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Chapter 113

This time, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t wait for his role-playing game. Unfortunately, to Xi Ze’s great regret, Xi Ze received an invitation and had to go on a business trip to France to participate in a special press conference for the world’s top brands.

Before receiving the man’s text message, Ming Xiaoyu was sitting in his own lounge and looking at the rain outside the window. Don’t think that the small mushroom was in a daze, He might not be moving but his brain was turning quickly!

In a moment, a play with a ‘overbearing and good young girl and a tyrant’ had already formed in his mind. When thinking about a good script, Ming Xiaoyu still felt it was too vulgar. But once he thought of the face of the handsome man…

Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help nodded. It was very pleasing to the eye.

“Xiaoyu, what are you thinking about? Why is your expression so serious?” Zhao Rui looked up after finishing an email to an endorser and saw the boy looking out the window with a thoughtful expression.

Ming Xiaoyu turned his head and smiled calmly. “Brother Zhao, I’m just thinking about what to wear when participating in Sister Xin’s brand conference next week. I have to support Sister Xin but not steal her limelight. It is really difficult and I have to think hard about it.”

Indeed, when thinking about a certain man ‘vowing to die rather than obey’…

He felt really moved!

Ming Xiaoyu rarely saw Xi Ze looked stunned. In each of their friendly exchanges, he was mainly the one falling into thin air. Now he finally won against Xi Ze, there was a huge sense of achievement!

Thinking about bullying that good young girl…ah, the contrast was so cute his blood was boiling!

After listening to Ming Yu’s explanation, Zhao Rui nodded and praised him. “You are thinking about next week. It is a very rare. Ming Xiaoyu, you have been too busy this year. Don’t think about the work and take a break.”

Ming Yu nodded with a smile. But a moment later, he received a man’s text message.

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

【 You deliberately did this! I could finally be on top tonight. How can you suddenly run away? Mr. Xi, are you fleeing without a fight? I really misread you, Mr. Xi! 】

Xi Ze was about to get on the plane when he saw the youth’s reply. He couldn’t help covering his lips and quickly replied: 【 Hey, this is an accident. I was really looking forward to see you above me. Once things are over, I will return home. 】

【 …Oh, I will remember your words Mr. Xi. 】

【 Remember it deeply in your heart. I am getting on the plane. Kiss. 】 M

ing Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

You deserter, kiss a big ghost!

Ming Xiaoyu felt extremely annoyed and sent a dozen reprimands to the man this evening. During the time when the other person was on the plane and his phone couldn’t be turned on, Ming Xiaoyu unleashed his poisonous tongue and made a fuss. He used 90% of the poisonous words he learned from Xi Ze and typed until his fingers were sore. Then he went to sleep.

The next day, Ming Xiaoyu woke up and almost fainted when he saw Xi Ze’s reply.

【 I just arrived in France and opened my phone. You seem to have sent a dozen text messages? The operator told me that all the messages you sent were unsuccessful. Do you want to send them again? Hey, kiss you. 】

Ming Xiaoyu who had all his angry text messages deleted, “……=皿=!!!”

Who would believe this, who would believe this, who would believe this?

For the next two days, Ming Yu didn’t disturb Xi Ze. He originally wanted to call the other person to ask about the situation. But once he discovered that the time between text messages was getting slower, he realized that Xi Ze was participating in a grand event and really was very busy.

Therefore, during the one week holiday, Ming Yu spent the first three days in a stable manner.

On the first day, Ming Xiaoyu calmly chose one of the dishes Xi Ze had cooked before out of the fridge. He heated it up in the microwave and thought of his ‘daily food record.’

On a whim, Ming Yu took a photo of the pineapple sweet and sour pork dish, prettied it up a bit and then posted it with a message on his Weibo and Muse official fan forum. 【 The first day of vacation, this is today’s meal ^_^ [/Image]. 】

The moment this was posted, it caused a huge response!

【 I am the first reply? Ming Xiaoyu’s first reply! 】

【 First, first, first! 】


【 I was sure that when I saw this post, it really didn’t have any replies! 】

After waiting for the rush of those trying to grab the first comment to be over, someone finally talked about the dish.

【 Wait…wait a minute!!  (°口°;) This dish was made by Ming Xiaoyu? It looks too delicious! It really looks delicious! 】

【 What? Why is there a bright liquid in my mouth? What is this? 】

【 The pieces of meat looks crisp and tender, and very well fried. It is golden and crispy. I also like pineapple and the sauce is very thick. I can feel the sweet and sour taste through the screen. I’m sure it is quite delicious! Begging Ming Xiaoyu to feed me!! 】

【 What is this? How did Ming Xiaoyu go from someone who can’t peel a tomato to being a chef in less than a year? I don’t believe it! This is definitely not Ming Xiaoyu! I don’t believe it! 】……

The fans who commented were hit in the head by Ming Xiaoyu himself the next day.

