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Chapter 127

In just half an hour, the Internet was full of discussion. Those who saw this Weibo message couldn’t help thinking in another direction. They started to condemn the other party: ‘Both of you were acting together. Why is only the experienced Jiang Kaiyang injured while you are unscathed?’

Ming Yu’s fans weren’t given a chance to respond as this group of ignorant fans scolded him. Their idol was unconscious and his leg was broken! The fans were very anxious and filled with a variety of curses and questions. Some of them rushed towards Ming Yu’s Muse forum and demanded an answer!

Jiang Kaiyang’s Weibo said that this was an accident.

A sudden accident…

What sudden accident?

This sentence really caused a lot of thoughts!

There was no mention in the sentence about how Jiang Kaiyang was wounded but it implied several points: First, Jiang Kaiyang was wounded while acting opposite Ming Yu. Second, only Jiang Kaiyang was dangling in the air and Ming Yu had no problem. Third, Jiang Kaiyang’s injury was very serious. His leg was injured and he was still unconscious!

The first two points were all true. At the last point, Xi Ze sneered. “Where is he unconscious? Is his brain in his thigh? Does he think with his thigh? He hasn’t woken up yet?”

Ding Bo’s expression was also mocking. “The people in the crew said that Jiang Kaiyang was still conscious when sent to the hospital. He has broken his leg, not his brain. I don’t know why he suddenly said he was unconscious.”

Xi Ze turned and looked at the door of the ward. Then he looked at Luo Ru sitting not far away and said, “Go in and look after Ming Yu. I will leave first with Ding Bo.”

Luo Ru had come with Ding Bo. Once she heard these words, she wondered why but she didn’t hesitate to agree with Xi Ze.

Then Xi Ze and Ding Bo left this ward, walking towards the other side of the corridor.

“I don’t think that Jiang Kaiyang is unconscious. He just wants to win the sympathy of the fans and convince Director Xu to let him keep this role.” Ding Bo started analyzing the situation while walking. “Xu Yizhong is a very commercial director. Jiang Kaiyang has broken his leg and won’t be able to shoot a martial arts movie for at least two months. Xu Yizhong’s movie will be released in half a year. This is very hurried and he can’t wait for Jiang Kaiyang. He will probably break the contract and change actors.”

There was no expression on Xi Ze’s cold and indifferent face. He asked, “Why didn’t you go directly into the room to find Jiang?”

Xi Ze didn’t plan to even remember the name of this small person.

Ding Bo smiled sarcastically. “I wanted to go in but his assistant is blocking the door with some people in order to stop all reporters. Even the crew isn’t allowed to enter. They say he is under close treatment and outside access isn’t allowed.”

Xi Ze paused as he heard this. He looked at his agent and said, “Ding Bo, your temper is really good in recent years.”

Ding Bo was surprised. “What?”

“The door is blocked? Drag him out of the bed! If he wants to be unconscious, find him and make him unconscious!”

The man’s low and dangerous voice spread through the peaceful and quiet hospital corridor. It was filled with disdain and ridicule, as if it wasn’t bad to ‘hit’ another person. It was just a small thing that could be seen everywhere.

A devil like aura was emitted from the man’s body. The fierce phoenix eyes narrowed and pressed at a passing patient. Even Ding Bo couldn’t help shaking as he felt a chill in his heart.

Ding Bo didn’t hesitate. He directly followed what Xi Ze said and found the group of burly guards. Bang. The door was forced open.

What type of person was Xi Ze?

You might think he was a gentleman because he didn’t show any malice to people he wasn’t close with. He was indifferent but maintained a graceful and polite demeanor.

However, you could also think of him as a cold-blooded and cruel man.

When Xi Ze had first debuted as a model, he was once drugged in the United States. The other person was a wealthy second-generation man. He saw a fledgling Xi Ze and didn’t investigate the latter’s background. He placed some drugs in Xi Ze’s wine in order to make Xi Ze do embarrassing things.

Xi Ze directly poured the glass of wine into the rich second-generation man’s mouth. At the same time, he placed the wealthy man in the same room as a group of cockroaches so that he could enjoy the carefully prepared drug.

Xi Ze absolutely wasn’t a good person but he hadn’t been a bad person for years.

As long as his bottom line wasn’t touched, he would be friendly to everyone. But once he was really angry then even Ding Bo didn’t dare imagine the consequences.

For example, the rich second-generation man got rectal prolapse. Then his family came to Xi Ze in order to cause him some pain. The result was Xi Ze saying, “You should be fortunate that his actions were discovered by me in advance. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be carrying a rectal prolapse patient to find you. You would be directly carrying a corpse and kneeling in front of my house.”

Xi Ze rarely used his family’s background to suppress others but he wasn’t bother about taking advantage of his identity.

Today, he was no longer a newcomer in the fashion industry. He didn’t need to use his family background. In the face of such a trivial matter, XI Ze could directly crush the other person to death.

Thus, Jiang Kaiyang was calmly holding his phone and looking through Weibo when the door of his room suddenly opened. His right leg was covered in a thick plaster and hung in mid-air.

