RS: Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

After the show ended, the host Liu Chao was in a really good mood and invited Ming Yu, Wu Yuzhen and their agents to eat together. At the dinner table, Liu Chao constantly toasted Ming Yu, prompting the minor to drink several glasses of red wine.

“Xiaoyu, later you should come back to my talk show! I will personally edit your clip, edit your clip!”

Listening to these words, Ming Yu could only nod with a dumbfounded expression. The dinner ended and the drunk Liu Chao was helped by the program’s director. Zhao Rui and Luo Ru also went to get the car. At this time, Wu Yuzhen approached Ming Yu and couldn’t help asking, “Ming Yu… that last question, wasn’t your answer too much? You are still young and don’t understand this industry. Your answer might make Xi Ze’s fans angry.”

He didn’t know Wu Yuzhen long, but Ming Yu knew that he was a mature and tactful young man who often helped Ming Yu. He always liked this type of person, so he replied with a smile. “Sir Wu, thank you for your concern, but I know what I am doing.”

Wu Yuzhen looked at Ming Yu with a complicated expression. He seemed to want to say something, but looking at the youth’s face that was red from the alcohol, his words turned into a sigh. He replied, “Okay Ming Yu. We are friends so if you need help, please call me. You have my number.”

Ming Yu nodded and before long, Wu Yuzhen’s female agent arrived at the restaurant door first. The two people said goodbye, Ming Yu waving with a smile as he watched Wu Yuzhen get further away.

Looking at the other person’s car slowly disappearing into the night, Ming Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed and his lips curved.

Wu Yuzhen understood his words, but Ming Yu was afraid that Wu Yuzhen really didn’t understand.

It was true that for a newcomer like him and even a model like Wu Yuzhen, they had to consider the leaders of the fashion industry. They had to respect the older generation, maintain one’s image and treat people with courtesy.

But for Ming Yu, such a road was too smooth.

In his last life, he was like Wu Yuzhen. A down-to-earth, diligent man who got the appreciation of the designers. It would be possible to enter the world’s supermodel rankings like this, but it was absolutely impossible to leap to the first ranked supermodel.

At the same time, Wu Yuzhen was too young and didn’t understand the feelings of the fans.

If Ming Yu had said “I want to go beyond Luo Cheng”, maybe Luo Cheng’s fans would’ve hated him. But he said, “I want to surpass Xi Ze.”

Who was Xi Ze?

Ming Yu had never seen a man occupy the status of first supermodel for seven years. He only fell once into the top 10 due to illness, and had been first for the last two years.

Xi Ze stood at the peak of the supermodels. He was unique because not only was he a superior supermodel, he was also a great designer. These two conditions were indispensable, so his fans were accustomed to “My God is in such a high place that the cold can’t be overcome.”

In this case, a rookie said he wanted to go beyond Xi Ze. So what?

It would only bring popularity to the newcomer, while allow fans of Xi Ze to notice this person.

There might be some sunspots, but they weren’t the vast majority, so there was no need to worry about them. (TL: Sunspots= Internet slang for web users who vilify a celebrity on the Internet)

Standing in the deep night, with Zhao Rui driving towards him, Ming Yu placed his hands in his pockets and leisurely walked towards the car while whispering, “A designer and supermodel… you are really too greedy.”

Why were there no sunspots?

It was because Xi Ze’s fans didn’t believe that a rookie could really go beyond their god. Not only did they not believe it, they didn’t feel any doubts or waver at all.

“The day that I really arrive at that position… won’t it be fun?”

The youth’s soft whisper was drowned out by the wind blowing in the autumn night of the capital, so no one could hear it.

A week later, Liu Chao’s Super Show was broadcasted.

In the week before the show, the program’s team had already edited some explosive points and promoted them on the TV 10 times a day. There were things such as ‘Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen’s embrace’, ‘Wu Yuzhen rejects his first love,’ ‘Ming Yu said he wants to go beyond Xi Ze, causing everyone to be shocked’ and so on.

Ming Yu might’ve gained some momentum in the past three or four months, but it was worst than Wu Yuzhen’s solidly accumulated fans. Therefore, most of the people watching the program tonight were fans of Sir Wu, excitedly waiting for him to appear in their home.

Once Wu Yuzhen came on, there was nothing wrong but… they couldn’t help thinking the youth next to him was very good!

His IQ during the program couldn’t be denied!

Ming Xiaoyu took the initiative to rescue Sir Wu whenever the evil host wanted to trap him!

Pink bubbles!!!

By the time half the show had aired, many Wu Yuzhen fans in the forums and microblogs were typing messages about the ‘Wu Ming Husband and Husband.’

