RS: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

This world’s Huaxia really placed great attachment to copyright. Don’t even talk about the DVDs that would be copied to the Internet for people to watch. If they clicked on a video from an Internet link, they would be transferred to the page of the original website to view it.

Pei Feng was a big second-tier Huaxia brand. It might be inferior to the top and first-tier brands, but it was still very famous in the country. It was also popular among young people. Now Pei Feng released a live video of their new quarterly fashion show. How could those young people who liked Pei Feng not click to watch it?

Therefore, three minutes after the Pei Feng official website updated, the fans found a video on the left side of the home page and quickly watched it. The fashion show video was around 20 minutes. This wasn’t too long or too short, it was just in line with the viewing habits of today’s youths.

What was the biggest characteristic of Pei Feng’s fashion show?

Young and cool?


It was the value of colour!

The first fans to share this fashion show video to Weibo wrote as followed: 【 Ah ah ah ah, this is too handsome and too beautiful!!!  The long legs, 1.8m long legs, the legs that seem to go up to the neck!! 】  … Cough, ignore this ‘irrational’ evaluation. The first rational analysis should be like this—

【 Pei Feng’s theme this quarter is ‘Grey Blue Underground River.’ Its spring fashion show had a beautiful yellow-green theme, so this is quite creative. This fashion show has the usual female models first then male models’ catwalk sequence. I have to say that the show’s female model, Zhao Liwen has a really quiet temperament. The first linen dress suits her elegant style. The last male model, Cheng Su also performed well. The long denim shirt will probably be the hot item this season.

But the most amazing one to me is the third-last model, Ming Yu. All three sets of clothing were really impressive and he gave a dazzling performance. It makes one feel doubt. Is it because Ming Yu is wearing the clothes that they have such a remarkable effect…

…. In short, this Pei Feng fashion show is really above the standard. If I had to say what was the most unforgettable thing for the audience…. it is probably the mole under Ming Yu’s right eye? What a clever placement! Finally, thank you for increasing the maximum word limit to 2,000 words! It is a really good thing! 】

As everyone knew, Pei Feng invited high value models to participate in the fashion show.

Who could say that Zhao Liwen wasn’t beautiful? Look at her 1.8m (?) long legs!

Was Cheng Su handsome? Look at his muscles and try to say something!

But if they asked who had the highest value in this show…

It must be Ming Xiaoyu!

【 Ming Xiaoyu might be a bit shorter than Cheng su, but I feel like he is so handsome. Ahhhh! The screen is dirty, I will lick it…… 】

【 The Northeast people are looking at my, my tongue has frozen stiff! I won’t tell you why it is frozen! 】

Stupified. I have just found Xiaoyu’s mole! What a beauty ~~~ 】

【 The leather jacket is really great ~!The denim is also very good ~! The long jacket is excellent~~~! I can’t say anything through my tears about the mole. I just tried to put one on myself and it looks like a pockmark. _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 Before looking at Xiaoyu’s photos, I ate two bowls of rice! Watching today’s dynamic video, I have to eat five bowls of rice!! 】

【 LS live, five bowls of rice! 】

【 Live, five bowls of rice!!! 】

【 Five bowls of rice +1 】


Every person who clicked on the video were transferred to Pei Feng’s official website to watch.  As thousands of people did this, the broke Fei Peng’s record for the website traffic this year.

For a certain period of time, Pei Feng’s fragile server couldn’t bear such a large number of people. Therefore, netizens in some areas got a black screen for a few seconds, causing a large number of complaints.

In any case, this season’s fashion show really received a lot of praise.

Public opinion, magazines and newspapers wrote that it was a ‘stable but not innovative’ and ‘smooth.’ Meanwhile, the netizens comments were completely different from the experts and were full of praise. This caused the #Pei Feng fashion show topic to reach the top three of popular topics on Weibo.

Most netizens didn’t care about fashion design breakthroughs or innovations. They didn’t think about ‘whether this dress has a unique sense of style or fashion.’ The first thing they saw was a visual feast with colourful clothes and many beauties. So, for them, this was a successful fashion show, a perfect fashion show!

