RS: Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

The audition process was so twisted that it couldn’t be explained. Even Xu Yizong hadn’t expected this result.

In the end, Qi Deming personally escorted Ming Xiaoyu out of the audition room. As he walked, he shouted to Xu Yizhong who was still behind him. “Old Xu, do you have a bad throat or nose? You should cure your sickness!”

Director Xu who had an ashen face, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻ “

In front of Qi Deming, Xu Yizhong was just a junior, no matter how many awards he got or how high the box office of his movies was. Qi Deming had been moving movies for five or six decades. When he became famous, Xu Yizhong was still sucking a bottle in the cradle. They were completely incomparable.

After leaving the audition room with Qi Deming, Ming Yu didn’t say anything. Qi Deming bowed his head and said in a sincere tone, “Ming Yu, I wrong you just now. This role doesn’t have many scenes but they are important. Xu Yizhong, that old man is too stubborn. Unless you talk back to him at the beginning, he will be reluctant to change his mind later.”

Ming Xiaoyu was slightly startled listening to this. Then he realized it. Elder Qi was apologizing.

Qi Deming had recommended Ming Yu play this role just now. Apart from the superb acting required by Director Xu, every other condition made Ming Yu a perfect fit for the role. Therefore, Elder Qi actively recommended Ming Yu.

The starting point was good, but he always emphasized that Ming Yu had no acting ability.

If a newcomer had heard that there was ‘no need for acting’, they might’ve already quit. They might’ve endured for a while before eventually being resentful. Maybe they wouldn’t remember Qi Deming’s goodness. Instead, the actor would think Elder Qi was looking down on him.

But Ming Yu knew that Qi Deming was telling the truth.

He was truly lacking acting skills. This might be a small role in An Li, but Bai Xiu was a key role. Elder Qi’s words were ruthless but it achieved the result of swaying Director Xu.

Ming Yu hurriedly shook his head and said honestly, “Elder Qi, I have to thank you for your recommendation. In fact, this movie really appeals to me. The plot has a lot of ups and downs, with a rich content. It is my honour to witness the birth of this movie.”

When Ming Yu spoke, his tone was sincere and he deliberately lowered it. He spoke to Qi Deming with the attitude of a junior. There wasn’t a single bit of resentment. His words were filled with gratitude, so that Qi Deming couldn’t help feeling comfortable. He knew that half of the words spoken by the young child were just being polite, but it was still comfortable to his ears.

The old man and young man walked out of the small building. Once they saw Luo Ru, Elder Qi quickly spoke to Ming Xiaoyu. “Today’s things, don’t worry over it in your heart. I might not have worked directly with you but I have seen your lemonade advertisement and MV. You have made progress.”

Ming Yu was slightly surprised by the words.

Qi Deming smiled and continued. “The progress might not be obvious but in the eyes of me and Old Xu, you have taken a big step. Ming Yu, you might not be a king or queen of the movies like Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing, but you can certainly be a person who can act.”

After that, Qi Deming turned and walked away.

But Ming Yu gazed at his back without any composure.

[You can certainly be a person who can act.]

This sentence really spoke to Ming Xiaoyu’s heart.

He didn’t want to be an actor. He was a model and dreamt of being a supermodel However, he didn’t want to be worse than other models in acting. In his last life, he pushed away most movies making many people in the industry think that ‘Ming Yu hates acting.’

He didn’t really like acting, but it wasn’t annoying.

If one day, there was a big production like ‘An Li’ in front of him, he would feel ambitious. However, because of his acting skills, he couldn’t add colour to the movie and raise it to another level. This would definitely be a big regret for Ming Yu.

During the audition, Luo Ru had been waiting outside anxiously. In the beginning, the staff advised her to sit down and drink but Luo Ru refused.

Other people didn’t know Ming Xiaoyu’s acting but not Luo Ru?

She was anxious!

Assuming that Ming Yu passed the audition this time, Ming Yu’s fame would definitely surge once An Li came out.

In the past two days, Feilu had started replacing the posters at major counters across the country. In two days, Feilu would replace the home page of their official website with a photo of Ming Yu, showing it to the world. On the other hand, Nidelan’s four TV commercials would also be launched globally in mid-July.

Good preparation was the key to success.

Ming Yu had kept a low profile and accumulated so many jobs. Now they would break out in July!

