RS: Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Fei Sixin’s design talent was undeniable. Even if her father was Fei Zhennan, her outstanding designs couldn’t be hidden.

Compared to many other ‘second generation’ heirs, Fei Sixin wasn’t hypocritical. She always accepted the convenience provided by her father, as well as his praise. According to Fei Sixin’s words, “How can I deny that he is my father?”

Fei Sixin always admitted that the title of ‘Fei Zhennan’s daughter’ brought her a lot of convenience on her design path. She even advocated ‘making use of these conveniences to become more dazzling and glorious’, rather than blindly denying what her father’s reputation brought her.

So, this time, when Fei Sixin held her first fashion show, Fei Zhennan really had a broken heart.

This girl was so good at home, but why was she more stubborn than a cow? Once she made up her mind, even 100 elephants couldn’t pull her back!

For example, when Fei Zhennan learned that this smelly girl invited Ming Yu as the chief model of her fashion show and didn’t even wait to sign the contract, he almost fainted! He had exposed his old face and already invited a top supermodel to act as her chief model!!

But in this matter, Fei Zhennan didn’t interfere too much. Fei Sixin believed that Ming Yu was the person she was looking for and he believed in his daughter’s vision.

Fortunately, the supermodel wasn’t as sharp as Xi Ze. He just smiled and replied, “It is okay, Old Lao. Call me anytime if you need me for anything.”

Of course, it wasn’t shown on the surface, but Old Fei was still nervous.

This smelly girl’s fashion show, the chief model didn’t have enough experience. Ming Yu had a good temperament and handsome appearance, even his catwalk was quite good. However, this was his first time as a chief model.  Was it really okay to put these two new people together?

Therefore, for most of the one month preparation period, Old Fei always ran to see the progress of the studio, straightforwardly provoking them. This caused Fei Sixin to ask, “Dad, what are you saying? What are you trying to do? We are in the middle of going over things, it isn’t convenient for you to be here!”

Fei Zhennan stared as he heard these words. “I care about you! You stinky girl, not appreciating it!”

Fei Sixin’s resentful reply, “…Are you my father or my mother…”

‘Mother’ Fei Zhennan hit the table and cried out, “Your father!”

Fei Sixin, “…”

In this way, the preparation time passed in a flash.

During this time, Ming Yu tried on some clothing and had the size modified. Therefore, he encountered Old Fei. As long as it wasn’t related to his daughter, Old Fei was still the top domestic photographer. However, Old Fei changed when it came to his relationship with his daughter, causing Ming Yu to smile with a dumbfounded expression.

Ming Yu never felt such warmth and care since his childhood. He didn’t envy it, but he occasionally thought, ‘The feelings between father and daughter are really good.’

The fashion show was scheduled to be held at 7p.m. As early as a week ago, Fei Sixin and Fei Zhennan sent out more than 500 invitations. They also spent two weeks decorating the venue of the fashion show in a beautiful manner.

The fashion show’s venue was the exhibition hall on the 3rd Ring Road of the capital. Big name fashion brands often borrowed this venue for their fashion shows. On the morning of the show, MIng Yu, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru rushed to the venue before 9 a.m. The 20 models participating in the catwalk were in place, busy with putting on make-up, changing or taking photos.

Yes, Fei Sixin arranged to have photos taken of all the models before the fashion show.

The photographer was naturally one of the top 10 photography masters in Huxia, Fei Zhennan. Master Fei was an unusual photographer. He was fastidious, demanding and harsh.

His requirements for each shot were quite high. Whether it was the lighting, shape, arrangement or actions of the model, he conducted a detailed guild. It was to the point that many of the show’s young models were overwhelming, sweating before they even took a photo.

“Look over there! Pay attention to your eyes!”

“Your right hand is too high, move your left foot forward a little bit… Yes! That’s it!”


Master Fei wasn’t so severe when taking the photos, but his speech and manner were very serious. Under the bright and dazzling lights, models lined up in the studio, as if they were at their execution, as they waited for the final trial.

“Ming… Ming Yu, Master Fei was so moderate before. Now he is so terrible…”

As the chief model, whether Fei Zhennan trusted him or not, he was arranged to be the last to shoot. Therefore, all the other models finished first. Currently standing in front of him was a second-tier model from one of the three main modelling agencies in Huaxia, Star Models Agency. Originally, this model was talking and laughing with Ming Yu, but as it came closer to his turn, he couldn’t help feeling anxious.

