RS: Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

The bright lights shone from the ceiling of the training room, lighting up the entire room. The door was slowly pushed open, the ‘squeak’ sound resonating in everyone’s heart, causing them to feel cold.

The moment that the handsome and tall man appeared in front of the door, don’t talk about Brother Yuan, A’Zhao and the others. Even Zeng Shu couldn’t help halting in his tracks, his eyes widening with horror.

There was once a master who evaluated Xi Ze’s fashion show: “If you say that he is a giant, then he is a giant standing at the peak of all supermodels. If he is a king, he is the leader who guides the world’s supermodels. When he appears on the T stage, you can’t help but feel insignificant. The combination of him and the clothes lights up the world.”

In most cases, models wouldn’t show their aura outside of the catwalk. For example, Cheng Su and Wu Yuzhen had handsome faces, but when you saw them, you would only think ‘This person is a celebrity,’ not ‘This person is a model.’

However, some people were doomed to be the exceptions. It was He Chaoman among the female models, and Xi Ze and Ming Yu among the male models.

In fact, Xi Ze didn’t have to do too much. He just stood there and looked down. To Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi, his image was already big enough.

Xi Ze stepped into the training room. The door closed behind him with a ‘click’, as if his presence was being locked into everyone’s hearts. This caused Old Chen to directly shake for a moment.

They might be newcomers with potential that Muse was developing, but how could they see Xi Ze in person?

It was too hard.

Xi Ze entered the room without releasing the hand holding Ming Yu. He glanced around indifferently before stopping one metre in front of Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi. Then he raised an eyebrow with surprise and asked in a flat tone, “Zeng Shu?”

The tone of this question made the other person feel even short, as if he was asking ‘Are you Zeng Shu?’

But Zeng Shu wasn’t so easy to shake and his temper wasn’t easily provoked. In front of Xi Ze, he just smiled lightly and adjusted his glasses before nodded slightly. “Long time no see, Mr. Xi. Aren’t you busy with the Ji and Ya fashion show that is taking place early next year?”

As previously mentioned, Xi Ze’s identity in Muse was complex.

His studio was in Muse and he could be regarded as a Muse model. He was also a major shareholder in Muse and regarded as one of the most important members of the company’s decision making. But he was the chief designer of the world’s top luxury brand, Ji and Ya, which had no cooperation with Muse and they couldn’t be linked together.

Under such circumstances, many people in the company simply call him ‘Mr. Xi’ instead of giving him other special titles.

Xi Ze lightly nodded at Zeng Shu’s words and replied casually, “Yes, I am busy.”

Zeng Shu couldn’t help frowning at the simple answer. His lips slightly pouted, but he didn’t say anything. After a moment, Zeng Shu nodded to Ming Yu and politely said, “Excuse me, I will leave first with my model. He has a trip tomorrow, so I have to familiarize him with the details today.”

Zeng Shu started walking with Lu Zhenxi following behind him in a trance.

Zeng Shu had nearly left when Xi Ze had a question. Xi Ze looked down at Zeng Shu and asked, “Didn’t you invite Ming Yu to dinner tonight as an apology?”

Zeng Shu’s eyes widened and in a place where other people couldn’t see, his fingernails tightly embedded into the palm of his hands.

After a while, he smiled and looked up. “Mr. Xi, I invited Ming Yu for a meal, but I’m afraid Lu Zhenxi really can’t attend.” Zeng Shu paused and added, “Please don’t get me wrong. The situation isn’t what you are imagining.”

Xi Ze’s solemn face unexpectedly showed an indifferent smile at these words. The smile was without a trace of temperature, a cold ice-like indifference. He glanced at Lu Zhenxi and calmly spoke. “Didn’t this person bully Ming Yu and asked him to dinner to apologize for his crime?”

The training room suddenly feel silent. Nobody dared to even gasp.

Only Ming Yu looked up into the eyes of the man still holding him. He could understand the other person’s intentions.


This word was too serious.

Before this, Brother Yuan only dared to explain what happened between Ming Yu and Lu Zhenxi as a small conflict. He didn’t dare say that one side bullied the other.

A big company like Muse could fall into chaos without any basic rules. In this regard, the most common thing was bullying and pressuring newcomers.

You say that Ming Xiaoyu isn’t a newcomer and Lu Zhenxi barely just debuted? This was nothing in God Xi’s eyes. If he said it was bullying then it was bullying.

Xi Ze fell silent after saying these words. He indifferently looked down at Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi.

Zeng Shu’s face paled. He didn’t dare deny Xi Ze’s words, but if he agreed, he was admitting that Lu Zhenxi bullied Ming Yu.

This situation where he had to suffer in silence, it was a really bitter feeling. Zeng Shu gritted his teeth, causing blood to flow down to the stomach.

Finally, Zeng Shu sighed as he gave up his own dignity forLu Zhenxi’s interests. Rather than looking at Xi Ze, he glanced towards the boy standing behind Xi Ze and who was protected by the man. He spoke in a sincere tone, “I’m sorry Ming Yu. I didn’t discipline my model, so please forgive me. Tomorrow I will personally bring him to apologize to you, as well as buy dinner for you and everyone else.”

