RS: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Zhao Rui introduced Master Fei to Ming Yu as ‘someone who once served as the photographer of a top magazine in Huaxia.’ Both of them was still speaking when a voice was suddenly heard. “Ah, you still remember this? I forgot that I took those group of photos.”

Ming Yu and Zhao Rui turned to look behind them. They didn’t know when but the object of their discussion, Master Fei Zhennan had come up behind Zhao Rui and was listening to them speak.

At this moment, the rhythm of the studio returned to normal. Zhu Wei originally wanted to say something, but he could only bite his lips and walk away when he saw Master Fei move straight to Ming Yu’s side.

In this past life, Ming Yu had seen many master photographers of the world. Most of them were European and America, with very few Chinese people. In this life, Huaxia had developed and prospered. According to Zhao Rui, Master Fei had successfully crushed a group of European and American photographers to enter the top 10 in the world.

Such a famous photographer had this type of amiable personality?

Ming Yu smiled and gently nodded, speaking respectfully. “Hello Master Fei.”

Master Fei, who didn’t seem to have any arrogant airs, laughed at Ming Yu’s greeting and replied. “I was listening just now and you seem to be called Ming Yu. Your sense of the lens is very good. It isn’t worse than a few top supermodels that I have seen. You know how to show off your looks. With these abilities, I think you will sooner or later succeed in this business.”

Ming Yu laughed, “You are flattering me.”

Haha. Master Fei waved his hand and laughed. “I am telling you the truth. But you still have to work hard. Child, you can’t relax.”  Master Fei paused and glanced at Ming Yu, before speaking cheerfully. “Ming Yu, I have a request that I hope you can accept.”

Ming Yu was stunned when he heard this. “Master Fei, I won’t refuse as long as I can help.”

Master Fei spoke with appreciation, “I took some photos of you while you were shooting just now. I hope you can let me save these photos.” After a short pause, Master Fei added. “I think you agent has told you by now, but you know that these clothes are designed by my daughter?”

Zhao Rui smiled dryly and remained silent.

Ming Yu glanced at his agent and explained. “Master Fei, there wasn’t much meaning behind it. I think that these clothing are full of a great design sense and have an aura to them.”

Master Fei laughed. “It really is my daughter’s designs, so I can’t say anything. Since childhood, she followed me everywhere and has seen a lot of things. So Ming Yu, you don’t have to praise her. But today, I want to take this set of clothing.”

Ming Yu was slightly surprised as he heard these words. “Take this set of clothing?”

Master Fei sighed, “Looking at this group of youth-themed denim clothing, don’t you feel that your clothing is out of place?”

Ming Yu slightly nodded. “…A little bit.”

“My daughter designed these set of clothes. I told her directly, this is the best out of all the clothing she designed for this collection, but it isn’t suitable for this collection. Her philosophy is: the clothes I design can make most people look good.’ However, I think you understand that this set of clothing have a higher requirement. Not all professional models can look perfect in it.”

Ming Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed at these words. The vision of a master, it was truly sharp.

Ming Yu smiled slightly and asked, “So you want to take the photos of this set of clothing back to your daughter?”

Master Fei smiled and shook his heard. “That isn’t the case. This set of clothing was mixed in with this collection and accidentally sent to Fashion Entertainmnet. I intended to take this set of clothing to an old friend. I wanted him to wear the clothing and I would take a few photos to show my stubborn girl.” Master Fei suddenly asked. “Child, have you discovered that the size is slightly large for you?”

Indeed, Ming Yu had wondered about the size of the clothing when he put it on. However, he just thought the magazine was making things difficult for him. He never expected that the clothing would be made according to the dimensions of others.

That person’s body was really good…

The praise flew from Ming Yu’s head as he listened to the master. “The way you wear the clothing is really good. Even if the size isn’t perfect, you handled the folds and dark colour seamlessly. If I hadn’t just seen your performance in front of a camera, I would’ve thought you were a designer like my daughter.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“You are truly very good. Therefore, I would like to ask you to let me keep the photos. I can take it to my stubborn girl and let her know her misconception. I also don’t need to bother my old friend and owe him a favour. With his nature, it isn’t good to owe him a favour!”

