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Chapter 166

The exhaustion of the journey and all the sorrows were emptied when Ming Yu saw this table of delicious food.

He only had a fairly simple airplane meal on the plane. Therefore, when Ming Xiaoyu saw this food of table, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He immediately sat down and asked consciously, “Xi Ze, what about the chopsticks? Why didn’t you set out the chopsticks?”

Look at this young master!

Ming Yu sat down, one hand grabbing a lotus root as he asked in a loud voice.

Ming Xiaoyu first tasted the lotus root and then a piece of ribs. After waiting a long time, the man hadn’t responded. Naturally, no chopsticks appeared.

The surprised youth put down his oily hands and looked around with a confused expression. His eyes made contact with the man standing at the kitchen door.

The bright light shone behind the man, giving him a soft halo of light. The tall posture and very oppressive momentum meant that when the man gazed at a person, they would feel tension and couldn’t meet his gaze.

Of course, Ming Xiaoyu was an exception.

This time, the man gave him such a beautiful sight that Ming Yu was unprepared. However, if he was so easily bewitched by this man then he wouldn’t be Ming Xiaoyu.

His eyes narrowed slightly as Ming Xiaoyu looked at the man thoughtfully. Then he raised his eyebrows. “What script are you playing at? This script isn’t very good. I have a foreboding feeling.”

Instead of answering the question directly, Xi Ze slowly walked to the table and pulled out a chair to sit down.

He handed a pair of chopsticks to the youth in front of him. But he placed his chopsticks on his bowl, while his ten fingers overlapped below his chin. He raised his phoenix eyes and gazed at his lover with deep eyes.

It was absolutely impossible to eat when seeing this expression that said, ‘I think there is a problem.’

The food on this table was very delicious and Ming Xiaoyu’s stomach was screaming, but he worked hard to endure it. After putting the chopsticks down, Ming Yu thought for a moment before understanding something. “Sweet and sour lotus root slices, sweet and sour shrimp, vinegar scallops, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour pork ribs and sweet and sour fish. Why are you eating vinegar?”

Ming Xiaoyu was dumbfounded as he understood that this man was once again feeling jealousy.

Making a vinegar banquet, how much vinegar was he eating? Was it a cylinder?

Xi Ze didn’t deny these words. He just gazed at Ming Yu with his deep eyes.

Ming Xiaoyu slightly raised his eyebrows. Hey, it seemed that Xi Ze really drank a lot of vinegar.

Ming Yu thought for a while before saying, “This wasn’t the case before you went to London. It must be something that happened this week. You don’t have any acquaintances in London and you shouldn’t have run into anyone. It definitely isn’t a London thing. Was it something that happened to me in Hong Kong?”

Ming Xiaoyu thought again and suddenly asked, “Are you concerned about my recent news?”

Xi Ze heard these words and nodded.

Ming Yu suddenly realized. “Are you misunderstanding the relationship between me and Sister Xiao?”

Next, Ming Yu carefully told the story of the struggle between the two big fans to Xi Ze. He never doubted that Xi Ze would be able to find out Xiao Biqing’s information. Ming Yu believed that Nidelan was overwhelmed by Xi Ze. As long as he wanted to know, he would definitely find out who bought these dresses.

After telling the story, Ming Yu cried out indignantly, “I will say this, Xiao Biqing is already a virtuous person. She buys perfumes that she can give to others and buys outfits that she can wear. But what about Zyu? He is too bad! Buying so many watches, even if he sent some to other people!”

In front of others, Ming Xiaoyu might not be able to express his indignation. But Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t so scrupulous in front of Xi Ze. Xi Ze was a member of his household and it was reasonable to say a few words.

As soon as the door opened, Ming Xiaoyu let out his deep grievances. “He bought hundreds of watches, how many millions is that? He also bought 10,000 magazines and maybe more things in the past. However, the most intolerable thing is that he bought a villa!!!”

Xi Ze, “…”

As he thought about the house, Ming Xiaoyu looked around his own house. “At the time, your friend was going abroad and he sold this house to me for a cheap price. Even so, I haven’t paid off my mortgage. Then what about Zyu? He bought a villa for the sake of storing his magazines! It is best not to buy a villa in the capital, otherwise it will become more expensive! Truly a wasteful spender!”

Xi Ze, “…”

The mortgage slave Ming Xiaoyu knocked his hand against the table and viciously cried out, “Fortunately, this Zyu isn’t my son or I would break his leg! So wasteful! House, that is a house!”

Xi Ze, “…”

As if suddenly remembering something, Ming Yu looked at Xi Ze. “I remember that you have a lot of real estate around the world. But you are fine. You attend a variety of activities and it is a necessity. It also has the effect of adding value. You shouldn’t learn from this wasteful person. If you buy a house then I can’t endure it!”

Xi Ze silently looked away. “…”

Well, Xi Ze wanted to confess but let’s forget about it.

