RS: Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

Ming Yu realized who came the moment he heard the voice.

Don’t misunderstand. Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t so concerned about Cheng Su that he memorized his voice. The blame was on his too good memory.

Ming Yu raised his head and looked into the mirror. Sure enough, it was Cheng Su who came.

The young man’s clear and bright eyes moved slightly. After a moment, Ming Yu guessed why Cheng Su came here today. Nidelan was cooperating with Rayleigh Cano this year. He guessed that for this reason, Cheng Su was invited to the fashion show and was regarded as the light of Rayleigh Cano.

Compared to the hesitation on Cheng Su’s face, Ming Yu was quite calm as he stood up and looked at Cheng Su. He looked Cheng Su up and down and said, “Long time no see, Cheng Su.”

He was calm on the surface, but Ming Yu’s heart felt strange. Cheng Su was full of cockiness and arrogance the last time Ming Yu saw him. How could he look so modest this time? There must be an abnormal event and Cheng Su had prepared something for today.

However, Ming Xiaoyu actually guessed wrong.

Cheng Su never thought that Ming Yu would become a Nidelan model, and even their opening model! The moment that Cheng Su saw Ming Yu, he was stunned. He could only stare dumbfounded as the youth walked forward and finally left the stage.

The whole fashion show, Cheng Su didn’t have any thoughts. He couldn’t understand why Ming Yu had been invited to Nidelan’s May fashion show. He didn’t even understand how Ming Yu could be the opening for this top fashion show.

Cheng Su never got such an opportunity in the past!

Then Cheng Su looked seriously at this fashion show. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was shocked by the youth’s performance on stage.

Ming Yu’s style was flamboyant and without restraint. He showed different styles with different clothing. However, the one thing that remained unchanged was the pressure he used to control the audience and make everyone’s eyes focus on him, issuing exclamations and praise, including…Cheng Su.

Cheng Su wasn’t someone big enough to be directly surrounded by reporters at the end of this fashion show. There was a model friend he knew participating, so he obtained entry backstage and found Ming Yu’s room.

Cheng Su didn’t know what to say to Ming Yu.

While watching the show, Cheng Su’s seat was in the second row. It wasn’t a golden position and the view wasn’t that clear. Now that he was in close contact with the show’s stunning and beautiful opening model, Cheng Su expectedly felt his heart skip a beat for this good-looking youth.

Cheng Su wasn’t a homosexual, but he had been influenced by the atmosphere of the fashion industry for many years. He had long since become a member of the Outward Appearance Association (although the president didn’t want to accept him). For this beauty that was beyond gender, Cheng Su couldn’t help holding his breath. After a long time, he bowed his head and said sincerely, “Ming Yu, I came here today to apologize to you.”

Ming Yu looked at the man in front of him with surprise.

Ming Yu had never seen Cheng Su with such a modest and humble appearance. It was embarrassing but Cheng Su kept his head low and said seriously, “When we were filming the program last time, I was a little bit against you. I hope you can forgive me. At the time, I was momentarily overcome by emotions. I’m really very sorry!”

Ming Yu froze for a moment. Then he smiled indifferently and asked, “Mr. Cheng, what you are thinking? There is no friction between us. Aren’t you apologizing for the wrong thing?”

Ming Yu’s tone was smooth and calm, as if he was telling the truth.

At this moment, a flash of resentment passed through Cheng Su’s eyes that were focused on the ground.

Ming Xiaoyu continued calmly, “Mr. Cheng, you don’t need to do this. It will be hard for me.”

Despite Ming Yu’s words, Cheng Su still didn’t look up. He didn’t want to see this youth. Once reason was that he didn’t want to see Ming Yu’s appearance, otherwise he would be jealous. The second…Cheng Su felt a bit hesitant. This youth was really good-looking. Cheng Su feared that he would involuntarily feel admiration.

However, he had to apologize to Ming Yu today. As he was walking backstage, Cheng Su had received a call from Zeng Shu. It was early in Huaxia but Zeng Shu wasn’t asleep yet. Instead, he called Cheng Su and told him, “Since Ming Yu is at Nidelan, apologize to him.”

After the last incident, Zeng Shu had spent a lot of effort to appease the people at Rayleigh Cano and to prevent things from becoming bigger. Afterwards, Zeng Shu took Cheng Su to personally apologize to Du Ruo.

Cheng Su apologized honestly and Du Ruo forgave him. But after the two people left Du Ruo’s lounge and Lanka, Zeng Su spoke with a serious face, “Yes, it wasn’t Du Ruo’s problem. Cheng Su, find an opportunity to apologize to Ming Yu.”

