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Chapter 66

In recent days, the temperature of the capital had become slightly warmer. The breeze blowing outside the apartment was no longer as cold as the previous month, containing a touch of spring warmth instead. The city’s colourful neon lights were turned on, the sky was dyed a magnificent red and the Muse apartments were quiet, not even the insects were audible.

Once Ming Yu got onto the elevator, he slightly loosened the scarf around his neck and breathed. On the other side, Xi Ze pressed the button for Ming Yu’s floor and casually asked, “Are you afraid of the cold?”

He was referring to the fact that Ming Yu had a thick wool scarf around his neck, despite today’s warm weather.

Ming Yu froze for a moment and shook his head. “I’m not afraid of the cold.”

Xi Ze sent Ming Yu a meaningful look and a smile flashed in his deep eyes, but he didn’t ask anything more.

In fact, the reason for Ming Xiaoyu’s scarf was simple. Since receiving the ‘Small Mushroom’ nickname, he had been feeling shame. Every day, Zhao Rui looked at him and muttered, “Really like a small mushroom…”

How was this good?

Ming Yu’s face darkened as he thought about it and couldn’t help pulling up the scarf again.

Once the two people entered the house, Xi Ze didn’t act as an outsider, hanging up his coat on the clothes shelf together with Ming Yu. Ming XIaoyu didn’t find anything strange about this behaviour, naturally acquiescing instead.

A few minutes ago, Ming Xiaoyu had figured out how to deal with this request to return the favour. The youth frowned and gave a very disappointed sigh. “Xi Ze, I really want to cook you a big meal tonight. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy ingredients today. How about I cook vegetable noodles tonight and invite you to eat dinner later?”

Xi Ze didn’t show much reaction to the words. He just faintly smiled and asked, “Then when do you have time?”

A sly look flashed through the youth’s eyes and he signed with disappointment again, “Oh, I have to do a reality show recording in a few days, so I really have no time. The reality show is going to be filmed abroad for a long time. After the reality show, I have other jobs.” The youth seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before saying with regret, “What a pity. I just figured that I can only formally invite you to eat after three or four months.”

In three or four months, what type of food couldn’t he cook with his strength?

Ming Yu’s tone was really sad, enough to make listeners tearful. It seemed he really regretted not being able to make the dishes for Xi Ze tonight. But Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know that his pained appearance caused Xi Ze’s lips to slightly curve and his noble face to soften.

Ming Xiaoyu was about to make the vegetable noodles when Xi Ze quietly said, “It doesn’t matter. I have the ingredients.”

Ming Yu reluctantly said, “This is so regrettable. If I knew you were coming today…”

His voice abruptly stopped.

The youth slowly and stiffly raised his head, panic, shook, fear, wtf (…yes, really ‘wtf’) appeared together on that handsome face.  The expression was so vivid that Xi Ze couldn’t help laughing, then he covered his mouth and coughed.

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

If you bought the ingredients, why did you ask me when I have time?!!!

Ming Xiaoyu might look like a petrified statue, but his heart was beating wildly. Xi Ze bought the ingredients? This must be true. Xi Ze had no reason to lie about it. Then it looked like today’s ‘chance encounter’ was all fake!

This guy definitely planned this!!

Within three seconds, thousands of things ran through Ming Xiaoyu’s until he chose a suitable excuse. Ming Yu sighed heavily and said sadly, “I suddenly remembered. My gas stove is broken!”

Xi Ze, “…”

After a moment, Xi Ze asked, “Did you use a gas stove last time? I remember it was an induction cooker.”

Ming Yu shook his head. “Recently, the induction cooker also broke.”

Xi Ze, “…”

He saw the youth’s ‘Don’t look at me like that. Everything I said it the truth’ expression and remained silent. After a while, Xi Ze reluctantly closed his eyes and said, “Then I will accept your bowl of noodles today.”

Ming Yu cried out with relief, “Good!”

Ming Xiaoyu turned to go to the kitchen and get started. Behind him, Xi Ze added a sentence, “Do you have mushrooms? I want to eat vegetable and mushroom noodles.”

Ming Yu, “……(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

This joke was really not funny!!!

Once Ming Yu placed down two steaming bowls of vegetable noodles, Xi Ze used his chopsticks to look through it for a long time. He didn’t find anything except vegetables and noodles. Ming Yu understood Xi Ze’s meaning and blankly siad, “I don’t have any mushrooms at home.”

