RS: Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

Xu Rongrong’s name, it sounded lovely and gentle. It wasn’t the name of a gently and dignified lady, she should be a sweet and pleasant girl.

Ming Yu once read up on Xu Rongrong. Xu Rongrong’s temperament was biased towards softness. Her pressure wasn’t necessarily strong. It felt comfortable like a warm sun, making people feel happy to be close.

This impression completely disappeared when Ming Xiaoyu met Xu Rongrong.

“Haha, you are Ming Xiaoyu? I’ve heard of your name! Linda said that you have a particularly good temperament and your strength is very good. You are the hope of our Muse. Come come, let’s go find Aunt Tan to take photos. Aunt Tan said yesterday that you would be taking photos with me. Oh yes, do you know who Linda is? Linda is the deputy director of our Muse PR department…”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…^_^”

…Wasn’t she tired saying so many words?

Yes, Xu Rongrong’s character was completely different from Ming Xiaoyu’s imagination. SHe wasn’t the type of royal sister like Du Ruo. She was more of a ‘good friend, hey look at this’ type…

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t completely understand why Xu Rongrong had become so familiar with him. However, the two people were the opening and closing models, making it seem really predestined.

Speaking of Xu Rongrong, Ming Xiaoyu remember that she had 16 million fans on the Muse website.

Looking at himself…

Zhao Rui seemed to have mentioned last reach that his fans barely reached 1.4 million…

Ming Xiaoyu calmly shook his head. This was just fleeting.

There were any models to be photographed today, mostly supermodels and top models. Xu Rongrong was standing beside Ming Yu. Even if a few supermodels wanted to come up and talk to Ming Yu, they finally gave up this idea.

These people were supermodels, but some of them weren’t even in the world’s supermodel rankings.

Ming Xiaoyu soon discovered the benefits of Xu Rongrong’s presence. She was a natural shield!

Ming Xiaoyu and Xu Rongrong talked casually while Tan Yunqing and the lights division discussed matters regarding Ming Yu and Xu Rongrong’s photos together. Fortunately, Xu Rongrong was shorter than Ming Yu even in heels. Otherwise—

This woman would definitely want to put an arm around the small mushroom’s shoulders and act as a big sister!

Tan Yunqing’s lighting requirements were really high. Ming Yu and Xu Rongrong entered the set together. The handsome man and woman suddenly attracted the attention of many staff members. In front of the camera, the two people’s temperament and imposing manner were completely different.

After entering the scope of the camera, Xu Rongrong immediately changed her cheerful and friendly manner. She sat casually on a black high back chair and gazed indifferently at the lens.

Her temperament at this time was quite ethereal. She seemed to be an angel who had fallen to the earth. This effect was superimposed with the embroidered fluffy skirt she wore right now. People were unwilling to contaminate and tarnish the pure white.

But this time, Tan Yunqing was more aware of the young man standing next to Xu Rongrong.

Ming Yu’s stance wasn’t correct in the strictest sense. His feet were slightly crossed and his posture was casual, but he gave people a cold and alienated feeling. He seemed to blend with this woman, together making them incompatible with this world.

At this time, a soft and bright light shone from the sides of the two people, covering them in a beautiful halo.

Tan Yunqing’s lips curved with satisfaction and the shutter closed several times.

Before today’s photo shoot, Tan Yunqing had been prepared. She could tell from yesterday’s brief meeting that Ming Yu hadn’t become a model due to luck and a little cleverness. He was clever and not blindly conceited. This showed that the youth really had a corresponding strength.

However, even if she was prepared, Tan Yunqing hadn’t expected him to be able to compete with Xu Rongrong.

In front of the camera, the two people acted like they had worked together thousands of times, calmly and meticulously posing with each other.

When Xu Rongrong reached out and hook an arm around Ming Yu’s neck, Ming Yu raised his hand and placed it on Xu Rongrong’s waist. When Xu Rongrong approached Ming Yu with her charm, Ming Yu would stare down at her with a dangerous gaze.

This type of ability and sensitivity to quickly capture the lens, forget the onlookers. Even Tan Yunqing couldn’t help praising it.

Taking photos with another model was hard work. When alone, a model could take the photos as they liked and decide what position they wanted to pose in. But with two people, a model had to worry about the attitude and pose of their partner in order to create a 11>2 effect.

These two models unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest big of awkwardness when posing with each other.

Sometimes they seem like a couple in love, and sometimes they seemed to really be fighting each other. The two models emitted a fierce pressure that caused many onlookers to become nervous. However, the two people on the set weren’t affected by each other, working together seamlessly.

Yet Tan Yunqing narrowed her eyes after dozens of photos.

Xu Rongrong was being suppressed by Ming Yu!