See for yourself!

Ming Xiaoyu ad Sir Wu were under siege, but he was so smart and cute, his wife was affected by it!

Of course, some people quietly wrote, “Don’t you think that Ming Xiaoyu is black-bellied while Sir Wu is warm?”

However, these words only persisted for a few minutes. It was all about the ‘Ming Wu CP overhead sky, ‘Wu Ming is my Wu Ming’ and ‘In this life, I have no regrets about following the Ming Wu CP.’

Liu Chao’s Super Show’s ratings were rising. By the time it was the latter part of the show, it had already broken through 1! This result was quite gratifying for Liu Chao’s Super Show, but the program knew that the real explosion hadn’t yet appeared!

Sure enough, when the ‘Who do you want to surpass? segment was shown, the audience watched Wu Yuzhen’s reply and couldn’t help praising him. Even passersby realized his hard work and had good feelings towards him.

However, when they watched again…

“The person I most want to go beyond is Xi Ze.”

Fruit fell to the ground.

Tea was sprayed.

Hair dryers burnt hair…

All types of reactions were happening in front of the TV, as one phrase constantly repeated in their heads.

“Is this a mistakeeeee?”

On the television, the youth smiled at the horrified Liu Chao and Wu Yuzhen and calmly explained, “Before entering the fashion industry, I really liked Xi Ze. He is my idol and I entered the industry because I want to be like him. Every time I feel tired, I think about when I saw Xi Ze’s endorsement of the ‘Red Poppy’ perfume. He is my goal in this industry. I will continuously work hard and even if I can never go beyond him, I would like to look up at him.”

When he said this, the young man’s eyes seemed to shine like stars. That bright light full of memories and expectations made his beautiful face even more dazzling.

At the beginning, the audience felt it was absurd when they heard that Ming Yu wanted to surpass Xi Ze. But once they looked at the smart and lovely young man who explain in such a solemn tone, they couldn’t help laughing.

This was still a child!

A child who wanted to stand in the same place as his idol, to be the closest to his idol.

This idea was too cute!!!

His young age and good looks was a great convenience to Ming Yu. The overwhelming majority of people regarded his ‘declaration of challenge’ as a child’s fairy tale. The child was also so good looking that even the diehard Xi Ze couldn’t help shouting, “Ming Yu is also a fan of the god ahhhhh! I am now a big fan! A big fan!”

What, 17 years wasn’t young?

That wasn’t necessarily the case!

Wasn’t the 23 year old Wu Yuzhen and 36 year old Liu Chao watching Ming Yu? _?

Immediately after Ming Yu’s declaration of challenge. Liu Chao’s Super Show’s ratings directly broke through 1.5! This momentum didn’t stop as it kept climbing, until it eventually halted at 1.7. It didn’t fall below 1.5 until the program ended!

What were these ratings? For a talk show, it was already huge.

The program’s staff excitedly got ready for dinner while fans went on Muse’s official website, the major forums and the microblogs. This commotion… it couldn’t be considered as noisy. It had a lively feeling like New Year’s.

【 After watching the show, I still feel like the ‘Wu Ming CP’ is high, but looking at this… don’t you think that Ming Xiaoyu and God Xi also match? 】

【 I am in a trance. This is the first time someone has said that they want to go beyond God Xi. 32 points to Xiaoyu! I have become a fan √ 】

【 God Xi hasn’t participated in entertainment programs for many years… 】

【 LS sad +1。 He doesn’t participate in shows and almost no one mentions him in variety shows! Ming Xiaoyu is really great. I was petrified when I heard ‘Xi Ze.’ A small model dares to mention God Zi! Hey hey hey, but why can’t I help think, hey hey hey… 】……

There was a constant stream of these posts on the microblogs. But as time went by, many sunspots came forward.

【 Ming Yu’s recent development might be very good, but isn’t he worse than God Xi? Going beyond God? Those are big words. 】

【 His face is =____________________________= this big! 】

【 Want to go beyond God Xi? No mistake, isn’t this a hundred thousand times worse? I just went to the Muse website to take a look and Ming Yu has a fraction of God Zi’s fans. Haha, hahaha! Look at the attached picture 】……

Those voices were only a minority, but there were a few fans who went to Ming Yu’s Weibo account listed on the Muse website and left some bad comments. Quite a few of Xi Ze’s fans said things like, “Be polite. It is just a newcomer worshipping his idol.” But the sunspots kept scolding Ming Yu on the periphery. Their force might be weak, but like a cockroach, their vitality was very strong and they didn’t die!

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6 years ago

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Sora Tsukiko
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CP means “Character Pairing”

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