RS: Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

The moment he heard Zhao Rui’s words, one thought appeared in Ming Yu’s mind—

What did that man do?

Don’t blame Xiaoyu for thinking this. He knew that guy really liked to invade his privacy. Last night, Xi Ze said he was going to Europe and now Zhao Rui said the same thing. How could Ming Xiaoyu not think this?

However, Zhao Rui’s next words showed that it was actually related to Ming Yu.

The four advertisements for Nidelan had been shot half a month ago. The Huaxia Nidelan branch sent the four videos to the headquarters in Europe to review.

Don’t think that big brands like Nidelan have so many things to control that they would ignore the advertising of each product.

On the contrary, the bigger the brand, the more they paid attention to every detail. When the four advertisements were sent to Europe, several executives of the Nidelan promotional team gathered for a meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to decide if the advertisements passed or not.

At the meeting, an executive was amazed by the four ads and made a suggestion: Why don’t we invite this model to our May fashion show?

Thus, Zhao Rui received a call from a staff member of Nidelan this morning.

It wasn’t too delayed. At noon on the same day, the person in charge of Nidelan’s Huaxia branch personally came to Muse to contact Ming Yu.

The person in charge that Ming Yu met was a blond-haired, blue-eyed foreign man. He spoke to Ming Yu for a long time in a strangely accented Chinese language. He repeatedly stressed how good this opportunity was and that Nidelan’s May fashion show gathered many celebrities in the industry.

In fact, he didn’t need to say this. Ming Yu also knew about Nidelan’s May fashion show.

The world’s four major fashion weeks. In addition to the Huaxia arrangement in December, the other three were in January, February and September.

In addition to these fashion weeks, every year there were some big names who liked to open their own fashion shows, showing high-priority outfits and ready to wear for the next year. For example, there was Victoria’s Secret on the other side of the ocean and also Nidelan’s May fashion show.

Nidelan was a luxury brand in the international market. It mainly produced cosmetics, fragrances etc. but it also had its own clothing brand. But their clothing was secondary to their beauty products, perfumes and bags.

This didn’t mean that Nidelan’s May fashion show was bad. On the contrary, this fashion show wasn’t simply a ready to wear fashion show. It ranged between high quality mass-produced clothing and high-end clothing.

Nidelan wasn’t as good as other first-tier brands and could only hold the fashion show once a year.

In May of every year, this event would gather the hearts and minds of the designers in order to present the best fashion show to the public.

Maybe it was due to this excellent and extreme concentration that Nidelan’s May fashion show was outstanding year after year. In previous years, many of the first-tier luxury brands specializing in clothing didn’t have fashion shows as good as Nidelan’s, the latter receiving a consistently good reputation in the industry.

Ming Yu didn’t hesitate as he signed the contract with the chief of the Huaxia Nidelan branch, who indicated that Ming Yu should immediately leave for Europe.

The blond chief suddenly smiled. “Ming Yu, the European headquarters will specifically send someone to meet you once you arrive. Please don’t worry.”

Ming Xiaoyu smiled calmly as he faced this awkward way of speaking and replied, “Thank you for coming, Mr. Nelson. We haven’t entertained you well after you arrived. This is our responsibility.”

Mr. Nelson frowned and said seriously, “There is everyone else. Only I came, this is to express my sincerity.”

Ming Xiaoyu only understood after a long moment. Mr. Nelson actually heard ‘the polite you’ as ‘everyone’. It really made him laugh and cry.

After Mr. Nelson left, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru immediately prepared to go to Euope.

Ming Yu’s passport was obtained when he first entered the company and Zhao Rui helped him get it. Luo Ru took Ming Yu home first to pack. Meanwhile, Zhao Rui would be informing the company about this trip and making future plans.