【 As the Dog said: I have seen it seven times… 】

【 So what if you’ve seen it seven times? Do you want me to tell everyone the order of the appearances? 】

【 So what? Do you want me to tell you how many clasps there were on the silver chains that Xiaoyu was wearing? 】……

The praise caused Ming Yu’s popularity to grow. Last month, Ming Yu’s Weibo exceeded 500,000 fans and his official website had 100,000 fans. Now the former had reached the one million mark, while the latter was growing steadily towards 200,000.

As Ming Yu’s Weibo prepared to break through one million fans, Zhao Rui was very excited and keep refreshing. Once he saw that the number changed from 999997 to 1000001, he shouted, “Ming Yu! It broke through one million! It really broke through!”

Ming Yu reluctantly nodded. “Yes yes, Brother Zhao, it finally broke through one million.”

“Hahaa, this is the first step to success! You have now reached one-eighth of Cheng Su’s Weibo fans in only two months! At this rate, you will overtake him in a year!”

Ming Yu… “Brother Zhao, I recall that the fans on my official website is one-fiftieth of Cheng Su?”

Zhao Rui, “…That doesn’t matter! We will just look at Weibo!”

Ming Yu, “…”

Silently drinking tea on the side Luo Ru, “…”

Weibo was comparable to Muse’s official website!

However, the official website required fans to register with their real names. Not to mention the strange and harsh 100 questions!

It ranged from questions like “What colour was Xi Ze’s jacket from his second set of clothes in his second fashion”, “What brand of perfume did He Chaoman endorse first” and “How many times was Luo Cheng in the opening model in 2016?” The questions were enough to make them sick!

It was well known that the application system of Muse’s official website was really too anti-human. According to numerous fans, “If it wasn’t for looking at many handsome men and beautiful women, who would want to register at your website?”

As a result of this registration system, Ming Yu’s Weibo fans might’ve reached one million but the number of fans on his official Muse website was only 160,000. Even so, his number of fans could already be ranked in the top 100 of the company.

The higher the rank, the greater the difference in the number of fans.

The top female model, He Chaoman had more than 21 million fans, far surpassing the second ranked Xu Rong, who only had 5 million fans.

In terms of male models, Zhao Rui had once mentioned to Ming Yu that Cheng Su had more than 7 million fans, while Luo Cheng had 19 million fans.

As for that man… he had more than 30 million fans. It was a number that other people couldn’t catch up to, so they never even mentioned him.

For example, after Zhao Rui confidently declared his ambition to ‘catch up to Cheng Su in a year’, he glanced through the list of fans on Muse’s official website. Then he spoke with surprise, “Ming Yu, your current fans are just a fraction of Xi Ze’s fans! This is so interesting!!”

Ming Yu with 160819 fans, “…”

The difference between them was 36 million! This really didn’t mean anything good!

From a young age, Ming Yu was a very competitive person.

In the orphanage where Ming Yu lived, he drank milk every day to become taller. After school, Ming Yu would use a night light to read until midnight and sleep in the day. His dark circles caused students to call him ‘Daytime Genius.’

After he entered the fashion industry, Ming Yu worked hard and stood at the top of the Chinese fashion circle, causing Europe and the United States to look at the strength of the Chinese model with black hair and black eyes… his competitiveness was a big factor in this.

The man involved didn’t know it, but Ming Yu already had a plan to ‘catch up and surpass 26 million fans’ in his heart. He would mercilessly pull the other person down from his throne!

Although, Ming Yu…. gaining 36160819 fans, this was too unrealistic!



As the Pei Feng fashion show craze swept the Internet and the magazines for three days. During this time, Pei Feng released the photos of the participating models on their official website, drawing unanimous praise.

Three days later, Ming Yu was invited by Fei Sixin to try out the outfits.

Fei Sixin’s designs were considered high-class—

High class and ready to wear clothing, the former was exquisite with more details, while the latter was standardized for the production line.

In order to ensure that the models are streamlined and cohesive, Fei Sixin needed to make slight changes to the clothing according to the figures of Ming Yu and the other models. This was to make it suit their models and to show off their unique beauty.

This was Fei Sixin’s first fashion show so she put in a lot of painstaking effort. The collection of clothes was complete, but she and her aides fixed them according to the model’s body. She changed everything to its most perfect state.

This fashion show was scheduled for next month, leaving time for the designer to communicate with the models.

Then the day after Ming Yu tried out the clothing, he participated in the recording of the talk show.

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