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Chapter 51

In this way, Ming Xiaoyu’s next two days were filled with his ‘beauty and feeding record.’ January was bustling with the spring festival and many young people wanted to feed Ming Xiaoyu.

February arrived and thanks to the Meditation Road special issue, Ming Yu’s popularity was steadily growing. After a few days, Zhao Rui spoke emotionally, “Xiaoyu, your popularity might be far less than He Chaoman, Luo Cheng and Xi Ze, but compared to other people, your popularity is really growing too fast!”

It really was the case!

In a short span of six months, Ming Yu rose from an ordinary third-tier model under Zhao Rui to one of the most popular second-tier models in Huaxia. Zhao Rui recently received a lot of domestic first-tier endorsement invitations, as well as some magazine cover invitations. This showed—

Ming Yu wasn’t an obscure young model, he could even be regarded as a first-tier model.

To be honest, in both the fashion industry and entertainment industry, fans weren’t very sensitive about the line between first-tier and second-tier.

Fans only liked their idols. They paid attention to this person, loved this person and spent money on this person, that was all.

Of course, the difference between top models and first-tier models was still great. A top model could absolutely enter the world’s top supermodel rankings, but there were some popular general models who could barely be considered top.

Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo fans and official website fans exceeded a few other first-tier models. Most of his, his income in the past six months wasn’t low. So why wasn’t he considered a first-tier model?

It was because Ming Yu hadn’t yet appeared as the cover of a first-tier magazine.

Each of Huaxia’s first-tier magazines were monthly magazines, and they each had their own sub-division magazines such as jewellery, clothing and sports cars. In total, there were around a dozen first-tier magazines going on sale every month. Appearing on the cover of a first-tier magazine, whether it was the main issue or a sub-issue, this was the line between a first and second-tier model.

On New Year’s Eve, Zhao Rui knew that Ming Yu’s parents died early and invited Ming Yu to eat at his home. Once Ming Yu arrived with a gift, the door opened to reveal Zhao Rui’s parents, Zhao Rui and… Zhou Wei Zhuo.

Ming Yu was a little startled for a moment before he smiled. He looked meaningfully towards Zhao Rui and cried out, “Brother Zhao, Happy New Year! The youth paused before whispering, “Brother Zhao, why is Sister Wei here?”

Zhao Rui was surprised and asked, “Why shouldn’t A’Wei be here?”

After hearing this, Ming Yu nodded and asked no more questions.

They ate together and Zhao Rui happily gave Ming Yu a few announcements. “There are currently two first-tier magazines who have invited you to appear on the cover of their March issue. One is Lanka and the other is Character. You can choose the one you want.”

When he said this, Zhao Rui looked cheerful and was glowing. He was apparently very happy. Ming Yu became aware of something. “Brother Zhao, no matter what magazine I choose, I can be a first-tier model as long as the magazine is released in March?”

Zhao Rui was surprised and blinked at Xiaoyu several times. Finally, he couldn’t help saying, “Ming Yu, you are the most honest model I have every met. In times like this, shouldn’t you modestly say that you will like it no matter what magazine and that it is hard to choose? Is it really okay to show your ambitions so clearly?”

Ming Yu didn’t say anything after hearing these words. Zhou Wei Zhuo, who was carrying fruit, laughed, “Ming Xiaoyu, you are one of us. If you accept either Lanka or Character’s invitation, you will formally step through the door of the first-tier models. What is so embarrassing about saying this openly?”

Zhou Wei Zhuo placed the fruit on the coffee table and continued, “I suggest that you choose Character. Recently, Character’s momentum is very strong. Chen Rongchen cleaned out the inside of the magazine a few months ago and their new lineup is very powerful. Naturally, you have to choose Character. Don’t choose Lanka.”

Zhao Rui protested, “A’Wei, why are you so frank when talking badly about others?”

Zhou Wei Zhuo waved her hands. “Besides you and Ming Yu, who else is here?”

Once these words finished, Zhao Rui couldn’t hide it any longer and laughed. “Yes! You will soon become a first-tier model! Ming Yu, I didn’t expect you to reach this point so quickly. Really great! Yes, we will choose Character! The Lanka company behind ‘Lanka’ is holding them back, so let’s go with Character!”

After chatting a while, Zhao Rui sent Ming Yu to the ground floor while calling a car to drive Ming Yu back.

