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Chapter 121

The name ‘An Li’ had been branded in the hearts of thousands of fans since 2017.

The name of the movie sounded a bit strange but this was the movie from CX Entertainment Investment!  They also invested one billion yuan! A 1 billion yuan investment in an ancient costume martial arts movie! The production was sure to be high quality and since it was directed by Xu Yizhong, it was impossible for it to look ugly!

But this time, CX Entertainment kept the secret quite well. It had been half a year and there hadn’t been any whispers of the cast! But today, it was suddenly released! The release was also of all the cast members!

This was already a blockbuster!

The male and female leads were truly the best, while the second male and female leads were recent hot trends. The rest of the actors were well known in the industry for their good acting skills. Only the fourth male…

Ming Yu!

Was it really Ming Yu? The Ming Yu Yu?

Was there someone else with such a special name?

Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were stirred because they knew that this Ming Yu absolutely referred to their small mushroom. But their small mushroom wasn’t an actor. It was unbelievable that he would be in such a big movie.  Thus, they temporarily quieted down and waited for their small mushroom to make it official. They didn’t dare be too excited in case sunspots appeared.

Ming Yu didn’t allow his fans to wait. After a moment, he posted on Weibo and on his Muse fan forum.

【 Ming Yu: It is very difficult to act in a movie. Please @Xiao Biqing @Fang Liangxiu @Wang Yueyao… take care of me. [/Love] [/Love] [/Love] [/Picture] 】

The picture was a photo of the entire crew. Everyone was wearing ordinary clothing in order to not reveal the costume of their characters. A handsome young man was standing in the middle of Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu. It was like the stars revolving around the moon, as if he was favoured by the other actors.

Despite there being so many beautiful men and women in the entertainment industry, Ming Yu was the first person anyone would notice. His unique and noble temperament made him stand out more than the others, even when he was slightly crouched.

What was that saying?

Don’t take photos with the following three types of people:

Thinner than you, whiter than you, have a better temperament than you…

Well, Ming Xiaoyu was all three points!

He was a scheming mushroom! They didn’t think he was such a mushroom!!

All the actors of the An Li crew saw this photo and were pained by Small Mushroom.

Thus, while there was an uproar in the outside world, Ming Xiaoyu was reprimanded by Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing for a long time. They demanded that he retake the photo!

Ming Xiaoyu was really bitter!

How many people in the industry had plastic surgery this year? He didn’t even have P! Why did he have to be bullied like this? How could Small Mushroom not feel bitter?

Ming Xiaoyu yielded to the evil forces and took the photo again. This time, in order to meet the desires of the actors to look beautiful, Ming Xiaoyu deliberately stood in the position nearest to the phone camera and hurriedly took the photo. After taking it, he beautified everyone except himself and posted a new photo.

【 Ming Yu: This baby’s heart is bitter but this baby won’t say it. [/Picture] 】 The fans immediately exploded!

Two photos in one day! What did Small Mushroom eat today?

But after a moment, their eyes were drawn to something else.

【 Ahhh, Small Mushroom shouldn’t be bitter, Small Mushroom should be sweet=3=】

【 Congratulations Ming Xiaoyu for participating in ‘An Li’ ~ More video footage 2333 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is even more beautiful when close to the camera! Ming Xiaoyu, how is your skin so good, how are your eyes so big, how is your nose so hot?!!!  Lick lick lick… 】

The An Li actors, “….”

The innocent looking Ming Xiaoyu, “…╮(╯_╰)╭”

It was reported that at noon that day, Xiao Biqing snatched the chicken leg in Ming Xiaoyu’s lunchbox and replaced them with vegetables, Wang Yueyao also took away the braised pork in Ming Xiaoyu’s lunch box and replaced it with radish… Only the male protagonist Fang Liangxiu did nothing, looking at Ming Xiaoyu with deep sympathy while eating his own meal.

Nonsense! Fang Liangxiu knew that a certain Mr. Xi had inserted his own spy in the crew.