This meal started with Mr. Xi’s vinegar and ended with Ming Xiaoyu’s indignation. The change in the middle took place in just a few seconds but it formed a sharp contrast. Originally, the man was indignant but it became Ming Xiaoyu’s turn to hate iron for not becoming steel.

Once the meal was over, Ming Xiaoyu remembered the house (yes, Ming Yu was only looking at this) and he couldn’t wait to run to his Weibo to send a private message to the wasteful spender: What type of person are you to specifically buy a house to store your collections?

But this was just a thought. It was one minute after the meal ended.

Seeing that this youth still intended to continue cursing, XI Ze hurriedly stopped him by changing the top. “I saw the activity that you are carrying out. There should be a lot of entries showing the fans’ hearts so you should look through them..”

The words ‘if you dare to buy a house for such a reason, I will make you kneel’ that Ming Xiaoyu was about to blurt out were suddenly swallowed down in his throat. He carefully thought about it and felt that Xi Ze’s suggestion made sense. After all, there really were a lot of entries. He didn’t know if he could read them all in three days.

For the time being, he forget about Zyu, the wasteful son of a household. He opened the computer and started looking at the entries. Xi Ze had just come back from washing the dishes when he saw Ming Xiaoyu watching a video.

On the computer screen, a young and handsome youth was looking up at a man with a smile. The latter was even more gentle and kind as he looked at the youth with a smile.

The youth opened his mouth. “Sir Wu, do you still like to go out for a picnic?”

The man nodded. “Yes Ming Xiaoyu. If there is a chance then let’s go together.”

At this moment, the whole video suddenly stopped and a beautiful line of big, gold words appeared.

『 At this time, they didn’t know this agreement had no possibility of realization. 』

Xi Ze, “……(/=_=)/~┴┴!!!”

“Pfft, this is too funny. It turns out there are still so many people supporting a CP with Sir Wu!”

This sentence was simply pouring oil on the fire. In the blink of an eye, Xi Ze suddenly turned off the computer screen and the slowly flowing music stopped, making Ming Yu look up in amazement.

“Why did you…”

The man’s overbearing breath instantly encroached on him. A strong arm clasped Ming Yu’s waist and pulled him closer. At the same time, the arm went on the other side. On the sofa, the youth was completely confined in his arms.

The kiss came so suddenly that Ming Yu couldn’t respond. But after he got used to it, he simple reached out and grabbed the man’s waist, proactively opening his lips and responding enthusiastically.

The tip of Xi Ze’s tongue dexterously entered the youth’s mouth, looking for the softness hidden inside. The hot breath lingered between their mouths and noses. The sucking sound caused the two people to involuntarily heat up, the erotic sound filling the quiet living room.

Later, Ming Yu softened and leaned back against the sofa, allowing the other party to invade his mouth. These types of kisses had been missing for more than a week, making it hard to refuse. Even if he was kissed until he was dizzy, he was still fascinated by the familiar atmosphere.

The man’s fingers had slid down the clothes when Ming Xiaoyu suddenly reached out to stop him.

Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed with surprise. But he just listened as Ming Yu spoke while breathing heavily. “I still have many things to look at. There are so many fans’ hearts. If I don’t hurry then I won’t finish. He paused as if to comfort the other person. “Can you at least let me finish the video just now?”

Xi Ze, “…”

Damn it! What was this damn video?!!!

It was like cold water was poured over Xi Ze. He sneered and suppressed the heat in his body. As Ming Yu looked puzzled, he said hoarse, “I will accompany you to watch the videos from the fans this afternoon. But…”

There was a meaningful smile on the handsome face. A dark light flashed in his eyes as he whispered, “But at night, you have to compensate me.”

Ming Xiaoyu noticed the meaning of the man’s words and said provocatively, “You script is always poorly written. But Mr. Xi, I am in a rare mood today and have decided to personally act. Come over, I will tell you a good story that I thought of…”

At this time, Ming Xiaoyu was full of confidence. When it came to writing scripts, this man was really worse than him! He didn’t think that no matter how good his ability to write a script… he would much worse than Xi Ze in bed!

That night, Ming Xiaoyu was really angry and wanted to kick someone out of bed. But the pleasure filling his body made him unable to move. He could only let the other person squeeze him dry.

In the end, Ming Xiaoyu was too tired to lift his eyelids but the man still cheerfully wanted to continue.

This shameless behaviour continued until the middle of the night before it was finally over. The youth slapped the handsome man’s face and whispered in a hoarse voice, “You are a jerk…really…”

Xi Ze nodded cheekily after having a mushroom dinner. “Yes, I am a very satisfied jerk.”

The next day, Xi Ze helped Ming Yu read all of the fans’ hearts and the two of them selected the top 10 together. On the third day of the holiday, regardless of Ming Yu’s objections, a man pulled him out of the house early in the morning for a good day out.

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