RS: Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

The two people couldn’t help indulging as their tongues became entangled, spreading an ambiguous and charming atmosphere. The kiss started very suddenly but lasted a long time. It seemed that neither of them wanted to leave the other. Sometimes they wanted to possess the other person with their aggressiveness.

In the quiet cloakroom, the long kiss ended. The tall and thin young man gasped as he looked at the man in front of him. His cheeks were red and his eyes were bright and clear as he stared into the man’s eyes. Seeing this, the latter couldn’t help squinting.

The two people stared at each other as their foreheads touched. Then Ming Yu took the initiative to raise his mouth and kiss Xi Ze’s lips. He dropped a soft kiss before his lips curved and he said, “Before today, I really couldn’t believe that you can cook.” Then he added, “You also do it so well.”

Xi Ze glanced at the young man’s swollen lips and raised an eyebrow. “Do you like it?”

Ming Yu admitted it. “I like it very much. I was thinking that whoever marries you would win a big profit.”

The man’s dark eyes flashed as he listened to the youth’s words. He smiled and said, “It will be the same when we marry.”

His voice was extremely low and Ming Yu didn’t hear it. When he asked again, Xi Ze chose not to answer. Ming Yu didn’t think too much about it. He simply believed that ‘This man must’ve said something that can’t be spoken.’

No one mentioned the kiss, but when Ming Yu changed clothes, Xi Ze didn’t leave this time. He took the initiative to help the youth. After all, the clothing was very precious and needed to be well preserved.

Xi Ze helped Ming Yu carefully place it in the box and the two people walked downstairs together.

Ming Yu suddenly had a thought. “How much is this outfit worth?”

Xi Ze’s lips curved. “Do you want to know?”

The young man replied positively and Xi Ze opened his hands and said with resignation, “It is priceless.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Xi Ze sincerely added. “This is a separate design for my muse. It is the only one in the world and is naturally priceless.”

After listening to him, Ming Yu uttered a light hum. “Oh, there is only one? You designed it for me? Who was the person who said that maybe I can see the same series of women’s clothing in the next Ji and Ya high-end fashion show?”

Ming Yu never expected that in the face of his doubts and condemnation, Xi Ze actually made a look of astonishment. “There was such a thing?”

His expression was shocked and his sharp eyes were slightly raised, as if he had absolutely no idea.

Ming Yu was amused by his expression. He raised a hand to hit Xi Ze’s chest and said, “I can already imagine it, what Ding Bo and Director Shen have to live with every day. You are really shameless.”

—Ding Bo and Shen Xiang: Small Mushroom, gj!!! o(*≧▽≦)ツ

Xi Ze helplessly shook his head with an expression of ‘how can you slander me?’ Then he sighed. “You really can’t imagine their days because they will never talk to me like you do.”

Ming Yu opened his door and Xi Ze placed a hand on the door frame, intending to step in. However, his feet had just lifted up, it wasn’t even completely off the ground, when Ming Yu suddenly turned around and asked, “Is there another matter today?”

Xi Ze jerked and asked, “What?”

The young man held the door and said with a smile, “It is quite late now. I have a job tomorrow and I heard that you’ve been very busy lately. Go back and rest. I won’t send you away. After all, your apartment is upstairs and it will only take a few steps.”

Xi Ze, “…”

Xi Ze’s brows slightly narrowed together as his eyes stared at the youth. It lingered a long time on the youth’s glossy lips. The lips were slightly red and swollen. Xi Ze clearly remember the feeling of the lips, which was soft and delicate, more delicate than the finest silk.

As if aware of where Xi Ze was looking, Ming Yu gave a low laugh. He reached out so suddenly that Xi Ze couldn’t react and pulled him down slightly. Then while Xi Ze was still surprised, he lightly pressed his lips against Xi Ze’s lips and said, “A good night kiss.”

The next second, Xi Ze laughed lightly. “You are very active today…”

Ming Yu ignored the man’s flirtation. Instead, he thought for a moment before saying seriously, “Since you think I am too active, I won’t take the initiative…”

Xi Ze directly blocked the youth’s mouth. He once again hugged Ming Yu’s waist, bowed his head and gave another kiss.

Ming Yu hadn’t been expecting it. After a moment, he slowly responded.

Standing in front of the half open door, the two men didn’t seem to care about being seen as they kissed earnestly and sincerely. The man swiftly sucked at the youth’s hot lips, their tongues tangling together. The noise that was made was beautiful and shameful.

