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Chapter 118

H City’s film and television city was an official division of Huaxia, used exclusively for filming movies and television shows. The film and television cities covered a vast area, containing buildings of various eras. There was the pre-Qin period, Tang and Song dynasties as well as the Ming dynasty.

The An Li cast had divided into three groups. One set up scenes and venues in the capital, another group came to the G City’s film and television city while the last group headed all over Huaxia and even the world to find suitable location resources in order to finalize the shooting locations.

Unlike some modern movies and court costume movies, An Li was an authentic martial arts movie and there were many scenes that required fighting in the wild. The more beautiful the scenery, the stronger the impact of the scene, giving viewers an unparalleled visual experience.

After arriving in H City, Ming Xiaoyu, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru completely followed the crew.

Ming Yu’s role was small, but his scenes were scattered all over the plot. Originally, Director Xu recommended that he shoot a few scenes, return to the capital to rest for a week or two, then fly back to continue the shooting. However, Ming Xiaoyu rejected this suggestion.

“The cast has good actors who have been approved by you. I think I can learn a lot if I stay with the crew. Maybe it will help me improve my acting abilities.”

In fact, Xu Yizhong had felt very complicated during the audition.

He wanted the performance of every actor in his movie to be outstanding, but he also knew that Bai Xui’s role didn’t require such superb acting skills.  Therefore, Xu Yizhong had a bit of regret when he spoke the words refusing Ming YU. But his temper was quite unruly, how could he take back his words?

Qi Deming’s appearance seem to give Xu Yizhong a big hit, but it also allowed Yu Yizhong to back down. Otherwise, even if Director Xu felt a lot of regret afterwards, he would be too embarrassed to ask MIng Xiaoyu to act in the role.

Now that Ming Yu was being so studious, Director Xu certainly agreed to it with great appreciation. However, there was something he had to say. “The conditions when filming in the film and television city won’t be the same compared to outside. Recently, it is the peak filming period. We couldn’t book many hotel rooms. The crew apart from Fang Liangxui, Xiao Biquin, Elder Qi and the producer are all sharing rooms. Even I am living with the deputy director. Can you bear it for all this time, Ming Xiaoyu?”

Ming Yu was surprised when he heard Director Xu unexpected call him by the affectionate name of ‘Ming Xiaoyu.’ Then he smiled. “Rest assured Director Xu, these conditions are already very good. I can accept it.”

Yu Zihong looked carefully at Ming Yu and found that the latter wasn’t speaking perfunctory. He nodded with satisfaction. “You look like a fine and delicate child. I didn’t expect that you would be willing to suffer hardships. Haha.”

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Under these circumstances, the filming for this movie soon started.

At the opening ceremony, apart from the female number two and male protagonist who couldn’t be present, the other actors came to H City’s film and television city in order to solemnly light incense.

This was the first time MIng Xiaoyu saw the three awards winning Xiao Biqing. She really had a magnificent style unmatched in this generation and had an extraordinary spirit.

Xiao Biqing felt like the world’s number one female supermodel, Cecilia. Her temperament was worse than Cecilia’s absolutely stifling cleanliness, but she wasn’t inferior to Cecilia.

However, temperament was one thing and personality was another.

After two days of working together, Ming Xiaoyu and Xiao Biqing became familiar with each other.

Do you think that Ming Xiaoyu’s female skills were so high that even Xiao Biqing was easy? That was a mistake! Before Ming Xiaoyu left the capital, the movie actress that he knew helped introduce him to Xiao Biqing. This movie queen and Xiao Biqing were classmates. She asked Xiao Biqing to please look after Ming Yu.

But in the brief process of getting to know each other, Xiao Biqing’s opinion of Ming Xiaoyu completely changed. She originally thought that since her classmate told her to take care of this person, he would be a new person with a great background or potential.

After looked at Ming Yu’s data, Xiao Biqing found that this person was indeed very promising, but he wasn’t a newcomer. He was a promising model. Ming Yu was a model, not an actor. How could her old classmate be so concerned about him?

…Did her old classmate have a tendency for love between an older woman and a younger man?

After getting to know Ming Xiaoyu personally, Xiao Biqing understood why her old classmate was full of such praise on the phone.

