RS: Chapter 149

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Chapter 149

Under the bright lights, everyone held their breaths and looked forward to the debut of the slender woman.

Once Mudley Joyce’s beautiful face appeared in everyone’s eyes, someone let out a low sound and the SLR cameras started flashing.

Immediately afterwards, there seemed to be no special changes. Like other guests, Ming Yu and Mudley linked hands on the red carpet, sometimes stopping according to the reporters’ requests.

Such a scene was very common at the RAmer Charity Gala. However, it was different from the shock previously caused by Ming Yu. The reporters didn’t say it but their performance proved their attitude.

As the saying went, the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment.

Generally speaking, male clothing was difficult to change when it came to design. When men were on the red carpet, they tended to be less eye-catching than women. It was because the female clothing had the skirt design, skirt arrangement, skirt embroidery and many other things to change.

Therefore, a female’s high-end clothing was easier to show off beauty. In order for a men’s high-end outfit to show something unique, many top design masters were stumped.

However, in this fundamental gap, everyone agreed that Ming Yu’s outfit was really one level better than Mudley’s dress.

Mudley had obviously put big effort into her dress but compared to the female models and actresses that appeared before, she could only be regarded as ordinary and not very good. However, Ming Yu’s suit was really amazing. Many reporters thought that in the next few years, they wouldn’t see such a bright men’s outfit again.

Of course, clothing was one thing and people were another.

Mudley was a famous glamorous actress in Hollywood. Her looks were enchanting and her body s*xy and hot. Many people agreed that she surpassed Ming Yu in appearance. But in temperament, this actress was thrown into the streets by the youth…no!

It was the gap as wide as a city!

The youth gently bowed his head and invited this lady off the vehicle with a low posture, but his noble and elegant temperament didn’t fade at all. Instead, he was more noticeable than the arrogant and gorgeous Mudley!

Temperament wasn’t how high your chin was. It was the quality about you.

Ming Yu was clearly an expensive prince with every gesture. He was kind, gave her face and had a gentlemanly manner. Combined with his indifferent aura, it made him the most dazzling existence on the red carpet!

As for Mudley?

There was a word very suitable for describing her: Miss Wallflower.

Wasn’t she beautiful? It was true. Did she have a good dress? That was true as well.

But walking with this youth, why did she feel unqualified?

It was as if this youth was a person leading the whole world and Mudley was a small follower doing chores. Despite her glamorous clothes, it was impossible to conceal the fact that her momentum was completely obscured by this youth’s bright smile.

After the two people took a group photo together, Ming Yu seemed to notice that something was wrong.

This was the first time he walked the red carpet with Mudley and it was estimated to be the last time. In Ming Yu’s mind, Mudley could become a well-known newcomer in Hollywood so her temperament was certainly good. Her looks were very beautiful, meaning she shouldn’t be lacking when standing with him.

But it was the exact opposite of what Ming Xiaoyu thought.

No matter how beautiful the woman’s face was, her temperament and aura were too fragile.

Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help sighing at this thought. When he walked the red carpet after becoming famous in his last life, his female companions were always the top female supermodels in the fashion industry. The two of them together added colour to each other. Absolutely none of them could completely suppress the other.

However, this was the first time he walked with a female companion on the red carpet in this life.

Ming Xiaoyu was still a gentleman. The photos taken by the reporters would be released globally. Therefore, when they took the photos and walked together, he slightly lowered his aura so that Mudley wouldn’t appear so superfluous.

But Mudley didn’t feel Ming Xiaoyu’s kindness. Instead, she sullenly pouted her lips until a reporter asked to take photos, then she performed a good show of appearing happy.

Do you know what it felt like to be crushed by pressure in the same frame?

Mudley felt it vividly!

When the reporter asked for a photo, Mudley clearly felt that eyes were concentrated on the youth next to her. Few people would ever glance at her!

It was clearly a photo with two people but Mudley knew that her proportion in the photo was a lot less than Ming Yu’s.

This was a disaster for Mudley. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into the party and seize the opportunities that appearing at the party would bring. At the RAmer charity party, there were silver spoons everywhere. As long as Mudley caught one of them, her future would be smooth.

Mudley estimated that Ming Yu was the same as her and also worked hard to get an invitation.

Why else would Ming Yu still be looking for a female companion so near to the party?

In addition, Ming Yu’s reputation was really not very good. According to Mudley’s understanding, this small model had recently just squeezed onto the world’s supermodel list. She didn’t know much about the fashion industry but she still knew that there were nearly 400 supermodels in the world.