It meant the relationship between Xi Ze and Ming Yu could never be as simple as friendship.

Fang Liangxiu wasn’t stupid enough to bully Xi Ze’s person.

Thus, the vast majority of crew members didn’t know it but their names had been written be a man in a small notebook, waiting to stab them in the middle of the night. When they asked with confusion, “How did I offend you?” someone would calmly hold up a small notebook and say, “On a certain day of this month, you robbed my small mushroom of his chicken leg.”

…The above is purely the author’s fabrication. Please don’t take it seriously. _(:з」∠)_

All in all, no matter how much news about An Li spread in the outside world, the PR department of CX Entertainment didn’t allow any media to enter the crew.

This point was highly valued by Director Xu. Before he gave permission, it was absolutely impossible for any stills to be revealed, let alone photo taken directly by people. Therefore, the Internet could only gossip about the actors. Everything else about the movie was unknown.

In this situation, Ming Xiaoyu seriously shot the movie. But he didn’t completely bury himself from the outside world. The second day after the An Li cast was announced, he arranged for Zhao Rui to return to the capital to prepare some publicity.

Originally, Luo Ru wanted to ask for permission but Ming Xiaoyu shook his head. “Sister Luo, the supermodels list for this period will be announced by the end of this month, or the start of next month at the latest. I know your thoughts and that you value this very much. I also value it. Thus, the both of us should obediently wait here instead of going back to the capital and worrying needlessly.”

Luo Ru finally agreed.

The benefits of having a rough mind was that assuming Ming Xiaoyu didn’t become a supermodel this time, Zhao Rui would at most regret it for a while before working harder. But Ming Yu knew that both he and Luo Ru were very ambitious. Once he failed, he would be more reflective.

In this regard, Luo Ru couldn’t help asking, “Xiaoyu, do you have confidence this time?”

A faint layer of gold from the sun enveloped the youth’s ahir and waist. Ming Yu’s tone was calm as he replied, “Sister Luo, it isn’t that I have confidence. Rather, if I don’t appear on the supermodels list then the people making the list really have such poor vision that they should go home.”

This self-confidence was really dazzling. Luo Ru was originally a bit disturbed but now she completely calmed down.

And just as Ming Xiaoyu said, at a private meeting three days later, nearly 100 of the World Supermodels Organization members sat in a meeting room, divided into three rows of seats, in order to negotiate this issue closely.

As a matter of fact, the list had been fully drafted as early as half a month ago. It was published once every two months so it was natural to prepare in advance so that no accidents occurred. However, this time a model shattered the traditions with excellent results, forcing the members of the organization to have a meeting about him.

“Before today, Ming Yu endorsed Feilu’s Rongzhi series of luxury watches. I have to remind you that Feilu’s watches have long been classified as a top luxury area by us.”


“Ming Yu walked in the Nidelan May fashion show as the opening model. The Nidelan representative here, please give us a brief introduction.”


“An Li is CX Entertainment’s largest commercial film this year. The upfront investment is as high as 1 billion yuan and the investment in the later periods is still immeasurable. The combination of Xu Yizhong, Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing means it is destined to make at least 2 billion yuan at the box office, and Ming Yu is the fourth male lead.”


“Everybody, I think these achievements are enough to qualify him to jump from the first-tier to being a supermodel.”

“It’s too sudden! The results are excellent but they happened too quickly. We should continue to observe.”

“Describing it as excellent. Isn’t this too exaggerated?”

“But the results are too sudden that we haven’t had time for carefully observation…”

“I remember that Muse used Ming Yu as the inner seal for their June issue?”

“Ming Yu is originally a Muse model so is it okay to include Muse Magazine?’

“But you can’t deny that he achieved these results! It is unquestionable!”


No matter which country, a meeting was always destined to become noisy.

In the end, the meeting lasted two hours. It was just to decide:

Should a first-tier model enter the list of world supermodels?

Once the sun set and lights turned on, a member who had been silently listening to the meeting stepped out of the room and sent a message on his phone: 【 Mr Xi, it was passed. 】

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