Now if Ming Yu appeared in the movie An Li, the combined sensation in the fashion industry and entertainment industry would definitely cause an earthquake-like effect, pushing Ming Yu to an incomparable position!

There were more than 300 supermodels in the world, but only a few supermodels participated in a billion yuan box office movie.

The fashion industry didn’t always fully value the achievements of models in the entertainment industry, but it was still a big achievement!

At the same time, there was one thing in Luo Ru’s heart that she never mentioned to others.

In late July, the World Supermodels Organization would announce the list of world supermodels.

Looking at the calculations, wasn’t it possible for Ming Xiaoyu to achieve something impossible for ordinary first-tier models?

The inner seal of Muse Magazine, the representative of the top luxury brand Feilu, the opening model of the annual May Nidelan fashion show…if he added one, it would be a billion yuan movie.

With this type of performance, couldn’t Ming Yu become a supermodel?

It was more than enough!

The higher the score, the more likely Ming Yu was to become a supermodel.

Luo Ru was restless thinking about this and paced back and forth. She looked forward to Ming Xiaoyu come out with the result, but she was afraid that it would be a bad result. Luo Ru waited for more than half an hour and finally saw the long-haired youth in red.

The youth was as calm as every as he walked in a handsome and elegant manner. He was like the son of an ancient nobleman as he walked steadily to Luo Ru. Luo Ru couldn’t help feeling shocked for a moment as she saw Ming Yu. But the next second, her anxiety returned.

Luo Ru quickly rushed forward and asked plainly, “How was it?”

The hot and fiery July sun shone unimpeded and was so glaring that Ming Yu couldn’t help blinking. Ming Yu didn’t immediately answer. Instead, he noticed that Luo Ru’s t-shirt was wet with sweat.

Luo Ru wasn’t beautiful but she was delicate and pretty. Now her forehead was covered with sweat, despite the air-conditioned room. This could be due to the heat, but it was also her anxiety.

The youth’s eyes warmed at the sight before Ming Yu gently nodded. “I passed.”

Luo Ru didn’t express her excitement at the words. Rather, the employees next to her happily discussed it.

“Passed? Finally passed? We spend half a month on Bai Xiu’s clothes! It is great that the role won’t be deleted!”

“Finally, there is Bai Xiu, we have a Bai Xiu…

“Fortunately, the character isn’t deleted. This is fantastic!”


On the side, Luo Ru was feeling relieved. She looked at Ming Yu and they both smiled. There was a tacit understand that didn’t require any words.

After that, Ming Xiaoyu removed his makeup and changed clothes. During the process of changing clothes and removing the makeup, the makeup team expressed their regret that he couldn’t always wear the clothes, since it was really suitable for him.

However, Ming Xiaoyu just smiled and raised an eyebrow. “There will be many opportunities to wear it in the future. I will have to trouble everyone when the time comes.”

All the staff members, “(ω)!!!”

It was a really good idea. Please teach us more!!! ~~

In the days after the audition, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t sigh with relief. Instead, he carefully honed his acting skills.

Zhao Rui used his relationships to find Ming Xiaoyu a small role on a TV series crew. It could be considered a little experience. However, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t shoot many TV dramas or movies. There were only five or six scenes, meaning this method didn’t have any results.

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were unable to make any progress. Therefore, Ming Xiaoyu took the initiative to contact the actress who helped him last time. He specifically asked her for tea and exchanged acting tips.

The movie queen was originally very impatient on the phone. However, after talking to Ming Xiaoyu for a while, she was slowly attracted to this little friend’s charms. She spoke to him about luxuries and he could tell her some underlying facts. She spoke to him about fashion and he could help her.

When it came to personal clothing, the stars in the entertainment industry were generally inferior to supermodels.

Thus, this movie queen’s mentality shifted from ‘this little model is annoying’ to ‘oh, the clothes can be worn like this. The colours really match, it is beautiful!’   In the end, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t have to say anything as the actress actively taught him some skills and personal experiences.

He didn’t do anything indecent and was so good to her. How could she not give anything in return?

Her conscience couldn’t let it pass!

Thus, this teaching continued until it was time for Ming Xiaoyu’s appearance at Fei Sixin’s brand conference.

Early in the morning, Ming Xiaoyu carefully selected good-looking but not eye-catching clothes. He used hairspray to neaten his hair, then went downstairs to head to the venue with Zhao Rui and Luo Ru.

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