Age was one of the benchmarks when making a first impression on others. For example, blind dates. When meeting a man who was 20 years old, you might think this person was nothing. But if the man was a 30 year old office worker, your reaction might be that this was a stable and mature person.

Time affected everyone, making them seem calmer and more capable. But this point was completely ineffective when it came to Ming Yu.

On the surface, he was indeed a young and beautiful child. But Xiao Biqing discovered that this child was really an upright gentleman.

There was hardly any female in the cast who didn’t like Ming Xiaoyu. He was gentle but never boring. He sometimes told jokes that made Xiao Biqing and Wang Yueyao (female number two) laugh together.

But the night after he told the joke, Ming Xiaoyu received a message from a sour man. 【 That joke is very nice. It is better than the two jokes you told me. 】 Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

After a moment, he replied: 【 This is such a blatant declaration that you know every little thing that happened with me today. Mr. Xi, if this was ancient times and you were the head of intelligence, your future would be limitless. 】

Xi Ze: 【 Today, I read a fortune-telling book. It said that your physiognomy is very prosperous. I was deeply impressed and now it seems that it is indeed the case. 】

Ming Xiaoyu: 【 …Do you believe that I really won’t kill you? 】

Xi Ze: 【 I am waiting with anticipation. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…! #$%@#$#$!”

This was a hard day!!!

But even if Mr. Xi’s hands had already reached H City, he was recently busy with the Yi and Ya fashion show and couldn’t take the time to really go all that way. They were separated by thousands of kilometres and he could only flirt with his small mushroom over the phone.

In the few days after the opening ceremony, Director Xu didn’t arrange for Ming Yu to shoot any scenes, allowing him to observe from the side. Originally, Xiao Biqing thought that Director Xu’s intention was to familiarize Ming Yu with the filming atmosphere. Otherwise, he might not be able to adapt to the filming rhythm.

However, when Director Xu finally allowed Ming Xoayu to take the first shot, Xiao Biqing’s entire expression transformed from ‘⊙▽⊙’ to ‘Σ( ° △ °|||).’

Xiao Biqing had this reaction despite Ming Xiaoyu NG-ing only twice. If this had been a really difficult scene, Xiao Biqing would probably be like ‘_(:з」∠)_’ to MIng Xiaoyu.

She finally understood why her old schoolmate told her to take care of this young man. It was to take care of him while filming!

After all, Xiao Biqing really liked Ming Xiaoyu. At the same time, she was also entrusted a mission by her old classmate. Therefore, when the small mushroom wandered alone to a corner to ponder over the plot, Xiaoyu Biqing reluctantly squatted with him to help him gain enlightenment.

What was the concept of an actress who won three awards?

It meant that all of Huaxia’s top three grand awards, this woman obtained them.

Xiao Biqing’s acting skills were naturally beyond doubt. It could be said that in all of Huaxia, none of the actresses in their teens and 20s could surpass her. This actress was truly brilliant.

With the help of Xiao Biqing, Ming Yu slowly made a bit of progress.

Therefore, on the day that Fang Liangxiu formally entered the crew, this was the scene he saw—

The handsome youth sat casually on a tall building. His fiery red clothes seemed to burn the eyes of the people. It was a dazzling brilliance. The youth’s appearance was rare and exquisite, while his noble temperament made Fang Liangxiu hold his breath.

He could feel a power that seized the people’s hearts coming from this youth’s body.

In his eyes, everyone was a group of despicable ants. He was a proud and extravagant person.

He was arrogant and capricious, but it was impossible to look away from him. His expression was always cold and indifferent, not showing the slightest reaction to anything.

Fang Liangxiu saw it with his own eyes. The youth looked down at Xiao Biqing with a contemptuous look. His tone was plain as he said, “You are in my eyes but you are the same as dust on the ground. You are so petty and low that you don’t understand why you are dust. Do you honestly want to live this meaningless life?”

The words hit everyone’s heart, while Fang Liangxiu was stunned.

This type of acting was really great!

Was this really the small model that Xi Ze told him to take care of?

This model’s acting was already high enough for Fang Liangxiu to praise him!

…Actor Fang, the thing you don’t know is that Ming Xiaoyu already NG-ed nine times for this scene ORZ.

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