RS: Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

It was the October Golden Week and there were crowds of people everywhere. The power of autumn hadn’t reduced, the burning sun shining directly onto the top of people’s heads. It illuminated the asphalt road that seemed it was going to melt and created a layer of bright light on the water.

Ming Xiaoyu was protesting as he was pushed out the door by the man.

“This weather, this time! Outside has a lot of sun and many people! You can I can’t be seen together, where can we go?  Did you find a private place where two people can sit down? It is better to stay at home!”

The more the youth thought about it, the more he felt depressed.

At present, Ming Yu had just entered the list of world supermodels. His shadow wasn’t even seen on the rankings yet Xi Ze had pulled him so openly through the door. If this was snapped by a small reported and published to the public, what could he do?

Even if Muse took care of the reporters, what about ordinary fans? There were so many people on the streets that they could be seen by others. It would definitely be a problem!

At this moment, Xi Ze and Ming Yu had no intention of disclosing their relationship.

Xi Ze didn’t want to have too much of an impact on Ming Yu’s road to fame due to their relationship. An example was He Chaoman in the past. Due to walking in the high-end Ji and Ya show, she reached the world’s supermodel rankings extremely quickly. This lead many fashion enthusiasts to think that He Chaoman walked in through the backdoor.

Therefore, when compared to Du Ruo who climbed up step by step with her own efforts, they felt that He Chaoman wasn’t as good as Du Ruo.

After that, it took He Chaoman two years to conquer these criticisms with her own strength, letting them know that she relied on her strength and not a vague background.

Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze thought differently. In Ming Yu’s heart, the things he obtained so far were from his hard work.

Looking at the entire fashion industry, who would have less than a month’s worth of holidays and who spend most of the time in the news from his jobs.

He emerged in a second-tier magazine and worked very hard at every step. Therefore, he never feared other people’s eyes.

However, Ming Xiaoyu was very concerned about this question. “If we let other people know about the relationship between us, they might think that you have provided me with many conveniences. If I wanted to do this, I would’ve accepted your invitation at the beginning. I will suffer if I am misunderstood by them right now!”

-Yes, Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t very concerned about going through the backdoor.

Even those who went through the backdoor were divided into two types: ‘a really strong person with a backdoor’ and a ‘complete backdoor.’

Xi Ze and He Chaoman were examples of the former while Andrew Wallen was an example of the latter.

At first, Ming Yu refused Xi Ze because he didn’t want to have a relationship with this man. He regarded this man as a competitor. It would be too shameful if he relied on this man to open the path of dominance in the fashion industry.

Now that the relationship between them was like this, he certainly wouldn’t care about such a little matter. Today’s Ming Xiaoyu didn’t need any help from Xi Ze. Without the latter, he could still walk very well.

The more he thought about it, the more Ming Yu didn’t understand Xi Ze’s intentions.

It happened to be a red light. Xi Ze put one hand on the steering wheel and turned to look at the youth. He asked, “Do you want to hold hands with me and walk on the street?”

The sudden question made Ming Yu’s eyes narrow as he was caught off guard. After a moment, he smiled helplessly and asked, “I already said I was thinking. What is this?”

The man’s beautiful face immediately showed a solemn look. Xi Ze nodded forcibly and said, “Since you really want to, I must meet your wishes. Come on, get out of the car. We will walk hand in hand.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

As he spoke, Xi Ze started to remove his seat belt. He didn’t care that they were still in the middle of the road, waiting for the red light.

This scene made Ming Xiaoyu’s mouth twitch slightly. The man was really taking off his seat belt. Ming Yu suddenly pressed down on Xi Ze’s hands and asked, “What trick are you playing? Don’t you see the green light? This is dangerous. This is the middle of a big road. If something goes wrong, making our relationship public is trivial…”

Suddenly, hot lips stopped the youth’s voice.

By the time Ming Yu recovered, the man had already fastened his seat belt and stepped on the accelerator when the green light came on. The expensive sports car made a buzzing motor sound on the road. Once the car had driven up the street, the youth had a red face as he whispered, “Your sister skills are really advanced…”

Xi Ze solemnly denied it. “I don’t have sister skills.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?”

Xi Ze declared in a dignified way. “I only tease Small Mushroom, cough…”

A fist struck the man and Ming Xiaoyu recovered his hand with a satisfied expression. In any case, the air condition inside the car was very comfortable and the sun was blocked by the dark windows. Ming Yu took out a bottle of cold water from the car’s fridge and drank it.

His leisurely appearance made Xi Ze feel a bit concerned.