In Fei Sixin’s fashion show, the chief model was Ming Yu. Therefore, the other models shouldn’t have higher fame than him. This could be regarded as a custom in Huaxian, in order to avoid any stealing of the spotlight. It was also a seniority thing.

…Of course, the limelight could still be stolen, such as when Ming Yu grabbed all attention from Cheng Su.

Ming Yu heard the model’s worried words and looked at Master Fei, who was scolding a model. He reluctantly chuckled and comforted the model, “Master Fei just wants his work to be excellent. Rest assured, he is a good person.”

The model could only nod. After a long while, he curiously asked, “Ming Yu, what have you been drinking?”

Ming Yu suddenly stiffened as he heard this. After a long while, his lips curved in a bright and gentle smile. “This? It is an energy drink my assistant made for me. It is healthy and nutritious.”

His voice was as soft as the spring breeze, but the model couldn’t help shivering uncontrollably and never asked again.

…What type of drink was it, you ask?

Of course, it was Luo Ru’s red beans, black beans, egg whites… a mixed milk beverage that contained vitamins A and D!

Well, the name was too long and Ming Yu only remembered this much.

Since he was ruthlessly crushed by someone in the parking lot, Ming Yu was determined to take advantage of this last development period.

The original owner was already 175cm at the age of 14. But after years passed, he didn’t grow and Ming Yu only had a height of 184cm.

According to Ming Yu’s guess, the reason for this halt in growth was because the original owner fell victim to that slag male. He didn’t exercise, ate a lot of random things and didn’t pay attention to nutrition.

At the time, the original owner didn’t have an assistant and Zhao Rui was too busy.

Ming Yu had a deep suspicion: Maybe Cheng Su intentionally did this…

Well, the possibility was high and his suspicion couldn’t be ruled out.

Fortunately, ever since Ming Yu’s rebirth, he had insisted on exercising every morning, running at least 5km. His diet was very regular and healthy, allowing him to grow 2~3cm in the past four or five months, letting out the height that was suppressed for several years.

But that wasn’t enough!

Xi Ze’s official data stated he was 192cm tall, but after that night, Ming Yu thought that the man was at least 10cm taller than him.

Ming Yu pretended to casually ask Zhao Rui, who replied, “Xi Ze? Xi Ze never participates in the company’s physical tests. He is too busy. I heard that Ding Bo just directly registers the information. In any case, he usually participates in fashion shows, where the clothes are tailored for him, so it is no big deal. Oh yes, it seems he has recently only been participating in the shows for his own brand. Then there is no problem.”

Ming Yu, “…”

There was a problem!

It meant that he was much shorter than that man!

Luo Ru was truly a competent assistant. Once Ming Yu expressed his desire for her to create a plan to help him grow, she came back the next day with a complete program that she designed for Ming Yu… including medicinal soup that she boiled.

A height of 184cm was still good for a model. In the world’s top 10 supermodel rankings, there was a male model from Denmark who was only 183cm. But… the average height of a male supermodel was 188cm, so this number could really be considered belong the average.

After seeing Ming Yu’s gaze, Luo Ru hesitated for a long time before eventually saying, “In fact, I wanted to raise this issue a long time ago. However, you and Brother Zhao didn’t say anything so I didn’t speak. I actually worked out this plan a month ago and was just waiting for you to implement it…”

The implication was: Ming Xiaoyu, you should’ve noticed this problem a long time ago!

Ming Yu, “…”

With such a grieving mood, Ming Yu drank the full cup of medicinal soup. He handed the empty cup to Luo Ru and formally entered the shooting set.

Fei Zhennan was surprised as he suddenly saw a handsome teenager in the frame. His line of sight shifted away from the SLR, looking towards Ming Yu in the centre of the set.

The two people smiled at each other.

Fei Zhennan spoke, “I didn’t expect that after half a year, I finally get the chance to shoot you, Ming Yu.”

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>…Of course, the limelight could steal be stolen, such as when Ming Yu grabbed all attention from Ming Yu.<
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Sora Tsukiko
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