Cheng Su was filled with astonishment, grief and anger when he heard this. However, Zeng Shu didn’t give him a chance to protest. He said, “Either you apologize or get out of my sight.”

This sealed Cheng Su’s road.

However, was it that simple for Cheng Su to find Ming Yu to apologize?

After the last time Cheng Su called, Ming Yu had deleted and blacklisted his number. Ming Xiaoyu also went on a long vacation after filming the reality show and was hardly at the company. Of course, in addition to these objective reasons, there was one fundamental reason. Cheng Su didn’t want to apologize to Ming Yu.

He didn’t understand why a top-tier model like him, who was about to appear on the supermodels list, would have to apologize to a small model?

Who was Ming Yu?

Why did he have to apologize to Ming Yu?

Thus, it was dragged out to May. Zeng Shu kept his promise and didn’t give Cheng Su any jobs. He didn’t even meet him, only contacting Cheng Su’s assistant. This time, Nidelan sent an invitation and Rayleigh Cano demanded that Cheng Su be present. Zhen Shu helplessly let Cheng Su’s assistant accompany Cheng Su to London but was too lazy to follow.

If Zeng Shu was present, he would’ve dragged the stupid Cheng Su into the venue earlier. Cheng Su really though he was a top supermodel?

In any case, Cheng Su suppressed the grief and indignation in his heart and didn’t show it. A three month period of no work was a lot of money lost for a booming model. It also made Cheng Su more introverted.

Cheng Su knew that he had to obtain Ming Yu’s forgiveness today, or his powerful agent wouldn’t let him off lightly. Zeng Shu had several supermodels under his hand. Cheng Su might be good, but that was it.

“Ming Yu, least time it was really my fault. I shouldn’t have aimed at you in the show. Please forgive me!”

This time, Cheng Su bowed deeper, expressing words of apology with a look of humiliation and shame.

He had already bowed to such a point. Ming Yu better be satisfied!

Cheng Su didn’t know that in Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes, the scene before him was really funny.

A person he hadn’t seen after a long time…well, an enemy suddenly appeared in front of him and apologized. This earth wasn’t small. How could they meet here?

Don’t apologize. As long as he left Ming Yu’s part of the world, it was good.

Ming Xiaoyu grinned while thinking, ‘You are annoyed. How can I let you leave so easily?’

This time, Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t going to let him off. Cheng Su kept bowing with a humiliated expression. Meanwhile, Ming Xiaoyu frowned and carefully thought about how to answer.

This seemed to be a very complicated matter and only a few seconds passed.

At this time, while Cheng Su was feeling deeply ashamed and Ming Xiaoyu was thinking in his heart…


“Ming Yu? Hello, I am Luo Cheng!”

Cheng Su, who was pinned against the wall by the door, “…”

Ming Xiaoyu who saw this scene, “…”

Luo Cheng who suddenly became aware that he hit something, “Oh? What the hell is this?”

Luo Cheng realized that he had exposed his nature with this exclamation and hurriedly corrected his posture. Then he returned to his normal cold appearance and looked down at Cheng Su against the wall. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would be so close to the door. Cough…if you are hurt, you can go find my assistant to talk about medical expenses and I will reimburse you.”

On the other side, Cheng Su’s butt had been hit by the door!

Do you know what stuck up when your waist was bent?

That’s right! It was the butt!

Cheng Su never expected that he would receive such a fierce blow when bending over near the door!

His butt was hit!

But this type of thing couldn’t be spoken in words. Cheng Su wanted to speak words of blame but couldn’t speak when he discovered the other person was Luo Cheng.

Who was Luo Cheng?

A Muse brother.

Xi Ze wasn’t counted in the list of Muse models. This meant that Luo Cheng was Muse’s eldest brother, the world’s 5th ranked male supermodel!

Cheng Su didn’t dare cause trouble at this time. He could only smile hollowly and say, “Mr. Luo, I’m fine.”

Luo Cheng couldn’t help asking, “You know me?” After a moment, Luo Cheng looked Cheng Su up and down. “You are a Huaxia person. Are you Nidelan’s makeup artist? Your condition is pretty good. If you want compensation, I can help you become a model.”

Cheng Su whose face was red, “…!!!”

Ming Xiaoyu suppressing his laughter on the side, “…╮(╯_╰)╭”

In Luo Cheng’s eyes, Cheng Su didn’t have the temperament of a model and was an ordinary passerby?

It was really embarrassing to stay here. Cheng Su didn’t want to face Luo Cheng any more and left first. To the side, Luo Cheng was completely ignorant about why this makeup artist suddenly left. Was it urgent?

But at this moment, only Ming Yu and Luo Cheng was left in the quiet room.

Ming Yu turned to look at the top supermodel who suddenly appeared here— Luo Cheng.

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