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Chapter 53

Ming Yu got up early to work out and once he returned, he saw the breakfast set aside in front of his door, presumably in return for last night.

Ming Yu leaned over and picked up the paper bag, then tore off the little note stuck on the door.

Xi Ze: 【 Eat a hot breakfast. Thank you for last night’s hospitality. Happy New Year. 】

The lower right corner had the fierce ‘Xi Ze’ written on it. Ming Yu was dumbfounded but didn’t refuse the other person’s kindness, directly opening the door to his home.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel and casually muttered, “Xi Ze’s signature is good, but it is still lacking a bit of momentum. Hrmm… he should practice more.”

After breakfast, Ming Yu didn’t throw away the small piece of paper from Xi Ze. He chose to carefully preserve it.

Don’t misunderstand. Ming Yu didn’t have the hobby of ‘sneakily hiding a collection of notes.’ He had a prideful appearance but he was also very honest. Ming Xiaoyu checked his Muse website forum these days, and also took a look at Xi Ze’s forum. There, he discovered a topic that Xi Ze’s fans were roaring about.

【 300 for God Xi’s signature? 3,000! 30,000!!!   However, there is almost no one who will part with God Xi’s signature_(:3∠)_】
Ming Yu saw that XI Ze’s signature was unexpectedly so expensive that of course he treasured it. Setting aside his home, in addition to a few sponsored coats, perfumes and watches, Ming Yu’s most valuable possession was probably his phone?

“If I am desperate one day, I can consider selling it…”

Ming Xiaoyu was so smart ╮(╯▽╰)╭.
Anyway, after the spring festival, Ming Yu continued devoting himself to his work. It was tense, but a lot easier than before. He was much busier in his past life. In fact, Ming Yu didn’t want to leave but the others wanted to!

It was probably because Ming Yu’s popularity was really big these days. Zhao Rui gave him notice about appearing as a special guest in a popular domestic reality show.

However, before the arrival of this job, the entire fashion industry was focused on the high-end fashion shows of the major brands.

In January, the fashion shows in Britain, France and Denmark ended. The top three Huaxia luxury brands waited until after the Chinese New Year to released their 2017 spring/summer collection.

Among them, Ji and Ya was the first.

Once Zhao Rui learned that Ming Yu actually had two invitations to Ji and Ya, his eyes became bigger and he couldn’t believe it. “I heard that there are a total of 800 invitation letters. But Xiaoyu, you actually have two? Is this right? I heard Shen Xiang say that Ji and Ya’s invitations are really hard to obtain. Even the editor in chief of a second-tier magazine can only get one!”

Knowing how valuable these two invitations were, Ming Yu pondered for a moment before asking, “Brother Zhao, I know this invitation is very valuable, but I don’t have anybody I want to invite. If you want, do you want to go with me to watch this fashion show?”

Zhao Rui was flattered. “This…this… Xiaoyu, you want to invite me to go with you?” ZHao Rui hesitated for a long time before shaking his head. “I am your agent, but I can only be considered to be half in the fashion industry. I don’t have a lot of experience with clothing and can’t tell the difference between something that looks good and something that doesn’t. You shouldn’t waste this invitation on me. To be honest, Xiaoyu, you should use this invitation to invite a more important friend.”

Ming Yu was stunned by the words. “Brother Zhao, you mean…?”

Zhao Rui thought carefully before asking, “What do you think about Miss Fei?”

Ming Yu immediately called Fei Sixin and asked her if she wanted to go to Ji and Ya’s fashion show.

Fei Sixin picked up the phone and wanted to tease Ming Xiaoyu, but once she heard his purpose, the sudden increase in decibels scared Ming Yu so much that his phone almost fell to the ground!

“Ahhhhhhh, Ming Xiaoyu, you actually have two invitation letters to Ji and Ya? Is this true? Are you sure you want to invite me? Ming Xiaoyu, you are really wonderful! Sister Xin really loves you!”

Thus, Ming Yu found his companion for the night.

Fei Sixin might be a prominent new designer recently, but it was impossible for her to get a Ji and Ya invitation with her own personal identity. Her father, Master Fei also received an invitation from Xi Ze, but it was only one. His name was also written on it, so it was impossible for his daughter to take his place.

Ming Yu hung up the phone and looked at Zhao Rui with a meaningful expression. The latter felt the hairs on his body rising and couldn’t help whispering, “Xiaoyu, what is with your expression? It is creepy…”

The stare lasted for so long that Zhao Rui raised his hands to beg for mercy. Ming Yu suddenly chuckled and spoke while drinking his medicinal drink. “Brother Zhao, you have really grown a lot. Well… it is really great compared to when I first saw you approximately half a year ago.”

Zhao Rui was happy before he realized something, “Wait a minute, Ming Yu! What about when you saw me half a year ago? What happened to me?”

