RS: Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

The March issue of Character meant that Ming Xiaoyu officially entered the ranks of the first-tier models.

The cover of a first-tier magazine was just a symbol of the model entering the first-tier rank, but he had appeared on the cover of the main issue. What was the status and reputation of a front-tier magazine in the industry? It was high.

The cover of the March issue was arguably the best job for Ming Yu.

His start was very high, leading many people in the industry to pay attention to this newcomer with great potential. There were many contracts and potential jobs, making Zhao Rui and Luo Ru very busy during this time.

However, if he was to take a vacation then it should be an actual vacation. During the period of March to April, apart from occasionally going to some fashion shows, Ming Xiaoyu really rested a lot. According to Zhou Weizhuo, “Ming Xiaoyu, you recently look very good. You have a lot of spirit.”

Zhou Weizhuo was currently helping Ming Yu with his style.

With Zhao Rui as his back door, Ming Yu could always ask Muse’s chief stylist Zhou Weizhuo to help him with a style. This golden finger wasn’t too big, but Zhou Weizhuo was happy to do it.

“I saw your look on the cover of Character and it is really good. You are very suitable for the silver hair color, but the color is really too overkill. This time, I chose a light brown. Your natural hair colour is lighter and this colour is better for your skin.”

Under Zhou Weizhuo’s skilled hands, Ming Yu’s almost shoulder-length hair was cut short again, to just above his jaw. This time, Zhou Weizhuo used the hairdryer to blow back all the hair from Ming Yu’s forehead, forming a fluffy and natural curve, then fixing it with hairspray.

After a busy morning’s work was over, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru returned to Zhou Weizhuo’s studio to see the reborn Ming Xiaoyu.

The slightly older hairstyle was completely replaced by the fashion-forward short hair and no bangs. All the hair was pulled back to reveal the forehead. The youth’s beautiful, delicate and impeccable. Now that the entire face was exposed, his calm and powerful aura caused Zhao Rui to look at him for a long time.

Zhao Rui carefully looked for a while before crying out, “Ah, you really look grown up, grown up!”

Luo Ru smiled. “Every change of style gives off a different feeling.”

Ming Yu listened to both of them sighing and calmly spread open his hands. “Sister Wei’s hands are skillful and I think this style is very good.”

Zhou Weizhuo smiled at the words and waved her hands. “Okay, I did it. If you have an audition, why are you still here? I remember that you have to take photos in an hour?”

Once these words were spoken, Ming Yu’s group hastened to leave. Before leaving, Zhou Weizhuo deliberately took out an exquisite close-fitting tuxedo from her own studio. She looked at the surprised Ming Yu and said, “Nidelan’s stylist must’ve prepared a lot of clothes for you. But I think this suit is very suitable for ‘Orange Green Smoke.’ If you need it, you can wear it any time.”

Yes, Ming Xiaoyu might be on holiday but the Nidelan job had been settled long ago. Previously, Ming Yu had shot the print advertisements for Nidelan, leaving only the movie and television advertisements.

A few days ago, Nidelan finally found a director and discussed the script. It was intended to official start in mid-April. Today, he wasn’t going to shoot advertisements. Instead, a set of photos would be taken to determine the feeling. Zhao Rui thought that Ming Yu should change his style, causing him to invite Zhou Weizhuo early in the morning.

Obviously, Ming Yu’s new look was very well designed.

The trip arrived at Nidelan’s dedicated photo studio. The deputy direction in charge of receiving them was startled when he saw Ming Yu, staring carefully for a moment before leading them inside.

“Director Xu is still on a business trip to the United Kingdom and won’t be able to return until mid-April. Therefore, the purpose of the photo shoot today is to send him an electronic copy of the mood, as well as setting the style.” The deputy director led Ming Yu’s group through various types of photographic machines and continued, “This time, we invited a good stylist. However, Ming Yu’s current styling is also very good. Stylist Yuan will refine this look.”

While walking through the photography equipment, many staff members looked up curiously at Ming Yu. Some of them were present when the print advertisements were taken. Other staff members were new faces.

Half of the current models had an outstanding appearance and extreme temperament. No matter where they went, they would have a compelling presence.

A superb temperament could be directly understood in literal terms. It didn’t matter if a temperament was elegant and dignified or cold and mature. In short, they needed to attract people and have their own personality. This was a qualified model.

It was slightly different from outstanding looks. It was true that the appearance of most models was well-formed and in line with the aesthetics of the vast majority of people. However, there were a small number of models famous for their personalities despite their facial features not being good.