The first time Ming Yu saw XI Ze’s name was the day he first came to this world.

After going to the hospital to check his body’s condition and returning home, the first thing Ming Yu did was to check who was the world’s number one supermodel. To his surprise, the man in the photo was a handsome and noble Huaxia person.

Ming Yu still remembered the photo he saw at that time. Xi Ze had raised his hand to cover the left side of his face. The dazzling phoenix eyes seemed to penetrate through the screen. It was a black and white photo, which made the man’s facial features more beautiful.

From that moment onwards, Ming Yu remembered this person and imprinted the name deeply in his heart.

Now he was kissing this man. Unlike what he had imagined, Xi Ze’s lips were hot, not as cold and indifferent as he looked.

Once the kiss was over, Ming Yu panted slightly as he listened to Xi Ze’s whisper. “Happy birthday, this is my good night kiss.”

Ming Yu really didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at these words. “You should hurry and go upstairs, Mr. Xi!”

Mingxiao’s 18th birthday ended with a hot late night kiss. He got gifts that covered the whole coffee table, the blessings of many friends, high-end clothing and finally…

Well, it seemed like putting the man together with these precious gifts was too inappropriate. Ming Yu shook his head and decided to treat a certain man and his kisses as gifts that came along with the high-end clothing.

He thought like this, but once Ming Xiaoyu saw the text sent by the man before going to bed, he couldn’t help smiling. His eyes curved as he replied: 【 Mr. Xi, it is midnight. Don’t you know that disturbing a person’s dreams is a very shameless thing to do? 】

After a long time, Mr. Xi, who disturbed his dream, sent a message back:【 Should I use a good night kiss as compensation? 】

【 …Go to sleep, ?_? 】


The next day, Ming Yu woke up early. The day hadn’t even become light yet by the time his grooming was completed and he went downstairs to Luo Ru’s car.

The car had been driving for half an hour when Ming Yu suddenly received a message from Xi Ze. 【 You’re not at home? 】

Through these simple words, Ming Xiaoyu seemed to see the man’s depressed expression.

He was the culprit of last night’s disturbing dream. Ming Xiaoyu smiled and replied: 【 Mr. XI, don’t you know this sentence? Go to sleep early and get up early. I have already left the fourth ring of the capital. This is a good time, you shouldn’t waste it Mr. Xi. 】

The man seemed to be aware that the youth’s text message was ridiculing him. Standing in front of the mahogany door, Xi Ze first looked at the short message before heading into the elevator and replying:【 I originally wanted to say that your favourite crystal mushroom necklace fell in my cloakroom and I planned to return it to you today. But looking at this situation… I will return it to you personally when you arrive at the company. 】

Ming Xiaoyu who opened the phone and saw the message, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

Who loved that necklace? Who loved it?

He hurriedly replied with ‘I will look for you in the capital’ and immediately closed the phone. He had been teased by this man in a short time and didn’t want to support him anymore.

On the other side, Luo Ru looked at Ming Yu through the rearview mirror. Ming Xiaoyu might look calm, but somehow Luo Ru thought he felt different. After thinking for a moment, Luo Ru asked, “Xiaoyu, is something wrong? Didn’t you sleep well last night? You don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

Ming Yu smiled and said calmly, “Sister Luo, I slept well last night. Thank you for celebrating my birthday yesterday.”

Luo Ru didn’t think much of it and laughed. “It is your birthday, everyone was happy. I didn’t expect Old Fei to come yesterday, it really surprised me. It seems that Old Fei likes you quite a lot Xiaoyu. Ah right, Fei Sixin talked to me last night about another gathering at night. But you have a job today. Otherwise, it would’ve been nice to go to the gathering in the evening.”

Ming Yu listened to this and nodded silently, but he inwardly thought—

If there had been another gathering yesterday night, he wouldn’t have become caught up with that man. Somehow, their relationship had been made clear?

Ming Yu thought about it for a moment. Last night, what was he thinking when he took the initiative to kiss that man? Well, it was the moon’s fault! It must be because the moon made the atmosphere too good last night!

The moon that was obscured by dark clouds last night: =皿=!

Once Ming Yu arrived at the shooting location, the Nidelan people had been here for a long time.

The deputy director saw Ming Yu and Luo Ru and hurriedly led them into the venue. Then he said, “Ming Yu, you have finally arrived. Director Xu arrived at the studio today and seems a bit dissatisfied with the equipment. Please be patient and wait a while. I’m really sorry.”

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