This small model was just one of 400 people (actually 370 people), which was far worse than her.

Originally, Mudley didn’t think much of walking the red carpet with Ming Yu. If she hadn’t been able to find a male companion, she wouldn’t have done this. This small model borrowed her fame on the red carpet yet he deliberately pressured her in the photos?

Oh, it was really shameful!

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t know Mudley’s thoughts. After all, the red carpet was a stage for females to show off their beauty. He tried to let Mudley perform but this concession didn’t earn him the gratitude of the other party. Once the two of them turned away from the camera, Mudley’s lips twitched and she made a contemptuous look.

Ming Xiaoyu really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was no wonder why Mudley hadn’t appeared as the heroine in any large-scale movies despite having such a good appearance and first-class acting. This was her personality? In the fashion industry, she would probably already be killed by people she didn’t know!

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t too concerned about such a naive little girl. He was even more determined to go separate ways after entering the venue.

However, Ming Xiaoyu never imagined that as the two people were signing their names on the signature wall, Ming Yu’s signature was a bit faster. He finished first and stood at the request of some reporters to take photos a little bit away from the signature wall.

He took a photo and then hurriedly turned to find Mudley. It was very impolite to keep a lady waiting.


As Ming Xiaoyu turned, he was surprised to see that Mudley was next to a tall and slender figure!

This glamorous and enchanting Hollywood actress gently linked arms with a handsome man. They walked to the other side, calmly talking and joking together.

As they passed by Ming Yu, Mudley said in a very sorry manner. “Sorry Ming. I happened to meet my old friend Andrew. Now the red carpet is finished so I am going ahead with Andrew. I am sitting at the same table as him, making it more convenient.”

Mudley showed a superb ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t think things would be like this’ while talking. But there was a bright gleam in her blue eyes that showed she was inwardly sneering at Ming Yu.

The young man didn’t immediately answer.  He just stared at Mudley quietly with a calm gaze. This look was easy and simple but Mudley couldn’t help feeling nervous. She couldn’t help thinking ‘I chose to mess with the wrong person’ but this thought was denied in the next second.

Andrew Wallen’s mother was the chief designer of the world’s top luxury brand Karma. Andrew himself was on the world supermodels list like Ming Yu. He was one year younger than Ming Yu and his position was in front of Ming Yu!

Mudley didn’t understand how Andrew suddenly talked to her and invited her to walk with him into the venue, but Mudley knew that seizing Andrew would be an excellent opportunity!

In these circumstances, Mudley had no time to pay attention to the mood of a Chinese model.

In any case, reporters generally wouldn’t take photos after the signature wall. The matter between the two of them wasn’t a big deal.

The only thing Mudley cared about was that Ming Yu seemed to see everything. This made her very uncomfortable. She even felt a faint fear. But Mudley didn’t worry about it for long. She saw the youth smile and say, “Well then, I won’t bother you and your friend.”

After getting the answer, Mudley gulped and took Andrew to the entrance of the venue.

Mudley acted like she was escaping. She didn’t dare look at Ming Yu. However, Andrew Wallen sent Ming Yu a ridiculing smile, his eyes full of contempt.

Once the two of them left, Ming Xiaoyu sighed softly and whispered, “Today’s gift, there will be heavy repercussions.” His words were drowned out by the howling night wind and no one could hear them.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t intend to get tangled up in this matter for the time being but the reporters were completely shocked!

They couldn’t figure out the situation inside the RAmer Charity Gala venue. It was normal for the red carpet to end at the signature wall. The charity party had been held for so many years but they had never seen anyone who parted ways at the end of the red carpet!

And this feeling…it seemed like Ming Yu was abandoned?

For a time, the reporters looked at the handsome youth sympathetically.

Ming Xiaoyu continued to move forward very calmly. Despite being only one person, he could be very calm and elegant. He no longer needed to hide his own light.

However, reporters wouldn’t take photos after the signature wall unless the person was quite famous. Therefore, even if Ming Xiaoyu was no longer hiding, no one could see his dazzling appearance.


“What?  It is him!”

“Really? Why did Mr. Xi leave so hastily? Eh? He is…”

Ming Yu was surprised when his right hand was suddenly grasped by someone and turned his head, meeting a pair of deep eyes. Faint distress and pity flashed in the man’s dark eyes. The sharp eyebrows twitched slightly as Xi Ze whispered, “I am late.”

At this moment, the small bit of resentment concealed in Ming Yu’s heart was smoothed out.

Ming Yu smiled gently, his lips curving before he chuckled. “You aren’t late. It is just right.”

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