He looked at the youth next to him through the rearview mirror and asked casually, “Aren’t you worried about us being recognized?”

Ming Yu smiled. “I’m not worried.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Now it is October Golden Week. The capital has many people. If the two of us walk on the streets, at least five out of ten people will know us. You really aren’t worried?”

Xi Ze’s sentence wasn’t boastful. Huaxia’s fashion and entertainment industries were really prosperous. Don’t talk about his own name and looks. Even Ming Yu, who had a much lower reputation, would have people stopping him for signatures and photos on the streets.

Ming Yu didn’t show any signs of tension at this question. He was very calm as he replied, “If we are discovered, I will just say that you are the future daughter-in-law of my family. I let you play around outside and now you are picking up the identity of future daughter-in-law.”

Future daughter-in-law, “…”

Since this young man wasn’t worried at all, Xi Ze didn’t say anything. Once the car turned onto a familiar road, Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow then asked with surprise, “Didn’t you say we were going somewhere? What are we doing here?”

Xi Ze made an oh sound and asked with surprise, “Where did you think I was taking you?”

Ming Xiaoyu who ate a bitter fruit, “…I thought you were going to take me to a private club or an intimate resort. Who would’ve guessed that you would’ve brought me to Ji and Ya?”

Yes, Ming Yu understood the destination of this trip when he saw the elegant Ji and Ya building.

Ji and Ya’s headquarters was located in the third ring of Huaxia’s capital, surrounded by the world’s major luxury brands. For example, Italy’s top brand Garcia and the US’ top brand Rosalind had built branches in this area. Ordinary first-tier brands couldn’t have a branch here because the area had already been cleaned up by the big names.

It was like the finance and cooking streets. Fashion brands also liked to be together. When these brands occupied a position in the same area, they stimulated each other’s growth.

And Ji and Ya had the best position in this fashion street filled with luxury brands.

In the middle of the last century, Ms. Ji Heya first selected a land and built a ten-story building for Ji and Ya. The building had been rebuilt 10 years ago and now had  over 50 floors. It included the jewelry branch, fragrance branch and makeup branch of Ji and Ya. Most important—

It had Ji and Ya’s high end studio.

Ming Yu followed Xi Ze and directly entered the special elevator inside the Ji and Ya building. No one discovered their arrival. Here,Xi Ze was even more indifferent than when he was at Muse. He didn’t meet any other people and directly top Ming Xiaoyu to the top floors.

After all, this was the first time he came to the headquarters of Ji and Ya. It was quite novel for Ming Xiaoyu.

He had been to many high-end studios in his past life. But that China didn’t have their own top brand. Therefore, Ming Yu always had the feeling of being an outsider when he went to those places. It was because everywhere was full of a Western aesthetic. He didn’t want to be nasty but he didn’t like it.

The same was true for the Garcia studio that he visited in this life.

Moreover, Ji and Ya held special significance to Ming Yu.

This was Huaxia’s top luxury brand, the world’s first high-end studio, a place filled with the cultural flavour of Huaxia, his lover’s own studio.

There was a ding sound and the elevator arrived on the 56th floor.

Before the elevator doors opened, Ming Xiaoyu subconsciously turned to look at Xi Ze. The latter was looking back with a calm smile, countless things filling his deep black eyes. It made the uneasy Ming Xiaoyu instantly relax.

Yes, this might be the world’s top high-end studio but it was also Xi Ze’s studio.

Even if the people he was about to meet were the world’s top masters, there was Xi Ze. He believed that these people shouldn’t be too serious and he would get along with them…

“Old Chen! This waist is wrong! Have you changed your reading glasses? What is going on? !(ノ`Д‘)ノ!!”

“Alice! The colour of your pearls are a problem. Now everyone is half done so it must be changed!”

“o(*≧▽≦)ツ hahahaha! I knew that such lines would make it easier to highlight the legs! I have to wait for Xi Ze and show him. This design is so complicated. I studied for half a day before finishing it. Hahaha!”

Xi Ze, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

What about the stereotypes of the strict and serious top masters of fashion?!!!

TL Note: Ji and Ya can also be Ji Heya, so the brand is probably named after the founder Ji Heya. However, I named Ji and Ya before finding out this fact. Should I keep sticking with Ji and Ya for the brand name or should I change it to Ji Heya?

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Methinks the author is steeped in a lil too much anti-western tendencies. Bluntly speaking, if this was an english novel set in europe/US and the author frequently refers to eastern aesthetics this way, the novel would be called out for racism pretty quickly. :/