RS: Chapter 160

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Chapter 160

Perhaps because it was close to the emerald country of Myanmar and its unique geographical conditions. Hong Hong was named an economic development zone by Huaxia officials at the beginning of the last century and gradually became one of the largest economic cities in Huaxia.

The most prosperous industry in Hong Kong was jewelry and jade.

The top five global jewelry luxury brands had their headquarters in Hong Kong. At the same time, there were a variety of first-tier luxury brands that settled in Hong Kong, adding luster to the city with dazzling jewels.

When Ming Xiaoyu arrived at their airport in Hong Kong, he was blocked by many fans at the airport. The feeling of popularity bursting was quite novel for Ming Xiaoyu. Although he had to give more signatures and his hand was sore, he was very patient and signed his name one by one. He also took group photos with the enthusiastic fans.

The incident with the Sun did make Ming Yu suffer a decrease in fame and many people hated him. But once the truth of the matter was reported and everything was reversed, these passersby slowly began to pay attention to him, perhaps out of guilt.

This concern could be horrible!

The first change happened to the number of fans on Ming Xiaoyu’s official Muse website and Weibo! The former broke through the 9 million mark at an extremely fast speed and officially moved towards 10 million. By the way, the number of Cheng Su’s fans today was around 9.8 million.

In addition, Ming Yu’s Weibo fans grew at a terrible rate! Since many of Huaxia’s celebrities were too lazy to sign up for Twitter and Facebook in the west, the number of Weibo registrations was actually a lot. Many Westerners registered on Weibo to follow their favourite actors, models and celebrities. Now that they became more aware of Ming Yu, they followed him as well.

Weibo fans might not need to pay membership fees every year like the Muse official website, but there was a mobile phone authentication. Thus, the fact that Ming Xiaoyu could gain more than 30 million fans in such a short period of time really made people stunned.

After arriving in Hong Kong, the head of ‘Dusha’ led Ming Yu and Luo Ru to the hotel where they were going to stay. He also handled the things they needed in Hong Kong.

“Then tomorrow, I will pick you up at 8 in the morning. Mr. Ming, please make some preparations.”

Ming Xiaoyu smiled at the words and agreed. “Then I will trouble you, Mr. Zheng.”

The other party sincerely shook his head. “I am honoured that our Dusha can invite you and have the opportunity to cooperate with you.”

After the two sides exchanged words for a bit, Mr. Zheng left first so that Ming Yu and Luo Ru could rest.

Ming Yu was about to endorse the international luxury jewelry brand, Dusha. The jewelry brand born in Hong Kong had a high ranking at the Global Jewelry Show last year. Before the announcement of the RAmer Charity Gala’s invitation list, they had contacted Ming Yu in the hope that he would become their spokesperson.

When Dusha first contacted Zhao Rui, they just wanted to invite Ming Yu to become their Huaxia spokesperson. At the time, they were optimistic about Ming Yu’s popularity in the country and he also appeared on the world’s supermodel list, making him qualified to be their spokesperson.

Once Ming Yu received the invitation letter from the RAmer Charity Gala, there was news from Dusha about Ming Yu possibly becoming their global spokesperson.

This made Ming Yu a bit surprised. There were more than 300 supermodels in the year but far less first-tier luxury brands. It could be said that there weren’t even 200 first-tier luxury brands. Therefore, the global spokesperson of their first-tier bug names were all supermodels on the rankings.

He hadn’t yet reached the supermodel rankings yet Dusha invited him to become their global spokesperson?

This was a bit strange.

In the face of Zhao Rui’s confusion, the person in charge of Dusha explained after the contract was signed. “The people at our headquarters are very optimistic about the potential of Mr. Ming. It is now the end of August. Perhaps when the world’s supermodel rankings come out a few days later, we will be very happy with this choice.”

The implication was that Dusha was confident Ming Yu could appear on the rankings right after becoming a supermodel! Moreover, listening to this firm and confident tone, he seemed to believe that Ming Xiaoyu could get a good ranking.

In this respect, Zhao Rui was quite touched and Luo Ru was full of confidence. Ming Xiaoyu secretly inquired about the high-level information of Dusha and found that a senior director of Dusha was also a director of Muse!

With this in mind, perhaps the director found out that Ming Xiaoyu had a very high level of concern in the company.

However, these were external matters. Ming Xiaoyu had a good impression of the decisiveness of Dusha.

But to Dusha’s disappointment, it was almost the beginning of September. Despite the official website being bombarded by fashion lovers, the World Supermodels Organization hadn’t announced their intention to release this month’s ranking. It was really strange.

Of course, Dusha didn’t regret their decision. Because of this Sun incident, even if Ming Yu didn’t enter the supermodel rankings, his reputation was more impressive than many supermodels on the list.

In such circumstances, Ming Yu was surprised to find the man sitting in the back of the car when the deputy director of Dusha’s public relations department came to pick him up the next day.

Ming Yu was naturally surprised when he opened the door and saw such a person in the dim lighting of the car. But he nodded very calmly and entered the car.

The elegant man sitting next to Ming Xiaoyu saw his reaction and was quite appreciative. The two of them chattered and started to arrange today’s itinerary.

Ming Xiaoyu listened to the other person’s words for a long time before asking, “Mr. Luo, you hope to take location photos today and tomorrow. Then in the next few days, we will take photos in the studio?”

Luo Wei nodded lightly and smiled. “Yes Ming Yu, today we rented a good place and the specially invited photographer also had time. If we can take location shots today and tomorrow, it will be best.

The elegant and handsome man in his 40s was the chief jewelry designer of Dusha.

It stood to reason that this type of endorsement shouldn’t be handled by the designer at all and should be handed over to the PR department. But Luo Wei was very concerned about his series of products. Even if he agreed to the endorsement, he specially came to see Ming Xiaoyu.

After the two sides agreed, the car slowly entered the parking lot of the Dusha building. According to Luo Wei’s arrangement, Ming Xiaoyu would first meet the photographer. The latter would make some styling suggestions according to his shooting concept and then let the stylist design it.

Under Luo Wei’s leadership, Ming Yu and Luo Ru entered Dusha’s special dressing room. As he walked, Luo Wei said, “In fact, we invited a master this time. I was also very surprised. The other person didn’t directly agree to our offer. But once he heard that the spokesperson was you, he very happily agreed.”

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow at this and a few names flashed through his head. His lips curved as the youth spoke softly, “Brother Luo, who is this photographer?”

At this point, the group had reached a tall mahogany door.

Luo Wei pushed the frame of his glasses up his nose and smiled. “You will naturally know this master when you meet.”

The moment he finished talking, Luo Wei grabbed the door handle and gently pushed open the door. There was a squeaking sound and the bright and spacious room was revealed to Ming Xiaoyu. There were all types of makeup mirrors and a wide range of clothing and accessories. This dressing room was very formal and elegant, as well as luxurious. It looked very expensive.

Once Ming Xiaoyu saw the master sitting on the sofa in the room, he sighed and smiled helplessly. “I didn’t expect it to be you, Elder Fei.”

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