Ming Xiaoyu was embarrassed. “The you before… yes, really great!”

Zhao Rui, “…”

Saying such words when your expression is showing that you don’t believe it!

It was February. The weather was still slightly cold but spring had already hit the branches. Green buds were quietly growing and the warm sunlight seemed to herald winter’s passing and spring’s arrival.

Once it was time for Ji and Ya’s spring/summer show, Ming Yu went to Fei Sixin’s studio to borrow an outfit (Ming Xiaoyu really was poor) and then Zhao Rui drove them to the venue.

Fei Sixin’s left hand gently held Ming Yu’s bent right arm on the red carpet. They laughed while chatting, giving off a very harmonious atmosphere. Reporters also them to take photos and sign the commemorative wall and they did as requested.

Once the two people entered the building, Fei Sixin whispered in Ming Yu’s ears. “Your signature is really good. Out of all the ones I have seen, probably only Xi Ze and Du Ruo can compare with you.

Ming Yu shook his head. “Sister Xin, you are overrating me.”

Fei Sixin casually refuted him. “My words are true. I heard from my father that Du Ruo is in the country and will be attending this fashion show. I have a good relationship with her. Later, I will ask her to sign her name to show you.”

The two people hadn’t formally entered the venue when they suddenly heard someone shouting from behind them “Du Ruo!”  They reflexively turned their heads to see a bright spotlight. A voluptuous woman was walking down the red carpet, calmly smiling at the reporters.

Du Ruo had sexy lips and was named first in the survey from the Anna magazine about ‘Lips that men most want to kiss.’

When her bright red lips showed a charming smile, don’t mention the reporters, even Ming Yu was slightly startled. He watched as the other person step forward and stopped in front of himself and Fei Sixin.

Du Ruo’s eyes flashed across Ming Yu, before pausing for a moment with a trace of being stunned. Then she turned towards Fei Sixin and gently laughed. “A’Xin, it has been a long time. Since when have you obtained such a handsome young meat? Looking at his temperament, is he a model?”

Fei Sixin raised an eyebrow and said with dissatisfaction. “Have you been travelling for so long that you don’t even know Ming Yu? Last time I invited you to come to my fashion show, but you were in Australia shooting an ad. Now you returned and dared to ask me this?”

The three of them walked towards the stage as they talked.

Du Ruo was obviously surprised when she heard ‘Ming Yu.’ She looked over at Ming Yu and said, “Oh, this handsome person is Ming Yu! Of course, I know you. I heard that Xi Ze chose to explore your job site for three consecutive days. You are from Muse right? Little handsome guy~”

Ming Yu didn’t get to speak as Fei Sixin expressed her surprise, “(⊙口⊙). What? Ming Xiaoyu, Xi Ze explored your job site for three consecutive days? Wait a minute… is Xi Ze the one who gave you two invitations?”

Ming Yu, “…Sister Xin. I thought you already knew.”

“You didn’t say it so how could I know? God Xi is my idol ahhhh!!!”

Ming Yu, “…”

Even if you didn’t say it, he would know…

Once the three people arrived, Du Ruo wasn’t sitting with Ming Yu so they temporarily separated. Before leaving, Fei Sixin really had Du Ruo sign her name for Ming Yu. “Du Ruo looks like she is just a pretty vase, but she started practicing calligraphy at the age of 4. Her writing is very good.”

Ming Yu looked at the elegant name and nodded while thinking, ‘Xi Ze’s writing looks a little better? Well, it still isn’t as good as mine.’

In this regard, ‘vase’ Du Ruo was distressed. “Fei Sixin, why do I feel like knowing you is detrimental?”

Ming Yu watched Du Ruo leave and smiled.

Du Ruo belonged to one of Huaxia’s three major modelling agencies, Lanka. With her height and figure, she could be called Huaxia’s sexiest female supermodel. She was second only to He Chaoman and was ranked third on the women’s world supermodels list.

This was the first time that Ming Yu had seen a top supermodel after entering this world (not Xi Ze).

Ming Yu had to admit that the supermodels of this world were more dazzling, He could feel a faint oppression even when Du Ruo was far away on the red carpet.

Of course, this momentum was worst than Xi Ze and there was also a gap with Ming Yu himself.

But no one could deny that Du Ruo was an excellent supermodel.

If the superior Du Ruo was third, what about He Chaoman who was above her? What about Cecilia Cote? What about the second ranked male supermodel, Nice Clark? And also…

Oh, Xi Ze.

Xi Ze, who was preparing for the fashion show backstage but was silently shot, “…”

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Ri Hikaru
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[This was the first time that Ming Yu had seen a top supermodel after entering this world (not Xi Ze).] Ming Xiaoyu doesn’t count his man as top Supermodel 😂😂😂

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