Ming Yu, “…”

Master Fei suddenly became aware that he leaked somehing he shouldn’t and took out a white card, handing it to Ming Yu with a smile. “Child, if you help me with this favour today, you can come to me anytime.”

Ming Yu took the business card with a humble smile. “Master Fei, it is an honour to help you.”

They exchanged a few more words before Ming Yu changed out of the clothing and let Master Fei take it away. According to Master Fei, he was going to find some ordinary people to let them wear this set of clothing. He would take a few photos and tell his daughter that this set of clothing wasn’t ‘universal.’”

Zhao Rui looked at Master Fei’s back and lamented. “I didn’t expect the famous Master Fei’s personality to be like this. He is unexpectedly very good natured. I thought the masters always have strange tempers.”

Ming Yu listened to this and smiled. “Brother Zhao, parents are always very patient when it comes to their children. Master Fei is running around and working hard for his daughter. I think… he is a very qualified father.”

After finding Sister Lin to take off today’s makeup, the two people drove away from the studio. In the car, Ming Yu closed his eyes and feel asleep in the passenger seat.

Ming Yu stayed up to midnight last night in order to study the contents of Fashion Entertainment. Then in order to ensure the quality of his sleep, he performed the set of exercises that he liked in his previous life. After ensuring that he was exhausted, he finally entered his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Then he arrived at Fashion Entertainment’s headquarters the other side of Beijing early in the morning, and moved around all day. It was now almost evening and Ming Yu was so tired that he didn’t have any strength to speak. He barely got into the car and was finally able to rest.

At a red light, Zhao Rui looked at the tired appearance of the young model and couldn’t help smiling. He took out a small blanket and carefully covered Ming Yu.

“You are working very hard. You are 17 years old, you will have a better future…”

The gold sun slowly fell on the other side of the horizon, the beautiful red sky of the sunset making it seem like a kingdom of clouds. The fire clouds were beautiful and gorgeous.

The business car drove through the city and quickly disappeared into the traffic. At the other end of Beijing, a tall man stood in front of huge window and looked down at the endless stream of traffic.

“…Well, this time I don’t have to bother you to help me with some photos. The person might be an unknown model, but he is very good in front of the camera. I think it is sufficient to reflect my intent.”

The man’s thin lips curved slightly as he listened to these words, before he spoke with a low chuckle. “So Old Fei… you don’t owe me a favour?”

Master Fei laughed. “Yes, if I owe you a favour… it would be absolutely terrible. Since that child can take photos so well, you don’t have to be troubled and I won’t owe you a favour. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?”

A magnetic low laughter was heard over the phone. It was a laugh, but Master Fei couldn’t help feeling like a cold wind was blowing.

Indeed! The next second, Master Fei could only listen as the man said, “But Old Fei, today I declined a fashion show invitation because of you… what is to be done?”

The man’s tone was gently, but Master Fei was familiar with him and couldn’t help feeling cold.

Master Fei thought carefully for a moment before his eyes suddenly widened with horror. “Today, it was Clucas’s autumn fashion show in Milan right? Wait, why would you go to this show? You haven’t gone to a show for the past six months? And wasn’t the last show for your own brand?”

The man on the other side of the phone replied calmly. “Clucas invited me to be an esteemed guest.”


“I rejected Clucas’ invitation and made Clucas very sad. As his good friend, I am also very sad.”


Clucas, did that boy even know the meaning of the word ‘sad’?

“I think it will take a lot of time and effort to restore the friendship between us.”


Fart! As long as you beckon, that brat Clucas would come running over!!! He would run faster than a husky!

“Old Fei… what should I do?”


Using honorifics while saying these things…

If he had known he would be extorted by this man, he would’ve let him shoot the photos!!

With these regretful thoughts, Master Fei promised to owe the man a favour, stating that he felt regret for ‘interfering with such a deep friendship.’

And in the Muse Building, the bright sunlight shone through the huge floor to ceiling windows and illuminated the inside.

Against the backdrop of the golden sunset, the handsome and elegant man overlooked the city with a light smile. His slender fingers rubbed the phone case as Xi Ze whispered, “Ming Yu…?”

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