Once Ming Yu sat in the back seat, Zhao Rui suddenly realized that Ming Yu was 18 years old this year. On his birthday, Ming Yu could apply for a driver’s license. Therefore, he told Ming Yu about this matter.

No matter in which world, the eve of Chinese New Year was always the most peaceful moment in the capital.

There were no traffic jams on the road. Ming Yu sat in the back of the taxi and leaned against the soft chair, looking out at the night view of the city.

Colourful neon lights rendered this city of steel into an ocean of light. The red, purple, yellow, green and all types of combined colours created a strange beauty, so that Ming Yu couldn’t help marvelling at the optical beauty created by this coincidence.

Zhao Rui’s apartment was quite a distance from the Muse apartments. As he travelled from one end of the city to the other on this silent and cold winter night, Ming Yu realized he had been in this world for more than half a year and felt a trace of loneliness.

He didn’t think about it too much, choosing to bow his head and silently play with his phone. He looked through the fan posts on the forum of his official website and sometimes saw his fans’ Weibo messages.

These words that entered the youth’s clear eyes from the cold screen could be considered a type of warmth.

It was inconvenient for taxis to enter the gate of the community, so Ming Yu got off and walked into the community.

A person walking on the still and dark path, the tall and handsome young man had his hands in his coat pockets and looked at the pebbles on the ground, slowing walking forward.

The weather might’ve warmed up, but it was still a little cold at night. The heat exhaled from Ming Yu’s mouth formed a white fog in the cold air, but he deliberately didn’t speed up his steps to enter his home earlier. Instead, he moved forward at a slow pace.

By the time he reached the door of the apartment building, Ming Yu’s cheeks were red from the cold. He seemed to feel the cold at the moment and hastened to enter the building.

He entered the code for the first access and was able to walk to the second access door. But as he was taking out the card, he suddenly heard a mellow voice from behind him. “You returned so late, have you eaten?”

Ming Yu’s eyes widened with surprise and he reflexively looked back.

It was no different from three months ago!

This man still unexpectedly appeared behind him and suddenly spoke aloud.

The astonished eyes looked at Xi Ze for a long time, before Ming Yu’s lips curved and he reluctantly said, “Xi Ze, you are actually really scary.”



The configuration of the Muse apartments was actually very good.

Ming Yu was originally assigned to a third-tier model, so the size was quite small. However, it didn’t seem crowded, it was just right.

Ming Yu invited Xi Ze into the apartment, then went into the kitchen to pour water. Ming Yu remembered Xi Ze’s paranoia with cleanliness, so when he came out with the water, he also specifically prepared several clean paper towers. He hadn’t yet handed over the paper towels when Xi Ze directly pulled one from his pocket and carefully wiped the glass.

Ming Yu, “…”

Forcing himself to ignore this snake disease, Ming Yu drank hot water and said, “Brother Zhao invited me to his house for dinner, so I came back a little late tonight. But Xi Ze, why are you suddenly looking for me? Is something going on? You should’ve told me in advance on the phone.”

Since they were already friends, Ming Yu naturally treated Xi Ze with the same attitude that he used with Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and some other people.

After carefully wiping for a minute, Xi Ze put down the cup and threw the towel in the bin next to the coffee table. In front of Ming Yu’s “?_?” disdainful eyes, Xi Ze replied, “It isn’t a big deal. I thought you would be eating alone on New Year’s Eve and came to eat with you.”

Ming Yu’s first reaction to these words wasn’t to be touched. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did you check my information?”

Xi Ze calmly smiled, “Didn’t you write it on your official website?”

Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu PK by God Xi, Ming Xiaoyu KO!

He helplessly raised a hand and said, “Then I have to thank you for your concern. But unfortunately, I didn’t cook. If you haven’t eaten, we can go downstairs to the coffee store next door. Maybe they haven’t closed yet.”

“They are closed.”

Ming Yu, “?”

Xi Ze calmly looked up. “They closed after I finished eating.”

Ming Yu, “…”

After a moment, Ming Yu couldn’t help asking, “…Didn’t you say that you wanted to eat with me?”

Xi Ze looked at the youth’s expression and a smile flashed in his dark eyes. He waved a hand and said helplessly, “Waiting for you is very… I thought you might not return for an hour and went to eat something first.”

Ming Yu, “…”

Didn’t you say that you arrived 10 minutes ago?!!!

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