Yes, in these pictures, Xu Rongrong wasn’t inferior to Ming Yu. But Tan Yunqing was keenly aware that Xu Rongrong was being overwhelmed by Ming Yu.

In a photo, both people were important. But unless the two people were truly equal, there would always be a primary and secondary position. In these photos, Ming Yu faintly become the ‘master’ and Xu Rongrong because the ‘sub.’

Tan Yunqing became more certain the more she shot.

What type of strength must Ming Yu have to so consistently suppress the 17th ranked female supermodel in the world?

The collaboration of Ming Yu and Xu Rongrong was surprisingly quick. The other people there had yet to finish by the time the two people had changed their clothes and taken a few hundred photos.

Once the photoshoot was over, Xu Rongrong cheered happily and went to remove her makeup. Ming Xiaoyu waited for her makeup removal to be done before also removing his makeup and putting on a coat to leave.

The familiar-acting sister Xu Rongrong cried out, “Hey, Ming Xiaoyu! You’re not familiar with London, are you? I’ll show you around!”

The self-professed gentlemanly small mushroom who couldn’t refuse women, “…”

On the second day after arriving in London, Ming Xiaoyu was led by Xu Rongrong around London’s night market.

Then Ming Xiaoyu finally returned to the hotel. Luo Ru helped him sort out the clothes he would wear the next day and said, “Xiao Yu, I didn’t expect this Xu Rongrong to have such a good temper. It is rare. I used to hear in the company that she was a good person to get along with. It was actually true.”

Ming Yu smiled and answered, “Yes, Sister Rong is very good to get along with.”

Ming Yu didn’t let Luo Ru help him clean up. He prepared the clothing, shoes and thin scarf he was going to wear tomorrow. Then he washed up and went to bed to rest.

Before going to sleep, his mobile phone suddenly shook. Ming Yu grabbed it and saw: 【 I have reached Milan. Are you asleep? I heard from Shen Xiang that Xu Rongrong was invited to be the finale model of the Nidelan May fashion show. How are you getting along with her? 】 Suddenly, he wasn’t sleepy any longer.

Ming Yu rose with a smile and touched his phone. 【 I’m not asleep. It seems like you have received a lot of information from Director Shen. I guess that you already know how many models are participating in this fashion show, who will be invited, where it will be held and the style of clothing that will appear? 】

Xi Ze:【 …… 】

After a moment, Xi Ze replied: 【 My dear, I am a man, not a god. 】

Ming Xiaoyu saw the words and suddenly remembered something. 【 My dear? Last time I said those words, you had to cook five dishes. Mr. Xi, what do you want? 】

Xi Ze’s text message was sent without any hesitation. 【 Your beauty. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(/=_=)/~┴┴”

Dare to say that face to face!!

The two people chatted for a long time. In addition to the ‘midnight chat’ incident, the contents of their conversation were ambiguous and beautiful. It ranged from “Mr. Xi, you know how thick Huaxia’s national defense is? It is probably a bit thinner than your skin,” to “My dear, I ate creamy mushrooms this evening. Unfortunately, there were no small mushrooms.”

…Have you ever seen such a relationship? This wasn’t it! Were they in love or were they arguing?

The contents of the conversation might be a bit strange, but Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help smiling as he looked at the phone. He seemed to be able to see the appearance of the man holding the phone…his eyes were very bright, his nose was pretty, his jaw line was beautiful, his lips were thin and soft…

Cough, he was thinking of bad things, skip here!

Their conversation ended soon after. Ming Yu and Xi Ze had work the next day so the two people prepared to say goodnight and go to sleep. However, Ming Xiaoyu was just saying goodnight when he remembered one thing. “Xi Ze, do you know who Linda is?”

Xi Ze paused for a moment and asked, “Linda?”

Ming Xiaoyu nodded. “Yes, Linda. The deputy director of Muse’s PR department.”

After half an hour, Ming Yu received a message containing information about Linda. There was a bit more information than the official data, but it wasn’t too personal. It just helped Ming Yu get a sense of who Linda was.

Ming Xiaoyu carefully read the information of the deputy director and nodded, whispering, “Originally…it is like this?”

—Was Xu Rongrong really as careless as she looked?

Please go back and read the previous article. There was no one who could reach this position with just luck or background.

But Ming Xiaoyu didn’t think that Xu Rongrong’s deliberate closeness was a problem. Rather, he felt like wouldn’t his rehearsal life in the next few days be very pleasant with such a shield?

As Ming Xiaoyu expected, the three day rehearsal time flew quickly. No model picked faults with him and a few even became close friends.

The comfortable days flew by quickly and it was soon time for the Nidelan May fashion show to begin.

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Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep
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