Xi Ze asked with surprise, “You don’t?”

Ming Yu, “…”

You did this on purpose!!

No one spoke while eating. Xi Ze disliked talking while eating, while Ming Yu was full of bitterness. How could he feel like talking to the other person?

Since encountering this man, Ming Yu felt like he lived in an environment where he was bullied by this man. He felt like he could no longer by passive, but Ming Yu couldn’t be too arrogant while he still owed the other man a favour.

The more he thought about it, the more Ming Yu regretted. ‘A’Zhao, don’t you owe me too much?’

A’Zhao who was studying the audition script, “Ah? Is someone talking about me behind my handsome back?”

Ming Yu was thinking about how to change the current pattern when he heard the crisp sound of Xi Ze placing his chopsticks on the bowl. He looked up with surprise and saw Xi Ze calmly wiping his fingers with a tissue, still looking elegant.

Xi Ze carefully wiped each finger clean before pulling out a wet towel and wiping his lips. After all of this was done, he looked down at the youth and asked, “When will your gas stove and induction cooker work again Ming Yu?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

This was a hard day!!!

As if aware of the youth’s indignant mood, Xi Ze stared at Ming Yu for a long time. Once Ming Yu finished his noodles, Xi Ze sighed and said, “Today, I will still call in that favour.”

Ming Yu was surprised. His first reaction was, “You aren’t full?”

Xi Ze, “…I am full.”

Ming Yu, “?”

“Be my model.” Xi Ze paused and added, “Tonight, let me draw a picture of you. I will use this picture as the favour you owe me.”

Ming Yu never thought this man would do something so good. He didn’t give the other person an opportunity to regret it as he cried out, “Deal!”

Xi Ze gave a low laugh. “Yes, it is a deal.”

Ming Xiaoyu washed the dishes and found a place with good lighting, waiting for Xi Ze. Xi Ze went upstairs to get a set of tools and then sat on the sofa, looking at the youth leaning against the wall.

Ming Yu waited a long time, but Xi Ze kept observing without moving his pen. Ming Yu was about to ask what was wrong when Xi Ze finally spoke, “Undress.”

Ming Yu, “…!!!”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why aren’t you taking it off?”

Ming Yu replied, “…Are you trying to draw me nak….” The word was too hard to say, so Ming Yu changed it to, “Are you trying to draw that type of picture?”

Xi Ze asked with surprise, “Do you want me to draw that?”

Ming Yu, “…”

Xi Ze didn’t tease the youth any longer. He gave a low chuckle and said, “Replace this white sweater with a white shirt. I will wait here for you.”

After all, Ming Yu promised to be this man’s model. Therefore, he directly went to his bedroom and changed his clothes.

When Ming Yu opened the door, Xi Ze was still in his position on the sofa. The moment he saw the youth, a stunned expression flashed through his eyes.

Ming Yu looked at the relatively dark wooden wall and sat down in front of it, saying with a smile, “I guess you want me to wear this type of clothing?”

Xi Ze’s appreciative eyes examined the youth, especially the high clavicle and the white jeans that were tight on the youth’s legs. He stared for a long time before finally saying, “Yes. Bite your lower lip to add a bit more colour.”

Xi Ze didn’t speak the words in his heart, watching with surprise as Ming Yu firmly bit his lips. The full lips immediately appeared a little bloody It wasn’t a simple colour, but a faint bit of blood that came from the bit on the lips.

This beautiful and moving scene caused Xi Ze’s heart to abruptly accelerate and his eyes became bigger.

The first time he saw the youth tonight, Xi Ze had immediately noticed that Ming Yu dyed his hair. It seemed to be a one-time colour, but the silver colour was really suitable for this youth. IN the elevation, Xi Ze couldn’t help focusing on the youth’s body.

This young man who amazed him at first glance was truly his muse.

If Ming Yu wasn’t his muse, he wouldn’t get this feeling of exciting beauty everytime he saw Ming Yu.


This type of beauty wasn’t just the visual beauty perceived by others, but a unique beauty that was complemented by his appearance and temperament.

This type of beauty that made Xi Ze want to frame the scene. For that, Xi Ze selecting drawing as the best choice.

The two men were quiet for a few seconds.

Then Xi Ze finally started to draw.

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