But Ming Xiaoyu really belonged to the former category.

The youth’s posture was straight and his skin was white like jade. His bearing when walking among the crowd was really extraordinary and didn’t he look good?

Many staff members secretly took pictures when they saw him. At the same time, there were many people who prepared papers or books for Ming Xiaoyu to sign when he was on a break.

Sure enough, the stylist was very satisfied with this Ming Yu. Once he learned that Zhou Weizhuo personally helped design it, the stylist said emotionally, “The level of Sister Wei is very high. This style is very good.”

Then the stylist also agreed to dress Ming Yu in Zhou Weizhuo’s suit to take photos. The stylist clearly trusted Zhou Weizhuo very much.

In this bright and spacious studio, a handsome young boy stood in front of a simple background and took photos.

The click click sound of the shutter was heard as Ming Yu’s modelled very quickly. Sometimes the photographer hadn’t even responded before Ming Yu changed his posture. But no matter what type of posture, as long as this young man faced the camera, he was the most unique presence in the crowd.

The clear and clean eyes seemed to possess a power to deter people. The noble temperament revealed in the gestures made the photographer nod with admiration. He wasn’t stingy with his words of praise.

“Yes! Look at the camera again!”

Beautiful! Raise the perfume a little! Yes yes, that’s right!”

“Another one!”


The Nidelan ‘Smoke’ perfumes had a nice name and beautiful appearance.

The youth’s white fingers like jade gently held the streamlined perfume bottle. In the bottle, the perfume seemed to have vaporized into mist, showing a variegated splendor on the frosted glass bottle.

Ming Yu sometimes held the perfume bottle and placed it next to his face. Sometimes he would hold it close and look at the camera through blurred eyes. As the photos were taken, the studio quieted down. Everyone couldn’t help gazing at the youth in front of them, captured by the silently moving beauty.

Do you know what happened if a male model endorsed a female fragrance?

—He was too enchanting!

They shot from the afternoon to seven in the evening. At the end of the day, all the styling shots were taken. Ming Yu tried to help the staff who wanted signatures and then rejected the small gifts they bought with a smile. He raised his eyebrows and said, “If you buy me this to eat, I’ll become fat. Don’t you want to help me lose weight?”

A young girl immediately ran away with hot cheeks.

Big charmer Ming Xiaoyu once again made a handsome appearance today.

Once Zhao Rui was driving Ming Xiaoyu home, he suddenly had a thought. “Wait Xiaoyu, aren’t you the type of person who doesn’t get fat when eating? I remember when you couldn’t eat a lot for a while and then you overate for three days in a row. Nothing happened then.”

Ming Xiaoyu sighed heavily at these words. “Brother Zhao, how are you so honest?”

Zhao Rui, “…(⊙_⊙)?”

Luo Ru laughed on the side.

Ming Xiaoyu sincerely patted Zhao Rui’s shoulder. “If you don’t understand a woman’s heart, how can you marry someone later?”

Zhao Rui cried out, “I will certainly marry a good young lady! (╬▔皿▔)”

Ming Xiaoyu spread open his hands. “Yes yes, you will certainly marry.”

The laughter continued as the car drove to the Muse apartments.

Ming Yu might’ve bought a place but it was still under renovation. He estimated that he could officially move in May, so he was still living at the Muse apartment.

Luo Ru confirmed his schedule for the next few days and Ming Yu got out of the car. Then he smiled and said to Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, “You worked hard today, Brother Zhao and Sister Luo. Tomorrow is my birthday and we will go to Ruoshang Hall at noon. I have booked a box there a long time ago.”

Zhao Rui agreed. “It sounds good.”

Luo Ru smiled at him. “Sleep early tonight and pay good attention to your rest, Xiaoyu.”

Under the bright moonlight, the young man wearing a bright orange jacket smiled and watched the car leave.

Once the sun rose and shone again on this sleeping land, Ming Yu’s birthday would finally be ushered in. It was his 18th birthday and the day he became an adult.

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5 years ago

“Once the sun rose and shone again on this sleeping land, Ming Yu’s birthday would finally be ushered in. It was his 18th birthday and the day he became an adult.” Still waiting for that adult gift our ML promised our MC.

5 years ago

MXY’s charmed increased again.. Thanks for this chapter.

5 years ago

Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄😄😄.

5 years ago

Adult gift from God Xi. 😀

Han Nwe Nyein
Han Nwe Nyein
5 years ago

Our little kiddo is 18 now. I wonder what is adulthood gift from God Xi. ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)

4 years ago

I love Zhao Rui so much hahahahaha so pure 😂

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