RS: Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Muse Magazine was located on the middle three floors of the building. The magazine wasn’t set up directly in the Muse building. It was because they wanted a slight separation from the company, in order to not let the company’s models think that Muse was a resource they deserved. Another reason was the location of Suyi.

As the industry’s top fashion magazine, Suyu had several years more seniority than Muse. Their directions were different but the industry kept comparing them.

The elevator rose up to the 18th floor and the editor who led Ming Yu quietly said, “The 18th to 19th floors belong to Suyi. Our Muse is on from the 24th to 27th floors. It is a lot higher than them. We have one more floor and the view is more open.” The editor smiled proudly as he talked.

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

…It was just a few floors higher, there was no need to be so childish.

Fortunately, the style of Muse wasn’t as strange as the editor who led the way. After officially entering the magazine location, the editor responsible for this month’s theme ran over to receive them personally and started an interview.

The editor didn’t care if Ming Xiaoyu was in a bad mood or not. He started the interview, regardless if a break was needed. The speed of this work made Luo Ru a little upset but Ming Yu calmly accepted the interview and started the recording.

“The Nidelan May fashion show has attracted widespread attention in the industry. Ming Yu, what do you think about your identity as the opening model of this fashion show?”

“I was also very surprised to get an invitation from Nidelan. The video of this fashion show hasn’t come out yet. I wasn’t able to disclose it but the theme of the ‘deep blue sea mystery’ is sufficiently attractive. The designers’ creativity made me very amazed. I am a newcomer…”

The young man had a relaxed and composed tone in the interview. He wasn’t too proud of himself but he also wasn’t humble. His modest attitude made the editor slightly startled but he continued to conduct the interview.

On the sidelines, Luo Ru was already accustomed to such an outstanding youth.

To be honest, Luo Ru had felt really resentful when Shen Xiang arranged for her to be an assistant of a third-tier model. Among the preparatory agents trained during the same period, Luo Ru’s performance could only be described as excellent. Now she was thrown into the shadows despite her superior results.

The tutors in the training course said that Luo Ru could directly be the agent of a second-tier model. However, she was suddenly arranged to be the assistant of a third-tier model.

Yes, it wasn’t as an agent but an assistant.

As an individual, it was natural to feel resentment when faced with such unfair treatment.

Of course, Luo Ru wasn’t small-minded enough to be self-destructive. After a night of suffering, she accepted the above arrangement and decided that even if she had to be an assistant, she would be the best. She must use her strength to tell Shen Xiang that she shouldn’t be the assistant of a third-tier model.

The things that happened afterwards made Luo Ru feel surprised.

In order to become a Muse agent, a person needed to go through a training period of at least one year. Those with more ambitious goals might actively accept the three year training period. Luo Ru was one of them.

After three years of keeping a low profile, Luo Ru already memorized the name of hundreds of models in the company. She could even recite the details of dozens of famous models. As far as what she knew, Ming Yu wasn’t a model with potential.

She would be the assistant of a small model like that?

Luo Ru’s first thought was that this small model must’ve gone through the back door or have a big background.

But after getting into contact with Ming Yu, Luo Ru’s views changed dramatically.

This young man was smart, sensitive and shrewd. He never hesitated and had principles. Such people didn’t need to go through the back door.  He could be considered a first-tier model, not just a third-tier model.

Luo Ru’s eyes softened as she thought this. She looked over at the Muse editor sitting with the youth and chuckled. No matter what the past was, they were good now. As Ming Yu’s assistant, Luo Ru gained a lot of valuable experience she never had before.

After the interview, the editor got up and shook hands with Ming Yu. Then he sighed. “I haven’t seen such a steady young man for a long time. Ming Yu, you are really good. It is no wonder that the editor said we should invite you for this issue. You really have strength.”

Ming Yu smiled lightly at the words and nodded. “I have to really thank Chief Editor Song for recommending me.”

The editor didn’t try to hide anything. He walked with Ming Yu in the direction of the studio and said, “It isn’t a big deal to say this. There is section about ‘rising stars’ in this issue. Some people suggested inviting another model but Chief Editor Song hoped to invite you.”

The three people walked through the clean and bright corridors together. Many people looked curiously at Ming Yu along the way, but as the staff of a top magazine, they only looked. There was no other behaviour and the atmosphere was very suitable for a big magazine.

“At the beginning, there were some arguments. Chief Editor Song spent several days suggesting we should invite you. It was fortunate that you became the opening model of the Nidelan fashion show, convincing the other editors. Otherwise, it might’ve consumed more time.” Then the editor laughed. “This time, our magazine intended to do a small section on the Nidelan fashion show. According to the editor who was there, the fashion show was very successful and the audience clapped twice…”

The trio chattered and quickly reached the studio on the 24th floor. Muse was very detailed about everyone’s work arrangements. There was an editor for an interview and another editor responsible for the photos. So at this point, the editor responsible for showing them the path should leave.

Before the other party left, Ming Xiaoyu said politely, “I was really happy to get along with you during this period of time. Thank you Brother Zhang. I hope that we can continue to cooperate in the future.”

The other person heard this and smiled. “Yes, there were definitely be opportunities to continue our cooperation. I think it is really good that you were the one invited this time, not that Cheng Su. I heard that he doesn’t have a very good temper.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Luo Ru, “…”

Once Editor Zhang’s back completely disappeared at the other end of the corridor, Ming Xiaoyu turned his head calmly and continued to walk into the studio. Luo Ru helplessly shook her head, covering her smiling lips.

There was a long pause before Ming Xiaoyu asked calmly, “Sister Luo, what did you just hear?”

Luo Ru heard this and laughed. “Xiaoyu, what did you just hear?”

Their eyes met and the two people had a tacit understanding. Then they bother laughed.

What? Why was it so cool today? Well, it must be because today’s weather was so good!

Outside the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, the sky had been clear and cloudless in the morning. Now it was cloudy. There was a flash of lightning and this summer’s first summer rain came.

Uh, the weather was really good ^_^

Ming Xiaoyu might just be a special subject in the next issue of Muse, but Muse still did their best. This time, Ming Xiaoyu came and the interview was at the forefront. As for the photo shoot, a style needed to be set first. Ming Yu needed to wait for the invited photographer and then take photos. Therefore, Sister Zheng didn’t follow this time.

As one of the world’s top magazines, Muse had more than 10 stylists. The one responsible for Ming Xiaoyu was a very experienced stylist with senior qualifications. When the other person saw Ming Xiaoyu, his gaze was stuck on the red diamond stud earring.

After careful observation, the stylist sighed. “Your ear lobe is beautiful.”

A person who he met for the first time was praising his earlobe. Wasn’t this called a flirt?

But it was normal for stylists to pay attention to other people’s grooming.

In the face of such praise, Ming Xiaoyu smiled and said, “Thank you for the praise Mr. Ren.”

Ren Huaqing was slightly startled for a moment before laughing. “You did your homework. You even know my name, it is good. Don’t call me mister. Just call me brother otherwise I will feel old.”

Ming Yu nodded calmly, “Brother Ren.”

The originally distant relationship was narrowed with the word ‘brother.’

Their chat was really smooth and natural. Ren Huaqing was actually a prideful person. But like every stylist, he couldn’t help feeling itchy when he saw such a good seedling. He wanted to quickly change the style of this youth.

After a careful examination, Ren Huaqing thought for a bit before asking, “Ming Yu, your hair isn’t short but it isn’t long enough. What do you think about letting me give you long hair?”

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