Lu Zhenxi heard his agent say such unexpected words and wanted to open his mouth to refuse. However, he had just opened his mouth when Xi Ze stared at him. This cold indifference gave off a death-like suffocating feeling. Lu Zhenxi shook and couldn’t say anything.

Zeng Shu had lowered his attitude and given a sincere apology. Thus, Ming Yu smiled lightly and replied, “Brother Zeng, you don’t have to. It really isn’t a big deal. Xi Ze’s words are a bit exaggerated.”

Zeng Shu shook his head in response. He once again confirmed to Ming Yu that he would bring Lu Zhenxi to apologize tomorrow, before planning to leave again. However, Xi Ze sighed softly just as Zeng Shu reached the door.

Zeng Shu paused while grabbing the door handle.

Xi Ze gently sighed and asked, “Zeng Shu, where did you travel a few days ago?”

After a moment of silence, Zeng Shu replied, “I went to the United Kingdom and won an international second-tier global endorsement. I just returned this afternoon.”

Everyone was shocked when hearing Zeng Shu’s words.

Wouldn’t this be regarded as Zeng Shu’s secret?

Xi Ze asked a casual question and Zeng Shu didn’t hide anything?

A glimmer of appreciation flashed in the man’s dark eyes. Xi Ze didn’t look at Zeng Shu, turning towards the youth man beside him. Then he calmly said, “Many things have developed rapidly, and there is much you should know. Zeng Shu, you should find out what happened in the company over the last few days.”

There was a brief moment of silence. Then Zeng Shu respectfully replied, “Good, Mr. Xi.” He pushed open the door to leave with Lu Zhenxi. But before leaving, he bowed to Xi Ze and said, “We will be going first, Mr. Xi.”

As the door clicked shut again, Ming Yu closed his eyes and sighed in his heart.

Compared to Zhao Rui, Zeng Shu was an extremely tough agent. In a sense, he was also a good agent.

He tried his best to safeguard his models and when it came to a choice between his dignity and Lu Zhenxi’s interests, he chose the latter.

But this trait of Zeng Shu was precisely his drawback. He defended his models, but he didn’t teach his models how to deal with others. Lu Zhenxi’s cleverness might deceive the majority of people, but to Ming Yu, it was just like a child’s game.

Since Zeng Shu had to maintain his model’s rights, he suppressed others. Then this was already a mistake.

The beautiful youth shook his head, feeling pity for this capable but not smart agent.

Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi left, while Brother Yuan, A’Zhao and the others didn’t quite understand the situation to the end. Butt here were one thing that they knew: Xi Ze was standing before them right now!

A’Xue was a diehard Xi Ze fan. She entered the company six months ago, but this was her first time seeing the god in person. The already excited A’Xue hurriedly grabbed a pen and paper to get Xi Ze’s signature, then waited with an excited face.

Xi Ze handed them back to the girl and smiled. “Today, I heard that Ming Yu was here. I have something to say to him, so I came over. Tonight’s dinner is my treat. You can go to Ruoshang Hall for a free meal. But Ming Yu… I have to take him away.”

The deathly loyal A’Xue raised her hands. “Good good, anything you say is good!”

…This excited appearance, it seemed to be saying: ‘Ming Xiaoyu, do you need me to help you pack anything?’

Xi Ze smiled and turned away with Ming Yu.

The two people left the training room. Then Ming Yu stopped and raised his left hand. “Aren’t you going to let go?”

The man heard this and looked like he was waking up from a dream. His eyebrows raised with surprise and he said, “I unexpectedly forgot.” Xi Ze gently released Ming Yu’s wrist.

The youth stretched his muscles and the two people talked while walking towards the elevator.

The evening clouds were magnificent, bathing the figure of the two in a dream-like cherry red light. As they walked through the glass corridor, a cool breeze blew from a gap in the windows, causing the youth’s hair to become chaotic.

Ming Yu tucked his hair behind his ear and smiled lightly. “Xi Ze, I didn’t think I would see you again so soon.” He paused and asked, “I have been listening to Sister Wei. Aren’t you busy lately with Ji and Ya? Don’t you have to prepare for next year’s fashion show?”

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5 years ago

Rather then beauty, it is charisma which interests me. It is what really attracts people, rather than symmetrical features or other superficial signs. Inner strength, aptitude & other such qualities are much harder to fake & can’t be added with makeup, expensive clothing or even plastic surgery.

5 years ago

Thanks for this chapter.

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Since when did xi ze hold ming yu’s hand? He came from the door and suddenly kaboom… sonehow he looks like he has been dragging ming yu from somewhere.. lol…

Crystal Williams-Brown

Since he first came in the classroom. He took hold of Ming yu’s hand at the door and didn’t let go.

Lazy Psychobee
5 years ago

thanks for the chapter XD

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Your translation is 👌👌👌


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