was afraid of chaos, quickly interrupted. “Yes, this was privately ordered from Italy! Geez, look at this big footprint! Shen Xiang, how big are your feet, 43? Tsk, look at this crack. Your legs are really fierce. Hey, to repair this… how much will it cost~~~~”

Shen Xiang, ““(╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸!”

Ding Bo! Don’t let me see your smug face anytime soon!

Don’t come to me for help when you are being bullied by Xi Ze’s sharp tongue!!!


You will definitely come to me later, and I absolutely won’t help!



Ming Yu was naturally unaware of what was happening at the top of the Muse building. When Zhao Rui first found Xi Ze’s Weibo, don’t even talk about him, even Ming Yu and Luo Ru were very chocked.

Zhao Rui kept thinking about Xi Ze’s purpose, while Luo Ru was distracted by the fact that something happened that couldn’t be understood. How could such a strange thing happen?

Ming Yu also squinted for a moment, unable to come up with a reasonable answer.

Finally, Luo Ru tentatively asked, “Perhaps Director Shen asked Xi Ze for help?”

Zhao Rui clapped his hands, “Yes! That must be it!”

It seemed like the most likely answer for today’s situation.

Fortunately, the three people no longer thought about it. The sky was gradually darkening, so they decided to leave first.

Zhao Rui completely accepted Luo Ru’s speculation. Luo Ru herself felt like it was unlikely for Shen Xiang to do such a move, but she could only accept this answer in the absence of other options. As for Ming Yu…

The youth looked at his reflection in the elevator door and pondered for a long time. He suddenly recalled the scene a few months ago when he first met the man at Ruoshang Hall.

Three or four months had passed since Ming Yu was reborn, and he had only seen Xi Ze twice. The first time was when he was forced to hide in the bathroom, while the second time was when he faced ‘bullying.’

Both times, his state wasn’t very good.

“It seems… like I am being bullied?”

“Ming Yu, what did you just say?”

“Nothing Brother Zhao. I didn’t say anything. I just casually remembered a few sentences.”

Zhao Rui was no longer suspicious after receiving the answer, while Ming Yu continued to ponder on his guess.

The first possibility: Xi Ze had a very good heart and was helping the newcomers. He was this century’s new Lei Feng.

New Lei Feng… Don’t talk about anyone else, even Ming Yu didn’t believe it.

The second possibility: Xi Ze was making an attempt at him and this attempt…

—Impossible, he was just a rookie. What could Xi Ze want from him?

The third possibility: Xi Ze appreciated him and thought he really had the potential to surpass Xi Ze.

Ming Yu smiled lightly and accepted this answer. At this moment, the trio arrived at Muse’s underground parking lot via the elevator.

The three people were just walking out of the elevator when they heard someone shouting from behind them. “Haha, if it isn’t Zhao Rui? And next to you are Ming Yu and Luo Ru?”

Ming Yu turned first and saw Muse’s ace agent, Ding Bo coming towards them.

… Ding Bo could shout Luo Ru’s name so accurately…

Zhao Rui laughed and asked, “Ding Bo, today you are finishing work early?”

Ding Bo slowly approached and waved his hand. “That isn’t it. I accompanied that person in working overtime for a month. Now things are over, so I can temporarily take a break. Ah yes, Ming Yu, your momentum in the past two days isn’t bad.” Ding Bo turned to Ming Yu and continued, “Your performance is very good. Shen Xiang is planning to raise your level of concern to the highest level!”

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru who had an understanding of the highest level, “!!!!!”

The totally ignorant Ming Yu, “Then I would like to thank Director Shen. ^_^”

The four people talked as they walked through the parking lot. After chatting for a while, Zhao Rui suddenly had a though. “Ding Bo, you said you finally managed to deal with things, were you working alone?”

Ming Yu also looked at Ding Bo with some curiosity after hearing Zhao Rui’s question. Logically speaking, as Xi Ze’s agent, Ding Bo shouldn’t be alone in his one month of overtime. Was Xi She left in the office?

Ming Yu thought this and also curiously asked, “Are you along, Brother Ding?”

Ding Bo was slightly surprised and about to say something, when he suddenly looked behind Ming Yu and closed his mouth. Then he smiled.

Ming Yu looked at Ding Bo’s mysterious smile and suddenly had a flash. But just as he was about to grab onto that epiphany, he heard a low and elegant from behind him, “Apart from him, there is also me.”

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Ungrateful camper
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