Jiang Kaiyang was horrified when the door opened. HIs hand slipped and his phone fell to the ground.

A tortured silence filled the room.

It was as if even the air had solidified. Jiang Kaiyang stared blankly at the door that suddenly opened. He seemed to be aware that something was wrong but he didn’t understand what was happening.

The doctor told Jiang Kaiyang that it would take a least one month before he could get out of bed. It would take three months to walk normally. Then Jiang Kaiyang secretly made a decision. No matter what method he used, he absolutely had to keep this role!

Jiang Kaiyang was a popular new star of CX Entertainment. However, CX Entertainment was the largest entertainment company in HUaxia. There were hundreds of stars like him.

However, An Li was CX Entertainment’s largest investment this year. It was a one billion upfront investment!

If he could participate in the movie as the second male lead, Jiang Kaiyang could definitely fly into the sky!

In order to get this role, Jiang Kaiyang begged his agent for a long time. He also ate with a rich female investor and gained the qualification to audition, managing to pass. Now he suddenly had to miss three months of work? Director Xu would definitely kick him out mercilessly!

Jiang Kaiyang absolutely couldn’t allow this type of thing to happen.

Therefore, there was a scene 40 minutes ago.

Jiang Kaiyang conspired with his assistant in order to let his fans help him.

First of all, he couldn’t say that the accident was caused by him. Second, he must show that he was seriously injured. It was best to be unconscious. Finally, it was better to let people make this bigger.

While the assistant was still hesitating, Jiang Kaiyang suddenly remembered a name.

Ming Yu.

He had long disliked this small model. Ming Yu might’ve saved him but according to his assistant, Ming Yu wasn’t injured at all. It was just a bruised hand and some bleeding. It was perfectly possible for Ming Yu to continue filming.

Ming Yu was currently only a first-tier model of Muse. Jiang Kaiyang knew that Muse and CX Entertainment were the leading fashion and entertainment companies.  Ming Yu had risen in the last year but his status wasn’t as good as Jiang Kaiyang’s in CX Entertainment. It was possible to splash some muddy water on Ming Yu.

Jiang Kaiyang also thought that how could he make that type of error with his acting skills? It was because Ming Yu’s eyes suddenly became so vicious that he wasn’t able to respond.

Everything was calculated well. Before the company and agent discovered that something was wrong, Jiang Kaiyang decided to personally post a Weibo message. It would appease his fans and show that this wasn’t his own mistake. He also really liked the movie ‘An Li.’

Of course, Jiang Kaiyang expected his fans to worry about his accident but he didn’t expect them to be crazy enough to directly suspect that Ming Yu had caused his injury. They started scolding Ming Yu on the Internet.

This outcome wasn’t bad. In another hour, he would send another Weibo telling fans that his injury had nothing to do with Ming Yu. He was only borrowing Ming Yu’s name for two hours. It wasn’t a big deal. In addition, he was letting more people know about the existence of the model called ‘Ming Yu.’ Perhaps Ming Yu should thank you.

Everything was ready. However, this current situation was different from what Jiang Kaiyang thought.

Why did the bodyguards that he arranged at the door suddenly disappear?

All of this…it seemed wrong!

Jiang Kaiyang felt his heart start to beat quickly. It thumped and kept jumping quicker. Just as his heart was about to jump out of his throat, he heard it!

A sound came from the doorway.

It was the sound of leather shoes on the floor. The walking speed wasn’t fast but each step was stable. There was no impatience while the hairs on the back of Jiang Kaiyang’s neck stood up.

The moment the shiny leather shoes appeared in the room, Jiang Kaiyang slowly raised his head and finally saw the person. But the moment he saw the person, there was a buzzing sound in his head.

Why did this person appear here?

Some people’s names could cross different industries and be known to everyone in the world.

Xi Ze was one of them.

Jiang Kaiyang had previously wanted to attend a Ji and Ya high-end fashion show. It was because few stars in the entertainment industry could participate in a fashion show. But as long as they participated, it meant they had entered the doors of upper society.

Thus, his agent used a lot of effort to get him an invitation letter. At that fashion show, Jiang Kaiyang saw Xi Ze for the first time. Xi Ze came out at the final curtain call to say hello to everyone. His noble and beautiful gestures gave Jiang Kaiyang the feeling of a huge gap.

There was a deep chasm between him and this man. He felt that the other person outshone him and was embarrassed.

Now his throat was burning like it was on fire. Jiang Kaiyang reluctantly opened his mouth. He hadn’t managed to speak yet when Xi Ze looked down at him coldly and asked, “Your name is Jiang?”

Jiang Kaiyang was shocked and nodded.

Xi Ze was smiling but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Since adulthood, I always believed that everyone is a civilized person. It is already better to sit down and talk it out.”

Jiang Kaiyang was feeling confused by the words while Xi Ze continued.

“You have said it yourself. You are still unconscious. Then as a kind and good-hearted person, I don’t mind helping you realize this wish and will make you become really unconscious.”

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