RS: Chapter 174

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Chapter 174

In any high-end fashion show, the makeup of the supermodels was basically fixed.

Different supermodels might be wearing different outfits, but their overall makeup must be the same in order to match the theme of the fashion show. It was because makeup was also an important factor in expressing the style of clothing, making even the outside world interested. The makeup of a fashion show was called ‘supermodel makeup.’

A soft and delicate brush moved over the youth’s eyelids, spreading the thin powder evenly. Thanks to a layer of moist foundation, the white skin was even smoother and not a single flaw could be found. It made the person feel more radiant.

At Ruth Mary’s high-end fashion show, there were only five makeup artists., Each artist was responsible for eight or nine supermodel makeup designs.  These five people were top people in the industry. Whether it was delicate techniques or professional smudging, they were all skilled to the extreme.

Under the makeup artist’s skillful hands, long and narrow red eye shadows formed at the corner of Ming Yu’s eyes. The curvature was slightly highlighted and it spread from the youth’s narrow eyes to the sideburns. The cinnabar colour lined the white skin, making it look more transparent.

Once the makeup was finished, the male makeup artist smiled and said, “You look so good!” Then he went onto the next supermodel without hesitation, not saying too much to Ming Yu.

But these two sentences caused the other two supermodels waiting to look at Ming Yu with surprise for a long time.

Don’t think that this makeup artist was exaggerating the compliment. A makeup look might seem simply but it took a lot of time for the makeup artist.

The cinnabar coloured eye shadow was sporadically dotted with light gold powder. This had to be carefully pasted by the makeup artist. Every bit of gold powder was so small that tweezers couldn’t be used. The artist could only handle it with care.

As a result, the five makeup artists were extremely busy and never spoke a word. This was the first time the makeup artist responsible for Ming Yu spoke and it was such straightforward praise. Wasn’t this surprising?

But the other supermodels knew that the makeup artist was right.

The Oriental facial features normally wasn’t as deep as Westerners. However, God gave them soft and delicate eyebrows, as well as far more delicate skin and soft contours than Westerners. The face of this young man was the very three-dimensional and profound type of the Oriental. At the same time, it wasn’t lacking in the beauty of the five senses. It really brought together the advantages of the East and the West!

“He is Ming Yu?”

“Yes, I was with him in the Nidelan May fashion show. His aura is very good and I think he is likely to board the world’s supermodel rankings.”

“Aren’t you exaggerating too much? He is just a new supermodel. How can he be so good?”

“If you don’t believe it, tell me again the day after tomorrow.”


Ming Yu didn’t hear these words. It was because he was led by the staff of Ruth Mary to go with Luo Ru to choose the outfits he would wear in this fashion show.

The one in charge of managing the supermodels was Ivy, the assistant designer of Ruth Mary. The young designer couldn’t help showing some surprise when she saw Ming Yu. Then she quickly selected a three piece outfit for Ming Yu.

Ivy’s curious gaze stayed on the youth for a long time before she said with a smile, “Are you Ming Yu? Give it a try. I think you must be very suitable for these outfits. I also saw the photos of you at the RAmer Charity Gala. I think you fit this exquisite and luxurious style and will be able to perfectly show these three outfits.

Ming Xiaoyu came very early today so he was one of the first few supermodels to finish their makeup. He listened to Ivy’s words and nodded with a smile. “Yes, I will try it on now. Thank you.”

As he spoke, Luo Ru reached out for the three outfits. However, the two people had just turned to go to the changing room when they heard a teasing voice to the side. “Hey Ivy. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Miss me?”

The voice was really loud and echoed in the quiet room. Luo Ru looked around at the sound. Once she saw the approaching man, her eyes widened. However, Ming Xiaoyu was already prepared. He just casually looked at the other person before planning to leave with Luo Ru.

He didn’t expect the other person to stretch out a hand in front of Ming Yu and say in a proud tone, “Hey, aren’t you that Ming Yu? What a coincidence. Did you come to visit Ruth Mary’s October high-end fashion show?”