【 This is today’s meal. Everyone should eat well~ [/Image] 】

The group of food experts had to bow down in front of this crisp, wrapped meat.

【 Ahhhhhh, when did Ming Xiaoyu go to the New Oriental School? I want to marry you, ahhhhh!!! 】

【 Yesterday, I thought that Small Mushroom was a cooking idiot. I didn’t expect to be hit in the face so soon. _(:з」∠)_】

【 At first glance, it is very crisp. Although the meat looks a little too cooked…Small Mushroom, did you fry it for too long or did you reheat it again? 】…

This was a reply from someone with the piercing eyes of a god. Ming Xiaoyu smiled and pretended not to see it.

Before Xi Ze left, he had cooked three dishes for Ming Yu. If one dish was reheated every day, it would be enough for three days. It was awesome!

And so what if the meat was a little overcooked? Of course the microwave oven wasn’t a god! The microwave couldn’t guarantee a crispy and tender taste. It could only guarantee a warm meal.

Ming Yu’s two days of meals, many of his friends also noticed them. Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian forwarded it with comments that they must try Chef Mushroom’s good dishes. Du Ruo, Xu Rongrong and Zhu Kejia were even more intimate. They bluntly stated: 【 Ming Xiaoyu, how can you hide such good skills? Am I not qualified to eat your meals? 】

Ming Xiaoyu sighed deeply at this. ‘Well, you really don’t have the qualification. Making that man move…’

One the third day of pulling hatred with this delicious food, a busy man in France finally noticed the situation on the Internet. While listening to Ding Bo reciting the itinerary, Xi Ze looked at his phone and read the ‘thick-faced and shameless’ words that Ming Yu wrote.

How brazen were the words? They were like this—

【 Ming Yu: Sister Du, are you busy? Once I have time, I will ask you to a eat with me~】

【 Ming Yu: Elder Lao, are you tricking me? I know that your cooking is especially delicious. 】

【 Ming Yu: Sir Wu, let’s get together when you have time】…

Ming Xiaoyu had comprehended the art of speaking.

Look at these words. He never said that he cooked the dishes but he also didn’t say that he didn’t cook the dishes. He said to ‘eat together’ but not to ‘eat his cooking.’ It was still counted even if they ate together at a restaurant!

Xi Ze carefully reviewed the three dishes and confirmed that his small mushroom hadn’t gone hungry in these three days. Xi Ze calmly pressed the message button and sent it. 【 Sure enough, you are wise. 】

In just a moment! Ming Xiaoyu’s reply immediately came: 【 I didn’t say that those dishes were cooked by me. 】

Look at this revealing what one intended to hide behaviour. (Idiom)
The act of using powerful connections to intimidate people was simply wrong!

Xi Ze smiled and replied: 【 Yes, you didn’t say that. I still have things to do in France. I will be back next week. How have you been recently? 】

Thus, the two people talked to each other without caring about the huge wave on the Internet.

Xi Ze even forwarded Ming Yu’s dishes while evaluating it with one sentence. “You really are very virtuous.” (The word Xi Ze used is normally meant to refer to women who are good at things like housekeeping, etc. i.e. traditional wifely duties)

…Wait a minute!! Come back! Please make it clear! What did he mean by ‘really?’ What did he mean by ‘virtuous?’

What the hell was Xi Ze trying to say!!!

For a time, all of Xi Ze’s fans rioted. This type of behaviour was similar to sugar-like actions. It stimulated all the CP fans who immediately wanted to run five laps or they wrote short stories for their fellow enthusiasts.

【 He burned 100 dishes for him. He had said, “In 100 days, if you don’t want to depend on me then I will automatically leave. After the 100th dish burned, he looked at the man’s indifferent expression and finally couldn’t help bowing his head in tears. Then fingers wiped at his warm tears. He looked up in surprise only to see the man smile and say, “You really are very virtuous.” 】

【 He posted his own dishes to Weibo just to tell the man that he had changed and was doing his best. After several days of microblogging, he never saw the other person. He had just given up when the man suddenly came to his house and threw him on the bed, heheheh…During the bed play, the man smiled and said, “You really are very good in bed.” 】

Within half a day!

A popular Internet term was created.

#Really very virtuous#

Everyone was looking forward to Ming Xiaoyu’s dish on the fourth day, as well as whether Xi Ze would respond again. But even Ming Xiaoyu never expected that his holiday would end so suddenly.

An excellent job was suddenly sent to his door by hand, inviting Ming Xiaoyu to come to the scene.

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Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep
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