Ming Yu arrived at the airport the next day and was waiting to leave. Then he suddenly remembered that a certain man seemed to be working overtime last night on Ji and Yu matters. He sent a message: 【 Are you awake? 】

After 20 minutes, he received a text message in reply. 【 I just woke up. Do you want to eat breakfast? 】

Ming Xiaoyu pressed a few buttons and replied. 【 I’ve just ate, so you should eat. By the way, when are you coming to Europe? 】

There was a short pause before Xi Ze asked, 【 Coming? 】

Ming Yu looked at the single word on the screen and couldn’t help smiling. He instantly understood—

Xi Ze really didn’t know that Ming Yu was going to Europe.

Xi Ze was a very careful person. He couldn’t be a good designer if he didn’t pay attention to details. In the text message that Ming Yu just sent, Xi Ze found a strange word: coming.

Why was it ‘coming to Europe’ instead of ‘going to Europe?’

Before Ming Yu could reply, Xi Ze sent another message: 【 Are you going to Europe? 】 Ming Yu then explained his next job to Xi Ze.

Xi Ze was silent for a while before replying: 【 I have spent the last two days at Ji and Ya and haven’t returned to Muse. I didn’t know that you accepted the Nidelan May fashion show. I will be there for the show, but I might not be able to meet you before that. I will be in Milan and you in London. 】

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t mind. 【 It is okay. Europe is so big. 】 They talked for a while before Ming Yu had to get on his flight, making him turn off his phone.

The large silver-white passenger plan took off from Huaxia’s main airport and flew through the clouds. After several hours of flying at a high altitude, it finally landed at Heathrow Airport.

Ming Yu got off the plane, where the Nidelan staff in charge of receiving him had been waiting at the airport for a few hours. The two parties quickly contacted each other and the staff member took Ming Yu’s group to the hotel to help them settle down. He told Ming Yu to get a good rest today and he would take Ming Yu to Nidelan’s headquarters tomorrow.

This might be a different world, but the London of this world wasn’t much different from what Ming Yu remembered.

In his last life, Ming Xiaoyu had a house in the 3rd ring. He was quite familiar with the terrain of the capital. This world’s urban patterns in Huaxia hadn’t changed much, but there were still some differences in the layout. This always caused Zhao Rui to say that Ming Yu was hopeless with directions.

Ming Xiaoyu: I would show you what an expert I am!

Contrary to Ming Yu’s expectations, Zhao Rui was very calm after arriving in London. He had no special feelings. Meanwhile, Luo Ru was very excited and wanted to go out for a stroll.

This was a woman’s nature. Going abroad for the first time and coming to exotic lands. Who wouldn’t go crazy buying things?

As a gentleman, Ming Yu escorted Luo Ru to visit several major business districts in London. By the time he returned in the evening, Ming Xiaoyu was too tired to move. Incredibly, Luo Ru’s eyes were still wide open as she said, “I have become familiar with the terrain. Xiaoyu, tomorrow you don’t have to work hard. I will go out and stroll by myself!”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…⊙▂⊙”

Luo Ru, haven’t you had enough?

The next day, the Nidelan staff member arrived at the hotel on time and took them to NIdelan’s headquarters.

The staff was obviously not an ordinary employee. In the car, he explained to Ming Yu, “Mr. Ming, Nidelan’s headquarters is in the old part of London. We will need to drive for awhile. This time, we have invited you to perform in the May fashion show. We have invited a total of 54 models, 24 of which are male and 30 females. The female model of the finale is also from Huaxia. She is called Xu Rongrong. I heard that she is from the same company as you.”

The staff member spoke fluently in Chinese and Ming Yu couldn’t hear anything wrong except for a few strange inflections.

“Mr. Gary, you are talking about Xu Rongrong?”

Mr. Gary laughed and spoke while driving the car. “Just call me Gary, Mr. Ming. Yes, Miss Xu is the female model from Muse Modelling Agency. We have also invited a well-known Huaxia photography master to take photos and live scenes of the fashion show.

Ming Yu was still thinking about Xu Rongrong when he heard this. He reflexively asked, “Huaxia’s photography master?”

Mr. Gary nodded lightly. “Yes, Ms. Tan Yunqing.”

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