Ming Xiaoyu hadn’t expected the other person to suddenly reach out and intercept him. He was slightly startled and looked up at the other man.

“Hey Andrew! Don’t talk nonsense. Ming Yu is a supermodel in the fashion show!” Ivy didn’t wait for Ming Yu to answer and spoke with dissatisfaction. “What are you doing? Ming Yu’s clothes have been selected and he needs to change. Why are you standing here, don’t you have to get your makeup down?”

Andrew Wallen helplessly spread out his hands and sighed, “I’m going.”

He disregarded Ivy’s cold eyes. Andrew turned and whispered something in Ming Yu’s ears. Then he lazily gave the other person a wave, held his pair of sunglasses and arrogantly swaggered to the makeup room.

Luo Ru frowned at the sight and whispered, “Xiaoyu, what did he say to you just now? I didn’t expect Andrew to participate in this fashion show. He has always been domineering and anti-Huaxia. We have to be careful.”

Ming Yu responded with a soft “Hrmm.”

The two of them continued to the dressing room and changed into the three outfits. The effect of the test dressing was very good. Along with the glamorous beauty makeup, he gave off a unique gender neutral beauty.

He came early and naturally finished early. In the afternoon, Ming Yu and Luo Ru temporarily ended their work and prepared to leave. At this moment, some supermodels just arrived for their makeup and to change clothes.

Among these supermodels, a tall blond man seemed a little out of place. He didn’t bother lining up for makeup and directly sat on the soft. He clearly had a handsome face, but perhaps due to his sitting posture, he made a person feel that he didn’t have a temperament.

While Mr. Will went to pick up the car, the handsome youth narrowed his eyes and gazed at Andrew. His lips slowly curved and he suddenly said, “Sister Luo, I haven’t answered the question you asked me before.”

Luo Ru thought for a moment before realizing. “Yes, you haven’t told me. What exactly did Andrew say to you?”

Since Ming Yu had been very calm, Luo Ru hadn’t taken this sentence to heart. After all, Ming Yu wasn’t angry or happy. It was a bit improbable but maybe Andrew said something like “Have you eaten?”

The next second, Luo Ru listened to Ming Yu say calmly, “He said that if he knew there was a small model from Huaxia, he wouldn’t have bothered coming to the show.”

Luo Ru’s eyes instantly widened. “How can he be so arrogant? His attitude is really too much. Who does he think he is…?”

“Sister Luo.” She looked over and the youth was calm, without the slightest fluctuations. He sneered and said, “Don’t worry. He doesn’t like me but I also don’t like him. I can be in the same space as him but he can’t be in the same space as me. If so, I will let him be disgusted for a few days, In any case, he is just the air in my eyes.”

Ming Yu said this, but the next day when shooting photos, Andrew was coincidentally assigned the same studio and even the same makeup artist. Ming Xiaoyu didn’t care about Andrew and didn’t even glance at him.

When they met in the morning, Andrew threw a few words at Ming Xiaoyu like, “Huaxia people don’t like to work hard. How can you not get up at five?”, “Sorry, the height of you Huaxia people are too short. I didn’t notice you are resting here”, “You looks aren’t very good and your eye sockets are too sunken. Oh sorry, I forgot that all you people in the East are like this.”

But Ming Yu’s response was just, “Eh? Mr. Andre, your knowledge is so shallow.”

Andrew Wallen, “…”

Andrew came to provoke Ming Xiaoyu all day. But in response to Ming Xiaoyu’s ‘Andre’ and ‘Andersu’, Andrew was so angry that smoke emerged from his nose. He glared at Ming Xiaoyu.

Ming Yu was experienced with a god resting on one side. To be stared at by this piece of meat was nothing ╮(╯_╰)╭
However, once the photographer arranged for the combination of Ming Yu and Andrew to take photos, Ming Yu slightly frowned while Andrew looked at Ming Yu mockingly. Ming Yu naturally didn’t see this provocative gaze. He got up and walked to the set, Andrew strutting in on the other side.

For a moment, the two tall and handsome men stood against a pure white background, looking at each other while waiting for the photographer to start shooting.

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